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Autumn term Updates

Week Beginning 27.11.17


Just another absolutely fantastic week from the Champions this week! A big thank you to everyone who read with their children this week, we scored our personal best of 88% Fab Five! Make sure you guys keep on reading and maybe we'll sneak to the top!




We've made huge steps in maths once again, learning not only how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 but explaining how and why the methods work using our reasoning skill. We'll have some true mathematicians come the end of the year.


In our English we are starting our travels around the world, this week we stopped in Nepal to climb Mount Everest ! So far everything is going swimmingly (as we said in our diaries). But who knows what will happen tomorrow...

Week Beginning 20.11.17


Rise of the Machines!

It's been a week to remember for Charlie's Champions... We had a rather futuristic visitor! The class was joined by Pepper the robot on Wednesday morning during maths. He showed us just how far technology has come, not only can Pepper perceive emotions and adapt behaviour accordingly, and they can memorise personality traits, speak 12 different languages, dance to disco and even performs a mean dab!



Back to normality, the class has been continuing to work hard in Read Write Inc and Comprehension Express. In our maths we have smashed through yet another barrier, surging towards division at light speeds! We have continued to explore the mountain ranges of the world... From Switzerland to the USA!


Week Beginning 13th November 2017


With Mr Cook returning from his honeymoon the children were sad to see Mrs Sanders go, but it's been a fantastic week for Charlie's Champions! We have started our new reading comprehension scheme "Comprehension Express", implementing different strategies and key skills to further understand the texts we read.


We have also started "Read,Write,Inc", which provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy and is designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.


We continue to march on with out mathematics, this week we SMASHED how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 & 1000, using a place value chart  to understand and explain what happens for each.

Joel - "We don't just add a zero!"


We have also started our "Survival Instincts" topic, starting with Geography we are studying the mountain major mountain ranges in Europe and their features.

Week Beginning: 9th October 2017


Yet another fantastic week for Charlie's Champions! Always busy. Always working.


This week in English we have been focusing on Stone Age story telling; exploring how to create authentic settings and problems to immerse our readers into the past! Thinking and discussing what dilemmas a stone age family might face and how they might resolve them!


Even more success on the maths front, the class has been introduced to a new style bar model, identifying key words and phrases to help decode word problems and deepen our understanding. We have made a special effort to improve our ability to use our mathematical reasoning skills; explaining how and why we have chosen certain methods.



Last but not least, we have started our "Rocks and Soils" science topic, this week we have researched the 3 main types of rock. Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic, looking into how each are made.

Week Beginning: 2nd October 2017


Our week began with Charlie's Champions putting on their berets and dabbling in some figurative poetry, exploring similes, metaphors and personification. Our target was to write our own Stone Age poems.


On Wednesday we threw down our pens for ‘No Pens Wednesday’ and had a blast practising our speech and language skills. From "concrete maths" to artistic memory recall, the children progressed greatly in their ability to reason and explain (with hardly any hiccups).


In the afternoon the 3 lower KS2 classes competed in a "Supermarket Sweep" style competition, working together to complete challenges to increase the time given for certain events. As impressive as all 3 classes were it was the Marvellous Matildas that came out victors. 


The conclusion to our week. Check out some of these fantastic poems; the artwork wasn't  too shabby either!


As cold as ice,

Waiting patiently for prey,

The blizzard is a deadly hunter.

- Millie.


As welcoming as a mother,

Hugging and protecting all,

The cave is a friend.

- Abigail.