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Autumn Term Updates

21st November – 25th November

This week we were lucky enough to go to Mansfield Library and watch a performance called ‘The First’ which was all about the first World War and remembrance. It was a really exciting performance and we thoroughly enjoyed it, making us reflect on what life must have been like in the World War 1.

In class we have continued to work on our puppets and started the tricky bits of putting it all together. Mr Snelling’s estimate of finishing it in a week is now looking a long way off! We also did a great science experiment where we predicted reversible and irreversible changes using jelly and toast. More importantly we have won back the Fab 5 Readers rosette after we let a couple of the other classes borrow it! Keep up the good work Aslans. 

14th -18th November

Great to meet so many parents at the parents' meetings this week, there were lots of positive things to say about Aslans. They have all settled really well and are working hard in class. In lessons we have started to look at the characters in Romeo and Juliet and how their personality comes across in the play. In computing we have continued with our coding work and started to design our own computer game based on the classic 'snake' game. We have learnt about controlling variables and making things move. In science we have also looked at the different properties of materials and reversible and irreversible changes.  There was a great turn out to the Children in Need spotty clothes event, with lots of children being creative and making their own spotty costumes!

7th – 11th  November

Miss Beeden, A student teacher from Nottingham Trent University, has started with us and will be with us until after Christmas. She has been really impressed with the attitude and commitment to work of all Aslans, which has been a great thing to hear. Over the next couple of weeks she will start to teach more of the lessons as well. In class we have started the task of designing our puppet that we are going to create in Design and Technology with some elaborate ideas! In maths we have moved onto fractions, which at the moment isn’t proving as tricky as we first feared. Let’s hope this positive attitude continues! 

31st October to 4th November

A busy week in Aslan class. As well as carrying on with our Romeo and Juliet work in English we have started to look at massive numbers in maths, recognising the digits and what they represent up to 10 million! As part of our PE work we have had a cricket coach in teaching us some fantastic skills, even though its rained a couple of times! We were also fortunate to go up to Quarrydale school and compete in a multiskills event which included throwing and catching events and a lot of team work. It was great fun.

Quarrydale Multiskills Event

Quarrydale Multiskills Event 1

10.10.16 - 14.10.16

What a lovely time we had in Eyam! We spent the day looking around the historic village learning more about The Plague. We visited The Boundary Stone and found out how the people of Stoney Middleton helped the villagers in Eyam survive. 

We spent time in the church and enjoyed looking at the artwork from 1666. In the museum, we learnt about different ways to cure The Plague and how the village of Eyam sacrificed themselves - in a similar way to Jesus. 

We looked at artefacts, including a mannequin of a Plague doctor and some scenes from Eyam in the 1600s.

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19.9.16 - 23.9.16

It's been a busy week for the Year 5s of Amazing Aslans. Whilst the Year 6s have been away on their adventures, we have got stuck into a project week all about William Shakespeare. 

On Monday, we took part in a treasure hunt around Teversal Trail. We were looking for tokens to spend in school later in the week. That afternoon, we looked at Shakespeare's 'Sonnet 18' and wrote our own versions using ideas about Autumn. 

On Tuesday, we used laptops to research The Globe Theatre - the theatre that Shakespeare had built especially to showcase his plays. 

On Wednesday, we started to design our own models of The Globe and used the tokens we had found to 'buy' equipment and materials. We also did some fantastic black and white portraits of Shakespeare using charcoal and chalk. 

On Thursday, we started to build our models using a range of materials such as wood, fabrics and card. 

We're looking forward to the Year 6s returning from PGL tomorrow and hearing all about their exciting week. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Loker 

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12.9.16 - 16.9.16

Wow what a fantastic first week back. The children have settled well into their new class and are starting to act like Aslans already! We have done lots of work in a short space of time, including our self-portraits in handmade photo frames and started to redesign our classroom door.

On Tuesday, we had to solve a crime at school. When we arrived the library was taped off and there was a crime scene in its place. We searched for clues and had to interview suspects including a Scottish Lord and his wife, called Lord and Lady Macbeth.

We are really getting into our Shakespeare work and have enjoyed predicting who we think killed King Duncan and why.

The year 6s can’t wait to go to PGL next week and the year 5s have got an exciting week ahead of them as well. Please remember to keep reading at home, Aslans have a reputation of winning the Fab 5 Readers Rosette which we’d like to continue this year.

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