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This Week...(25/03/19 - 29/03/19)

This week was online safety week and we learnt lots about how to stay safe online, including the SMART online safety rules...






and remember to 'Be SMART with a Heart'!

It is so important to stay safe online!

Magnetic Games with the Tenacious Toads!

Science Focus Weeks (11/03/19 - 22/03/19)

Over the past couple of weeks we have been going crazy for Science! We have studied both electricity and magnetism and we have learnt so much!

During our electricity unit we...

  • made our own circuits involving bulbs, buzzers, motors and switches
  • investigated electrical insulators and conductors
  • discussed electrical safety

Then during our magnetism unit we...

  • tested materials to find out which ones were magnetic and which ones were non-magnetic
  • tested the strengths of different types of magnets
  • experimented with the different poles of magnets to see if they attracted or repelled
  • made our own magnetic games for the Tenacious Toads to play

Have a look at the photos below to see us in action and also to view some of the Pic Collages we made on the iPads to sum up some of the things we have discovered in Science over the past few weeks.

We can't wait for our visit to Think Tank next week to find out even more!

This Week...(4/03/19 - 8/03/19)

This week at St Andrew's was Book Week! Our focus book for the week was 'Grandad's Secret Giant' by David Litchfield and we LOVED it! We made some great predictions after looking at the front cover and then wrote some simile poetry about the Giant. After that we also did a character profile for the Giant, even thinking about his backstory by using our imagination! At the end of the week, we wrote diary entries as if we were the giant, thinking about what he got up to during the day and his thoughts and feelings.

We also produced some great art work linked to our focus book. We became fashion designers to design some new dungarees for the Giant using scraps of materials to create a patchwork effect. We also used houses from Skegby to create a piece of art making us look like a giant at night!

On World Book day we enjoyed dressing up and we also enjoyed visiting our 'Buddy Class', The Tenacious Toads' to take part in a great Book Day quiz!

Have a look at the photos below!

Book Week Fun!

Book Week Fun! 1
Book Week Fun! 2
Book Week Fun! 3
Book Week Fun! 4
Book Week Fun! 5
Book Week Fun! 6
Book Week Fun! 7
Book Week Fun! 8
Book Week Fun! 9
Book Week Fun! 10
Book Week Fun! 11
Book Week Fun! 12
Book Week Fun! 13
Book Week Fun! 14
Book Week Fun! 15
Book Week Fun! 16
Book Week Fun! 17
Book Week Fun! 18
Book Week Fun! 19
Book Week Fun! 20
Book Week Fun! 21
Book Week Fun! 22
Book Week Fun! 23
Book Week Fun! 24
Book Week Fun! 25
Book Week Fun! 26
Book Week Fun! 27
Book Week Fun! 28

This Week...(25/02/19 - 1/03/19)

A busy first week back, which involved a surprise visit by some Stags players during our Mansfield Town coaching session! Take a look at this link for more information

We also spent our final week with Miss McCourty working on performance poetry and becoming mad scientists to use our knowledge of volume and capacity to create some potions (see photos below).

We are all looking forward to our annual Book Week next week, including World Book Day on Thursday 7th March (don't forget those costumes!). 

Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19)

Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 1
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 2
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 3
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 4
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 5
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 6
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 7
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 8
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 9
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 10
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 11
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 12
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 13
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 14
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 15
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 16
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 17
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 18
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 19
Mad Scientist Maths Work (26-02-19) 20

This Week...(11/02/19 - 15/02/19)

What a great half term it has been! We finished our work on Romans this week as our 'Pharaohs to Emperors' topic came to an end. This involved finding out about Roman Gods and Goddesses and building our very own Roman road (see pictures below). 

This week we also...

  • Worked on homophones in English. Can you use their, there and they're correctly?
  • In Maths, Y3 worked on length, using and converting mm, cm and m and Y4 worked on interpreting line and bar graphs
  • We completed our time in PE with Premier Sports by playing lacrosse
  • It has been great to learn the recorder with Mrs Herriot and French with Miss Durant and these lessons will continue after half term too
  • Time in the Computing Suite gave us time to practise our touch typing skills


Now it's time for a well deserved break, before we start another busy half term. Next half term look out for Book Week and our new topic 'Rise of the Robots'!

Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19)

Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 1
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 2
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 3
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 4
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 5
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 6
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 7
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 8
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 9
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 10
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 11
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 12
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 13
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 14
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 15
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 16
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 17
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 18
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 19
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 20
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 21
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 22
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 23
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 24
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 25
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 26
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 27
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 28
Fantastic Foxes Make Pizzas! (12-02-19) 29

This Week...(4/02/19 - 8/02/19)

We finished our non-chronological reports this week on The Romans and even took some time to visit editing stations to improve our work. In Maths, Y3 worked on word problems involving money (including more of those bar models!) and Y4 started a new unit on tables and graphs. We all worked really hard on our English and Maths work and it was great to see the progress we made!

As well as all the hard work this week, we have been lucky enough to have a fantastic storyteller in to see us and we also earned our 10 Stars in the Jar reward!

It was great to 'plant' our dreams and goals this week too. We can't wait to work hard and watch them 'grow'!

This Week...(4/02/19 - 8/02/19)

This Week...(28/01/19 - 1/02/19)

We continued with our Roman non-chronological reports this week and worked hard on turning our notes into effective and well-written sentences. In Maths, Y3 continued to work on money and Y4 began to look at word problems with bar modelling. 

For both Y3 and Y4 children, this website is a great resource to look at to support bar modelling...

Also this week, we started planning our very own pizzas in D&T, danced around the hall in PE, continued learning the recorder in Music, enjoyed learning about naming pets in French, discovered information about Boudicca in History and learnt about the correct way to type in Computing!

This Week... (21/01/19 - 25/01/19

It has been another busy week for the Fantastic Foxes and we have all been working extremely hard!

We have continued our work on non-chronological reports with Miss McCourty and started planning our own reports all about the Romans.

In Maths the Y3s have been looking at adding amounts of money to find totals. You can go to this website and play some games for extra work on money if you like...

Y4 started work on short division, using the 'bus stop' method to solve calculations and word problems. Can your child show you the method they have been using?

As well as boxing, learning French about our families, exploring the spread of the Roman Empire and playing the recorder, we also completed our Roman style mosaics in art. Have a look at them below!

This Week... (14/01/19 - 18/01/19

It was great to welcome back Miss McCourty to the Fantastic Foxes this week. She started a unit on non-chronological reports in English and we have explored different reports and worked on identifying their features. She also worked with us and gave us some amazing information about the Roman invasion of Britain!

In Maths the Year 4s worked on short and long multiplication, while Year 3 solved two-step word problems, using bar models to help them.

Also this week...

  • Premier Sports worked with us on archery in PE
  • Mrs Herriot started teaching us how to play the recorder in Music
  • Miss Durant is teaching us all about how to introduce members of our family in French
  • We started creating our own mosaic patterns, sticking on individual tiles!
  • In RE, we discovered how some people see life as a journey and then created some trees to start to think about our ambitions for later in the life (the leaves). This linked well with our Jigsaw work this week, as we were exploring the challenges that both ourselves and other people face throughout their lives. We talked about the importance of persevering and talking to people if we need help.

Another busy week!

This Week... (7/01/19 - 11/01/19)

Our first week back had one main focus...The Romans! We wanted to get our new topic 'Pharaohs to Emperors' off to a great start so we decided to do lots of different Romans based activities.

In Maths we have been working on Roman numerals all week. We made Roman numerals out of matchsticks and also used them to play snap and bingo. We even started looking at Roman Numerals larger than 1,000! This week's homework is also all about Roman numerals. You can find copies of the homework below.

In Geography we worked on locating Italy on a world map and then focused on the different regions of Italy and colour coding them on a map. We also had to locate the surrounding seas and the countries that bordered Italy. Now we know where the Romans came from!

As well as all this, we have been creating Roman coins, thinking about mosaics, writing our own questions we want to find out about the life of the Ancient Romans, learning Latin, discovering what life was like in the Roman Army and making our own Laurel wreaths. We looked AMAZING when we dressed as Romans for our Romans day too!

As well as all the Roman fun, we have been learning about subordinate clauses in English and we fenced in PE. Talk about a busy first week back!

Have a look at the photos below to see more of this week!