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Autumn Term Updates

27th November - 1st December 

This week we have done a large variety of lessons like maths, art, independent writing and many more.

In art, we did an oil pastel picture of Aslan the lion. We used a range of yellows and oranges and then used blue to highlight certain details.

In independent writing, we wrote a description of the rain forest - each one of us used really interesting vocabulary. 

Fractions were our main focus in maths. We've been working with all four operations to solve word problems and our bar modelling skills have reached expert levels!

We achieved 100% Fab Five readers again this week and enjoyed a delicious chocolate biscuit before home time.  

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Here are some examples of our work from this week:

13th - 17th November 

It's been another action packed week in Fearless Fauns - full of lots of exciting activities. 


In Maths, we've all got stuck into word problems with fractions. We have looked at some tricky problems involving multiplication and how bar models can help us understand what to do. We had to read some of them very careful as they tried to trick us! 


On Thursday we had a very active day. In the morning we took part in an African dance workshop. We learnt about the African festival of light - Kwanzaa - and created a dance about good overcoming bad. Eva did a great job as the chief of the dance. In the afternoon we all went up to Quarrydale to take part in a multi-skills festival. The Sports Leaders had developed lots of different games using a range of athletic skills. We had a great time taking part in the activities and enjoyed seeing the familiar faces of some ex-St Andrew's pupils.


Finally, on Friday we had a fantastic morning as the whole of KS2 went to the Odeon in Mansfield to see 'Zootopia' as part of the 'Into Film Festival'. We all agreed it was a fantastic film with lots of brilliant characters and jokes that made us all chuckle. 

African Dance Workshop

Still image for this video

African Dance Workshop

Still image for this video

Multi-skills Festival

30th October - 3rd November


We had a great first week back in Fearless Fauns and got straight down to business with some tricky fractions work in Maths. We looked at how we could use strips of paper and bar models to show equivalent fractions. Now we've cracked this, adding together fractions with different denominators is easy! Our homework challenge is to try to teach our parents how to use this method. 


On Monday we started basketball coaching with a coach from Mansfield Giants basketball team. The session was great fun and our skills are improving massively. 


On Tuesday we were really lucky to have a visit from some police officers. They spoke to us about what it is like to be in the police force and showed us around their squad car. 

9th October 

We've had another great week in Fearless Fauns. 

Miss Dearden has taught us lots of lessons this week. We have really enjoyed them and learnt a lot from her. In English, we have looked at a range of adverbs and how to use adverbial phrases as well as playing games to help us recognise homophones. 

In maths we have looked at turning fractions into decimals and how we can use BODMAS to solve equations. Can you show your parents how to solve this: 

6 + (3 x 4) - 4² = ? 


In our topic lessons we have looked at how coal is formed and how it can be used to create electricity. In music we have listened to, and performed, wartime songs by Vera Lynn. 

It was celebration time on Friday as we achieved 100% Fab Five readers for the first time this year. Miss Loker is bring chocolate biscuits on Monday as our reward!


Next week is another busy week. Year 6 are off to the Coal Mining Museum on Tuesday and Year 5 will visit on Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon, we are at church for our Harvest Festival. 

2nd - 6th October 

What a busy week for the Fauns! 


This week, we really enjoyed improving our communication skills as part of 'No pens Wednesday'. We used mental calculations and thought about strategy as we played the factors and multiples game. Follow the link to challenge your family - can you remember the strategy that helps you to win every time?

We really tested our brain power with the 'tea cup' challenge. We placed cups and saucers (multi-link cubes!) in a 4 x 4 pattern so that no colour was repeated in either a row or a column. Then we made it even harder by including diagonals. Can your family find a solution? Heather and Lacie-Mai's idea is in the slide show below.

In English, we had great fun interviewing characters from 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'. We interviewed witnesses to try to find out what happened to Mr Tumnus. The wise old oak tree had lots of clues to help us.

In the afternoon, we listened to jazz music from the 1920s and created our own Charleston routines with Mrs Cobb.

In science this week, we have begun our work on electricity. We have looked at how to build circuits and how to draw them using symbols. 


In topic, we have looked at Skegby and thought about why early settlers picked this location. We think the Vikings made a good choice with Skegby. 


This week we also welcomed Miss Dearden to Fearless Fauns. She is a 4th Year teaching student from Nottingham Trent University and will be working with our class for the rest of this term. We can't wait for her lessons next week. 



11th - 15th September 

It's been a fantastic and action packed first week back for the Fearless Fauns.


At the start of the week we focused in on our new topic - Going Underground. We used the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony as inspiration to get us thinking about the industrial revolution. We then went on a treasure hunt to find out more key facts to develop our understanding. 


In English, we've been looking closely at the novel 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. We've thought about the settings and characters and how we can use quotes to support our work. 


Maths has been challenging as we are getting to grips with using bar models. We've had great fun using lots of new equipment to support our learning. 


On Thursday, a group of Fauns went to Quarrydale to take part in the Cross Country Festival. It was a long course around the perimeter of the Quarrydale field and we ran not just one, but two laps! All the children did fantastically but a special mention goes to Ryan, who came first in the boys' race, and Emily, who came second in the girls' race. The pair then teamed up with James and Freya for an emphatic victory in the team race.   

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