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Spring Term Updates

20.03.17 - 24.03.17

What a wonderful Maths Week we have had! Thank you for coming in Friday afternoon to see all the things that we have been up to. The week has been very practical - we have weighed ingredients and made shape cookies as well as creating our own shape monsters and writing a non-chronological report about them.  My Maths group have also learnt about and made 2D shapes out of different materials and started to look at different 3D shapes and made them out of modelling clay.  We have also been lucky enough to watch a performance about Space, Shape and Measure on Thursday morning which was based on a Star Wars theme which we loved. We have also spent some time playing the shape games created by our Buddy Class in Year 5/6 as well.

13.03.17 - 17.03.17

This week, we have been writing non-chronological reports about animals in English and we have started on our virtual safari to Kenya, learning about where Kenya is in the world and even using a giant floor map of the world to help us.  In Science, we have continued with our animal topic and thought about why animals need babies and we have matched different animals to their babies.

Next week it is Maths Week and we have lots of exciting, practical activities planned based around the theme 'Space, Shape and Measure'. We look forward to sharing our work and photos with you!

27.02.17 - 03.03.17

We have had a wonderful Book Week sharing our favourite books and enjoying reading. We have done lots of work based around the book The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish and we shall be displaying some of the children's work around the classroom. Thank you so much for all the effort put into finding costumes for the children on Thursday, they all looked amazing. And thank you also for all your effort at home with our Fab 5 reading.

30.01.17 - 03.02.17

This week we have really enjoyed creating our own version of the story of Little Red Riding Hood in English. We changed the setting of the story from the wood to a city and some of us even changed the wolf into a different character altogether - we even had a dinosaur in one of our stories!  In Science we have been looking at different habitats and why different animals live there and next week we shall be going on a minibeast hunt as well as thinking about where dangerous animals live using a world map to help us. In RE this week we have been looking at baptism and we shared some stories of baptisms as a class. Finally, we were very excited to have 73% of the class gaining their Fab 5 reader this week- thank you for helping us to achieve this! 

09.01.17 - 13.01.17

Welcome back everyone! We have had a very busy first full week back. We have started our new topic, Amazing Animals, which we are very excited about. I know that several BFGs have already been looking at different animals at home to find out more about them which is great! We enjoy sharing everything we find out. In English we have been writing some ideas for our animal poems using prepositions and similes and my Maths group have been solving subtraction problems by using number lines and pictures to help us. In Music we have been exploring pitch using a jungle theme and in Science we are continuing our animal topic by looking at how we know animals are alive. A very busy but exciting week!