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Autumn Term Updates

14th  September

We have had a fantastic  week in the Ladybirds.  We have painted pictures of ourselves and made a wonderful display. We have made some ladybirds to put on our classroom door.  We have sung some number songs and also lots of action songs. We have built wonderful models using construction toys and have had a fun time playing with our train track.


21st  September

The Ladybirds have enjoyed sharing lots of stories this week about animals and we have played with our toy animals as we have told the stories.

This week we have been very busy learning some of our letter sounds. We have looked at the sounds m,  a and s and have had an exciting time learning how to write these letter sounds.

In our number work we have been counting lots of different toys and shells and animals and have been matching them to our numbers. We have also been making number lines using the numbers to 10.

We have enjoyed singing action songs and have had a good time playing musical instruments and exploring different sounds.


28th  September

We have had a busy week learning our new sounds d, t and i.  We have enjoyed working on our letter formation for these sounds.

We have been playing with shapes and have searched around the classroom for circles, triangles, squares and rectangles.  We had fun looking for shapes outside in the playground.  We made pictures by printing the shapes.

Our stories this week have been about birthdays and we have had fun making birthday cards and making cakes with play dough.

5th October

This week we have enjoyed reading stories about Kipper. We have painted pictures of the characters in the stories.

In our number work we have counted the toys in Kipper's box of toys. We have used the toys to find the total of two groups.

In our phonics we have enjoyed learning the letter sounds  n, p, g and o.  We have been busy learning how to write these letters.

During our time outside we have enjoyed our mud kitchen and also building with our large construction.

On our No Pens Day  we enjoyed using shaving foam and sparkly sand.

19th  October

We have been reading stories about Elmer this week.  We looked at all the colours of Elmer and made our own pictures. In our creative activities we explored mixing colours with the paint to make all the colours we could see in Elmer.  With these colours we painted lots of squares to make a patchwork elephant. Our own Elmer is on display in our classroom.


We have been busy learning our new sounds for the week. These have been the  letter sounds f, e, l and h. We have enjoyed learning how to write these letters.


In our number work we have been counting shells and fir cones and have matched the amounts to the numerals.  We have been saying which number is one more and have enjoyed making number lines.

We have enjoyed singing action songs  and  counting songs.

9th November

This week we have been busy making patterns. We have used fir cones and leaves and sticks to make different patterns. We then used different colours and  had a lot of fun while we made our own repeating patterns.

We have read the story of Percy the Park Keeper and have looked at all the animals who were his friends. We have sung a new song about an owl who lived up in a tree.



16th November

This week we have been  thinking about Autumn. We have read stories about Percy the Park Keeper and have printed leaves to make some hedgehogs. In our story there was a storm and a tree fell down. We made some new homes for the animals.

In our number work we have been adding two groups of animals together.  We uses frogs, rabbits, squirrels and frogs to help us add two groups together.

We all looked fantastic in our spots for Children in Need. Well done to the Ladybirds.