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Autumn Term Updates

WB 10.12.18

Firstly thank you so much for all your hard work for our nativity performances Bold Badgers! You deserve a huge well done for learning all your lines and remembering when to come on stage. What beautiful singing too!  Thank you to everyone at home who helped as well!   Well done!


In English we have been looking at the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have drawn our own pictures of the giant and used lots of different adjectives to describe him in readiness for writing our giant description on Monday. 

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on column addition  where we need to regroup the tens and ones. We have also  been using bar models to show word problems and used column addition to solve them. 

We really enjoyed our trip to the pantomime on Thursday too - oh yes we did!


It has been a very busy week in KS1 but really amazing. Have a rest this weekend Bold Badgers! You have earned it!

WB 19.11.18

This week we have been very busy learning our lines for the Nativity play, learning all the songs and rehearsing when we need to be on stage.  It is very exciting and we are looking forward to performing it to our families soon!  In English, my Phonics group have been learning the spelling rule 'double the consonant before adding y' (fun - funny, spot - spotty).  We have written sentences using those words and we have focused on our capital letters and full stops.  We have also done some Guided Reading sessions to help us with our reading.

In Maths we have moved on to column addition with regrouping the ones. We have used base 10 apparatus and place value charts to help us see what is happening when we regroup them.  We will continue with this next week.   In RE we have been thinking about the Nativity story and the birth of Jesus and we have also looked at what makes us special in PSHE. We have thought about how we are all different and how it is important not to assume things about others.  Finally, some of the Bold Badgers have sung with Cool Choir at the Mansfield Museum this week performing songs from the 1980s.  We loved dressing up in our 1980s clothes!  There are some pictures on the gallery section of the school website in case you would like to see them.

WB 12.11.18

Another busy week for the Bold Badgers! We have been given our scripts for the Nativity play and we have started practising our lines. In Maths we have moved on to column subtraction, using bar models to help us show the subtraction. We have also continued to practise our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. In Science we thought about what are houses were made of and we made silhouette houses. We needed to find ways to make our houses stand up! In English, my Phonics group have been looking at the soft c (face, city). We have been using nouns and proper nouns in our writing and we have also been focusing on sentence structure and the use of capital letters and full stops. Finally, we have enjoyed dressing up for our Children in Need day!

WB 12.11.18

WB 12.11.18 1

WB 5.11.18

A great first week back after half term. We have all come back rested and ready to learn! This week we have been reminding ourselves how to do column addition and we have drawn bar models to show our additions. We are getting good at this now! In English we have started our new Phonics groups. My group have been learning about the spelling ‘al’ when it makes the ‘or’ sound (chalk, small). We have been very excited working through our first spelling unit and we are looking forward to our next spelling! In RE we learnt how jelly babies and poppies are connected to Remembrance Day. We also were lucky enough to have Footprints Theatre in to tell a story about two cousins, Tommy and Fritz, who ended up fighting on different sides in WW1. We have done lots of singing practise ready for our Nativity and we are very excited about learning which parts we will play! Thank you Bold Badgers for making our first week back after half term such a lovely one! 

WB 15.10.18

This week we discovered that the Wanted Posters we made last week worked and that the Big Bad Wolf has thankfully been caught after his escape from prison! We have written a letter to the Three Little Pigs to let them know and we tried to connect our sentences using 'and' and 'because'.

In Maths we have used our growing place value knowledge to help us think about column addition. We have represented column addition sums using base 10 and we have started to solve some simple column addition sums. We will continue to practice this next week.

In PE we were lucky to have an archery experience which we all enjoyed! We have also made Poppy prayers ready for Remembrance Day in RE and thought about actions and consequences in PSHE.   Finally, in Science we thought about what a roof needs to be and what materials would be best to make a roof.  We decided that a roof needed to be strong and waterproof and we then tested different materials to see which would be best.  

WB 8.10.18

This week we have continued looking at the four different sentence types in English - statements, questions, commands and exclamation sentences.  We received a letter from the Three Little Pigs asking for our help recapturing the Big Bad Wolf after he had escaped from prison.  Thankfully, the Wanted Posters we created worked wonderfully and he has now been found! In Maths we have continued with our place value work but have been challenging ourselves by looking at three digit numbers! On Monday, we had a lovely Street Detectives Topic day with the other two classes in KS1, doing a carousel of activities focused around houses and the local area. In RE we have retold the story of creation using pictures and in Music we listened to some music and wrote a simple musical score using lines to show changes in pitch. Finally, we had a lovely time in St Andrew's Church on Wednesday morning, celebrating Harvest Festival.  We sang all the harvest songs that we have been learning and loved seeing our Harvest work on display in the church!

WB 8.10.18

WB 1.10.18

This week we have started to look at different types of sentences in English. We are using The Three Little Pigs story to help us and we have sorted sentences about the story into the different types. We have also thought of adjectives to describe the big bad wolf. In Maths we have been measuring ingredients to make bread dough and then we had a lovely Art afternoon using the bread dough to make some bread sculptures in the style of Marc Quinn. We have been busy learning harvest songs and we created some harvest work to be displayed in St Andrew’s church for their Harvest Festival. We really enjoyed No Pens Wednesday and loved focusing on reading words and sentences in our Phonics groups. We also became material detectives and explored different materials in Science using torches to help us, deciding if they were transparent, translucent or opaque. Another lovely week full of fun and learning! Enjoy the photos below!

WB 24.09.18

Another fabulous week with the Bold Badgers! We have continued our work on the Hansel and Gretel story in English, creating story maps and writing recounts.  We have also continued working on place value and numbers to 100 in Maths.  In Music we have looked at rhythm and pulse and we have continued with our Coding work in Computing. Finally, we have started our Topic questions on Street Detectives.  We are finding out why there is a statute of a miner in Skegby, what windows are made from, whether all houses are made of bricks and where we recycle our rubbish.  We are very much looking forward to finding out about these areas more closely in our groups over the coming weeks.

WB 24.9.18

WB 17.09.18

Another wonderful week! In English we have continued our descriptive writing of the gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel. We have focused on sentence structure and we have used adjectives to help us with our description. We have started our new Phonics programme and we have also focused on letter formation - particularly a and g. We have continued our place value work in Maths by making 2 digit numbers with cubes, thinking about the tens and ones in the number and then writing number sentences to show this. 

In Computing we have started to learn about Coding and in Music we have thought about pulse and how we can show different emotions through music. We have looked at Creation in RE and what this means for Christians and we have thought about where Creation ‘fits’ within the Bible story. Finally, we have thought about our first few weeks in our new class during PSHE and we have spent a little time thinking about how we can relax and quietly focus on ourselves. A great week!

WB 10.9.18

What a lovely start to our new school year! The Bold Badgers have shown how wonderful they are every day, listening carefully to instructions, working hard and working brilliantly together. In English we have enjoyed learning the story of Hansel and Gretel and we used finger puppets to help us retell the story. We have thought about what nouns are and we have made a list of things that the gingerbread house could be made from in the story. Next week we shall start to describe the gingerbread house.

In Maths we have learnt the order of the days of the week using a song to help us. We have also counted on with the help of a Snakes and Ladders board game. We have also counted in 10s and 5s and counted to 100 too! 

In RE we thought about God and creation and designed a cross to show what creation means to us. We have also started learning about types of houses in our new topic Street Detectives. We have drawn and written about our own house and we went on a house hunt around Skegby looking at different houses and learning about our local area. On top of all that we have been learning where everything is in our new classroom! It has been a fabulous week and we are very much looking forward to our year together!