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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 25th March 2019


What a spectacular week we have had in Charlie's Champions!


We're gearing up for our Easter service but we haven't let it get in the way of our learning! The children are sounding fantastic, they've clearly all being practising their words (some don't even need their sheets anymore!)


On Wednesday we took a long trip down to Birmingham and visited the ThinkTank Science Museum! There was so much to do and see, but  they didn't let it get in the way of representing our school in an incredible manner.



The children looked at inventions from the past.


We looked at  the human body... From the inside!


We even took some time to explore the sensational science garden!



Week Beginning 18th March 2019


It's been a very different week for Class 5, but in the best way possible!


The whole of Year 4 went on the yearly pilgrimage to Southwell Minster, looking at the base principals of Christianity, charities and their mission statements as well as the history as Southwell Minster itself!



Back in school we have continued our science focus, firstly we looked at "Electricity" and then moved onto "Forces and Magnets". Take a look at some of the things we've been up to!


We've obviously got some budding scientists in Charlie's Champions!


See you next week!

Week Beginning 4th March 2019


Back to normality this week! With Miss Kennedy's teaching time up, I had the class back but I have to say the children have been fabulous. Every single child has got on with their learning as if nothing had changed, they really have done the school proud.


Seeing as it's been World Book Week we have focused out efforts on the book "Grandad's Secret Giant". We have still managed to fit most of our usual lessons in (English, maths and reading), we've looked at using comparative language when looking for similarities and differences between famous story giants.



World Book day was upon us on Thursday, and didn't the children looked magnificent!




We went to our "buddies" in Mighty Moles and read them some of their most  treasured stories! After that we came together to see how our book knowledge would fare against  the World Book Week Quiz, it's safe to say we're all a bunch of book worms!


See You Next  Week!

Week Beginning 25th February 2019

What a wonderful first week back after half term! We began the week looking at the poem ‘The Sound Collector’ by discussing what the poem is about and going to different locations in our school to see if we could collect our own sounds. We then started to think about how we could use this to write our own poems - ready to perform at the end of the week.

We continued to look at area and perimeter in Maths by looking at and comparing regular and irregular shapes. On Thursday, we designed our own playground by following the guide to draw objects with a given area. 

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This week we also …

  • Found out how to write emails and how to stay safe when receiving emails
  • Had a football session with Mansfield Town
  • Learned about throwing and catching in PE
  • Started our new topic ‘Healthy Me’ in Jigsaw

We have had a superb final week with Miss Kennedy!

Week  Beginning 4th February 2019


Another amazing week for Charlie's Champions and we've all been working very hard!

We've been looking at rounding in Maths by using our rhyme to help us work out which numbers round up or down to the nearest 10 and 100. We created number lines to help us understand why we round up or down.



In English, we finally got to write our non-chronological report about The Romans! The week began by going to different editing stations to make sure our report was superb before we could publish our final piece. Some of our reports even got put on our Roman display!


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Charlie's Champions were set the challenge of helping Miss Kennedy sort out her envelopes in History which were mixed with facts and tricks. This helped us find out all about Hadrian's Wall and why it was built. (Did you know it took over 15,000 soldiers 6 years to build Hadrian's Wall?) We then acted out the wall in order to see what it would have looked like before building our very own wall full of interesting facts. 

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Week Beginning 28th January 2019


It's been a knockout week for Charlie's Champions!

(Please excuse the pun.)



Premier Sport were back again! The children were really put  through their paces, let's hear what some of them had to say about it:


1. It was really funny! But it was so hard! - ME

2. Boxing is way more fun than I thought it was going to be. I thought it would be boring. - MW

3. It was so cool to wear the gloves, they got very sweaty... YUCK. - RN


The children have also got stuck into some bar modelling, running side by side with the workshop held on Wednesday evening. Everyone really seemed to get off to a flying start, this week we have focused on creating our bars and identifying whether a bar required addition or subtraction to complete it.



See you next week!


Week Beginning 14th January 2019


Yet another fabulous week under our belts for Charlie's Champions! The children have been absolutely fabulous from start  to finish. We have a new adult in class (Miss Kennedy), every single child has behaved phenomenally and given every single activity 100%!


Miss Kennedy has taught  the children all about Non-Chronological reports, the children have looked at what makes an effective report as well as starting to think how to write their own. Check them out below!



For maths the children have been practising their data handling, we have looked at reading and interpreting pictograms with a range of keys and moved onto creating our own from data we collected ourselves!


We are lucky enough to have Premier Sport  teaching our PE lessons on a Wednesday this half term. This week we dabbled in some archery, it was clear to see we had some budding potential Robin Hoods (barring the tights), whether the target was a board or even a tennis ball... the children found their target!


See you next week!

Week Beginning 7th January 2019


Everyone was raring to go from the moment  they walked in the room Monday! Not sign of any post Christmas blues, nothing! The children simply sat down, pulled out  their equipment and started to work. Amazing right?


In all seriousness the children have been fantastic. In English we have started our Non-Chronological Reports unit, we have already recapped the basic features and have started to analyse reports and identify what makes them effective. We will be combining this with our "Pharaohs to Emperors" topic for some cross-curricular learning (the children are very enthusiastic).



Speaking of Romans and cross-curricular activities, the children have even taken to Roman numerals, whether it be reading numbers below 30, playing numeral bingo or making different numerals out of match sticks... We have it covered!


Thursday was our "Roman Day", the children all looked fantastic! We had a room full of Roman soldiers, senators and even higher class citizens! They took quickly to their new roles as Romans during Latin, if only it was still used, some of the kids were simply magnificent. Take a look!



Well it has been a VERY eventful first week back, I'm sure next week won't disappoint... But for now...

See you then!