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Spring Term Updates

9th March 

On Friday this week we had a great time dressed up as our favourite book characters. We enjoyed parading around school and getting to see everyone else's costumes. 


In the afternoon, our buddy class - The Fearless Fauns - came to our classroom and read some fantastic stories to us. We has a great time listening to them do funny voices to make us laugh. Some pictures from the afternoon are in the slideshow below. 

W/B    8/1/18

The Ladybirds have enjoyed the story of the Ugly Duckling this week. We have painted our own pictures to tell the story. We mixed our own colours and put captions with our paintings. We have also  made our own swans and ducklings using shapes and paper plates.

We really enjoyed watching the story of the Ugly Duckling that was performed by a Theatre company who came to school. This was a fantastic way to see the story.  

In our number work we have been counting ducklings to make our own number stories.


W/B 15/1/18

 This week our story  has been  Jack and the Beanstalk. We have explored the story in many exciting ways. We have painted pictures to tell the story and we have acted out the story together. In our creative activities we have made our own pictures of the beanstalk and the castle using different kinds of paper. In our numeracy activities we have been measuring objects around the classroom and have made a very tall beanstalk. 

W.B. 5/2/18   


The ladybirds have enjoyed reading the stories of  The Smartest Giant in Town and The Gruffalo.

We have acted out the stories with toys and puppets and found out about how the giant helped the different animals. In our number work we have counted collections of shells, sticks and even socks for the giant. We have used the giant's socks to help us explore taking away and finding one less.