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Autumn term Updates

10.10.16 - 14.10.16

The Billionaire Boys have been hard at work since our last update.

In English, we have been studying contractions and are moving onto learning about the past and present tense in writing.

The class have been experimenting with building working electrical circuits using switches to close or break circuits, and discussing how doing so affects the circuit.

We have been looking more in-depth at the lives of ordinary Victorian children differed from our own lives today. Victorian children weren’t as lucky as the Billionaire Boys, they had to work in terribly dangerous jobs or very little money instead of going to school.


We are also nearing the end of our swimming lessons on Monday afternoons. The first week back after half term will be our final week of swimming. Every week after the Billionaire Boys will be staying in school to do PE with Miss Hornsby.

19.9.16 - 23.9.16

This week the Billionaire Boys have been hard at work experimenting with electrical circuits (safely!) to discover which materials are the best electrical conductors. We have also done our first independent write focussing on the use of plural nouns and we have begun our swimming lessons.
Everyone has worked incredibly hard and deserves a big pat on the back!


Miss Mackell

12.9.16 - 16.9.16


Welcome back to all of the Billionaire Boys!

We've hit the ground running this week and got our teeth stuck into history by learning about the Victorians. In science, we've been building electrical circuits and have learned about the properties (and dangers!) of electricity. In English, we've learned how to put words into alphabetical order by their 1st, 2nd and even 3rd letters! Next week we are all looking forward to starting swimming lessons on Monday afternoons.

We have made a fantastic start to the new school year, long may it continue!


Miss Mackell