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Spring Term Updates

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 1st April 2019

We have worked really hard this week on some practice SATs papers and our teachers are really proud of the effort we have put in. As we worked so hard in the mornings, we have been able to relax in the afternoons a little bit and loved taking part in an interactive Easter Story with Mrs Webb and Mrs Forman - we thought about the importance of Holy Week and took part in the Last Supper. We also continued some art work on our 'Great Wave' pictures and continued our work on the human body in Science.  

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 25th March 2019

What an exciting week we have had! On Monday, we received letters from our Pen Pals in France! They had written to us in French and it was a real challenge to read and understand them - Mrs Wright's, Miss Loker's, Mrs Webb's and Mrs Forman's memories of French lessons at secondary school were put to the test! We loved working them out though and also admired the handwriting. We are looking forward to writing back, in French!

As if this wasn't exciting enough, we then had a trip to York on Tuesday where we boosted our history knowledge with a visit to York Dungeons. This was great fun and Mrs Wright and Mrs Webb were only a little scared!

We also continued developing our English and Maths and learnt some more about the human body in our Science lesson.

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 18th March 2019

We have been working really hard again this week in the Magnificent Maugrims. In English, we have looked at different tenses including simple past, present and future tenses (which was harder than we thought!); progressive tenses and perfect present tense. We were great at identifying the verbs and Mrs Wright was very pleased that we knew we needed to highlight 'was' as well!

In Maths, we have looked at data and different types of graphs and charts. We all did well with our revision on bar charts, line graphs, tally charts, frequency tables and pictograms before we moved to looking at pie charts - we enjoyed working out what the sectors represented and using our fractions knowledge to answer questions.

Mr Hayes, from St Andrew's Church, joined us this week for our RE lesson and spent a long time answering our questions about the Easter story - we had a lot to ask! 

We have also enjoyed producing our versions of 'The Great Wave' and can't wait to show the finished versions!

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Weekly Newsletter week commencing 11th March 2019

We have been back on it again this week after the excitement of last week’s Book Week. We have been looking at punctuating clauses in English and how to use commas, colons and semi-colons to do this. It was tricky but we did a great job. In Maths, we have continued work on our arithmetic skills and have been looking at co-ordinates and the translation of shapes. We tried to remember this by saying, ‘Across the corridor and up the stairs.’ Although we had to add ‘or down the stairs’ when we had 4 quadrants! Our afternoons have also been exciting, we have practised overhead serves in our PE session and have looked at the use of colour for effect in art. We have also learnt about the heart in Science and produce do some fantastic explanations of how it works. We also had a very lively RE lesson when we discussed the concept of guilt and linked this to the idea of free will, we all got really involved and had a lot to say! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 4th March 2019

What a lot of fun we have had this week! For ‘Book Week’ we have read the story of ‘Grandad’s Secret Giant’ and all of our work has been based around this. We loved looking at the front cover and finding lots of little details. We then read some of the story and made predictions about what gift Billy and Grandad could be making for the giant. We also made front covers, painted a class mural, read stories with our friends in Nursery and looked at symmetry for the Giant’s outfit. On Thursday, we took part in World Book Day and came to school dressed as characters from our favourite books. We even had a whole school parade for parents in our costumes, were sure they agreed that everyone looked fantastic!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 25th February 2019

We have come back ready and raring to go after our Half Term holiday, which was a good thing as we had yet another busy week! We have continued our Guided Reading activities and have worked with shorter texts so that we can think about what it tells us: we love using Post-Its for our ideas. In English we have been looking at phrases, clauses and sentence types and how to punctuate them correctly: what a lot of fun we had! In Maths, we have looked at 2D and 3D shapes, their names and properties and how we can identify them from nets. Our afternoons have also been busy - we have practised our control skills with a bat and ball in PE, begun learning about habitats in Science and completed our multi-layered sea scenes in Art - they look great!

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 11th February 2019


It’s been another busy week in the Maugrims’ Class: we’ve completed some practice SATs and worked really hard on these. We then had some busy but enjoyable afternoons: we thought about our Goals and Dreams and how we could achieve these; we had a great time doing La Crosse in our PE session; we were really relaxed when weaving our Viking bracelets - they looked so good we even had to make one for Mrs Williams! We also added runes to our bracelets and are so pleased with how amazing they look. Next, we made our Viking pendants using clay and also found out more about light in Science. We are definitely ready for Half Term! 

Our woven Viking bracelets

Our woven Viking bracelets 1
Our woven Viking bracelets 2
Our woven Viking bracelets 3
Our woven Viking bracelets 4
Our woven Viking bracelets 5
Our woven Viking bracelets 6
Our woven Viking bracelets 7
Our woven Viking bracelets 8
Our woven Viking bracelets 9
Our woven Viking bracelets 10
Our woven Viking bracelets 11
Our woven Viking bracelets 12
Our woven Viking bracelets 13
Our woven Viking bracelets 14
Our woven Viking bracelets 15
Our woven Viking bracelets 16
Our woven Viking bracelets 17
Our woven Viking bracelets 18
Our woven Viking bracelets 19
Our woven Viking bracelets 20
Our woven Viking bracelets 21
Our woven Viking bracelets 22
Our woven Viking bracelets 23
Our woven Viking bracelets 24
Our woven Viking bracelets 25
Our woven Viking bracelets 26
Our woven Viking bracelets 27

La Crosse

La Crosse 1
La Crosse 2
La Crosse 3
La Crosse 4
La Crosse 5
La Crosse 6
La Crosse 7
La Crosse 8
La Crosse 9
La Crosse 10
La Crosse 11
La Crosse 12
La Crosse 13
La Crosse 14
La Crosse 15
La Crosse 16
La Crosse 17
La Crosse 18
La Crosse 19
La Crosse 20
La Crosse 21
La Crosse 22
La Crosse 23
La Crosse 24
La Crosse 25
La Crosse 26
La Crosse 27
La Crosse 28
La Crosse 29
La Crosse 30
La Crosse 31
La Crosse 32
La Crosse 33
La Crosse 34
La Crosse 35

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 4th February 2019

We have had lots of fun this week in our Maths lessons - we have been looking at units of measure and converting between them. This meant that we got to weigh lots of objects to find their mass, we even tried to see if we could get the scales to reach their maximum on the scale! We also looked at capacity and worked out the total of two different volumes, getting a little wet in the process! 

We looked at speech in English before writing our version of the Viking Creation Story - we worked hard on these and have produced some fantastic work.

Our afternoons have been equally busy, we have continued our DARE work, worked with mirrors in Science, had gymnastics in PE and even had a story teller share a story with us on Thursday. We have also written to our new pen pals at a French school and can’t wait to get their replies! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 28th January 2019


Once again, it has been a busy week for us Maugrims - we have continued to work in smaller groups to really hone our skills. In English, we have looked at when we should use an apostrophe to show possession and for contraction as well as reading an aptly named text, ‘Frost Fairs’, in our reading sessions. We have continued to work with percentages in Maths and have looked at how to find percentages of amounts. In our afternoons, we have looked at the Viking Creation Story where we met Odin and Loki and made some fabulous story maps, we created a short story-telling dance in PE and we explored Skegby Bottoms in our Forest School session. We are also continuing our DARE work and are really enjoying these sessions. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 21st January 2019

It has been another busy week in the Maugrims' Class; we have worked on fractions, decimals and percentages in Maths as well as continuing to develop our arithmetic skills. Some of us have even got to grips with long division and are starting to get really confident with this! In English, we have been focusing on pronouns, conjunctions and determiners and looking for these in Beowulf.

Our afternoons have also been full - we have found out about King Ethelred the Unready and designed our own Viking warrior; we have continued work on our DARE programme; we have designed some Viking jewellery and we have continued to investigate light. We had another exciting PE session where we jabbed, ducked and sparred in Boxing and then we got extremely muddy in our Forest School after we had built a mud slide!

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 14th January.

Another great week for Maugrims. We are working even harder now we’re in our smaller groups in the morning. We have tackled multiplying and dividing fractions and can start to simplify our answers. Some of us have used our skills to answer worded questions about Fractions. In English we have carried on with our Beowulf story and used it to identify adverbs. We have also looked at modal verbs and how likely things are to happen.

In P.E. this week we have had a go at archery in the hall and worked hard to hit targets with our arrows, ranging from a bullseye from a football to a tiny tennis ball. In science we are starting to plan our own experiment that we will investigate next week an have used computers to search databases about Aliens.

We have had great attendance this week and done really well in our Fab 5s. Keep up the hard work Maugrims.  

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 7th January 2019

A great first week back for Maugrims. We have started our new topic looking at Invaders and Vikings and had a theatre group in to show us Viking artefacts, tradition chainmail armour and weapons. We also took part in some drama where we acted as Viking warriors in battle and said a sad farewell to our leader in a Viking funeral.

In English we have looked at our new text Beowulf and started to identify word classes within it, as well as making some predications about what’s might happen in the story. In Maths we have continued to look at fractions and how to compare them.

We have also started our DARE programme, when Dare Officer Robinson introduced the DARE model and how we could use it to make sensible choices. We talked about some of the things we are going to learn about over the next 11 weeks and the guidelines about discussing things in class.

On Friday some of Maugrims represented school at the Young Voices event where they sang and performed beautifully.

A busy week for week 1 – Keep up the hard work Maugrims.


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