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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 1.4.19

What a fantastic but busy week to finish our term. 


In Phonics we have been learning some new special friends (a-e for bake, cake and i-e for bike, ride). We have been reading words with these in, spelling them and then reading them in the context of a book. We then put them into our own sentences using Fred Fingers to help. 


In Maths we continued to look at place value. We looked at our tens and ones column. We compared two different two digit numbers and decided which was 'greater'. 


On Wednesday we went on our trip to the National Train Museum. It was a fantastic day, all the children we really well behaved and really enjoyed looking at the different trains from the Japenese Bullet to the The Rocket that we have been learning about in school. It was really humbling to see the children get so excited and use what they have learnt. 


Unfortunately, this week was our last one with Mansfield Town. The children have really progressed over the 6 weeks which was evident in the small sided games that they played.


Thank you for everyone's helping in the making of the boats to see whether they would float or sink, There were some amazing designs and the children really enjoyed putting theirs to the test. I can confirm that we didn't have any that sunk, so well done :-). 


Thank you for your continued support over this term. Have a well earned rest ready for our Summer Term.  

Week Beginning 18.3.19

In Maths this week we have been learning all about place value. We have been looking at different two digit numbers and seeing how many tens and how many ones are in them (14 = 1 ten 4 ones, 36 = 3 tens 6 ones). Some of us even did 3 digit numbers. We then looked at turning this into a number sentence. 14 = 1 ten 4 ones,     10 + 4 = 14 and so on. Everyone worked really hard on this. 


In our Diary Writing this week we looked at using the conjuction 'and' when we were thinking about what we had been doing over the weekend. 


We are still lucky to have Mansfield Town in to deliver our PE/football sessions. 


In Topic this week we have started looking at trains in preparation for our trip. We created mind maps about 'what we already know' and drew pictures of our favourite trains. We will be continuing this next week learning all about who invented the first train and how it was powered. 

Week Beginning 11.3.19

In English this week, we all drew a story map that told the story from Book week. We read Grandad's Secret Giant again to remind us what happened and to also look in detail at the picutres on the pages. We produced some fantastic story maps with some great detail. 


In Maths this week we have started a new unit of Numbers to 20. We have talked about grouping 10 and counting on from 10, we drew circles on the tables and used different counters to put 10 on one side and then anything up to 10 on the other. We talked about this being place value (e.g. 16 = 1 ten and 6 ones). This is a very tricky concept but by the end of the week we knew place value up to 99 (9 tens and 9 ones). In CLIC we have made things a little more different with all different calculations to ensure that children are reading the number sentence correctly. 


This week we have also enjoyed a whole school assembly where we shared our work from book week and got a chance to look at other classes throughout school. This was really exciting to see what other classes had been doing with the same book. We have had hymn practice as well as Mansfield Town. No wonder we were shattered by the end! 

WB 11.3.19

Week Beginning 4.3.19

What a fantastic week we have had for Book Week. The book that we have shared this week was, 'Grandad's Secret Gaint'. We started the week by looking at the front cover and doing a 'See, Think, Wonder' lesson. We had taken out the Giant from the title so children had to look in detail at the front cover and use their imagination and inference to discuss and write their 'See, Think, Wonder' work. 

We then read the first page to make our predictions. We got some fantastic ideas from this piece of work, I was very impressed. 


Throughout the week we continued to do lots of different activities all based around the book. For Maths we did some non-standardised measuring of the giants footprints, we looked at how symetrical things were in the book. We created a whole phase mural like the one in the book. We became fashion designers and redesigned the giants dungarees. We wrote a letter to thank the giant for all his hard work and for everything he helped with and lots, lots more. 


On Thursday for World Book Day everyone looked fantastic in their costumes. We were lucky to buddy up with our buddy class (Charlies Champions) where we shared our favourite books and had a quiz. We drew our book characters and wrote why we chose them. 


In PE we had Mansfield Town in where we learnt how to change direction and increase our pace whilst dribbling. 


A really exciting week which produced some fantastic Book Week Booklets. 



Week Beginning 25.2.19

A fantastic first week back Mighty Moles. In English this week we have continued to learn about Amelia Earhart. We pretended to be Amelia and went through the safety checks in the aircraft, we watched a GoPro video as a pilot as we took off into the sky. We then wrote a letter to Mighty Moles telling them all about us, what we did and what we saw. There were some fantastic letters written, everyone worked really hard. 


In Maths this week, we learnt about ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd) we looked at lots of differnt Olympics clips, medal ceremonies and even went on the MUGA to have our own races. 


We are very lucky to have Mansfield Town in this half term to teach us lots of new and different football skills and how to transfer them into a game situation. We have some budding footballers amongst us. 



Week Beginning 11.2.19

...another half term done. Well done Mighty Moles, everyone has worked tirelessly this half term as things have been geting a little harder. 


This week we have been learning and writing all about Amelia Earhart, who she was, what she did and what she was famous for. We have read the book, watched a video and written our own account. 


In Maths we have been learning about pattern. This was with numbers, colours, shapes and letters ect. We have followed patterns and created our own. This will then help when we start to look at number families. 


In Art we have been painting aeroplanes thinking about finer detail and what is actually on an aeroplane. 


In PE this week, we did fencing. This was a brilliant afternoon learning lots of new skills. 


Lastly, a big thank you for your continued support with the Fab 5 Reading, our score is slowly but surely creeping up and this is starting to show in childrens comprehension. 


Have a fantastic break. 


Thank you 


Week Beginning 4.2.19

This week in English we have been looking at adding the suffix -ing to words like play to playing and sing to singing. We then put these words into sentences using them correctly. 


In Maths we have been turning our multiplication sentences into bar models, this was very tricky but with lots of hard work and perseverance we finally cracked it.  Some of us even continued doing this in our continuous provision. 


In PE this week, we did gymnastics. We worked on lots of different rolls and linking them together. 


We were very lucky to have a story teller in this week to tell us the story of The Little Red Hen, it was very exciting, we did lots of singing to take us to storyland and enjoyed the puppets that came. 


In Topic this week, we have learnt about Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly across the atlantic. We will be continuing next week to remember facts about her in preparation for our Indepedent wrting. 

Week Beginning 28.1.19

This week in English we have learnt about question sentences. We have looked at how to write a question mark, how to ask and answer questions and how to write question sentences starting with 'what, why, where, when and how'. We have continued to learn new sounds in phonics and apply them when writing sentences and during our handwriting sessions. We have been proofreading sentences and making the correct changes and adding the correct puctuation if it has been left out. 


In Maths, we are still working on multiplication using pictorial representation to help us. Durng our CLIC sessions we have been adding, multiplying. subtracting and counting in 2s. 


In art this week we have been looking at making close observations and drawing what we actually see looking at the finer detail. We even looked at how to shade different parts of the object we chose to draw. 


PE this week had us dancing. We have some very good movers in Mighty Moles, I was very impressed. 


In RE, we thought about what we are sorry for. We thought about things we may have done that we know we shouldn't have. We then wrote these down on our leaf cut outs so we were 'turning over a new leaf'. 


Well done Mighty Moles, a great week. 

Week Beginning 21.1.19

In English this week we have been working hard on using the conjunction 'and' to join two sentences together. We thought of lots of different ideas from a film clip that we watched and then shared our ideas. We then chose two different ideas and demonstrated how to use a conjunction. Everyone then went to write their own sentences using this method. 


In Maths, we have continued to practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and recalling them quickly. We have been using a number line to solve 1 step word problems, we have been matching words to numerals 1 - 20 and we have been on the iPads looking at ordering and sequencing numbers. It has been a busy week in Maths but everyone has worked very hard. 


In Science, we finished our investigation on how far a car will travel on different surfaces. We wrote our results and checked if our prediction was correct. We moved on to looking at old and new transport and creating our own 'furturistic mode of transport'. 


In PE this week, we did Boxing - there was some very nifty footwork going on and everyone had great fun. 


Our Read, Write, Inc sessions have continued all week learning lots of different sounds and rules including special friends and knowing when to apply certain rules. 


Well done Mighty Moles, another great week.  

Week Beginning 14.1.19

In Maths this week in Mighty Moles we have been learning all about subtraction. We have focused on using different strategies to help us. We have used a number line, used multilink, our fingers and have even made subtraction stories using pictures. We know that it means the same as take-away, minus, move, hide and many other things. Everyone has worked really hard during these lessons and their hard work is really paying off. 


During our Science lesson we have started an investigation to see which surface our car travels the furthest on when relseased down a ramp. We had some fantastic ideas and predictions with reasons as to why the chose a certain surface. We talked lots about how to make the test fair as well. 


In our PSHE (Jigsaw) lesson we shared with each other a time when we have persevered and in turn suceeded. It was really nice to hear all the different things from taking stabilisers off bikes, reading a difficult book, learning to fold clothes to help mums at home and much more. 


In PE this week we did archery. Again, this was great fun and we have some very good Mighty Moles with great aim. 


Just a little reminder to please write in your childs Reading Record when they read which will go towards our Fab 5 reader result which is announced in assembly. 


Well done everyone, keep up the hard work. 


Thank you,

Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart

Week Beginning 7.1.19

Welcome back Mighty Moles! A great start to our new term and new Topic (Wacky Races). We have been very busy researching different cars and looking at how they used to look. We have all written a question that we would like to investigate during our Topic and some of us have made a pic collage of our facvourite cars. 


In Maths this week (and for the next couple of weeks) we have introduced 'subtraction'. This again, is done using our part-part-whole method using pictorial representation to help us. In CLIC we are doing similar calculations and really working hard on our 2s, 5s and 10s (ask the children about our daily competition). 


On Thursday  we had a company called PREMIER SPORT in to deliver our PE lesson and we did Lacrosse (pictures to follow). We have some future stars in the making! 


A great first week back, well done everyone!