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Summer Term Updates

This Week 18.5.18

This week we have worked with the whole of year 5 all week because year 6 were doing their SATs. We made some Monster poems. We got to design our own monster, give him a name and create a narrative poem all about them. These are for a competition to get our poem published! We performed these to all of year 5 on Friday! On Monday afternoon, we started our new topic – The Blue Abyss – and learnt all about different Oceans and the animals that live in them. On Tuesday afternoon, we continued our research of the planet we have made out of salt dough, ready for our poster. Wednesday afternoon we got to open a Habitat box from The Deep! It has lots of exciting things in it, like Gentoo Penguin feathers, Snake Skin and Coral from a Coral Reef. We created a fact file about an animal or a habitat in the Ocean. On Thursday afternoon, we did PE with all of year 5 and 6. We played Scatterball and had a competition with the other classes. Some of us won our competition. We’ve had a fantastic week working with all of year 5 to develop some incredible poems, Miss Beeden is very proud!


Written by Phoebe, Troy and Oliver.

This Week 11.5.18

We came back to school on Tuesday energised after our long weekend! In English this week we learnt how to use ‘was’ and ‘were’ correctly (this means we should start saying the correct one as well as writing it). We also looked at a type of poetry called a Haiku (they have three lines, with a syllable structure of 5, 7, 5) and wrote some of our own about Space! In Maths this week we looked at dividing by 10, 100 and 100 and also making it a bit more complicated with dividing by 30 etc. We’re getting good at it now! We also played Hit the Button to improve our times tables. In Art we got to make Salt Dough models of the planets and research the planet we had chosen. We looked at ancient Maya writing in Topic and created some of our own versions. In PE we continued with our Cricket and got to play a game. We also got to see a baby Hedgehog at lunch on Thursday!


By Lily, Selina and Gabriel.

This Week 4.5.18

On Monday, we started working on direct speech, and in maths, we did more estimating and rounding numbers. In the afternoon, some of us went swimming and the rest of us drew out and made the holes in our constellation models. On Tuesday, we finished our maths work on estimating and in English, we looked at reported speech. In the afternoon, we went with the rest of the year 5 and 6s to Skegby Bottoms, we walked over the fields, climbed trees, walked through the stream and rolled down the huge hill. It was really good fun! Wednesday, we continued working on direct and reported speech, learning how to change one into the other. In maths, we started to look at multiplying numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. With Mrs Clarke we learnt about the Mayan’s and the foods they thought were special, we learnt that, in Mayan times, corn was better than chocolate. Thursday we practised our multiplying in maths and in English did a reading comprehension challenge outside about space. Thursday afternoon we did ICT, using the iPads to make thinglinks of our favourite planets with lots of facts about them. Friday, we finished our maths and English work from the week, we practised our spellings and showed off our constellations by shinning torches in our balloons to see what they look like. We finished the week with our achievement assembly.


See below for photos of our week.


By Harry and Ashden

This Week 27.4.18

We went to assembly on Monday morning, we watched people doing the London marathon and helping strangers and their brother. In English, we did reading comprehension about the Tale of the Shipwreck Cove. After break, we did CLIC, in maths we did joining up numbers. After lunch, we had PE and did Cricket, some of us went swimming. On Tuesday morning, we did another reading comprehension about Carter’s Cove, after play we did maths, we looked at rounding and estimating. We worked on our paper mache balloons, some of us started to paint them, we also researched constellations and drew our own. On Wednesday, we looked at estimating in maths and in English, we planned for our Independent writing, our diary entries for going to the Moon. We did RE with Mrs Clarke in the afternoon, thinking about love and what it means. Thursday we did a reading comprehension treasure hunt, where we had to find the different questions and search for the answer. We did the last bit of our planning ready to write up on Friday. We did our independent writing, and finished with some spelling. In the afternoon, we did maths, rounding numbers to estimate division and multiplication questions. We finished with our achievement assembly.


Written by Jack and Alea.

This Week 20.4.18

On Monday in assembly, we found out who won the Easter egg for best Easter Poem, it was Brilliant Beavers’ very own Gabriel! We began by doing some reading comprehension called Saving Planet Malia. In Maths, we looked at rounding numbers and estimating. In the afternoon we had PE, we started looking at the rules and how to play cricket. On Tuesday, we read more of our reading comprehension and some more maths using the witch’s hat, which really helps us. We did art in the afternoon, using paper mache around balloons ready to make our constellations for science and topic. On Wednesday, we all did our star reader tests and finished our paper mache balloons. Thursday we did English looking at subject and verb agreement using single and plural words, we made our own sundials and went outside to try them out in the sunshine. Friday, we did lots of spelling and in our maths lesson, we did ClIC tests. We got our homework for the weekend and got to spend more time outside for a treat for getting our fab5 100%!


Written by Sam, Darcey and Madison.


See below for photos of our week and our amazing homework!