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Autumn Term Updates

10.10.16 - 14.10.16

What a lovely time we had in Eyam! We spent the day looking around the historic village learning more about The Plague. We visited The Boundary Stone and found out how the people of Stoney Middleton helped the villagers in Eyam survive. 

We spent time in the church and enjoyed looking at the artwork from 1666. In the museum, we learnt about different ways to cure The Plague and how the village of Eyam sacrificed themselves - in a similar way to Jesus. 

We looked at artefacts, including a mannequin of a Plague doctor and some scenes from Eyam in the 1600s. 

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19.9.16 - 23.9.16

It's been a busy week for the Year 5s of Fearless Fauns. Whilst the Year 6s have been away on their adventures, we have got stuck into a project week all about William Shakespeare. 

On Monday, we took part in a treasure hunt around Teversal Trail. We were looking for tokens to spend in school later in the week. That afternoon, we looked at Shakespeare's 'Sonnet 18' and wrote our own versions using ideas about Autumn. 

On Tuesday, we used laptops to research The Globe Theatre - the theatre that Shakespeare had built especially to showcase his plays. 

On Wednesday, we started to design our own models of The Globe and used the tokens we had found to 'buy' equipment and materials. We also did some fantastic black and white portraits of Shakespeare using charcoal and chalk. 

On Thursday, we started to build our models using a range of materials such as wood, fabrics and card. 

We're looking forward to the Year 6s returning from PGL tomorrow and hearing all about their exciting week. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Loker 

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12.9.16 - 16.9.16

Wow! What a fantastic first week for the Fearless Fauns. Everyone has settled in brilliantly and started getting to know new people and make new friends. 

Over the week we have got stuck into our English topic and begun to think about Shakespeare's play 'Macbeth'. We started the week by investigating a crime scene and using the evidence to work out what had happened and who could have killed King Duncan. We've enjoyed reading the play - especially the gory bits! 


We've also started our Topic work and begun to look at the Kings and Queens of The Stuart period. We've also placed events like The Plague, The Fire of London and The Civil War onto a timeline. 


Next week will be busy again as the Year 6s jet off to PGL and the Year 5s enjoy their project week. 

Have a lovely weekend. 



Macbeth Crime Scene

Macbeth Crime Scene  1
Macbeth Crime Scene  2
Macbeth Crime Scene  3
Macbeth Crime Scene  4