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Spring Term Updates

Weekly Newsletter WC 20th March - Maths Week

A fantastic Maths week this week. We stayed in maths classes and took part in lots of different activities all to do with Shape, Space and Measures. As well as looking at different shapes you can see in everyday structures, we made scale drawings of the Empire State Building and created our own shape board games that we played with our Buddy Class. We also had a theatre group perform a shape and measure play which related to a Star Wars theme that was really funny. Even in PE we used shapes to help us solve different maths type problems and use the Ipads to collect QR codes from the playground.

It has been a fantastic week and the children have produced some lovely work. The best part was on Friday afternoon when the parents came in to look at our work and eat the Rocky Road we'd made using the correct measurements! We all enjoyed the week so much that we achieved 100% attendance this week! Well done Aslans, keep up the good work.

Weekly Newsletter WC 13th March 2017

Great work in Aslans this week, we have been looking at weight and measures in maths in preparation for our maths week next week, where we had to convert g in kg and cm in m using our multiplication skills. In English we carried on looking at our formal and informal language and used it to write a letter of persuasion to the King so that he wouldn't  execute Lachland (Lila's Dad) from the 'Firework Maker's Daughter.' In PE we performed our gymnastic routines on the apparatus after watching some inspiration from Simone Biles on the computer. The routines were fantastic and involved all the chiladren in small groups working together on balances and transitions. The children watched the performances and offered some fantastic feedback for each other. Great week Aslans, keep up the hard work.


Weekly Newsletter W.C. 6th March

An exciting week in Aslans this week. We had a poet come to visit school, he read some of his own poems and taught us how to write his own using just 20 words as inspiration. Spurred on by this we started to read more poetry in class and have to learn one of our favourites to perform this week. Now the weather is getting slightly better, it was great to get outside and have some friendly competition against Fauns and Maugrims during PE. We completed a series of tasks with some funny forfeits for the losing team, devised by the winning team. It was great to see the team of girls make the boys sing 'Barbie Girl!'

We have also been looking at how the eye works in science and used the computers to look at some strange optical illusions that got us thinking. Another busy week in store this week, keep up the good work Aslans.

Weekly Newsletter W/C 27th February - Book Week

A fantastic book week in Aslans this week. We really enjoyed reading the book 'The day I swapped my Dad for two goldfish' and writing all about it. We used the week to listen to the story, make predictions about what was going to happen and then write our own swapping story in the style of the book. We wrote fantastic stories about swapping our sisters or brothers for football boots, iphones and a lot more! 

We also produced some fantastic artwork in the style of the book and answered some 'goldfish' related maths questions! We had the chance to dress up as a book character and take part in the parade around school looking at other costumes. One of the best parts of the week was when we went to read with the younger children in our Buddy Class, we all took along our favourite book and read parts of it to the younger children. A great week this week and we nearly won the Fab 5 Readers Rosette. Keep up the hard work Aslans.

Weekly Newsletter 20th February 2017

A great week in Aslans this week, we have come to terms with the fact that Mrs Wright is not coming back for a while and got on with keeping the classroom tidy for her and working hard! In English this week we have really enjoyed our work on formal and informal language and recognised that the way we speak in the playground is mostly informal! In topic this week we have looked at Mountains and started to plot them on an map, using an atlas as a research tool. We have also discussed some of the tallest mountains in the World and tried to find out the height of them. 

It's been a great first week back after half term, all we need to do now is win back the Fab 5 Reader rosette and win the attendance award for the week! Keep up the good work Aslans.