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Autumn Term Updates

This Week,,,(3/12/18 - 7/12/18)

We were lucky enough to see THREE magnificent shows this week! On Wednesday we went to Mansfield Palace Theatre to see the 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' pantomime, on Thursday we got to see the amazing F2 nativity and then our final treat was to watch KS1 perform their nativity 'The Inn Crowd'. We were so impressed by them all and can highly recommend them to anyone who is going to watch!

This week we also completed our textiles D&T project by using fabric to create an Egyptian landscape. For some of us it was our first time sewing and it proved a little challenging! However, we were able to persevere and work hard to create some fantastic results. Have a look at all of our work below.

This Week... (26/11/18 - 30/11/18)

We started to work on the rest of our adventure stories this week and we are really pleased with them! We hope to finish them before Christmas and then try to write them up in our very best handwriting for display. Mr Stone said we might even make a class book of them all so people will be able to read and enjoy them in the classroom.

It's been great to use our new 'Ambitious Word Wall' display in our writing and we keep adding some fantastic words to it. So far we have words such as inexplicable, eerie, devastating and monstrous! Can you think of any great ambitious words we could add to our wall?

In Maths the Year 3s have been working on column subtraction, including regrouping (not borrowing!) and the Year 4s have started looking at multiplication, including calculations such as 76 x 6 and 324 x 40. Impressive!

As our Geography work on modern day Egypt continued, we focused on the River Nile and how important it still is to the Egyptian people. We then used the PicCollage and WordCloud apps on the iPad to present our work and add it to SeeSaw. Just like this one!

With Mrs Halfpenny we explored the story of St Andrew in preparation for St Andrew's Day. We found out all about his life and then made a fact file about him.

Another busy week ended with a non-uniform day to help bring in donations for the Christmas Fair. A huge thank you to everyone who kindly sent in donations.

Well done Foxes!

This Week... (12/11/18 - 16/11/18)

This week we have been continuing to work on our adventure story maps. They look amazing and we have put so much work into them over the past couple of weeks. We have added lots of details and planning to help us make our stories the very best that they can be when we start writing them next week. We also looked at some examples of story openings to get some ideas for our own. The openings that got straight into the action and asked the reader questions were our favourites! 

In Maths, the Year 3s have started a new unit on addition and the Year 4s continued to look at rounding and then also started work on factors. We made a great start!

We also did some work for Anti-Bullying Week this week and looked at why 'Respect' is so important, in Geography we were studying the continents and oceans of the world, as well as finding Egypt, and then on Friday we had a day filled with Children in Need fun! However, Mr Stone also made us think about the very important reasons behind Children in Need and why it's not just about Pudsey Bear and wearing spots. We thought about how fortunate we are and also looked at some of the amazing things that our donations do for children in need all over the UK. Mr Stone also donated (even though he beat us in the quiz, he still donated his £10!). 

Now it's time for a well earned rest over the weekend!

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Check out our ‘Words of the Week’ (5/11/18)

Check out our ‘Words of the Week’ (5/11/18) 1

This Week...(22/10/18 - 26/10/18)

This week was a Science Week in the Fantastic Foxes and our unit was all about 'Animals, including Humans'. This involved us looking at nutrition, including what nutrients we need in our diet , where we get these nutrients from and also why we need them. We then focused on bones and muscles and we loved learning all the different scientific names for the bones!

The Fantastic Foxes are having a well deserved half term break next week, so no new homework or spellings will be set but...keep reading!

Check out our ‘Words of the Week’! (15/10/18)

 Check out our ‘Words of the Week’! (15/10/18) 1

This Week...(8/10/18 - 12/10/18)

This week was our Harvest Festival at St Andrew's Church and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who managed to attend and also to everyone who donated to the Food Bank charity. It was a great service full of beautiful singing and some very thoughtful and well written prayers by the Fantastic Foxes.

In English this week we continued working on word classes and we studied part of a very detailed picture of a Pyramid Adventure. We then had to think of word class examples from the picture, before writing about the picture in our English Books using these examples. If we wanted to achieve 'Gold' we had to write sentences that included 5 different word classes. What a challenge!

In Maths, Y3 were looking at adding and subtracting 1/10/100/1,000 from any number. We struggled at first, but using Base 10 apparatus really helped us. Can you have a go at some of these at home?

Y4 focused on ordering and comparing 5-digit numbers by looking at the place value of each digit. Can you order these numbers? What else can you say about them?

23,456  17,899  17,455  50,001  33,333  23,500

Tutankhamun was our focus in History this week. We used some mystery sources delivered in sealed envelopes to try and discover more about him and also think of some questions we had about him and his tomb. We then imagined we were one of the explorers that discovered his tomb and wrote an exciting diary entry about it. It reminded us of our time in the Puzzle Tomb!

Jigsaw gave us a chance to imagine what our 'dream school' would be like and compare it to last week's 'nightmare school'. We then talked about our own school and why things like "having no rules" and "no lessons" might seem like a dream, but would soon turn into a nightmare. We reminded ourselves about two of the most important jobs schools have - to keep us safe and to educate us. We definitely need rules and lessons for this!

Another great week. Well done Foxes!

Check out our ‘Words of the Week’! (8/10/18)

Check out our ‘Words of the Week’! (8/10/18) 1

This Week...(1/10/18 - 5/10/18)

This week saw the return of Mr Stone from Kingswood and he wasted no time in getting us working hard!

We started our Read, Write, Inc Spelling work, looking at prefixes such as mis- and dis- and in Maths we focused on place value. Can you describe the place value of the digit 3 in the number 32, 456?

In English we have been studying word classes. Next time you're reading a book can you spot any examples of these word classes...

  • Adjectives
  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Determiners

'No Pens Day' on Wednesday was a great success and we were really able to develop our language and practical skills to communicate instead of writing anything down! We mimed and guessed adverbs and went outside to do some outdoor maths challenges using natural materials.

Another great week!

Check out our ‘Words of the Week’! (1/10/18)

Check out our ‘Words of the Week’! (1/10/18) 1

This Week...(17/09/18 - 21/09/18)

Our 'Temples, Tombs and Treasures' topic got off to an exciting start this week!

We started learning all about the ancient Egyptians and thinking about their lives. We started doing this by examining pictures of ancient Egyptian artefacts and thinking of questions they made us think about and also what the artefacts might have been used for. We also discussed the types of things they could tell us about Egyptian life. We studied hieroglyphics too and even tried to write our name in them! 

Mummification was very interesting too! Did you know the whole process took around 70 days to complete? We looked at the stages of mummification (including using a hook to scoop out the brain!) and the ritual involved in this process. We even mummified each other and then mummified a tomato too!

However, the most exciting part of the week was definitely the Puzzle Tomb experience. Check out some of the photos below. We LOVED it!

Entering the Puzzle Tomb!

Still image for this video

This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18)

A fantastic (but very busy!) first week back for the Fantastic Foxes! It was great to be back and get stuck in to lots of different Roald Dahl activities this week. We also started our first class reader of the year 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. We love it so far, although we're not too keen on Grandma!

After reading the first  part of the story, we decided to make our very own medicines! We worked in groups to write a set of instructions and then we worked with Mrs Smith and Mr Staniland to use our instructions to create our medicines. We used lots of measuring skills when we were doing this too, including measuring out bubble bath and weighing cocoa powder! There were some very interesting results!

We celebrated Roald Dahl day by creating our very own Roald Dahl bookmarks and we also worked on an activity linked to another of Mr Stone's favourite Roald Dahl books, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. We did some 'research' and taste tested a range of chocolates before using our findings to design our very own chocolate bars. It was a delicious activity!

To end the week, we started work on our new 'Jigsaw' lessons. We got to look at no matter how different we all are, there are still lots of similarities and we have lots of things in common. We also celebrated everyone's achievements, including swimming certificates, riding bikes without stabilisers, being a great big sister and even riding on the Maelstrom at Drayton Manor!

Enjoy some photos from the week below. Well done Foxes!

This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18)

This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 1
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 2
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 3
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 4
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 5
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 6
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 7
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 8
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 9
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 10
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 11
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 12
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 13
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 14
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 15
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 16
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 17
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 18
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 19
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 20
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 21
This Week...(10/09/18 - 14/09/18) 22