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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 7th January

Happy New Year.

This week we have been asking lots of questions about our new topic. We have come up with some really interesting ones.

Oliver wants to know -

What are cars made of?

Milly wants to know - 

What car is the most popular?

Isaac wants to find out -

How do aeroplanes fly in the air?

Zachary is interested to know -

Where does diesel come from?

And Amelia is puzzling over-

Why do tractor wheels have patterns?

And many more...

We are going to try and find out the answers to some of our questions this term while we are studying our new topic - Wacky Races.

We have already made a start. We have been investigating 'On which surface does the car travel the furthest?' Together we have come up with an experiment to test different surfaces. We are experts at putting or findings in charts too.

We will let you know what we find out.