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Spring Term Updates

This Week...(13/03/17 - 17/03/17)

We decided to find out more about Kenya this week. We studied lots of information about the country and then we worked on iPads to write/draw/video information that we could remember, trying to think of differences and similarities between Kenya and the UK.

In Science we talked about how we change as we grow up and we also had to measure each other and then order some of our friends. I wonder how much taller one of the adults is at home compared to you?

Next week will be our Maths Week! We have lots of different activities planned linked to the theme of 'Shape, Space and Measures', including making shape monsters, art work using squares and rectangles, seeing a Star Wars themed maths theatre show and dressing up in numbers or shapes on Friday for Red Nose Day.

Look out for lots of photos next week!

This Week...(6/03/17 - 10/03/17)

We had a special visitor at St Andrew's this week. The fantastic poet, Andy Tooze! We loved the workshops and assemblies he did for us and he even got all the Year 2s to write a poem in just 8 minutes! 

This week we also wrote a report all about Springtime using sub-headings, including writing about baby animals, which linked to our Science work. We had to match the names of the baby animals to the adults. Did you know that the young of an elephant is called a calf?

This Week...(27/02/17 - 3/03/17 Book Week)

Our focus book for Book Week was 'The Day I swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish' by Neil Gaiman. All our work linked to the book and we produced a wide range of different work.

In English, we wrote our own stories, deciding what who we would swap and what we would swap them for (there were an awful lot of brothers and sisters being swapped!). We also imagined that we were trapped inside a goldfish bowl and wrote all about what it would be like.

In Art, we used our collage skills to make lots of goldfish that we then stuck onto an outline of Mr Stone. It looks great so make sure you have a look at it next time you visit our classroom. As well as this, we worked with salt dough to create our very own goldfish!

As it was Shrove Tuesday this week, we worked with Mrs Cobb in RE to talk about the importance of Lent as a Christian celebration and discussed what we might give up. We also got to try some pancakes!

World Book Day on Thursday was fantastic! A huge thank you to everyone at home for helping us look some brilliant as our favourite book characters. We had a wide range of characters including Little Red Riding Hood, the Good Dinosaur, Wally, Snow White, Willy Wonka, Horrid Henry, Fantastic Mr Fox and even The Big Bad Wolf! We got to parade with the whole school in our costumes and we also got to share some of our favourite books with our buddy class The Mettlesome Maugrims. Mr Stone also challenged us to a Book Scavenger Hunt using the iPads and playing a real life version of 'Where's Wally?' around school!

After such a busy week, we have all earned a well deserved rest!

World Book Day in The Fantastic Foxes!

This Week...(20/02/17 - 24/02/17)

Our first week back has seen us working on the story of The Gingerbread Man in our English work. We retold the story in our own words and even interviewed Mr Fox (thanks Miss Hart!) to hear his side of the story before we wrote our police reports about the incident. Did you think the Mr Fox was guilty or not guilty?

We also started using our Spelling Zappers to help us learn to spell the common exception words. We love 'Zapper Time' and hopefully we can get our spellings 'zapped' as soon as possible!

In Geography we took a trip to Kenya, as this is the country we will be focusing on this half term. We used an atlas to locate Kenya and then used a map of Kenya to look at the country in more detail, including finding the capital city and the highest mountain in Kenya. Do you know what these are?

Next week is Book Week, including World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March. We can't wait to find out what book we will be working with all week!

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This Week...(6/02/17 - 10/02/17)

This half term has raced by and in our final week of the half term we have been working hard on lots of different things. On Tuesday we had some special internet safety lessons, reminding us of the need to keep ALL personal information to ourselves and never share it online. Remember the motto...




In Science, we worked on creating our own food chains and learning some very scientific words like producer, predator, prey, herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. We did a lot of work on spelling our common exception words this week so that we can start to work on 'zapping' them after half term!

This Week...(30/01/17 - 3/02/17)

This week in the Fantastic Foxes we went on a minibeast hunt around school to see what kinds of microhabitats they like to live in. We managed to find some worms, spiders, slugs, snails and woodlice. Are there anymore minibeasts living in your garden? We loved being scientists and being outside with our clipboards!

We worked hard on our 'Little Red Riding Hood in the City' stories, using the original version as a basis and giving it a 'twist'. We had grandma living in a skyscraper, Little Red Riding Hood delivering a box of gold coins and the Big Bad Wolf being hit on the head by a Buckingham Palace Guard instead of the Woodcutter!

In Geography we used atlases to locate the seven continents of the world. Can your child remember any of them? Can they tell you the continent that we are part of? We then used this to label a map and search for the locations of some of the world's most dangerous animals. Turns out we need to be very careful when visiting Africa and North America as lots of dangerous animals seem to live there!

Next week we will be having a special 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday, learning about how we can stay safe online. Mrs Cobb will also continue her work with us on making animal finger puppets. They're looking great so far!

Some of the things we've been up to so far this term...

This Week... (23/01/17 - 27/01/17)

This week we looked at the story of Little Red Riding Hood and wrote some character and setting descriptions, trying to use expanded noun phrases to make our writing more detailed and interesting. Next week we will be writing our own versions of Little Red Riding Hood. We hope you will enjoy them!

The new Accelerated Reading scheme is now in use in Key Stage One and your child should have brought home their new reading book and a letter explaining how it will work. You can also find a copy of that letter here:

This Week...(16/01/17 - 20/01/17)

Our English work on coordinating conjunctions has been tricky this week, but we all had a really good go at trying to use 'and', 'but' and 'or' in our sentences. Hopefully we can remember to use these in future writing, including our work on Little Red Riding Hood character and setting descriptions next week!

We sorted nocturnal and diurnal animals in our Topic work and then in Science we spent time looking at habitats and what animals would live in each of these habitats. For example, what kinds of animals would live in a forest?

With Mrs Cobb, we spent time looking at puppets and then started designing our own animal finger puppets that we will be making later this term. We hope they turn out as good as our designs!

The new Accelerated Reading scheme has now arrived and this upcoming week we will be starting to set children onto their new reading books. Look out for more information about the changes this will bring to the way Key Stage One reading will work.

Mr Stone's Maths Group did some division work using shapes this week. Can you see how division and shapes link together?

This Week...(9/01/17 - 13/01/17)

A busy week in the Fantastic Foxes, which has seen us start to write our entries to send in for the animal poetry competition! We wrote some senses poems and some acrostic poems about different animals and we hope to send them off to the Young Writers Competition soon where they may even be published in a book!

We also had a chance to use the iPads to help us with our A-Z of animals task, did some gymnastics with Miss Hornsby and looked at how we can tell if something is alive or not in Science.

This Week...(2/01/17 - 6/02/17)

Welcome back everyone! 

In our first couple of days we have started our brand topic 'Amazing Animals'. We wrote down as much as we think we already knew about animals and then thought of some questions about animals we would like answering during the topic (check out the photos below).

We also wrote about some of our Christmas presents in English, working hard to use interesting adjectives. In Maths we looked at some Christmas cards and categorised them. We then made a tally chart and used this information to create a pictogram. 

We will be continuing work about animals next week, including A-Z of animals, writing some animal poetry and looking at how we know if something is alive or not in Science.

Animal Idea Explosions!