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Autumn Term Updates

Week Beginning 10.12.18 

What a busy week! First of all, can I just say a huge well done to everyone for our performances this week. It has been a very hard but rewarding week. I was very proud of you all for bringing some Christmas Joy to the people who came to see us in our Nativity. Learning so many songs and actions as well as knowing when we needed to join in. Not an easy task but you all did fantastic - WELL DONE! 


As well as our performances we have been busy doing lots of work on Jack and the Beanstalk ready for when we went to the Panto on Thursday. In English we have been using lots of different adjectives to describe the characters in the story and we have put them into full sentences. We have also sequenced the story using pictures. In our classroom, we now have a brilliant display on our English wall with pictures of The Giant and lots of adjectives and sentences around them to best describe his features. 


In Maths, we have been doing lots of CLIC work mainly looking at counting and writing in 2s, 5s and 10s. 


On Thursday we had a fantastic time at the Panto watching Jack and the Beanstalk. Everyone was so well behaved which again, made me very proud. 


Thank you for all your continued support and for supporting our Christmas jumper day - everyone looked amazing. 


Another very busy (and exciting) week next week for our final week of 2018. 


Thank you


Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart





WB 10.12.18

WB 10.12.18 1

Week Beginning 26.11.18

This week in Maths we have been looking at 'Repeated Pattern'. We have done this lots of different ways (with colours, shapes, numbers and even letters). We continued patterns that were already started and then made our own patterns from scratch. Everyone worked really hard in this and showed great understanding. In CLIC we focused on our counting in 2s and applying that to the 2 x table. 


In my Phonics group we have been looking at lots of new 'special friends' for example - ow for snow, ir for twirl, ou for shout and ire for fire. We have then read our new ditty and wrote our sentences. 


We have been doing lots of Nativity practice and our singing is really starting to sound beautiful, we will make an amazing choir for you to enjoy. 


During choosing our own learning time, I am really starting to see that children are taking pride in their work and really wanting to learn. They are chooing to write sentences, copy from books, read to each  other, make some fantastic buildings in the construction area and it is fantastic to see everyone working together. 


Thank you to everyone for your donations today for the Christmas Fayre, they are very much appreciated. 


Have a great weekend.

See you all on Monday.


Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart 

WB 26.11.18

WB 26.11.18 1
WB 26.11.18 2
WB 26.11.18 3

Week Beginning 12.11.18

What a busy week! In my Phonics group we have been learning more 'special friends' for example - ay  for day, ee for see, igh for night and ow for blow. We have been spelling with our Fred fingers and blending the words back together. 


In Maths, we have been creating some bar models and then flipping our number sentences. We have been using lots of different apparatus to help us when the numbers are a little high and cross over our tens column. 


We were really lucky on Wednesday, we had Mrs Sunman in to help us in PE with our Dance. Strictly Come Dancing needs to get ready as we have some great movers. 


We have done lots of practising for our Nativity, we are going to be a an amazing choir! 


You all looked fantastic on Friday when you dressed up for Children In Need. We had a time for reflection and watched a clip from Blue Peter about where our money will go and other fund raising events that are going to take place. 


Another great week Mighty Moles, well done. 


Thank you for your continued support. 


Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart. 

Week Beginning 5.11.18

A great first week back for Mighty Moles, everyone has recharged their batteries and were ready to learn. In Maths this week we have been learning how to 'bar model' we have been using number bonds to 10 for this. We have also been flipping sentences, for example we know that 8+2=10 therefore, 2+8=10. We took this a step further and learnt that also 10=8+2 and 10=2+8. We THEN turned this into a bar model. Everyone worked so hard in these lessons, I was very impressed. 


In Phonics/English this week, we have been in our new groups learning lots of different sounds, some special friends, eg - sh as in ship, ng as in strong and nk as in sink. We have been reading and writing sentences with increased confidence and teaching each other with our teacher sticks. 


In RE this week, we talked about our fallen heroes and what we are thankful for. I was really touched at how kind and caring Mighty Moles are and how they think outside the box. 


We have also done lots of singing in practice for being the choir for this years Nativity. 


On Friday morning, we were really lucky to have Footprints Theatre in to tell us the story about two cousins, Tommy and Fritz, who ended up fighting on different sides in WW1. Friday afternoon half of the class were in Forest School and the other half were in the ICT suite. In Forest School children were playing in the mud kitchen  area, were building dens, making journey sticks and lots more. In ICT we learnt how to log on to our class on the comouters and did a coding activity from Purple Mash. A great end to a great week.


Thank you for your continued support. 


Mrs Hornsby and Miss hart



Week Beginning 22.10.18

WOW! I can not believe that this half term is over already. 


Myself and Miss Hart are so impressed with how everyone has made the transition from Foundation Stage to Key Stage. 


We have got lots to look forward to next half term along with lots of hard work. 


Keep it up Mighty Moles .


Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart

Week Beginning 8.10.18

In English this week we have been busy reordering sentences that we recognise from The Three Little Pigs. We sounded the words out and blended back together to help us. 


Maths this week was all about 'more than' and 'less than'. We have also started looking at 1 more than and 2 more than using lots of different ways to find out the answer. 


Wednesday was our Harvest Festival and I was so proud of how everyone behaved and the service was beautiful. 


We have been helping Jack (our class mascot) getting to know all our names and talking about being safe. In RE we learnt all about The Creation with Miss Hart and did some fantastic drawings to represent each section. PE was fantastic working more on our agility and when we need to use this in a game situation. 


Can I just thank all those who got their Fab 5 readers this week, it really is making a huge difference to their learning. 


Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart

Week Beginning 1.10.18

What a fantastic week! 

In English we have been labelling The Big Bad Wolf thinking about different adjectives to describe him. We have also be retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs using stick puppets that we made. 


In Maths we have been learning about uing the terms 'same', 'fewer' and 'more than'. We used pictures to represent this and answered in full sentences. 


On Wednesday we had a Sceince day for NO PENS WEDNESDAY! We learnt about things that are transparent and opaque. We became investigate searching for objects in the classroom and putting them in the correct category. 


We had a fantastic time in the Forst School area with Mrs Kinsey and we all learnt how to log on to the computers in the ICT suite. IN PHSE 'Jack' (our classroom mascot) told us about loving and treating everyone the same. That it is ok to be different and like different things to our friends. We shared who we love. 


A great week Mighty Moles.


Mrs Hornsby

Week Beginning 24.9.18

We have had a really bus week in Mighty Moles. We have been writing in our diary's about our favourite day. We have been working really hard in English on sentence structure making sure that all our sentences have got capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We learnt that someone who writes a book is called an Author and we shared lots of books looking closely at different punctuation. We even started writing our own books thinking about what characters we would have and the setting for our story.


In Maths we have been counting in 2s and 5s, we have been talking in full sentences and flipping number sentences. We have introduced numicon to help us with addition and subtraction and finding number bonds within 10. 


PE was fantastic this week, learning about staying on our toes to be able to react quickly when receiving a ball in different ways. We worked on our hand - eye coordination, agility and balance. 


We had our first Forest Schools sessions with Mrs Kinsey where we took Explorer Sam to show him what we do. We had a great time building dens, playing the mud kitchen area, looking for frogs in the pond and balancing on the rope. 


A great week in Mighty Moles. Well done everyone. 


Mrs Hornsby, Miss Hart & Mrs Kinsey 

Week Beginning 17.9.18

...and there goes another week! We have been really busy this week and have turned the heat up in Mighty Moles. We have all settled in really well now and becoming very independent Year 1s. 


In English we have been learning about sentence structure and making sure that ALL our sentences start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop. This helped when we were doing some handwriting practice as we were writing upper and lower case letters. We read the story of the Three Little Pigs and ordered some sequencing pictures explaining what was happening as we went along. We talked about the order of a story in order for it to make sense when we are reading it.


In Maths we have been practicing counting on from a given number, counting on the correct amount to enable us to answer addition sentences. We have been flipping number sentences and looking at patterns in numbers. 


Our Phonics has been really fun this week. We have been learning rhymes to help us with our letter formation and have got 'Fred the Frog' in to us help blend. 


We had a very windy PE lesson on the MUGA learning different ways to send receive different size balls, we played lots of target games to help our accuracy. 

In Topic we have all chosen a question that we would like to investigate. 


Another great week. 

Well done Mighty Moles.


Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart


21.9.18 1
21.9.18 2
21.9.18 3
21.9.18 4

Week Beginning 10.9.18

WOW! We have finished our first week together already. We have had an amazing week, learning where things live, our class rules and expectations. 


In English, we have been looking at the story of Hansel and Gretel. We have done a character description of Hansel, looked at the Gingerbread House and what we can see on it, made finger puppets to retell the story and lots more. 

In Maths, we have already started looking at number bonds using the part-part-whole method, how we can flip number sentences and ensuring we talk in full sentences. 

We really enjoyed our Street Detective walk this morning where we were looking at all the different types of houses in our area and then made a tally chart to count many we saw. 


All in all - a super start! I already know we are going to have a fantastic year.


Thank you for your continued support. 


Mrs Hornsby, Miss Hart  and Mrs Kinsey