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Autumn Term Updates

This Week 24.11.17

This week we met a robot called Pepper! It was really cool and Mr Kirkham told us that soon there will be driver-less cars in the next 10-15 years! 

In Topic, we learnt about the Industrial Revolution and how Nottingham has changed over time, we even looked at the influence Lord Shaftesbury had! 

In Maths, we've been learning about converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa, we can also simplify them now! 

In English we have been using our cinema trip to write about the characters in Zootropolis. The characters we wrote about were Officer Hopps, Nick, Flash, Chief Bogo and Officer Clawhauser. We edited our work to improve it and we've used some fantastic vocabulary! 

In RE we have been learning about the Muslim religion and we looked inside a Mosque. 

On Wednesday night, Miss Beeden and Mrs Hornsby took some Year 5 and 6 children to an Athletics competition. We tried incredibly hard at all of the track and field races and came 4th! Each person got to compete in 4 events. 

We have also had some Encyclopedias in our class! We have really enjoyed reading them every morning, and finding out lots of interesting facts! 

See below for photos of this week! 

Written by Selina and Jay. 


This Week 24.11.17

This Week 17.11.17

Every Monday some of us go swimming, this is for 10 weeks. Every two weeks we get to go to the library trolley to pick a book, we picked some really interesting books! This week in English, we did phrases and clauses, and we remembered some tips to help us identify them. In Topic lessons we designed lace dresses or hats and in Maths we did mixed numbers and fractions. Yesterday, we did some African dance and learnt lots of new moves! We also made friendship posters about our partner and learnt what we needed to do to be a good friend. Today is Children in Need, we have all donated money and have worn spots all day, we also went to the cinema to watch Zootropolis, which was really fun!


See below for photos of our week!


Written by Troy and Ashden

This Week 17.11.17

This Week 10.11.17

On Monday, we began with our spelling lesson, in the lesson we learnt to spell words with a silent ‘b’, after this we used our expert tips to help us when reading our books. In the afternoon, some of us went swimming and the others had basketball lessons with a professional coach!

Tuesday we spent time learning our spellings with silent ‘b’s. We did our CLIC and Maths lesson. In the afternoon, we learnt all about Nottinghamshire in the olden days in our topic lesson. We compared the population from the 1700s and how many more houses there are now.

On Wednesday, we had a fun Maths lesson where we finished learning about rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. We read more of our comprehension book in our English lesson and looked deeper into understanding the text.

In Thursday’s English lesson, we learnt about expanded noun phrases, how to write them and how to use them in sentences in our work. We worked on estimation in our maths lesson. In the afternoon, we thought about Remembrance Day, we read a poem and then made our own poems about the war.

On Friday, we learnt all about finding common multiples in our Maths lesson. We used our expert tips again in English! We also got to vote for our favourite class door! After lunch, we thought some more about Remembrance Day and did some PSHE.

See below for photos of our Remembrance Day Poems.

Written by Jake and Alea.

The Police Visit 31.10.17

This week, the Police came to visit and we got to do lots of exciting things! We got to look in his car, talk to him, and he told us all about being a Firearms Police Officer and what he enjoyed about his job. He also showed us all of the different hats that the Firearms Officers have to wear, and we tried them on! His body armour was extremely heavy. 

The Police Officer explained the different things that Armed Officers do, they have a different uniform for different things! We were able to ask him lots of exciting questions - like: what was his hardest case?; Why did you become a Police Officer?; What was your favourite case?; and many more! 

Later, we went outside and got to look round his unmarked Police car. He sounded the sirens, and we all covered our ears! He showed us where the lights were and where he kept his guns (he didn't bring any with him!). He also showed us his Stingers and other equipment. 

It was a brilliant day with the Police! 

See below for some of our fantastic photos!


Written by Alisha and Harry. 

This Week 20.10.17

We have had a fantastic week this week in the Beavers. In Maths we have learnt all about the bus stop method and how to round large numbers easily! 

In English we have looked at adverbs and fronted adverbials, we now know we need to put a comma after fronted adverbials! We made some really fun sentences. 

In Topic we have been looking at mining in the local area, we went to the coal mining museum on Wednesday. We wrote a recount of our day on Thursday. Friday we wrote a diary entry and imagined we were the children going down the mines! 

In Science we have been looking at Electrical Circuits - we played a fun game and made our circuits. We also did circuits in PE, but those are a different type of circuits!

We have also learnt about places of worship with Mrs Foreman and designed our own churches! 

We have had an amazing week, and we're looking forward to coming back after half term!

Written by Braydan and Amy-Jo.


The Coal Mining Museum 18.10.17

On Wednesday we went to the National Coal Mining Museum. We went down in a cage and all the way down into the mine. It was really dark and the cage had to be slowed down so that we wouldn't be scared! When the mine was active, the cage only took five seconds to get to the bottom, it took us two minutes! 

We had a fabulous tour guide - he told us all about children working down the mine, as young as five! They had to work for ten hours a day, crawling through little tunnels. We got to crawl through some of them as well! We got to rub coal on our faces and we looked like real coal miners! Once children under ten were banned from working down the mines, they started to use Pit Horses, we got to go and meet some of them!

Later on we went to go and meet Auntie Brenda in 1972. She was moving house and she took us on a 'Spot the Difference' tour, comparing our lives and her life in 1972. She was telling us how miners walked to work and they lived as one big family, they even went on holiday together! 

The trip was spectacular and really helped us with our Topic work. 

Written by Lily K and Luke. 


The Coal Mining Museum 18.10.17

This Week 13.10.17

This week the Brilliant Beavers have gone on a really exciting trip to the Materials Recovery Facility. We learnt about recycling, what's supposed to go in our bins, and we even got a tour of the centre! We had to wear protective clothing (hard hats and jackets) and our headphones were connected to a microphone, so we could hear the lady speaking! There are so many things that we thought we could recycle that we can't! We all got to take a leaflet home to help us to become better at recycling!

During our Topic work we learnt about coal mining, and how it would feel in the olden days for children to carry coal on their backs for hours. We don't think we could do it! 

In Maths we have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest ten and nearest hundred. We've used some excellent methods. 

We've had an amazing week in the Beavers!


Written by Alfie and Gabriel 

Some Photos of Our Exciting Week!

This Week 6.10.17

It is so fun being in a new class with our friends. In Maths we have been learning how to compare and order numbers. We even did our first Big Maths Beat That challenge. In English we have been doing the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. On 'No Pens Wednesday' the teachers dressed up as characters from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Our teacher dressed as Mr. Beaver because we are the brilliant Beavers. We also sang some war-time songs and investigated whether Da Vinci's theories were correct. We have had a fantastic week!

Written by Maddison R and Lily M.

Our Teachers Dressed as Characters from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Our Teachers Dressed as Characters from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 1