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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 8th January

Welcome back to a new term in Tenacious Toads. After a relaxing break, we are ready and raring to get going.

This week we enjoyed the story of The Ugly Duckling. Tutti-Fruitti Theatre Group came in to perform the story for us. We absolutely loved it! When we wrote up our reviews of the play the boxes weren't big enough, we had so much to say.

We also knew an 'Ugly Duckling' from the past.

Picture 1

We started Forest Schools again this week. 

Mrs Kinsey set us the challenge, to build a habitat for the woodland animals. There were some ingenious ideas. The girls built a luxury apartment for Badger, with a hot tub. Fox had a slide to glide down and a balcony to see the 'beautiful stars and moon.' What more could woodland animals ask for?

Week Beginning 15th January

This week, we had a fabulous Winter Walk. We walked down the trail and saw how it had changed from autumn to winter. We heard howling winds, noticed that the stream was higher than it had been and we even saw some snow. It didn't matter about the weather though, we were well prepared with carefully chosen winter clothes.

Picture 1

Week Beginning 22nd January

Miss Guest has been so proud of us this week. The year twos have worked really hard to regroup in column subtraction but she was most impressed the presentation of the maths books this week... they were amazing. Keep it up Year 2! 

In phonics, we have met split vowel digraphs in Year 1, we know that ae can be split by a consonant and it makes the 'ay' sound. Just like in these words...

Picture 1

Year 2 have been reading and spelling words that end with the 'igh' sound which is spelt with a y.

We learned a rhyme to help us.

If the end of a word sounds like igh,

It is almost always spelt with a y.

Next week, we have the NSPCC Danceathon so get your dancing shoes on.

Week Beginning 29th January

It has been another busy week. We have been very active this week, on Tuesday we danced for the NSPCC. All of KS1 went to the hall and danced, without stopping, to lots of different songs.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

We also had our coaching session from MTFC.

In Maths, we have continued our work on subtraction. Year 2 have been working on regrouping and we are getting to grips with how to write that down. 


Can you solve these calculations, using regrouping, by Friday?

345 - 228 =

732 - 527 =

483 - 256 =

Year 1 have been subtracting by counting on and showing their work as a bar model.


Can you draw a bar model to show these calculations?

9 - 3 = 

8 - 3 =

7 - 5 =

Can you flip the number sentence to show all four possibilities?