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Spring Term Updates

9th March 

After a funny week interrupted by the boiler and snow, we caught up with our Book Week activities and finally found out what happened to Sam and Dave. 


On Monday, we wrote our own ending to the story. We predicted what we thought would happen to Sam and Dave and wrote wonderful stories packed with description and amazing punctuation. 


Tuesday saw us take part in an awesome orienteering activity organised by Mrs Wright. We had to use the map to search for clues that spelled the name of a location in school. Once we had found the location, we had to dig our own hole to find something spectacular hidden there. 


We rounded off the week by dressing up as characters from our favourite books. In the afternoon, we went over to our buddy class - The Ladybirds - and shared some dramatic readings of our favourite children's books. A lovely afternoon was had by all. Some photos from the event are in the slideshow below. 

Book Day Photographs

Fearless Fauns Do The Samba!

Still image for this video

19th January 

It's been an incredibly busy week in the Fauns.

The highlight of the week came on Tuesday when 24 members of the class traveled up to Sheffield Arena to take part in the 'Young Voices' concert. Everyone sang their heart out and a great time was had by all. 


Despite the late night, we've produced some fantastic work in Maths. We've looked at how percentages can be used in real life and can apply our skills to word problems. Next time there's a sale on we'll know if we're getting a bargain! 

In English we've worked really hard to write a report on an animal that inhabits the Amazon Rainforest. We conducted extensive research and discovered some truly amazing facts. Our finished reports are brilliant - they all contain fantastic language, perfect punctuation and every sentence type you could think of! 

12th January 2018 

It's been a fantastic, action-packed first week back for the Fearless Fauns. After a wonderful holiday, we've all returned to school full of energy and ready to get stuck into our new topic. 


In maths, we've looked at how to turn a fraction into a decimal and then a percentage. We were so good at it we quickly moved onto working with word problems. Now we can turn any fraction into a percentage - including our test results! 


In English, we used zombies to help us recognise the active and passive voice. We thought about the effect of passive sentences and when it would be best to use them. 


We've used atlases to improve our geographical knowledge and started to go 'Nuts about Brazil.' In science, we looked at gravity and why people in Australia don't fall off the Earth! 


Next week is another busy one - we're looking forward to singing at Sheffield Arena with Young Voices.

Year 6 Parents - don't forget we have our SATs meeting at 4pm on Wednesday. It would be great to see you there.