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Autumn Term Updates

Weekly News. Week Commencing 18th September.

Another great week for Maurgrims, We’ve really enjoyed getting to grips with our new maths, using bars to find the mid-point and quarter points of different scales. We’ve also used a crazy pointy hat to work out whether we need to round up or down when rounding to the nearest 100.

In topic we have loved learning about different mining equipment that people are bringing in to show us and the stories associated with them.

In PE we've had our first hockey lesson and learn the importance of keeping our stick low and not swinging it like a golf club! We’ve now all got our AR books as well so we’re looking forward to starting quizzing next week and working towards our targets and ultimately winning the Fab 5 rosette.

We’ve got an exciting week this week with lots of us off to PGL to challenge ourselves! It should be a fantastic week. Keep up the hard work Maugrims!

Weekly News. Week Commencing 11th September 2017

Welcome to Maugrims Class, it’s been a great start this first week. The children have returned from their holidays ready to learn and have settled well in groups on their new tables, although some of their chosen table names are a bit strange!

We’ve had a really busy week, firstly getting to grips with our new practical maths, which involves using strips of paper to work out sums and we’ve also really liked starting our new topic of ‘Going Underground.’ We’ve also got really involved in ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,’ where we’ve done lots of work looking at the characters and describing the scene. We’re looking forward to finding out what happens next.

During the week some Maugrims have also attended the cross country competition at Quarrydale, where they performed amazingly well, with St Andrew’s children coming in the top 3.

A great first week Maugrims, let’s keep it up again this week.