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Spring Term Updates

Week Commencing Monday  12th February
We had a fantastic final week of the half term in the Marvellous Matildas. We were lucky enough to be visited by artist Mark Newton, who taught us different techniques to draw, colour and collage the perfect dragon eye. We did some fantastic pieces which you will be able to see on display in the KS2 workshop. 


We also finalised our Bollywood dance topic in PE by choreographing and performing a final performance. We incorporated everything we have learnt so far, doing all the different mudras (hand gestures) in canon and unison. As well as braving some of the lifts with a partner.


We also achieved 100% Fab Five again this week and many even managed to achieve their 'Super Seven’ homework. 

Week Commencing Monday 29th January 
This week we have been looking at instructions and started this off by following a set which told us ‘ How to make a dragon potion’. We had to follow the instructions and pay really close attention to our measurements to make sure they were just right. We mixed all of the ingredients together and we even added a bit of dragon snot for good measure, EWWW!


We continued Bollywood dance in PE this week, Miss Durant was super impressed with how hard we worked. Not only did we learn some more Bollywood moves, we got to try some lifts too. We also added to our bank of yoga moves to help us cool down. 


For this weeks homework we are trying something a little different. We used the ‘Homeworkopoly’ board and landed on talk street. This gives the perfect opportunity for you to have a conversation, ask questions and have a really thoughtful discussion on a chosen topic. Which this week is ‘ What makes you unique?’ 


Week Commencing Monday 12th January


We have had another fun week in the Marvellous Matildas. We were visited by Bob and Becca Goody on Thursday, who introduced us to Guardians of Ancora - An i Pad app that lets you play as an avatar in the exciting adventures of the bible. We thought it was great and we are really looking forward to the next 3 instalments in the coming weeks. We also spoke about what faith means to us and discussed different answers. We decided faith means lots of different things including: Love, Trust, Peace and Hope. 


We really have started off 2018 with some fantastic reading and we got 100% for the second weekend running. The hard work really is paying off, we have had lots of 85%+ in our AR tests this week and we’ve have lots of moves up to the next book band! 

Week Commencing Monday 8th January


It’s been a super exciting first week back for The Marvellous Matildas. We spent to week investigating dragons in our new ‘Dragonology’ topic. We were super lucky enough to investigate a dragon egg nest in forest schools. We did a great job at looking for evidence, to help us determine what kind of dragon the eggs belonged to. We had to decode messages written in dragon code to figure out the messages the dragon was leaving. We also used twitter to contact dragon expert, Jimmy Firecracker. He informed us of dragon sightings which we plotted on our world map. We had so much fun and the week ended with us spotting the dragon on CCTV! It has made us all really excited to continue our new topic.