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Autumn Term Updates

14th September 

It's been an amazing, action packed first week back for the Fearless Fauns.


We got straight down to business on Monday - working as detectives to solve a terrible crime. We closely inspected the crime scene and evidence that had been collected by the police. We also had chance to interview potential witnesses to the crime looking carefully for signs of dishonesty and inconsistencies in their stories. 

We discovered that King Duncan had been tragically murdered and after careful consideration of the evidence, the majority of us declared Macbeth to be the guilty party. 


We've really enjoyed reading the play and finding out what really happened to King Duncan that night.


This week we have also painted some incredible Tudor style portraits and made beautiful golden frames to display them in - I'm sure you agree they all look fantastic. 


We finished the week by looking more closely at the Tudors and Stuarts - finding out about the Kings, Queens and key dates from the period. 


Have a fantastic weekend, Fauns. See you all on Monday. 

Take a look at some of our work from this week: