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Autumn Term Updates

10th November 

After a restful half term, we came back to school full of energy and ready to learn. 


We had two main topics this week:


On Monday, we looked at the events that led to the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. We looked at the religious situation in England at the time and what led Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby to lead the plot against James I. We found out lots of interesting facts and even programmed our own fireworks display in our computing lesson. 


During the rest of the week, we spent a lot of time looking at World War One. We found out lots of facts about the war and tried to understand what life was like in the trenches by reading some poems written by Wilfred Owen. To commemorate the centenary of the end of the war, we made a wreath of poppies for church and some beautiful silhouette portraits of World War One soldiers. We had some very thoughtful questions throughout the week and we all agreed that it was really important to remember those who had sacrificed their lives for our freedom.   

25th October

Still image for this video
We hope you enjoy our video of the 'Thriller' dance that Miss Cobb taught us on Tuesday.

21st October 

We've had another fantastic week in Fearless Fauns. 


In Maths, we've done some brilliant work on multiplying fractions. We used paper strips to look for patterns in what was happening and came in with our own rule for carrying out the calculations. As the week went on we became more and more confident in our bar modelling skills and can now solve some tricky word problems. 


We have started to read Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and are really enjoying the story. In English, we are in the middle of re-drafting letters from Romeo to Old Capulet asking for Juliet's hand in marriage. We are clearly a class of soppy romantics at heart - we've loved the task and our letters are amazing. 


We had a brilliant time on Tuesday afternoon. Miss Cobb (Mrs Cobb's daughter and professional dancer) came in and taught our first lesson of street dance. We enjoyed learning the routine and are looking forward to learning more next week. 

9th October - Eyam 

On 9th October, Fearless Fauns headed out to Eyam to learn more about the plague and the huge sacrifice the people of the village made in 1665. 


After we arrived, we headed straight to the Riley Graves where we learnt about the tragic tale of the Hancock family. Over the course of five days, all but two members of the family died. Mrs Hancock had the difficult task of burying her family at the site that is still there today.

We then walked back into the village and had some time to look around the beautiful village church. 

After a quick break for a snack, we headed to the museum where we learnt more about the village, plague doctors and strange plague remedies. 

We enjoyed our lunch at the boundary stone - the place where people from Stoney Middleton would leave supplies for the people of Eyam. We enjoyed the views and the beautiful countryside before heading back to play on the park. 

We had a brilliant day. We learnt lots and clocked up over 14,000 steps! 

5th October

After a busy week on residential, we returned to school full refreshed and got straight back down to business. 


The highlight of our week was 'No pens Wednesday'. We put down our writing implements and communicated in other ways. In English, we acted out a class version of Macbeth. We paid close attention to body language and our voice. There were some wicked Weird Sisters and magnificent Macbeths - The Fauns are clearly a theatrical class! 

In the afternoon, we worked in groups to create a soundtrack to Macbeth. We used our instruments as well as objects from around the classroom and our voices. 


Next week is action-packed yet again with our trip to Eyam on Tuesday and Harvest Festival on Wednesday. 

14th September 

It's been an amazing, action packed first week back for the Fearless Fauns.


We got straight down to business on Monday - working as detectives to solve a terrible crime. We closely inspected the crime scene and evidence that had been collected by the police. We also had chance to interview potential witnesses to the crime looking carefully for signs of dishonesty and inconsistencies in their stories. 

We discovered that King Duncan had been tragically murdered and after careful consideration of the evidence, the majority of us declared Macbeth to be the guilty party. 


We've really enjoyed reading the play and finding out what really happened to King Duncan that night.


This week we have also painted some incredible Tudor style portraits and made beautiful golden frames to display them in - I'm sure you agree they all look fantastic. 


We finished the week by looking more closely at the Tudors and Stuarts - finding out about the Kings, Queens and key dates from the period. 


Have a fantastic weekend, Fauns. See you all on Monday. 

Take a look at some of our work from this week: