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Autumn Term Updates

Weekly News- Week commencing 27th November

Another busy week in Maugrims class this week. We have been continuing our work on fractions and looking at adding and subtracting unlike fractions. This has proved a little tricky as you need to make them have the same denominator before you can do it! In English we have continued our fantastic spelling work using our new spelling program and worked hard on our guided reading as well. We really enjoyed the story this week 'Holiday Hovel' where we discovered that the holiday wasn't what they were expecting! 

On Friday afternoon we started to get our stall ready for the Christmas Fayre next Thursday. We had to make over 300 sweet cones to sell. We learnt the importance of profit and loss and soon realised every dropped sweet was money that we lost! 

Another great week for fab 5s with 96% achieving it, beaten only by the pesky Fauns! Keep reading ready for next week and don't forget the Christmas Fayre on Thursday 7th December!

Getting ready for the Christmas Fayre!

Getting ready for the Christmas Fayre! 1

We had a robot visit our class - we tried to program it to dab!

We had a robot visit our class - we tried to program it to dab! 1

Weekly News Week commencing 20th November 2017

This week in Maugrims we have been working tremendously hard in all of our lessons. As the film Zootropolis was so amazing, we have been focusing on writing interesting sentences using the different sentence types (simple, compound and complex). All of the children have worked really hard on learning these sentence types and punctuating them correctly- particularly knowing when and where you need a comma! On Friday’s lesson, the children have made posters explaining what the sentences are and have given examples to put on our working wall.

In maths, they have been converting improper fractions to mixed numbers by partitioning and by dividing. This sounds really difficult but the children have used their previous knowledge of plotting numbers lines to produce some fantastic work and developing their understanding of fractions. Particularly when separating improper fractions into whole fractions (4/4) and proper fractions (1/2).

In science this week, they have been fixing electric circuits practically using their knowledge of how to make complete circuits. Also, some children even designed their own broken circuits to challenge others’ to fix! These were incredibly difficult nevertheless they still managed to fix them by making the motors spin or make the lights turn on.


Mr Allsopp

Weekly News, Week Commencing 13th November 2017

Another great week for Maugrims. We have taken part in some African dancing, where we had to learn a dance routine for going into battle with Oliver as our chief! We also had a fantastic trip to the cinema to watch Zootropolis and used some of the character knmowledge to make predictions about what could happen in a sequel!

In English we have continued to work on our clauses and phrases and used them to make our own sentences, in Maths we have continued our work on fractions by placing them on a number line. 

It was a great turn out for Children in Need with some great spotty costumes and a good attempt at Fab 5 readers this week. Keep up the reading for next week to try to get  100% again.


Maugrims dressed in spotty clothes for Children in Need.

Maugrims dressed in spotty clothes for Children in Need. 1

Weekly News Week Commencing 6th November 

A really busy week for Maugrims this week, we have continued our work on fractions in maths and learnt about clauses and subordinate clauses in English. More importantly we achieved 100% of our Fab 5 readers, so celebrated with chocolate biscuits on Friday afternoon! We are still looking at going underground and have learnt about mines close to us in Nottinghamshire, we didn't realise there were about 40 mines in Nottinghamshire at one time. 

We are excited about our trip to the cinema on Friday and finding out what's going to be said at parents' evening! Lets keep up reading five times a week and get some more chocolate biscuits for Friday! 

Weekly News Week Commencing 30th October 2017

After a relaxing half term it was a great first week back. In English we started a new spelling scheme where we learnt about adding vowel suffixes to words with long vowel sounds like loud becoming louder. We also looked at a new reading comprehension scheme as well which we really enjoyed, answering questions about a luminous dinosaur egg!

In Maths we have got to grips with our square numbers and even started to look at cubed numbers as well as working on factors and common factors, where we can now find common factors of two different numbers.

On Tuesday we had a careers talk from a police officer who explained lots of the different aspects to the police force and showed us some of the police helmets he uses. Outside on the playground he had brought with him one of the unmarked police cars he uses. We got the chance to look at some of the kit in the car, hear the sirens and have a look inside. It was really interesting.

On Friday we had a look at some of the fantastic homework that had been brought in all about mining in the local area. We saw some amazing posters, some great pictures, interviews with family members and even two models people had made of mining shafts. Well done to everyone involved it was great.

Another great week for Fab 5, with 96% achieving it, only being beaten by Miss Loker’s dodgy rounding up! Lets try to get 100% next week.

Weekly News, Week Commencing 16th October 2017

A really exciting week in maugrims this week. We visited the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield, it was better than anyone expected! We got the opportunity to go underground into a real coal mine. We saw how children and adults used to work down in the mine. The ride in the lift shaft was quite scary, it shuddered and shaked on the way down 140m to the bottom of the mine. It was pitch black down there and we got to climb through some small tunnels and touch real coal. We also saw some of the machinery which was used in mines more recently.

Back on the surface we got the chance to go and meet some pit ponies and spent some time on the new play park. We also visited Auntie Brenda whose family worked down the mine, she told us about life in her '2 up, 2down' and about having to go outside to go to the toilet! It was a fantastic day and we wrote a brilliant diary excerpt about life as a child miner.

In class, we have been doing some practice tests to give us an idea on what we need to learn in the next 7 months! some of them were quite hard but we know we have got lots of time to learn about the things we couldn't do. Mr Allsopp also taught a great maths lesson where we got to estimate the weights of different objects and then measured them accurately to see how close we were. 

A great Fab 5 readers result of 96%, keep reading over half term and keep quizzing to get closer to your AR target. Have a restful and relaxing half term and we'll start back on Monday 30th October.

National Coal Mining trip October 2017

Weekly News Week Commencing 9th October 

Another great week for the Maugrims. We had a number of children representing our school in a cross country competition and also in our girls' netball team. In class we carried on with our rounding in maths and continued to use the bar method to work out some tricky worded sums. 

It's been a good week in English as well, where we have learnt a lot about homophones and are starting to understand which their, there or they're to use in sentences. We have also learnt about determiners and understand what type they can be. On Friday we also wrote some dramatic wanted poster for Edmund and Lucy where we pretended to be the Snow Queen from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. On Friday we had a great ICT lesson, developing our skills on the new Ipads, where we used PicCollate to create a poster showing what we like to read. A fantastic week for Fab 5s but still not quite 100%.

We are looking forward to this week with our trip to the mining museum, we are going to take lots of pictures to use in our topic books.  

What we like to read posters.

What we like to read posters.  1
What we like to read posters.  2
What we like to read posters.  3
What we like to read posters.  4

Weekly News Week Commencing 2nd October

After the excitement of PGL last week, it was back to 'normal' lessons this week. Although it's not a normal week when you have a giant wolf jump out from behind a closed door to reveal a trashed classroom! As part of our work on 'No Pens Wednesday' there was an incident in school where the Fearless Faun's classroom had been ransacked by Maugrim (the captain of the secret police) we were then given the opportunity to interview some witnesses to enable us to write a newspaper report. It was great fun and got quite heated during the discussion with lots of accusations being made by all characters! 

In maths we continued with rounding and started to round larger 5 and 6 digit numbers using our 'hat' method which we are getting used to. We completed the first lot of CLIC tests and timetables tests and realised we need to get a lot quicker to beat the one minute timer! Not a bad first week on Fab 5 readers, we achieved 83% of the class which means the chocolate biscuits Mr Snelling gives us for 100% are safe for another week! 

We are really getting into our topic of 'going underground' and have used some old maps to compare Skegby in the past to the present day and identified the different uses in land and buildings. We are very excited about our trip to the mining museum in a couple of weeks where we will experience what life was like underground! Finally well done those Maugrims who represented the school so well at the football competition, coming 3rd in a very close competition. Keep up the hard work for next week.

Weekly News Week Commencing 25th September

A great week this week for Maugrims and most of the Year 6 children. We spent the week at PGL doing lots of different activties. We climbed, we abseiled,  we solved problems, we worked in teams and we drove fast on our quad bikes. It was amazing, everyone behaved impeccably and Mrs Williams said we were a credit to our school. Those year 6s who stayed at school also had a busy week, not only doing all the monitor jobs that we'd left for them but also working wit the year 5s to make fantastic story boxes. It was a busy week for everyone but very exciting!

Year 6s at Caythorpe Court PGL

Year 6s at Caythorpe Court PGL 1

Weekly News. Week Commencing 18th September.

Another great week for Maurgrims, We’ve really enjoyed getting to grips with our new maths, using bars to find the mid-point and quarter points of different scales. We’ve also used a crazy pointy hat to work out whether we need to round up or down when rounding to the nearest 100.

In topic we have loved learning about different mining equipment that people are bringing in to show us and the stories associated with them.

In PE we've had our first hockey lesson and learn the importance of keeping our stick low and not swinging it like a golf club! We’ve now all got our AR books as well so we’re looking forward to starting quizzing next week and working towards our targets and ultimately winning the Fab 5 rosette.

We’ve got an exciting week this week with lots of us off to PGL to challenge ourselves! It should be a fantastic week. Keep up the hard work Maugrims!

Weekly News. Week Commencing 11th September 2017

Welcome to Maugrims Class, it’s been a great start this first week. The children have returned from their holidays ready to learn and have settled well in groups on their new tables, although some of their chosen table names are a bit strange!

We’ve had a really busy week, firstly getting to grips with our new practical maths, which involves using strips of paper to work out sums and we’ve also really liked starting our new topic of ‘Going Underground.’ We’ve also got really involved in ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,’ where we’ve done lots of work looking at the characters and describing the scene. We’re looking forward to finding out what happens next.

During the week some Maugrims have also attended the cross country competition at Quarrydale, where they performed amazingly well, with St Andrew’s children coming in the top 3.

A great first week Maugrims, let’s keep it up again this week.