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Autumn Term Updates

Week Beginning 11.12.17

A huge well done for the Nativity performances last week, you were all amazing. Thank you to all the parents/grandparents ect that came to support us it is greatly appreciated. 


During our English lessons this week, we received a letter from Santa to say how impressed he is with our work so far this year and he asked us to write him a letter telling him what we would like for Christmas. We also wrote a letter for Santa with his wish list as we know how busy he is at this time of year.


We have continued to work really hard in Phonics looking at 2 letters making 1 sound, this week we had a look at  'wh' compared to 'w' and found lots of different words for each one. 


Everyone looked fabulous in their Christmas jumpers, again thank you for your continued support. 


A busy but VERY exciting week coming up with Church visits, Christmas parties and much more. 


One last push Mighty Moles, we can do it. 


Mrs Collison-Hornsby & Miss Hart

Week Beginning 4.12.17

Where is time going? Another busy and exciting week in Mighty Moles. We have been a little off timetable this week with all the amazing things going on. The start of the week saw us writing in our diary about what we had all ben up to at the weekend with some very excited children having been to see Santa (who has set up a 'Santa Cam' in our room to keep an eye on us). 


On Wednesday we had an AMAZING day out at the Pantomime to watch Beauty and the Beast, the children were SO well behaved (as always) I was very proud of every single one of them. 


On Thursday & Friday we had our final rehearsals for our Nativity that everyone has worked so hard on and I am almost sure there may be some tears next week when we perform to an audience (especially Miss Hart haha).  


We couldn't let the snow pass us by and even though I think I grumbled the most about being cold some of us in Mighty Moles made a beautiful Christmas tree with some natural resources that we found. 


I am very much looking forward to the next couple of weeks with even more exciting things going on. Please see a few pictures below of what we have been up to. 


Have a great weekend, see you all on Monday ready to go again. 


Mrs Collison-Hornsby & Miss Hart 

Week Beginning 27.11.17

In Mighty Moles this week we had to become detectives in order to find out how the woolly mammoth got dirty in the first place. We had some very good detectives and some fantastic ideas as to how he got dirty. We then wrote these in sentences. In Maths we have been working hard on our bar modelling and flipping the number sentences. We are also working on talking in full sentences in Maths rather than just saying a number. 


We are very close to finishing our Nativity and I would just like to thank everyone for their hard work throughout this.

See you all on Monday. 

Mrs Collison-Hornsby 


Week Beginning 20.11.17

What a super week we have had in Mighty Moles. We have had lots going on. We had an amazing Robot called Pepper who came in to visit us who could talk, ask questions and could even dance (and dab). It was fantastic and the children really enjoyed it. 

We have been all systems go in Maths with Miss Loker coming to visit us to see what exciting things we had been do which she was super impressed with. 

In English we have continued working amazingly hard on sentence structure and writing by ourselves, we have also started thinking about how the woolly mammoth got dirty in the first place ready for next week. 


Well done Mighty Moles, keep it up.

Week Beginning 13.11.17

What a busy week! In Mighty Moles we have had lots of exciting things going on. We have been looking at 'How To Wash a Woolly Mammoth' in English looking at the front cover to start with and using our imagination, our knowledge of what we already know and the clues that we can see on the front cover to predict what we think might happen in the book. We then read some of the book stopping half way through and using our prediction skills we predicted the next two events. There were some AMAZING ideas.


In Maths we have been continuing to look at the part-part-whole concept and have looked at our we can make a pictorial representation for this. We have started bar modelling and we even impressed Miss Loker who came to have a look at our work and gave us all a dojo. 


Also this week saw the last week of Forest Schools for Mighty Moles for a while, I know there are a few sad people about this but not to worry it will soon be our turn again. I would just like to thank you all for your continued support in this with sending your children with the correct clothing for them to access such a wonderful area. 


We had a guest visitor Bemma from Africa in to tell us a story all about Anansi. The children were very interested in what the story was about and asked lots of questions. 

As always a great week in Mighty Moles. Well Done. 

WB 13.11.17

Week Beginning 6.11.17

What a busy week, that busy I can't believe that it is Friday already. In English we have had a very exciting time digging for bones, clues and teeth. We cleaned the found clues and brought them back to the classroom. We became woolly mammoth investigators and used all different resources like iPads, laptops, pictures and sentences to find out facts about woolly mammoths. We wrote down all the facts we found out and then turned them into full sentences. 


In Maths we have been working extra hard at using pictorial representations of the whole-part-part concept. ALL Mighty Moles worked extremely hard at this and have just about cracked it - Well done! 


In Forest Schools this week, we did some pumpkin drilling, leaf rubbing, made a woolly mammoth from natural materials and have a had a go on Mrs Kinsey's new rope swing, 


Great week again Mighty Moles. Keep it up! 


Mrs Collison-Hornsby & Miss Hart 

Week Beginning 30.10.17

A great first week to our second half term in Mighty Moles. We started the week by going on an amazing Autumn walk. We used all our senses to see, hear, feel and smell different things during our walk This gave us great stimuli for our English work where we talked about nouns and adjectives and then made a class tree with all the exciting words on from what we saw. This has made a beautiful display in our classroom. Our Forest School afternoon was again fantastic. We had a little fire, talking about fire safety, made hedgehogs come to life, coloured slate and played in our mud kitchen. Continuing our Autumn theme week we made a Pic Collage of all Autumn pictures and labelled the clothes that we wore on our walk. ANOTHER busy but brilliant week. Well done Mighty Moles. 


Week Beginning 16.10.17

...and we've made it! Well done Mighty Moles a FANTASTIC first half term. This week we have continued to be as busy as ever. We have been out on the MUGA enjoying our PE lessons practicing our throwing, catching, rolling and stopping.





We have been doing some shared reading with our friends in our class and had a super muddy time in the Forest School Area with Mrs Kinsey and Miss Hart.





In Phonics we have been looking at two letters making one sound and then those sounds making different sounds (for example 'ai' for rain and 'ay' for tray). In Maths we have been busy looking at different numbers bonds and using those numbers and talking about 'whole, part, part'. For example if the 'whole' number is 6 then we can have one 'part' 4 and one 'part' 2. We then say the number sentence 4 add 2 equals 6. 


I really hope you have a great week off and recharge your batteries. I am a very proud Mighty Mole teacher. Well done team. no

Mrs Collison-Hornsby and Miss Hart

Week Beginning 9.10.17

A great week in Mighty Moles this week. We have been out and about at various places starting with Wednesday when we visited Skegby Library. We read lots of books with our friends and Mrs Collison-Hornsby read 'The Star Faced Crocodile' to us all which was really funny. On Thursday we went back out into our Forest School Area where we hunted for bugs, made mud-dough and made some habitats for different animals to live. Throughout the week in English we have been putting together different letters to make words from Funnybones and different words to make sentences. We then put the correct punctuation in the correct place and wrote them in our books. In Maths this week we have been looking at lots of different number bonds and writing lots of different number sentences using the same numbers. As you can see another very busy week in Mighty Moles. Well done team. 

Week Beginning 2.10.17

This week was a little bit different in Mighty Moles. We had 'No Pens Wednesday' and once I had convinced everyone that we STILL had work to do, we had a brilliant day finding different ways to learn no. We used number cards in Maths to learn about number patterns and finding the missing number. We used our Art skills to cut out our 'Dark, dark town' from Funnybones in English and we had another great afternoon in PE. On Thursday we went out into our Forest School Area - this was very exciting and the children really got involved. I can already see we have some keen gardeners, builders and investigators (aka muddy faces) in Mighty Moles. There is simply no stopping us now smiley. Well done Mighty Moles.  

Week Beginning 25.9.17

We have certainly lived up to our name this week in Mighty Moles. Now we are all settled into our routine we have upped our game.


We have been looking recognising and making patterns in Maths, thinking about the different things we can make patterns with and challenging our friends to finish a pattern they have started.


English we went to a "Secret Location" to read our new book 'Funnybones'. We have acted out some of the scenes using our skeleton masks, reorganised some pictures in order of the story and even watched an episode joining in with the singing.

A very busy but another good week - well done Mighty Moles.

Week Beginning 18.9.17

Wow! Where has this week gone?! Another busy week in Mighty Moles.


In English we have been looking at writing our own sentences using capital letters and full stops. We have also been working hard on using adjectives to make our sentences more exciting.


In Maths we have been looking at numbers to 10 and using pictorial representations to show the given number.


We had an amazing first PE lesson looking at different ways to use different equipment, practising throwing and catching and thinking about how our body works when we exercise which fit lovely with our Science lesson on labelling different parts of our body.


All in all a busy but super week. Well done Mighty Moles.

Week Beginning 11.9.17

What a super first week in Mighty Moles. We have been very busy making our classroom feel like home and settling in to our new routine. We have been writing about our favourite book, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and making our Riverbank Behaviour Chart. Next week we will be working hard in English looking at the setting of The Wind in the Willows book and describing some of the characters. I can already tell that we are going to have a great year, keep up the good work Mighty Moles.