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Spring Term Updates

This Week 29.3.18

On Monday, we watched the Year 3/4 performance, it was spectacular. After that, we created our own Easter prayers, we considered what we were thankful for. In the afternoon, we went swimming and everyone did so well! Lots of people managed to travel 25m in one go in the pool! Some of us even got to do 50m!

On Tuesday, we focused on our reading comprehension and using expert tips to decipher what was happening in ‘Make a Splash’. We even thought about our own swimming experience. We’re looking at Place Value (numbers up to 10 million) in maths. In the afternoon, we carried on learning about the Mayas.

On Wednesday, in maths we kept doing place value, the charts are really helpful! In reading comprehension we looked at ‘Saving Planet Malia’, we even recorded our opinions. In the afternoon, we got to watch Hop, which was amazing.

On Thursday, we walked up to Church and had a beautiful service led by Mr Clarke. This helped us to think about the meaning of Easter. Then we did some mindfulness colouring thinking about what we have achieved this term, what we have enjoyed and what we can work on for next term. In the afternoon, we did an Easter treasure hunt, we had to find clues and then translate the clues into words to find a Bible verse! It was amazing!


See below for photos of our prayers.


Written by Madison S and Freya.

This Week 23.3.18

On Monday, we started to look at fronted adverbials in English and in Maths, we finished our work on negative numbers and started to look at place value. In the afternoon, we all went swimming, some of us started learning breast stroke. On Tuesday, we learnt more types of adverbials, in the afternoon, we did some art based around space, we looked at the earth and the moon and used pastels, chalk and shaving foam to create our pictures. We carried on with our art on Wednesday, finishing our moons and creating our own splatter paint solar systems. Thursday, we all went to Alton Towers! We went to Cbeebies Land and got to go on as many rides as we liked, some of us went on the big ones like Smiler, Wicker Man and Rita, but some of us just enjoyed the smaller rides like Hex and the Runaway Mine Train,  we all had lots of fun together. Friday was Sports Relief day, we all came dressed in our sports clothes, we spent the morning writing about our time at Alton Towers and in the afternoon, we had a special sports quiz and finished the week with our achievement assembly. 


Written by Sam, Gabriel and Riley. 


See below for photo of Alton Towers!

This Week 16.3.18

On Monday, we voted for sports house captains, then we started our new Science topic – Earth and Space – we completed a know, puzzle, explore and we looked at how big the Sun was compared to the Earth and the Moon. The Sun is really far away and looks small, so some of us thought the Earth might have been bigger than the Sun, we were shocked and amazed when we drew them out to scale! It took two large A2 pieces of paper. After that, we went swimming.

On Tuesday, we had Janet and Steve came in to do a Jesse Tree day, throughout the day we learnt lots of different bible stories. We looked at Esther, who was an important queen who saved the Jews. We applied the lessons she did to our own lives, like trusting in God. We acted out the scenarios and then said what Esther would have done. We did a quiz at the end of the day for the whole school. Steve also presented Cowan’s Apple to us (a story about Adam and Eve) we created Tree of Life art.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we looked at negative numbers in Maths and fronted adverbials in English. In the afternoon, we started our Maya topic, we learnt about which country they were from and the Maya Gods, the Gods were very important and had powers to save them.

On Friday, we tasted French food, like croissants, pan au chocolat, pan au raisin and baguettes. We wrote a shopping list and explained what we liked and didn’t like (in French). It was fantastic! We continued our topic in the afternoon and had achievement assembly.


See below for photos of our week.


Written by Braydan and Amy-Jo

French Food

Still image for this video
The children have been trying French food and been learning how to say what they like and dislike. Take a look at the video to see the children speaking French!

This Week 9.3.18

This week in maths, we have been doing symmetry and looking at symmetrical lines, we had to match lines together and make them both symmetrical and trace around shapes to calculate if they were symmetrical. In English, we carried on looking at the book Sam and Dave Dig a Hole from world book week. We had our own treasure hunt where we used a map of school and clues to find letter that lead us to our treasure! The final word was ‘Forest School’ and when we got there, we dug to find our treasure, we found Haribos!

On Wednesday, we created our own front covers like the book Sam and Dave, these will be the covers for our own stories we have also written this week about us and our friends digging holes. We finished our front covers by adding a title and picture of ourselves.

Friday was our World Book Day, we all dressed up as our favourite book characters, we joined up with our buddy class, The Gruffalos, and we paraded around the playground with the rest of the school to show our families. We also did Sam and Dave based maths and read to our buddy class.

See below for pictures of our week.

Written by Alfie and Lily.

This Week 16.2.18

On Monday, we had a really fun assembly with Becca, she brought a bird with her, but not a real one! We have been learning about colons and semi-colons in English and how to use them in lists, and in Maths, we have been learning all about time and working out word problems. We have carried on our topic work about Brazil. In Science this week we did an experiment, dropping coins into different things, like water and treacle, we looked at the different times this took and why. We also looked at gears, levers and pulleys understanding how they work. This week we all finished our Brazilian carnival masks which we have been making in D&T. We have done lots of our reading comprehension this week and writing in our reading journals. We have done some RE work where we thought about what it would feel like to be rich with lots of money. On Friday afternoon, we had some free time, as we got all out balls in our class jar, we also have our achievement assembly, the last one of the term! We got 100% Fab 5 this week, so Miss Beeden has promised us biscuits!


Written by Maddison and William



This Week 9.2.18

This week we have been designing and making our Brazilian masks and we have been adding lots of decorations to them. We are hoping they will be finished by next week! We have also been looking at time this week in maths. We have been doing lots of Science this week and we have been learning about gravity. Miss Beeden held two balls up, one was heavy and one was light, and everyone thought that the heavy one would hit the floor first but they both hit the floor at the same time because the same force was acting on the balls. We also conducted our own experiment using spinners.

We got to do lots of dancing with Ellie Cobb and we performed our Samba dance to all of the teachers and with all of Year 5 and 6. It was very Brazilian and it was brilliant.

Our Independent Writes we describing the Amazon Rainforest, we know lots about it now and used lots of expanded noun phrases. We also created travel brochures about Rio de Janeiro.


See below for photos for photos of our week.


Written by Emily and Phoenix-Skye.

This Week 2.2.18

On Monday, we did maths, in maths this week we have been adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals – we even used some word problems! On Tuesday, we had our Buddy’s big work out session for the NSPCC, it was hard work but it was worth it to bring in all of our sponsorship money. In the afternoon, we carried on with our D&T, we began to practice our sewing skills, it was tricky to keep threading our needles but Mrs Forman helped us a lot. On Wednesday, we had our second lesson of Samba dancing, after last week we were very excited, the lesson was just as fun and we learnt a few more moves. On Thursday, we started to cut out and make our masks, we made templates from paper, we then cut it out of card and then cut out the felt and began to sew it all together. In English, we have been doing persuasive writing. We got to choose our own topic and have a debate with our partner, some of the ideas we had were Cats are better than dogs; Audis vs Lamborghinis, chocolate is better than sweets, running is better than swimming and basketball is better than cricket. On Friday, we wrote up our arguments to try to persuade Miss Beeden. We also did some Geography and had our achievement assembly at the end of the day.


Written by Freya and Riley

This Week 26.1.18

On Monday, we started with Maths, we have been subtracting and adding decimals. In the afternoon some of us went swimming, we got to go into the deep end! On Tuesday, we carried on with our DT, we designed our own ideas for our Brazilian masks, we designed three different masks and then had to choose our favourite for our final design, which we are going to make. On Wednesday, Mrs Cobb’s daughter came in and taught us how to dance the Samba, one of the dances they do in Brazilian festivals. It was amazing and we all had so much fun, we can’t wait to learn more next week! We finished typing up our 500 word stories on the computers on Thursday, we read through and edited our work ready for them to be printed and sent into the competition. On Friday, we did English, we worked on relative pronouns. We did our CLIC tests in Maths and had some extra time to finish out DT designs in the afternoon before our achievement assembly.

Written by Charlie and Luke.

This Week 19.1.18

On Monday, we had a special assembly with Becca. After that, we had an English lesson researching facts about Brazil, after lunch, some of us went swimming and the rest of us did PE. The next day we did our independent writing using the information we had found in our English lesson. In the afternoon, we did artwork like the artist Britto, a lot of us from KS2 went to sing with Young Voices. We got there and went to our seats, we practised all of the songs together and saw rappers and the Urban Strides, who are freestyle dancers. The performance was very fun and a lot of people came to watch us! This week in Maths we have been looking at converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions. On Thursday, we had an assembly with the NSPCC, they told us about children in harm and their slogan ‘speak out, stay safe’. In the afternoon, we did some meditation with Mrs Clarke. Today we watched the BBC Radio Two’s live lesson, 500 words. We have all started to plan and write our short stories to be sent into a competition.

Written by Lily and Oliver. `

This Week 12.1.18

On Monday we started out new topics, in English this week we have been working on parenthesis, in maths we have been converting fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions with hundredths and thousandths. In the afternoon we designed out own front covers for our new topic about Brazil, we did some geography looking at England and Brazil. We researched Brazilian carnivals and made a collage of carnival masks. On Wednesday, we did some meditation. On Thursday, we had an afternoon of PE, learning how to use our forehand shot correctly. Friday afternoon we did some science, we investigated mass and weight. It was really interesting learning that mass never changes but weight does depending on gravity!


By Jack and Ashton

This Week 12.1.18