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Spring Term Updates

15th February


Our story this week has been about a Penguin. The story is called Lost and Found. We have drawn some wonderful pictures of boats and penguins and we have written some fantastic sentences. We had a map of the world on the carpet and found the South Pole. We used a boat, a penguin and a boy to tell each other the story.


In our number work we have been learning about telling the time and have talked about the days of the week and the months of the year. We have looked carefully at all the things we do in a day at school.

8th   February  2019


The Ladybirds have been really busy this half term with our Winter Wonderland stories. We have enjoyed the story of Pip the Penguin and Cuddly Dudley the Penguin. In our creative work we have made some wonderful penguins for our display about Cuddly Dudley.

In our science work we have explored ice in our water tray and have made pictures  with ice cubes in paint.

In our number work we have been counting in groups of 10 and 2 and have been adding groups of toys together for addition and taking amounts away for subtraction. 

In our R E work we have really enjoyed the story of Noah and have painted colourful pictures of the animals on the Ark. Our Noah display is looking fantastic with our writing and a beautiful rainbow. 

1st March 2019

This week we have read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have really enjoyed this story. In our creative work we have been busy colour mixing to make different shades of green for the leaves on the beanstalk. We have also painted some pictures of the story for our display.

In our number work we have found different ways of making 5 using the beans from the story. We have also set up a shop and found out about the coins we use.

We have continued to enjoy Forest school.

8th March 2019

This week we have enjoyed our Book Week activities. We read the story of Grandad's Secret Giant.  Our first activity was to make a giant using different colours and textures.  We looked at how his trousers were like patchwork and made our own pictures of new trousers for the giant by putting shapes together.

  We have used our letter sounds to write descriptions of the giant and have produced some fantastic pictures and sentences.  The giant  wanted a friend in the story so we thought about the activities we do with our friends.

In the story the town characters were painting a mural so we have all painted self portraits to collect together and display on a large mural of everybody in our class.

We all enjoyed World Book Day in our fabulous costumes.

15th  March 2019

This week we have enjoyed reading the story of The Three Little Pigs.  We have painted pictures of the story to make a display in our reading corner. In our writing activities we have drawn story maps and written captions for our pictures.


In our number work we have been counting bricks and sticks and straws.  We have been taking away as the wolf blew the houses down.


In our music activities we have enjoyed singing songs together and playing instruments including chime bars.

22nd  March  2019


Our story this week has been Cinderella. In our creative activities we have painted pictures for the story and have used different materials to make  carriages for Cinderella.  We have used construction toys to build carriages.


We have looked at the invitation the Prince sent and have written our own invitations for a party. We thought about what time it would be and which day of the week it would be.


We have been watering our bean seeds and we are really pleased that they have started to grow. We will be watching them grow next week and we will measure them.


29th March 2019


Our story this week has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We have acted out the story with different sized bowls and chairs and bears. We have used bears for counting and adding groups together.

We have enjoyed singing songs and using the chime bars to add sounds to our music.


Our beans have grown really well and we have drawn pictures to show how they have changed. We have written captions to go with our pictures.