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Autumn Term Updates

10.10.16 - 14.10.16

We have been thinking about prayer in both the Christian and Muslim community. Today, we looked at the key features of Mosques and why they are special to many people. We found out that Muslims go to pray at the Mosque every day. We also found out that Muslims believe praying with others makes them feel part of a family.


We have carried out a science experiment looking at bulb brightness. We enjoyed using the equipment and we discovered that, if you add extra batteries, the bulb will become brighter. Our predictions were spot on!

19.9.16 - 23.9.16

Light Me Up!


We have been very excited this week as we have started our science topic on electricity. Bright lights were coming from our classroom as we tried to make a full circuit for the first time. It was a fun task. We loved using all the equipment. Some of us took our investigation further by experimenting with a different number of bulbs and batteries. 

12.9.16 - 16.9.16

We have been really busy in Gangtsa Grannies this week, We started on our Victorians topic and have started looking at a timeline of important events in this period. 

In English, we have been busy working on alphabetical order and we also started looking at how dictionaries are organised.