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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 12th February 2018


Another week and another 96% for Charlie's Champions! A huge thank you to all of you getting involved, with your continued support hopefully we will hit that magical 100% soon!


In English we have finished our "How to..." instructions, the children have produced some fabulous work, writing a detailed set of instructions on how to trap a dragon! Not only have the children managed to include all the features of the text, but even added their own experience and skills to give it that something special.


In maths we have started looking at division: How to use the bus stop method, as well as how and why the method words. Lots of the children have taken this practise home, I've had so much extra homework to mark this week! Thanks everyone... But seriously the children's attitudes have been exemplary.


Swimming has now come to end for Year 4 this year, so many of the children managed to get their 25m award, swimming a full length of front crawl without stopping!


Thank you for all your hard work! Roll on week 6!

Week Beginning 29.01.18


Yet another amazing week from the Champions! From start to finish I've been nothing sort of impressed with the attitudes and effort each and every child has put in.





This week in our English, we have had a focus on ‘Imperative Verbs and Adverbs’. We have linked this closely to the instructions; dragon potions and how to make them. We thought specifically about the most difficult parts and how the language we chose would help or hinder a follower's progress. After looking closely at the way verbs and adverbs could be used in conjunction with one another, we applied these to our own writing. We paired some together physically as well so that we could look at how the verbs and adverbs were different. Following on from this, we then explored how to improve some of our writing.


Check out our fantastic Dragonologists at work!



WB 22.01.18


Did you know that the word dragon comes from "Draconem" in Ancient Latin meaning Sea Serpent? Continuing with our Dragonology topic, we have had a busy week learning lots of new, exciting skills and facts!


As we continue the newspaper report in English, we are looking at more features: From snappy headlines to detailed orientations.  Not only this, we have looked at our own writing and are beginning to identify what makes us successful writers in Year 4. Can your child name and explain some of the key features that we look for in our Year 4 work?


Consolidating on new multiplication skills from last week, we have continued with the column method – moving from expanded to compact. We are experts in being able to explain the important top tips to help us successful mathematicians; for example, our place value knowledge has come in really handy.



WB 15.01.18

Good news! Thanks to the hard work of the lower key stage 2 classes, our "visitors" have safely left  the area. We were all grateful to be part of such a special event and to have learned so much in such a short space of time. In English the children will be focusing on using this for inspiration.


After the rather frantic events of last week we have managed to settle back down into a more regular routine. Swimming will continue on Mondays - the children have now been grouped and are working hard to improve their technique.



Next week the children will be partaking in a sponsored workout for the NSPCC. Sponsor forms will be coming home if anyone is interested in donating for the event (please ensure children only seek sponsorship from known adults).

The event itself is weather pending, please ensure the children have OUTDOOR PE kit for TUESDAY.

This Week,,,(8/01/18 - 12/01/18)

Here there be dragons!

Our week started like any other, the children were excited to be back (more or less), but life is never quite that simple for Charlie's Champions... It all started with a letter...




Not only have we successfully deciphered dragon language but also taken into our care a dragon egg! The mysterious dragon experts Jimmy Firecracker and Dugald Steer have guided us through world geography; plotting dragon sightings, science; profiling dragons by species and artwork; looking at scale drawing and sketching techniques.


Who knows what next week has in store for us!