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Spring Term Updates

This Week...(26/03/18 - 30/03/18)

This Week...(26/03/18 - 30/03/18) 1
This Week...(26/03/18 - 30/03/18) 2
This Week...(26/03/18 - 30/03/18) 3
This Week...(26/03/18 - 30/03/18) 4
This Week...(26/03/18 - 30/03/18) 5
This Week...(26/03/18 - 30/03/18) 6
This Week...(26/03/18 - 30/03/18) 7
This Week...(26/03/18 - 30/03/18) 8

This Week...(19/03/18 - 23/03/18)

This week in Maths the Year 4s continued to have more fun with fractions and the Year 3s started working on division, thinking about the quotient and remainder. You can see some of our Fractions posters below!

English this week involved continuing to look at play scripts. After finishing our play scripts about Robin Hood, we started turning the short film 'The Lucky Dip' into a play script. The film has no dialogue, so it was left to us to add the dialogue and stage directions to tell the story. Some of us did a fantastic job and there may some award winning script writers of the future in our midst!

In Science we learnt a valuable lesson about  how plants and animals are becoming endangered because of how humans are treating the planet. Deforestation, urbanisation and littering being just some of the ways we are endangering animals. We all thought of some of the small ways in which we can help protect anymore living things becoming extinct.

A big thank you to everyone who attended Parents Evenings this week and also a huge thank you for your Sport Relief donations!

Y4 Fractions Posters

Y4 Fractions Posters  1
Y4 Fractions Posters  2
Y4 Fractions Posters  3
Y4 Fractions Posters  4
Y4 Fractions Posters  5
Y4 Fractions Posters  6
Y4 Fractions Posters  7
Y4 Fractions Posters  8
Y4 Fractions Posters  9
Y4 Fractions Posters  10
Y4 Fractions Posters  11
Y4 Fractions Posters  12
Y4 Fractions Posters  13
Y4 Fractions Posters  14

Happy Mother’s Day!

Still image for this video
The Fantastic Foxes all wanted to show just how much we appreciate our mums!

This Week... (5/03/18 - 9/03/18)

After last week was disrupted by snow, this week we were eventually able to complete our Book Week! We did lots of focus work on 'Sam and Dave Dig a Hole' and the week ended with a fantastic Book day which saw the whole school dress up as book characters, including Mr Stone and Mr Cook coming as the stars of our focus book...Sam and Dave! You can see some of the amazing story boxes we created about the world we thought Sam and Dave would fall into below. Also check out the Fantastic Foxes in their amazing costumes!

Our other main focus this week was making our Mother's Day cards and we hope you have an amazing day on Sunday! Look out for a special Mother's Day video on the class page on Monday!

This Week...(12/02/18 - 16/02/18)

This week we completed our work on Bollywood dance with Miss Durant and we worked on performing our dances to the rest of the class. It was great fun and it showed how much progress we had made improving our dance moves and skills! We also performed our Chinese Dragon Music with Miss Wareham, using a range of instruments. We were able to keep in time and work on using the instruments correctly to see which sounds worked best together.

In Geography we had to use our understanding of Europe to decide which countries would be the best habitat for which types of dragon. Some of us decided Finland would be perfect for the green dragon because of how many tress there are there!

In PSHE, Miss Wareham worked with us on different mindfulness techniques and things we can do to calm ourselves down and clear our minds of negative thoughts. You can see some pictures of this below.

Have a great half term and a huge well done for 100% Fab 5 Readers too! Same again next time hopefully!

Fantastic Foxes Keeping Calm!

This Week...(5/02/18 - 9/02/18)

Here are the main headlines from another busy week in the Fantastic Foxes!

  • We wrote some fantastic instructions on how to trap a dragon and we used some beautiful handwriting to do it too!
  • In Maths, Year 3 worked on their times tables and Year 4 looked at long multiplication and short division.
  • Miss Wareham helped us to find the capital cities of European countries.
  • We loved trying out the French food this week and learning the names for some French food too.
  • Learning about the importance of mental health was great. We focused on the importance of 'Being Ourselves' and the things we can do to improve our mental health, e.g. getting enough sleep, talking about any worries we have, focusing on the positive and taking the time to do things we really enjoy. Things that are good advice for adults too!

This Week (29/01/18 - 2/02/18)...

This week we have been investigating instructions and we started to do this by making our very own dragon potions! We had to follow the instructions really carefully to create a potion that could help us get rid of any nearby dragons. The ingredients included dragon tears, magical elixir, essence of power and...dragon snot! You can see some of our potions in the photos below.

In Maths, Year 3 have been continuing work on times tables. So far they have been working on their 6, 7 and 8 times tables, so any extra help you could give them on learning these would be great. Year 4 have also been using their times tables to multiply by both single numbers and multiples of 10. Can you work these out?

4678 x 6 and 549 x 70

We started focusing our Geography work on the countries of Europe and next week we will be working with Miss Wareham to look at the capital cities of some of these countries. Our Bollywood dance continued and Miss Durant was really impressed with our moves and in Art we have created some beautiful dragon eyes using sketching and watercolours.

For this week’s homework we used our Homeworkopoloy board so look out for some different types of homework in the future as we use this more. Can you spot some homework you’re looking forward to?

Dragon Potions!

Dragon Potions! 1
Dragon Potions! 2
Dragon Potions! 3
Dragon Potions! 4
Dragon Potions! 5

This Week...(15/01/18 - 19/01/18)

Our Dragonology topic continued this week with us turning into journalists to learn about newspaper reports before writing our own about the events of last week. We discussed the features of newspaper reports, such as headline, orientation and direct speech. We then worked hard to use as many of these features as possible correctly in our own newspaper articles. Hopefully after doing some editing on them next week the editor will send them to print so you can “read all about it!”

Year 3 finished off their work on subtraction this week by continuing to practise regrouping and exchanging when using column method. While Year 4 started learning about factors and how to find factors of numbers. Hopefully we can all remember the work we have done as our homework is on this this week!

In Geography we began our work on maps by locating the continents of the world and then using iPads to research facts about each continent. Did you know that Asia is the most populated continent in the world?

Also, check out our Dragonology display! We can’t wait to keep adding new work to it as the topic continues this term!

Picture 1

This Week...(8/01/18 - 12/01/18)

Wow! What a first week back we have had! We have spent the week researching dragons and we even got to investigate a nest of dragon eggs in our Forest Schools area! We had to decode messages from dragons, use evidence and research to decide what kind of dragon laid the eggs, paint our own dragon eggs, design wanted posters to catch local dragon hunters, mark dragon sightings on a world map and much more. Then it all ended with watching some CCTV footage of a dragon flying on our playground! We can't wait to carry on our Dragonology topic for the rest of this term now!

You can find out more about what we will be getting up to this term here:

Check out some of the photographic evidence we managed to gather this week below!

Dragon Nest Investigation (8/01/18 - 12/01/18)