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Brilliant Beavers (Y5)

W.B 17.6.2019


This week in Brilliant Beavers we have started to work with Mr Snelling  and Mrs Dickenson . So far so good .


We have been reading Ancient Greek myths in English , and finding out  about all of the different  characters . We have read four so far and have compared them to see which we like best . Perseus and Medusa was very popular with its exciting action . We are looking forward to creating our own mythical creature next week . 

Welcome to Brilliant Beavers!


We are a Year 5 class who always tries our best to 'Push out into the deep' and set ourselves new challenges! As we are now in Year 5 we know that we have lots of new things to learn and new responsibilities to take on. We will work hard this year to gain more independence and apply all of the skills that we already know, with the help from Miss. Harrison and Miss. Shaw.


Keep checking out our page so you know exactly how much fun we have been having! smiley

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