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Spring Term Updates

WB 26.3.18

The last week of term has arrived!  What a great term we have had in the Bold Badgers.  This week was our last week researching our Topic Wriggle and Crawl.  In our groups - the ants, spiders, caterpillars or bees - we have enjoyed finding out about our chosen insect and answering the questions we asked at the start of the half term.  We have continued to practise our reading comprehension by reading and answering questions about butterflies in English and we have also learnt some Easter songs in Music.  We sang these in our Key Stage 1 Easter service which was a lovely end to the term.

Have a restful Easter holiday Bold Badgers, keep reading and we look forward to seeing you all after the holidays!

WB 19.3.18

This week we have enjoyed creating our own multiplication stories in Maths about a birthday party. We have also explored division problems and used unifix cubes and diagrams to help us solve them.  In our Topic and Choose Our Own Learning Time we have found out about our chosen insect and looked at different ways to record that information.  We have also learnt about the Easter story in RE and in Music we have been learning some Easter songs ready for our Church visit next week.

However, the highlight of our week was our trip to Lea Park Green where we had an amazing time!  We practiced our balancing skills on The Hex (a the low ropes course) and enhanced our team work skills by working with our partner to help us complete it.  We also enjoyed bouldering in 'The Cave' and den building for our chosen woodland animal in the afternoon.  In English we wrote a recount of our trip the following day so that we could share our experiences. What a fabulous week we have had!

WB 12.3.18

This week we have been busy learning about weight in Maths. We have followed a recipe for biscuits, measuring the ingredients out and reading the scales. Feel free to get them baking over the next few weeks at home and enjoy!  In English, we have been reading all about minibeasts and finding out where they live. We also learnt about using different conjunctions and practised using them in different sentences.  During our Continuous Provision time we have also been finding out about particular minibeasts in our groups.

Finally, Tuesday was an exciting day.  We had a theatre company in to help us learn about some different bible stories.  Please see the photos below!

WB 5.2.18

It has been another busy week for the Bold Badgers.  We have continued our work on Column Subtraction and will finish this off next week.  I have put some more addition and subtraction worksheets below in case children would like to have a go at home!  In English, we have been asking lots of questions and making sure that we remember to use a ? at the end! I have put a worksheet below for children to have a go at if they want to.  We also pretended to be the bear in the book The Bear and the Piano and wrote a letter home describing our adventures in the big, bright city.

In Art, we have continued to learn about Monet and have used pastel colours to recreate our own pictures of the Houses of Parliament.

We have continued to develop our football skills with the help of Stags in PE and in Geography we have explored where we live and enjoyed using Google Earth to help us!

Finally, our Forest School adventures have continued. We wrapped up warm and had a really good time making habitats this week! 

WB 29.1.18

We have been so busy this week! In English we have learnt about nouns and verbs and how to use them in sentences. We have finished column addition in Maths and have now moved on to column subtraction. I have attached some worksheets in case any of the Bold Badgers want to continue with these at home as I know some of the children loved doing these sums! In RE we have though about Christian values and what these mean to us. In Music we looked at different styles of music and even had a go at playing recorders. The Bold Badgers are definitely a musical bunch! On Tuesday we all completed our Dance-a-thon raising money for The NSPCC. We loved this although we needed a sit down afterwards! We have continued to develop our football skills in PE with the help of Stags and finally, to finish the week on another high, we explored our Forest Schools area. Phew! We have been busy! Photos are below.

Friday Fun in Forest Schools

Column Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

WB 22.1.18

This week we have been working hard in Maths, looking at column addition with regrouping and solving addition word problems. We have continued to practice telling the time throughout the day as well! In English we have done some super work predicting what we think might happen in the book The Bear and the Piano. We have looked closely at the front cover, thinking about what we can see, what it makes us think and what questions it makes us think about. We then read part of the story and did some lovely independent work predicting what we thought happened next.   In Science we have been looking at what happens when different things are put into water and in particular we have been looking at things that dissolve. We have continued learning about football with the help of Stags and we are all really enjoying the time they are spending with us! 

WB 15.1.18

This week we have enjoyed learning about winter and going on our very muddy winter walk! We have taken photos of ourselves and labelled our winter clothing in Science.

In Maths we are working hard learning about column addition and regrouping the ones. We are using lots of equipment and pictures to help us with this! Some of us have loved this so much that we have been practising at home! We shall continue with column addition over the next week.

ln spellings we have continued to look at the silent ‘k’ in ‘kn’ and in English we have been focusing on guided reading activities about winter as well as on handwriting practice.

We have also learnt about Monet in our Art lesson and created our own garden paintings using finger painting to create the same effect as Monet.


WB 8.1.18

What a fabulous first week we have had! Well done to all the Bold Badgers. You have settled into working after the Christmas period really well!

This week in English we have been focusing on the story of the Ugly Duckling. We have learnt the story, acted it out in groups and written a recount.  We were also extremely lucky to have a theatre group come in and perform the Ugly Duckling for us and afterwards we wrote a review of their performance saying what happened, what we liked about it and who we would recommend the performance to and why. 

In our spellings we have reminded ourselves about the -ly suffix and have just started looking at ‘kn’ with the silent ‘k’.

In Maths we have continued learning how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes and we now have time monitors (changed daily!) in class to keep an eye on the time for us. We have also learnt about am and pm this week to finish off our time telling unit.

In PE we are very fortunate to have Stags coaches coming in to work with us on our ball skills this half term We had our first session on Tuesday which we really enjoyed and we learnt how to move and turn with the ball! 

In RE we have read and thought about the story of the Prodigal Son and have talked about what a parable is and finally, in music, we have been listening to and comparing some Blues music and finding and keeping the beat using clapping, marching and any other actions we could think of!

All in all we have had a fabulous first week back and we are looking forward to many more exciting weeks full of learning this half term!

Mrs Klapkowski and Mr Green

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