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Spring Term Updates

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 12th March

Another great week for Maugrims this week. The children took part in the Jesse Tree RE day where they looked at different stories from The Bible and did some activities associated with the Story. Maugrims looked at the story of Joseph and made some prayers to attach to a multi-coloured coat and learnt the song from the Musical. We then performed the song to the whole school as part of a celebration assembly and added the ornament we created to the Jesse Tree in the hall. 

In English we have looked at making sure that our 'was and weres' are used correctly, something we find quite tricky given the way we talk informally on the playground! In maths we have continued to look at angles and recognised that angles around a point add up to 360 degrees, which we remember by thinking about skateboarding! 

Most importantly we have achieved 100% in attendence, with all the children attending everyday, we just need to keep it up. Good work Maugrims.

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 5th March 2018

After the disruption last week, we finally managed to complete our Book Week activities. We measured angles in maths looking at what angle Sam and Dave could dig at and then used this knowledge to work out the missing angles in a triangle. In English we have continued to look at speech and written the speech between Sam and Dave using split speech and the correct punctuation. 

The week culminated in our character dress up day where we had some fantastic book characters, we took part in the school parade and went to visit F1 children to read with them- it was a fantastic day.

Keep up the hard work Maugrims.

Book Week 2018

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 26th February 2018

Wow! What a crazy week - one burst pipe and two snow days! In between the disruptions we did manage to start our book for Book Week and designed a new front cover whilst making predictions of what we think will happen in the story. We will continue our book week stuff this week, including writing an ending to the story; finishing our front covers and looking at the angles of the holes that Sam and Dave have dug!

We will carry on with our Fab 5s next week as well - keep up the hard work Maugrims!

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 12th February 2018

A great last week of this half term. We spent a lot of time finishing off our topic work; we compared Brazil to the UK using the Internet for research and produced some detailed information. We also finished our forces topic by completing an experiment on friction, using our trainers and different surfaces to see which caused the most friction. Our favourite part of the week was our PE lesson, were we got out the big equipment in the hall and used it to make routines which included balances and stretches. 

We are all looking forward to the Half term holiday, were we can relax before we start work on the Mayans and look at space in our science work. Keep up the reading over Half Term, well done Maugrims.

Y6 PE Lesson using equipment to balance and stretch

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 5th February 2018

Another busy week for Maugrims this week. We have spent much of our week designing and making our amazing Brazilian Carnival Masks, mainly with the help of Mrs Webb! It involved some complicated stitching and flamboyant designs, but they look fantastic now that they are nearly completed. We also had our last Brazilian dance session with Ellie, where we manged to put our dance routine together and combined it with the other two classes to perform a mass Brazilian Samba in the hall.

As well as this, we've also completed some practice SATs and 'learnt' about semi colons and colons, although we may need to revisit it again soon! Some of the Maugrims also competed in the rowing competition where we came 1st and 4th, meaning that we now compete in the district finals after half term. 

I'm sure it'll be another busy week this week, but then we can have a rest over half term. Keep up the good work Maugrims.

Brazilian Carnival Masks in D and T

Brazilian Carnival Masks in D and T 1

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 28th January

A busy week for Maugrims this week, a workout for charity and some brilliant Brazilian work! On Tuesday we took part in the fitness workout for the NSPCC. It involved doing laps of Miss Loker's circuit training, we had to do squats, star jumps and burpees and then run round the playground. It was hard work but we secretly enjoyed it! We then attended the workshop run by the charity and learnt lots about keeping us safe and what to do if we need to talk to anyone. 

We have continued working hard on percentages in maths and colons in english and we also found time to do some practice sat papers to make sure we are putting our new learning into practise. 

Another 100% for Fab 5 readers this week and the promise of doughnuts if we can do two more weeks until the end of half term!

Keep up the good work Maugrims.

Weekly Newsletter Week Commencing 21st January

A great week for Maugrims, we have really immersed ourselves into our Brazilian topic this week, we have learnt how to Samba and created painting in the style of Britto. On Wednesday we had Ellie come into school and teach us some basic steps to Samba, it was great fun but got really tricky when the music started to get quicker! On Thursday we also looked at the Brazilian painter Britto and created our own pictures in the same style.

In maths we have looked at rounding decimals and recognising what each number represents. Next week we are looking at percentages and the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. We’ll also try to work out the percentage of an amount. In English we have looked at adverbs and realised they are not just –ly words! Next week we’ll be looking at colons and semi-colons and when to use them properly! A great week for fab 5s this week as well with Maugrims achieving 100% - Keep up the good work.


Brazilian art and dance

Brazilian art and dance 1
Brazilian art and dance 2
Brazilian art and dance 3

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 15th January

A fantastic week in Maugrims this week. In English we have been learning about the passive and active voice and used the phrase 'by zombies' added to the end of a verb to identify whether the sentence is active or passive. In Maths we have continued to look at changing fractions into decimals and identified where we can simply fractions - which doesn't always mean halving! We have also used our spelling work to change root words into words that add 'sion or ssion' like tension and mission. As a class we have agreed that we will learn how to spell all the 3/4 spelling words before Mrs Wright comes back! 

We've had some great PE this week where we have used four movements: back support, front support, back arch and front arch to create a routine in a small group, the performances were fantastic in the short amount of time we had. Best of all this week we achieved 100% in our Fab 5 Readers (in fact it was 104%) which is a fantastic achievement.

Remember that SATs surgeries start this week on Wednesday from 3.45- 4.45pm.

Weekly News- Week commencing 8th January 2018

A great first week back for Maugrims, everyone has returned well rested and ready for the challenge of this half term. We have got stuck straight into our new topic, 'Nuts about Brazil' and located Brazil on a World map and compared it to the size of the UK. Did you know the UK would fit inside Brazil 23.9 times? We also had a bit of fun testing our knowledge of capital cities - which might need a little bit more work!

In maths we have started to look at decimals and used the idea of slices, bites and crumbs of pizza to help us represent tenths, hundredths and thousandths. So far it has worked well, although next week we need to look at rounding them!

In English we have looked at cohesive devices or co-flowiness as we've nicknamed them and used them to write a description about an imaginary animal. It's also a great start back for our Fab 5's achieving 96% this week - keep up the good work Maugrims.