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Autumn Term Updates

Week Beginning 03.12.18


We have had such a fantastic time this week in Class 5! It's been so good the children wanted to tell you about it  themselves, hope you enjoy our update from the "smaller" perspective!


The Pantomime!


The Dreaded NFER Tests!


Some Design and Technology!


The Penultimate Swim!




Week Beginning 19th November 2018


It's been a week filled with success for Charlie's Champions this week, every time a challenge presented itself it was beaten and beaten well!


Our class is clearly filled with future authors, the children have gone back to Autumn 1 to look at  their independent writing... You would have to see the improvements to believe them! Not only have the children remembered the key skills learned with Miss Durant last year but have used all the different skills they have used this year! Adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, comma lists... Not  to mention a variety of sentence structures.


In maths we have become "Master Measurers", looking at not only length units but also weight and mass! We've been out  to the school field to see how if we can estimate distances we travel as well estimating distances around school from a starting point!



We have even been down the Skegby Bottom on Tuesday afternoon with Mrs Wright! The children really let themselves go! Climbing trees, stream scrambling and stick hunting. The had a blast (see for yourself).


(Insert Picture)


In PSHE and Jigsaw we have followed up our Anti-Bullying Week work with How to be a Good Friend. The children have show how amazing and caring they are for both.




Week Beginning 12.11.18


It's been a week with a difference but we haven't let  that get in the way of our learning! It's safe to say it would take an awful lot  to stop this class in their tracks!


Since out last update we had an incredible visit from a theatre company who performed a superb rendition of Christmas Day during WW1. We got to know what it was really like for all the heroes who gave up so much all those year a go.


Flashing forward to this week the children have been showing off their mathematical brains, taking to the field and playground to learn all about different units of measure. As you can see the children really enjoyed it and to top it all off they're measuring pros now!



We have also taken part in some activities based on Anti Bullying Week, the children have looked into a deeper meaning behind bullying. Each of the children has looking into different situations, including the best way to prevent and defuse social, online and physical bullying.



Tomorrow we are celebrating Children in Need! I can't wait to see how the children all look, don't forget  to bring a donation for the charity if you dress up! See you next week!

Week Beginning 05.11.18


Back at school for Autumn 2 with a skip in our step! You wouldn't know the children were ever away! This week the children have rolled up their sleeves and brought out  their "inner author" as our English unit this half term is mainly focused on narratives. We've started with looking at  the Pie Corbett based story text maps, looking into the structure and direction a story will take.



In maths we have been looking at  the real life application of money, finding change from purchases and using bar models to figure out money-based problems. We've also been working on our times tables, specifically looking at  the relationship between times tables and how they can help us speed up our recall.


See you next week!

Week Beginning 8th October 2018


It's been a refreshing change in Charlie's Champions this week, back to normality! But  that doesn't mean the kids haven't been AMAZING!


We started we the week with the "big uh oh", none other than the EVIL and MENACING division! After some very reluctant children got stuck in they realised the big bad monster was nothing but a little kitten.


Our English has taken us into word types, looking at nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Then studying pictures to look for examples of each ensuring we know not only the words but are able to sort  them! 


Stay tuned for next week!


Week Beginning 1st October 2018


This week has been one with a twist, the biggest change being the children threw down their stationary (figuratively of course) for No Pens Wednesday! We took our learning out of the classroom and focused on exploring our learning, using other ways of showing what we were doing.



We kept to our theme of maths with a twist on Thursday. The children completed a time investigation into "the true meaning of a minute", recording what we could do in a minute and using our newly practised TU x U method to see what that meant for longer periods of time.


We've also been perfecting our singing voices ready for Harvest Festival next week, the children sound fantastic! X Factor here we come!


See you next week!

Week  Beginning 24th October 2018


Another week and yet another astounding success for Charlie's Champions this week! We may be back from our Egyptian adventures but  that hasn't stopped us exploring the local area! The children have investigated the age old question "Are larger objects always heavier than smaller ones?"



As you can see the children were rather "inventive" with their choices of items! We even ended up weighing some things in the forest school area!


We weren't quite finished with Egypt however... We decided to see what it was like to become embalmers and make some mummies! Don't worry we didn't have any dead bodies on hand so we thought we would give it a go with some tomatoes!



The children really didn't mind getting stuck in! Some were a little too good...


See you next week!


Week  Beginning 17th September 2018


It's been another incredible week for my latest batch of recruits! What a fearless bunch!


It feels like we've traveled all the way to Egypt for the week... Although in all honesty Egypt effectively came to us... We were lucky enough to have the Emperor's Tomb land in our hall on Tuesday. The children showed incredible bravery and problem solving abilities to escape with the treasure (and their lives!).



Our taste-buds have also been on an international journey. The connoisseurs brought out their inner critic to describe some of Egypt's best cuisine, from tahini to marissa, they tasted it all!



See you next week!