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Autumn Term Updates

W.C  12.11.18

We kicked off our week with our first football session with Mansfield Town Football Club .We had to move with the ball and then use different skills in our football matches. We are looking forward to our next session! 










Back in the classroom, we have been working very hard, learning all about subordinating clauses. In maths, we have been explaining rectangles and squares ,learning all about parallel and perpendicular lines.We then had a go at making our own shapes and identifying the properties. 



W.C 5.11.18

Our first week back after half term and as it was Bonfire Night, we learned all about the real meaning of Bonfire Night and all about  Guy Fawkes. We have also carried on with our dance with Ellie which we have really enjoyed. In English, we have learned all about coordinating conjunctions!

On Friday,we had the opportunity to watch Footprints theatre which was very fun and told us lots of information about World War 1 as it is the 100 year anniversary this year.

W.C 22.10.18


This week, we have been learning about Roman Numerals in maths- we even added and subtracted using them!

This week has been our 'Science Week' and we kicked it off by separating materials  ( rice, sand and stones) from water. At first, some of us thought we could do this by using our hands and then eventually we decided to use sieves! 



On Friday, we carried out an experiment investigating chemical reactions using vinegar and bicarbonate soda to make our 'Foaming Hags' and the results were very exciting and in some cases explosive!!

















W.C 15.10.18


Brilliant Beavers have yet again been being brilliant this week, working very hard and they even became museum 'owners'. In maths, they investigated a number and displayed them in many different ways- using their fantastic imaginations and the resources they had available. Once the museums were completed, they were opened and guest were invited to 'visit' and see the work which they had completed! Below are a few of our brilliant creations.














We also had the opportunity to show off our dancing skills as we started our dancing sessions with Ellie, which they have really enjoyed, even though it was quite tiring!


W/C 8.10.18


What a busy week we have had, from our trip to Eyam to learn all about The Plague to the Harvest festival down at church! Our trip to Eyam was very interesting, learning all about how The Plague affected the local people of Eyam and how people lived during this time. We got to visit the local church, the museum and even walk up to the Boundary Stone where we could see the village of Stoney Middleton in the distance. Overall, it was a lovely day even though we had to do lots of walking up and downhill! 

We have also moved on in our English work and have started reading Romeo and Juliet which we are enjoying so far and look forward to finding out more about next week. 

Well done Beavers, you have been Brilliant this week! smiley




This week, we have been working very hard both in and out of class. As part of 'No Pens Wednesday' we took part in lots of different maths activities that we had to use mental strategies to work out as we couldn't use pens to help us! We were practising our Roman Numerals and also our times tables. After that, we made finger puppets and acted out our favourite Macbeth scene, using the characters that we had made. We had to make them out of old socks and sewed on the details (threading the needle was the hard part!)

We also became explorers in Maths later on in the week as we took our learning outside to follow compass directions around the playground.

Fantastic week Beavers!

Week beginning 24.09.2018


This week we have had new members in our class from Fearless Fauns and Magnificent Maugrims as we have worked together, finding out about Shakespeare. We have researched the Globe Theatre to start with and then went on to make our own, using different materials and techniques. We have worked very hard on our Globe Theatres and are very proud of them.




We had Globe Theatres with flags, stages, seating areas and some even had knights on horses when the 'plays' were on! We have also finished off our Tudor Portraits by painting them in metallic colours. 

Overall, we have had a very busy but productive week. Well done to all our year 5 and 6.

See you next week!