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Spring Term Updates

During last half term we were thinking about Dinosaurs within our topic – Let’s Discover. We read lots of books from the series, Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs. We looked at fossils, ammonites and different types of dinosaurs.
Within our Maths work, we thought about weight and we compared different objects using the language of heavy and light. We also recreated pictures using 2D shapes. We are now working within Phase 3 in phonics and we can make some great sentences incorporating new words and phonemes that we have learnt.
We then thought about Chinese New Year and The Great Race. We watched people’s celebrations and the Chinese dragon dance. We even had a go at it ourselves!
As a group, the Ladybirds and Gruffalos learnt and sang lots of new songs about dinosaurs and animals. Would you ever have a pig as a pet? and I Never Saw a Dinosaur were two of our favourites!
During this half term, we have a new topic of Let’s Grow. So far, we have prepared our seed potatoes and we are going to plant them next week. Hopefully we will get to taste them with lots of lovely toppings once they’re grown.
The Ladybirds have been planting beans this week alongside the story, ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’. We have also been thinking about lifecycles through ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.
Shortly, we will be having some eggs and an incubator in both classrooms and we will be able to watch as the eggs hatch and the chicks begin to grow. (Thank you, Mrs Bowman!)
This week is Book Week and as a Foundation Stage, we are thinking about Dogger. We will discuss our favourite toys and how we would feel if they ever got lost. We will also discuss kindness and think about Bella in the story who swaps her new teddy with a little girl so that her brother can have his beloved Dogger back.
On Tuesday, we will be tasting pancakes and thinking about the importance of Shrove Tuesday. What is your favourite topping?
We are also looking forward to our trip to the Tropical Butterfly house on the 16th March 2017 and then the lead up to Easter.