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Autumn Term Updates

This Week...(18/09/17 - 22/09/17)

We decided to ask the class what they wanted to put on the website update this week and this is what they came up with!

This week in History we produced news reports about Skara Brae. We know these amazing facts:

  • "They found no weapons which meant they lived peacefully" (Molly)
  • "House Number 8 was different to the other houses as it had no beds" (Connor)
  • "In House 7 you could only open the door from the outside, which we think meant it could have been used as a jail" (Grace/Benjamin)
  • "The Stone Age people began keeping animals for food, we know this because they found animal bones at the site. They were also excellent fishermen." (Mason/Chloe)

In RE, we explored what was precious to us and why these things were precious, for example Liam R's teddy bear, Oden's special trophy, Freya's love heart magnet "because my grandma and grandad bought it for me when I was a baby", Henry's football trophies and Charlotte's guitar.

Maths was all about place value and we investigated what numbers we could make using 6 counters "We had to try and find 22 ways and I found around 16. It was exciting!" (Luke W) There was also a 'secret rule' that Mr Stone used to work out if our numbers were correct and Maisie and Benjamin found it! "All the digits in the number added up to 6, for example 411 = 4+1+1=6" (Maisie)

We wrote descriptions of heroes and villains this week in English. The hero was Mr Willy Wonka and the villains were The Twits!

"Mr Willy Wonka has a black top hat and he carries a small cane with a golden top." (Mason)

"Mrs Twit is an old, evil lady because she hits dogs, cats and children with her dirty, disgusting walking stick." (Frankie)

"Mr Twit has hairs on his face like hedgehog spikes." (Daisy)


Next week, Mr Stone is off to PGL with the Year 6 children so the Fantastic Foxes will be in the very capable hands of Mrs Halfpenny and Miss O'Hara. Thank you.

This Week...(11/09/17 - 15/09/17)

What a great first week back in the Fantastic Foxes! We all seem to have settled in really well. It's like we've never been away! This week we got to start looking at our History work on The Stone Age and even got to write an advert for the latest in Stone Age inventions...a bow and arrow! 

On Wednesday we celebrated Roald Dahl day by working on a variety of activities, including Roald Dahl maths challenge cards, designing our own Roald Dahl bookmarks, drawing characters from his wonderful books and writing in 'Gobblefunk' (Roald Dahl's very own language in case you were wondering!).

Next week we are looking forward to our exciting assembly with the author Neil Griffiths (don't forget parents are invited to a parent meeting with him on Monday afternoon too).

Let's see what exciting things this year brings for the Fantastic Foxes!

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