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Spring Term Updates

WB 18.3.19

This week we have been very busy!  We have practised using all the skills we have learnt in Maths by doing lots of arithmetic and word problems.  We have also started to learn about fractions of shapes.  In English, we have focused on reading and answering questions about what we have read as well as answering some Punctuation and Grammar questions.  In Science, we learnt about why things float or sink.  We predicted whether different objects would float or sink before experimenting to see if we were right.  In RE, we learnt about what Jesus did during Lent and we thought about times when we have done something we are sorry for and we thought about a positive act we could do during Lent.  Quite a few children mentioned helping out more at home with for example washing up, tidying their room and putting the shopping away so you may want to ask them about their choice!  In PSHE we have been learning about what keeps us heathy and in Computing we continued our topic on Online Safety.   Finally, Group 1 had their second afternoon in Forest Schools , learning and exploring and getting muddy!  Thank you again for all the reading you are doing at home and also for coming in to see me over parents evening. Have a lovely weekend!

WB 11.3.19

This week in English we have done some guided reading and answered questions about what we have read.  We have also been recapping our sounds, reading and writing compound words and focusing on our handwriting in my Phonics group.  In Maths we have continued exploring 2D shapes and have learnt their names, sorted them and counted their edges and vertices. We have also been learning about what a regular and irregular shape is.  Please keep shape hunting when you are out and about to help your child remember the shape names! In Computing we have just started our online safety topic and we shall be continuing with this up to Easter.  IN RE we have looked at different religious artefacts relating to festivals and thought about what we know about them and what questions we have about them.  In Science, we have looked at the seasons and dressed the Giant from our Book Week book Grandad's Secret Giant according to what season it is. We have continued learning our Easter songs in Music and in PE we have enjoyed practising scoring goals with Mansfield Town Football Club.  Finally, we have started our session in our Forest Schools area and Group 1 loved getting muddy and exploring outside!  Another great week for the Bold Badgers and I am pleased to say that 93% of us got our Fab 5 reading this week too!  Thank you for supporting us with this at home.

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WB 4.3.19

What an amazing Book Week we have had!  All our lessons have been focused around the story Grandad's Secret Giant by David Litchfield and we have loved every minute of it!  In English we have predicted what we thought would happen in the book, written a job specification for a giant, compared pictures from two different books by David Litchfield and pretended we were the little boy in the story and started to write a sorry letter to the Giant, which we shall finish next week.  In Maths we have estimated how many boys would fit into the height of the Giant, we have estimated parts of the Giant's body and then we have measured them in centimetres using a ruler.  We have explored the idea of symmetry and created our own symmetrical drawings of the Giant's trousers.  We have also started to explore shapes as these featured in the Giant's trousers and we shall continue with this into next week.

In Art we have created pictures of ourselves to go on the Key Stage One mural which we are hoping to show in Assembly next week.  Finally, on Thursday it was World Book Day we looked absolutely fabulous dressed up as our favourite book characters.  We loved sharing stories as a class and with our Buddy Class and had a great time showing off our costumes in the whole school parade on Thursday morning.   See our wonderful costumes below! 

On a sad note, we have had to say goodbye to Miss Rhead who has been doing her teacher placement in our class.  However, we have loved having her with us for the last few months and we wish her all the best in finishing her teacher training. 

Thank you also for all your hard work at home this week with reading.  I am thrilled that 96% of the Bold Badgers achieved their Fab 5 reading this week.  A wonderful achievement and it rounded off Book Week fabulously!

WB 25.2.19

We have really enjoyed our first week back after half term.  We have come back rested and ready to learn!  This week we have continued in our Phonics and English groups and my group have been learning and writing about bats!  The Bold Badgers have also looked at different word classes - recapping nouns, verbs and adjectives and then learning about adverbs and how we make them.

In Maths we have continued working on our division and we have solved division word problems.  We have had our last week on Coding in our Computing lessons and shall be starting Internet Safety next week.

In Topic we have finished our box model vehicles and they look amazing!  We have made a prayer blanket in RE saying what we are thankful for and we had Mansfield Town Football Club in to help us with our football skills in PE.  We are very lucky as they shall be with us for this half term.  Miss Rhead also taught us about jumps in gymnastics which we enjoyed! Finally, we continued with our PSHE lessons, learning to take time for ourselves and each other. Another lovely week of learning together!

WB 11.2.19

We have had a very busy last week before half term.  We have been reading lots in school so please keep this up at home over half term and thank you so much for all your support with this at home!  We are aiming to get 100% for our Fab 5 Reading when we get back!

This week, to support our Topic work on transport, we have been finding out lots of interesting facts about Amelia Earhart.  We have learnt about her life and about what she achieved.  We created our own mind maps about her life and then did some writing on Friday to show off all the things we had discovered.   The Bold Badgers really enjoyed learning about her life so if they would like to keep researching things at home that would be wonderful!

In Art we continued to work on our box model vehicles as after half term we shall be adding wheels to them!

In our last PE lesson with Premier Sports we did some fencing which we loved! Finally in Maths we started to look at division and the idea of sharing equally.


Have a lovely half term Bold Badgers! Get lots of rest, play lots and laugh with your family and friends.  See you next half term for more exciting learning!



WB 4.2.19

This week we have continued with our RWI English groups and my group has continued to focus on reading, phonics skills and sentence structure.  In Maths we have been learning about money, recognising different coins and their value and paying for various grocery items in our class shop. We have also continued to focus on our times tables as well as recapping time.

In our Topic session we have been researching Amelia Earhart and learning about her achievements. We have also started to create our own box model vehicles in Art.  In Science we have finished off our experiment to find out which surface a toy car will travel the furthest on and we have had fun in PE doing gymnastics and learning various types of rolls. 

Finally, the Bold Badgers have worked really hard on their reading and (for the first time ever!) 100% of the class have done their Fab 5 Reading.  The children are very excited about having this achievement read out in our whole school assembly on Monday!  Thank you to all your hard work at home to help us achieve this,

WB 21.1.19

This week we have learnt about conjunctions in English, using a clip from the film Cars to help us write sentences with conjunctions in them.  We have also continued to work hard in our Read Write Inc English groups. In Maths we have been looking at capacity and volume and we have done lots of practical activities measuring water and reading different scales.  We will continue to practise this during our Choose Your Own Learning Time over the following weeks.  We have also continued to practise telling the time and our 2,5 and 10 times tables which we are getting good at now!  In RE we thought about the disciples and why Jesus chose them.  We acted out the story of Jesus choosing Matthew, the tax collector, as one of his disciples.  We also enjoyed having the Archdeacon come in to school to take our school worship assembly.  In Science, we asked the question 'What surface will a car travel the furthest on?' and made some predictions about this.  We are looking forward to testing those predictions next week.  In Topic we thought about the history of cars and we ordered some vehicles from the oldest to the newest as a class.  Finally in PE we started to learn about boxing - there are some photos below!  Another week full of learning in the Bold Badger classroom! 

WB 14.1.19

This week in English we have continued with our Read Write Inc Phonics groups, focusing on reading skills and sentence structure.  We have continued with addition and subtraction in Maths, using bar models and column addition and subtraction to help us solve word problems.  We have also spent some time working out missing number problems e.g. ? + 3 = 7 and we have carried on with our daily practise sessions of telling the time - using the terms o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.   In Topic we have continued with our Wacky Races theme and have been looking at different cars and in art we practised our observation and sketching skills by carefully drawing a model toy car.  In Music we explored pulse in a piece of rock music and we thought about the different genres of music e.g. rock, pop, R&B, rap, etc.  We were very lucky to have Premier Sports in again on Thursday for our PE session and we loved learning about archery!  Finally, in PSHE we have started to think about what goals and dreams mean to us and why they are important.

Another great week for the Bold Badgers!  We have also really done well with our Fab 5 reading this week - over 70% of children have read 5 times or more so thank you for all your effort at home.  It would be wonderful if we could continue to improve on this percentage over the coming weeks!  Also, we have been very lucky to have Miss Rhead join us for this half term as a trainee teacher.   She has settled into the classroom well and the children have really looked after her in her first week with us.  

WB 7.1.19

Happy New Year everyone! Our first week of 2019 has been very busy!  In Maths we have been focusing on column subtraction with regrouping.  We have also been working on our 2,5 and 10 times tables and we have been learning to tell the time - o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

In English we have continued with our Phonics sessions.  My group have recapped on word classes - nouns, verbs and adjectives.  We have learnt what an adverb is and then focused on changing adjectives to adverbs using the -ly suffix. We have also continued with our Guided Reading sessions.

We have started our new topic 'Wacky Races' and we have been thinking about what we know about different vehicles as well as what we would like to find out about vehicles over the coming weeks.

In RE we have read a passage from the Gospel of Luke and we have thought about what gifts God gave to us.  We have looked at pitch and pulse in Music using the song 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' to help us.

Finally, in PE we have been very lucky to have Premier Sports in to teach us about Lacrosse.  We very much enjoyed our session with them!  

All in all a very busy first week but we are ready and raring to go this term! Please keep reading at home with your child and focusing on getting Fab 5.  It really does help with your child's progress. Thank you for your continued support!