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Autumn Term Updates

This Week...(20/11/17 - 24/11/17)

This week we had a very special visitor...Pepper the Robot! Mr Kirkham very kindly brought it in to show us and we loved it! We can't believe what AI (artificial intelligence) is capable of. Pepper was even able to dab!

Also this week, we used our visit to the cinema to see 'Zootropolis' to do some English work. We thought about what jobs certain animals would be best at and then wrote letters as the animals to apply for these jobs! We had owls wanting to become teachers, snakes wanting to be plumbers and even giraffes applying to become window cleaners! You can see some of our work that we created on an app called Pic Collage below.

This Week...(13/11/17 - 17/11/17)

This week we have been working hard as usual to 'Push Out Into The Deep' and develop our learning.

In English, as well as working hard to improve our spelling and reading comprehension skills, we researched different animals and wrote reports about how they survived in the wild. We tried hard to use different features of report writing such as sub-headings, technical language and even annotated diagrams. Which animal did your child write about?

We continued our work on Place Value in Maths, thinking about the value of each digit in a number and how we can use this to compare and order them.

In other news this week...

  • We labelled mountain ranges in Geography. Would you be able to label this picture?

  • We started to look at kites in D&T, ready for designing our own survival kites soon!
  • We loved our visit to the cinema to see 'Zootropolis' and can't wait to do some work on the film next week. Even our homework this week is all about writing a review of the film!

Thank you to everyone who managed to make it to Parents Evening this week. Please see Mr Stone if you have still been unable to make an appointment.

Have a great weekend!

This Week...(6/11/17 - 10/11/17)

This week we worked hard on developing our reading skills in English and started using some 'expert tips' to help us become expert readers! It was great to use the 'expert tip strips' in our books to mark the places where we had to use strategies to help us understand what we were reading.

We also started our new spelling work this week and we love it! It gave us a chance to learn all about the prefixes, mis-, un-, dis- and in-. Can you think of any words that use these prefixes?

Maths was all about place value and we had to write numbers in words and figures, as well as identify the place value of each digit in a number. We enjoyed making the numbers practically to help with our understanding too.

Our new topic 'Survival Instincts' got off to a great start as we used atlases to find different mountain ranges in Europe and also wrote some questions that we would like to find out the answers to during the topic.

We are already excited for another busy week next week, including a trip to the cinema!

This Week...(30/10/17 - 3/11/17)

This week was Assessment Week so we all worked extremely hard and tried our best on the activities that Mr Stone set for us. This half term’s Christian value focus is ‘Perseverance’ and that was very relevant this week as some of the questions we had to answer were very tricky! A huge well done to all the Fantastic Foxes!

We also did lots more Science work to complete our work on ‘Rocks’. This included finding out all about erosion, discovering how fossils are formed and also how Roger Rock turned into Simon Soil (you can find out how this happened too by looking at some of our amazing Science work below).

In other news this week...the Fantastic Foxes achieved their tenth star in the jar! We decided to have some Free Time Friday reward as well as some Cartoon Friday. Well earned 🦊🦊🦊!

Our Science stories of Roger Rock!

This Week...(16/10/17 - 20/10/17)

Another busy week to end our first half term in the Fantastic Foxes! Both our Year 3 and Year 4 children visited Brackenhurst for a 'Prehistoric Experience' and we had a great time cave painting, making shelters, investigating prehistoric artifacts, willow weaving animal fences and making our own Stone Age medallions! Look at some photos of our day here

We've had a great time on our 'Last of the Cavemen' topic and producing some amazing work. Have a look at a couple of our displays that shows just how great our work is!

Next up, a new topic...Survival Instincts! We will be doing lots of work about Mountains and the Water Cycle and finding out how difficult it would be to survive in harsh mountain conditions.

Have an amazing half term break!

This Week...(9/10/17 - 13/10/17)

Our first job this week was to write a Stone Age story. We had to think about all the work we had done in History to try and make it as realistic and authentic as possible. So that meant our characters could definitely not visit ASDA! We will be using this story to help us with our English work over the next couple of weeks as we develop our story writing skills.

Maths Work was all about Bar Modelling and representing addition and subtraction calculations and problems as bar models. Have a look at some of our examples:

We continued our Science work on Rocks this week too. We learn about the three type stuff of rock: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We then tried to sort some rocks into the right categories in our Science Books. Mrs Smith worked with us as we we went ‘digging’ for rocks! Once we had dug out our rock and cleaned it up, we tested it to check if it was permeable, durable and whether it had high or low density. Check out our photos below!

Digging for Rocks!

Digging for Rocks! 1
Digging for Rocks! 2
Digging for Rocks! 3
Digging for Rocks! 4
Digging for Rocks! 5
Digging for Rocks! 6
Digging for Rocks! 7
Digging for Rocks! 8

This Week... (2/10/17 - 6/10/17)

This week Mr Stone returned from PGL and got us working hard again straight away! In English we have been focusing on figurative language. We now know all about similes, metaphors and personification! We used out figurative language skills to write some settings poems about the Stone Age.

Here are a couple of examples of what we wrote:

The Cave

As eerie as a pitch black night,

Standing tall, waiting for its prey,

The cave is defending all who pass.

George G

The Blizzard

As dangerous as a monster,

Showing no mercy,

The blizzard is a devourer.

The Fire

As destructive as a wrecking ball,

Burning all who come near,

The fire is a God, waiting to be prayed to.

Max H

On Wednesday we had 'No Pens' Day and had to do lots of activities without writing anything! We had to communicate to draw, have conversations about strange questions, go on a 'Rock Hunt' for Science, make houses in Maths and we even had time for some crazy communication games with Mr Cook! Check out some of the photos below to see what we got up to on 'No Pens Day'.

Another great week Fantastic Foxes!

No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17)

No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 1
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 2
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 3
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 4
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 5
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 6
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 7
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 8
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 9
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 10
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 11
No Pens Wednesday (4/10/17) 12

This Week...(18/09/17 - 22/09/17)

We decided to ask the class what they wanted to put on the website update this week and this is what they came up with!

This week in History we produced news reports about Skara Brae. We know these amazing facts:

  • "They found no weapons which meant they lived peacefully" (Molly)
  • "House Number 8 was different to the other houses as it had no beds" (Connor)
  • "In House 7 you could only open the door from the outside, which we think meant it could have been used as a jail" (Grace/Benjamin)
  • "The Stone Age people began keeping animals for food, we know this because they found animal bones at the site. They were also excellent fishermen." (Mason/Chloe)

In RE, we explored what was precious to us and why these things were precious, for example Liam R's teddy bear, Oden's special trophy, Freya's love heart magnet "because my grandma and grandad bought it for me when I was a baby", Henry's football trophies and Charlotte's guitar.

Maths was all about place value and we investigated what numbers we could make using 6 counters "We had to try and find 22 ways and I found around 16. It was exciting!" (Luke W) There was also a 'secret rule' that Mr Stone used to work out if our numbers were correct and Maisie and Benjamin found it! "All the digits in the number added up to 6, for example 411 = 4+1+1=6" (Maisie)

We wrote descriptions of heroes and villains this week in English. The hero was Mr Willy Wonka and the villains were The Twits!

"Mr Willy Wonka has a black top hat and he carries a small cane with a golden top." (Mason)

"Mrs Twit is an old, evil lady because she hits dogs, cats and children with her dirty, disgusting walking stick." (Frankie)

"Mr Twit has hairs on his face like hedgehog spikes." (Daisy)


Next week, Mr Stone is off to PGL with the Year 6 children so the Fantastic Foxes will be in the very capable hands of Mrs Halfpenny and Miss O'Hara. Thank you.

This Week...(11/09/17 - 15/09/17)

What a great first week back in the Fantastic Foxes! We all seem to have settled in really well. It's like we've never been away! This week we got to start looking at our History work on The Stone Age and even got to write an advert for the latest in Stone Age inventions...a bow and arrow! 

On Wednesday we celebrated Roald Dahl day by working on a variety of activities, including Roald Dahl maths challenge cards, designing our own Roald Dahl bookmarks, drawing characters from his wonderful books and writing in 'Gobblefunk' (Roald Dahl's very own language in case you were wondering!).

Next week we are looking forward to our exciting assembly with the author Neil Griffiths (don't forget parents are invited to a parent meeting with him on Monday afternoon too).

Let's see what exciting things this year brings for the Fantastic Foxes!

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