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Spring Term Updates

W . B 5.4.2019


Even though it's the final week before Easter , we have been working hard - right up to the last day ! We also enjoyed our final swimming session at Lammas , on Monday .

On Tuesday we had a visit from Hannah's mum , who has recently returned from a trip to Zimbabwe , where she helped out at a local orphanage . We decided to make a card , with our self portraits on along positive  words , that Hannah's mum kindly shared with them . We enjoyed hearing all about the children and how their lives are very different to ours . We realised just how lucky we are and take the little things far granted ! 














In  the afternoon, we had our DARE graduation where we received our certificates and shared some of our work, referring to the strategies that we have learnt throughout our DARE programme. 



We have also created some amazing art work , linked to our topic (Magma-ificent) .

Look at our amazing tsunami waves that we painted with water colours.  Miss. Harrison was super impressed with the detail on them. 























Overall, we have had great yet busy term. We are definitely looking forward to our break!    

W . B 25.3.19


What a different week we have had this week ! We have been busy from start to finish . On Monday , we enjoyed our second to last swimming session -we will miss our Monday afternoons at Lammas . 

Tuesday was an early start for Beavers , Fauns and Maugrims as we headed to York for the day . We had mixed feelings about entering 'The Dungeons 'at first as the thought was a little scary . We learned all about Guy Fawkes and the Vikings when we were in there . Some children even volunteered to take part in some of the scenes in the Dungeons . Towards the end of the tour , some of us even thought that it was funny!

We then went and explored York and went for a walk down ' The Shambles' and looked at all of the little shops (we were particularly interested by the shop 'The Shop That Must Not Be Named) . Miss . Harrison  and all of the staff who went  on the trip were impressed with our behaviour and how we represented S.t Andrew's .  

We have also been busy finishing our D.A.R.E reports and reviews ready for our 'Graduation' on Tuesday and we are looking forward to showing our adults all that we have been learning. 

W.B .18/3/2019

This week ,we started to draft our newspaper reports and had to use our skills carefully we had to think reporting about using alliteration in our headlines and some of us became 'Reporters of Natural Disasters!' They are sounding very impressive ! We cannot believe the damage that the earthquake caused! 

We also looked at the structure of the Earth is made and learnt all about tectonic plates and how they move - causing natural  disasters. We modelled this using water as the Mantle and polystyrene as the different plates, we cannot wait to look into what causes volcanoes which is next week.

W/B 11.3.19

This week has been all about newspaper articles ,we have read different articles and finding key information .We have also learned all about alliteration and had  a go at making our own sentences including alliteration . Some of  them were very funny and had us all laughing ! We are nearly ready to become reporters and plan our own newspaper articles .

Maths has been all about equivalent fractions and we have blown Miss . Harrison away.

Why not try it at the weekend and impress your adults as much as you have impressed me this week! (Miss. Harrison).


This week was the start of Book Week and our book that we focused on was 'Grandad's Secret Giant '. We predicted what  the story was going to be about and what gift Billy would give to the giant. Tuesday was exciting because we focused on instructional texts and had to give Miss Shaw (who wasn't allowed to speak to us whilst carrying out the task) instructions to make a ham sandwich. We found this very hard as we had to think carefully about what we told her to do. It took us 17 minutes and 30 seconds to make a ham sandwich! We then had to create our own instructions to make our gift that we designed for the giant.











We had to get creative on Wednesday as we drew our self portraits and created a class mural. We really

enjoyed this and put our personal touches to it which will be displayed in class.

Thursday was World Book Day! What a lovely day it was seeing all of the children dressed up! We even had to visit our buddy class 'The Gruffalos' and read with them which Miss. Harrison was very impressed with how we worked with the children and helped them read their stories. 





























We have used symmetry to create a symmetrical outfit for the giant and have also improved our knowledge of area and perimeter. 

We planned and wrote our own version of 'Grandad's Secret Giant' from the giant's perspective which we really enjoyed and had to include lots of descriptive language. Finally, we have created our own front covers for our booklet of work from this week. Some of us have drawn images to create this and some people have created a collage and they look very effective. 

Overall, we have had a busy but fun filled week! 

W.B. 25.2.19


This week we have been working hard in all areas. We started our new topic of fractions in Maths and used equipment to calculate fractions of amounts and then applied this to problem solving which made our brains work hard but Miss. Harrison and Miss. Shaw were so impressed with us!

In English, we have been working on our comprehension skills and refining our answers to ensure they accurately answer the question. 

We have been working on our ball skills and controlling the ball in our new topic in P.E that is tennis. Following that, we have finished our 'Goals and Dreams' topic in Jigsaw and looked at how other people's dreams, who are in different countries/ situations may be different to those of our own.

Finally, we have started our 'Freewill and Determination' unit in R.E and looked at the Easter Story and questions that we would ask Jesus if we had the chance to.



This week has been an action packed one of for us in Brilliant Beavers! We have continued to work hard at swimming on Mondays and have taken part in gymnastics as part of our Premier Sports.




















In English, we have learned how to use apostrophes in contractions and also singular possession. We looked at the Viking Creation story as part of our English and met Odin and Loki- punctuating a conversation between them accurately and looking at where punctuation goes in a line of speech. 

Maths this week has been all about co-ordinates- reading them, plotting points and even translating shapes and then finding their co-ordinates which we are feeling more confident with! 

The afternoons have been just as busy and exciting as have already researched and designed our Viking pendants, this week we made them our of clay (carefully adding detail) and painted them. We have also continued to look at our future dreams and goals as part of our Jigsaw topic.




















Finally, we finished off our week by reflecting on 'The Wise and the Foolish Builders' parable in R.E and the importance of building our lives on firm foundations. WE even had the opportunity to build our own 'houses' using marshmallows  and cocktail sticks, using different materials as our foundations.

























We are now ready for the weekend to rest and get ready for the final week of term!


W.C 21.1.19


This week, we have had a boxing session for our Premier Sports lesson and we worked up a sweat! 

























In Maths, we've been hard at work learning all about tenths, hundredths and thousandths and showing them as decimals and fractions! This was hard work at times but we persevered and now we are quite confident when adding and ordering fractions.

We have also achieved our first EVER 100% for our Fab Five readers! Well done Beavers, keep up the hard work and dedication.






















W.C 7.1.19

Wow! What an action packed week we have had to start our brand new year of 2019!  Miss. Harrison has pushed us 'Out Into the Deep' this week and worked us very hard. Monday was the start of our swimming lessons at Lammas Leisure Centre, which will continue until Easter. Tuesday was just as fun as we started to read and learn all about Beowolf- which we have very much enjoyed, we also started our first session of 'Premier Sports' and we took part in fencing, learning new skills. On Wednesday, we had our introduction session to DARE and had to think carefully about different scenarios and reflect on them. Our Thursday was not any old Thursday as we were visited by Partake Theatre group who delivered a fun-filled day where we learned all about the Vikings, their settlement and tasks such as grinding corn, making clay pots and weaving wool.  We even had chance to take part in drama activities, taking on the role of a Viking and carrying out their roles and responsibilities.  Finally on Friday, some of us went along  to Young Voices to represent our school and sing along with stars such as Tony Hadley!

Overall, what  an amazing week we have had as we have been doing all of our usual lessons in and amongst all of that fun. Below are a few photos of our week.