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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 5.2.18

In English this week we a 'real life bear' visit our classroom from the book The Bear and The Piano that we have been using to help us write questions and answers ready to interview the bear. We have also been learning all about what nouns and verbs are, we have really enjoyed the noun song (link below) to help us remember what a noun is:


In Maths we have been making subtraction stories to help us flip our number sentences still using the part-part-whole method. 


Phonics has been a very tricky week for Mrs Hornsby's group as we have been looking at the a-e split digraph.








As normal, a great week in Mighty Moles, I am looking forward to our last week before half term.

Mrs Hornsby & Miss Hart 

Week Beginning 29.1.18

In English this week we have been working hard to know what a noun is and what a verb is. We found lots of these around the classroom, highlighted some in sentences and found more in the book The Bear and The Piano that we have been reading.

On Tuesday we did our 'Dance-a-thon' for Big Buddy's Work Out, we have some very good movers in Mighty Moles :-)! Everyone did really well, I was super proud and it was all for a great cause. 

In Maths we are still tackling 'subtraction'. Again, everyone is working so hard in this as it can get really tricky. We are now all confident in finding the whole number and knowing that this goes at the start of our number sentence so that we can answer the questions. 

In Art we have been linking this to our Topic and we created some 'Monet Sky Line' pictures. We have some budding artists in our class and the work is making a lovely display. 

Music was very exciting this week using lots of different instruments with Miss Gale listening to and following different beats. 

Another great week, well done all. 

Mrs Hornsby & Miss Hart 


Week Beginning 22.1.18

Our fantastic work ethic in Mighty Moles has continued this week. We have been working really hard on subtraction.This is a very difficult concept but we are really getting to grips with it. In English we have been using the book, 'The bear and the piano'. We have been using our background knowledge and looking at the front cover to try and predict what we think might happen in the story with what we already know. 

In Science Mr Leighton has been making Lava Lamps with the children which they were very exciting about. The tried separating liquids in the process and using their scientific knowledge as to why this couldn't happen. Another fab week with the coaches from Mansfield Town with some fantastic skills on show. In music we had lots of different instruments out where we played the same beat to listen to how it sounded different. 

Well done everything, another great week. 

Mrs Hornsby & Miss Hart 

Week Beginning 15.1.18

The busyness continues in Mighty Moles this week. We went on our Winter Walk down the trail to see the difference from when we went on our Autumn walk. We saw a change in the scenery, heard different sounds and had a wrap up a little more. We enjoyed a splash in the stream and walking through the squelching mud, great fun was had by all. We remembered this for our Science lesson where we labelled our clothing and spoke about why we wore the clothes we did compared to when we went in Autumn. 

In Maths this week we have been looking at subtraction within 10, a tricky concept but everyone worked really hard to try and understand this. 

On Thursday we had some visitors in (Buddy from the NSPCC) to talk to us about children being heard and knowing who they can talk to if they ever feel sad. 

We had another great week with the Mansfield Town coaches who taught us some passing skills and enjoyed lots of different games. 


Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Collison-Hornsby & Miss Hart 

Week Beginning 8.1.18

Wow! What a first week back. Well done to all Mighty Moles who have come back ready to learn from the start, I am super proud of you all. 


Right, this week has been a jam packed week with lots going on. In English we have learning all about The Ugly Duckling, sequencing the story, looking at the different characters and their role in the story. On Wednesday we were VERY lucky to have a theatre company called Tutti Frutti come in and do a real life Ugly Duckling performance. This was amazing to watch and a very funny take on it story. We later in the week did a Film Review on the production where we wrote some lovely sentences about the plot of the story, awarded it some stars and recommended it to a friend. 

In Maths we have been continuing adding 1 digit numbers together and solving word problems using the part-part-whole concept. We are getting very good at this and recognising patterns in number families. 

During our PE time we are really lucky and have got some football coaches from Mansfield Town for the rest of this term who will be teaching us lots of new skills in football. Even Mrs Hornsby joined in no.

During our Science we have mixing and separating solids looking at what we can use to do this and using our Scientific knowledge to talk about how things feel. 


All in all, a busy but great first week back.

Well done all.

Mrs Collison-Hornsby and Miss Hart 


WB 8.1.18 The Ugly Duckling