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Autumn Term Updates

W.B.  11/12 17

The Ladybirds have had a fantastic week. We have enjoyed our Nativity Play and were amazing as we song our songs.  We all looked wonderful in our costumes. We have been very busy with our creative activities and have decorated  Christmas stockings with different shapes. We have used hand prints and finger printing to make reindeer and Christmas trees. 

In our play activities we have been writing lists and letters to Santa and making labels for presents.

W.B. 27/11/17

This week we have been busy learning our songs for our Nativity story.  We have also talked about how we celebrate our birthdays. We have been writing our own  lists for a party using the phonemes we have learnt in our phonics.

In our Maths work we have been looking at different sizes of objects and had fun singing the song about Goldilocks and the three bears. We also went outside to find things that were taller and shorter than ourselves.

WB 13/11/17

We have enjoyed reading stories about Percy the Park keeper. We have been busy designing him a new hut. We  used  our ideas to make him a hut using different shaped boxes. We used a triangle for the roof and squares and rectangles for the doors and windows.

We have also talked about celebrating our birthdays and enjoyed reading the story of Kipper's birthday. We used our counting skills to count out the toys at the party and the right number of plates and cups. We have made party cakes with our play dough and have designed our own birthday cards using our cutting skills with scissors. We had lots of fun decorating biscuits.

We had a lovely time exploring forest schools and did some wonderful bark rubbings from our trees.

Percy's hut

Percy's hut 1

WB 6/11/17

We have been really busy this week finding out about Autumn and the world around us. We have read some stories about Percy the Park Keeper and have enjoyed talking about Percy and his animal friends. We went for a walk outside around school to look at our trees and the colours of the leaves. We then mixed red and yellow paint   to make orange so that we could print our own Autumn leaves for our display in the classroom. We painted pictures of Percy and his animal friends to put with our autumn leaves.

WB 16/10/2017

We have had a very busy week in the Ladybirds. We have really enjoyed going to Forest Schools and exploring lots of exciting things. We have printed leaves and made mud dough. We had a good time making woodland animals with the dough that we made. 

We have also enjoyed lots of counting activities this week and have counted fir cones, leaves, sticks and fruits and vegetables as we learnt about Harvest.  We thought about the favourite fruits that we like to eat.


WB 2.10.17

We have had a really busy week in the Ladybird class. We have been painting pictures of ourselves. We have been looking for shapes inside the classroom and outside all around the school.  We then printed lots of shapes using boxes and even made our own pictures and patterns with the shapes we found. We have had a wonderful time in our outside area building, playing in the mud kitchen and exploring in the sand and water. 

We have enjoyed listening to lots of stories and singing songs and  have learnt some fantastic new songs. We have made up our own actions to our songs and explored different sounds with the musical instruments.