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Summer Term Updates

This Week 13.7.18

On Monday, we had an assembly where we watched the highlights of the England vs Sweden match. We sang it’s coming home at the end (we're very sad that it isn't coming home). In Maths, we did some World Cup based challenges! In the afternoon, we practised our play, which is Moana. We’ve been practising it a lot this week, to make sure it is superb for parents!

On Wednesday afternoon, Southwell Minster visited school to do some Choral Outreach with us, it was fantastic. On Thursday, we looked at the effects of Coral Bleaching and why it is occurring. We made posters to save the Coral Reefs and enjoyed thinking about how we could make a difference to our Planet.

On Friday, we got 100% Fab Five!! We got to pick which biscuits we wanted as a treat. In the afternoon, we played Rounders.
We are all very excited for our trip to Cleethorpes on Monday!

Written by Sam and Freya.

This Week 6.7.18

On Monday, we rehearsed for the Moana play. In the afternoon, we had our last swimming lesson, we all did our 25 metre swims! On Tuesday, we started our reviews of the year for our reports, we thought about our favourite memory; something we had made progress in; someone who supported us and our favourite thing about this year. We did some more rehearsing and practiced singing the songs. Miss Beeden told us that she was leaving in the summer to go to a job nearer to home. Wednesday was bump up day, we went to visit our new class with Mr Snelling and Mrs Wright, we started some topic work looking at William Shakespeare and drew some portraits of ourselves. On Thursday, we finished our reviews for our reports, we also did some fraction work on a world cup theme. In the afternoon, we watched Blue Planet, learning about coral reefs and the difference we can make to the Planet by making little changes to our lifestyles (for example – not using plastic straws when we are out). We started to draw our own reefs. Friday, we had more rehearsals for Moana, finished off our reefs and help to set up ready for the School Summer Fayre.


By Braydan and Gabriel

Sports Week 29.6.18

We have had an incredibly active week this week! We have enjoyed learning more about Sharks in our topic work and this definitely helped us to swim like Sharks in our Swimming lessons on Monday afternoon! 

On Wednesday afternoon, lots of people came to watch our Sports Day! We were excellent and all took part and supported each other brilliantly. 

Thursday morning we completed our Sponsored Walk with all of KS1 and KS2. We walked a total of 3 miles and got a reward of an ice lolly half way through! Some of Running Club also ran the whole 3 miles! 

Thank you for all of your support throughout this week!




Aspirations Week 22.6.18

We have had an incredible Aspirations week! We have learnt all about different careers that we could do and it has opened our eyes to jobs we might not have thought about before! Not only this, we also looked at how to apply for a job and what skills we needed, then we applied for one of the jobs (we could choose between Pilot, Cabin Crew, Hairdresser, Police Officer, Teacher, Nurse and Builder). Miss Beeden was really impressed with our applications and interviewed us on Friday (when we were in our ‘Dress for Work’ clothes) to see who would get the job! We had some experts from NatWest in to deliver a Money Sense workshop, this taught us all about fraud and how to keep safe so that no one can steal our details, we were fantastic at investigating!

On Tuesday afternoon, we had lots of fantastic people with lots of different careers come in to speak to us, we were able to pick which ones we wanted to go and speak to. It gave us lots of ideas for the future and made us think about how we could get into certain careers.

In addition to this, we worked with money to budget for our World Cup Dream Team – selecting which teams we thought would win, but making sure we didn’t spend all of our money! We did more work on budgeting on Thursday afternoon – Miss Beeden gave us 50p to decorate two biscuits and we had to make it last. We sold these to our Buddy Class (The Gruffalos) and had to work out how much profit we made per biscuit.

We have had a fantastic and busy Aspirations week! Thank you for your continued support! See below for photos of our week.

When We Grow Up

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This Week 15.6.18

On Monday, we had an assembly where all the music people, who learn to play instruments in school, performed to us. We have been doing our NFER tests, our first one was reading. In the afternoon, we went swimming. On Tuesday, we did our spelling and grammar tests, after break we had our extreme wheels session we used scooters and went up and over ramps. In the afternoon, we made our Father’s day cards with Mrs Forman. Wednesday, we did out maths arithmetic text and then our maths test. In the afternoon, we did some reading comprehension and practiced singing for our end of year performance. On Thursday, we did our final test, finishing with maths. We did some more reading comprehension and then did some topic work. On Friday, we did more reading comprehension and topic, and then we spent the afternoon in our sports house giving out races. We finished the week with our achievement assembly.


Written by Jake and Ashton.

This Week 8.6.18

On Monday, we had our whole school assembly. In Maths, we looked at order of operations. In English, we started our work on a poem called Jabberwocky. In the afternoon, we went swimming with the rest of the year 5’s. On Tuesday we continued on our work on operation orders, we also went to our extreme wheels session, we did zorbing, it was very fun! In the afternoon, we did RE with Mrs Forman writing about our inspirational people. On Wednesday, we stated working on some test style questions in maths, we looked more into the Jabberwocky poem in English understanding some of the words it uses and some made up ones too. In the afternoon, we started our new science topic, on plants and life cycles. On Thursday, we started practicing performing our Jabberwocky poems and carried on with our maths questions. On Friday, we performed our poems to everyone; we also did some more of our word problems for maths and spent some times as a class in ‘circle time’.


Written by Oliver and Sam

This Week 25.5.18

On Monday we designed a fish that had been genetically mutated by a mad scientist, it was our own designs and then we explained what the fish was like, what it’s habitat was, how it reproduced and what it ate.

In the afternoon, we watched Moana to get us ready for our Summer production of Moana (we loved singing the songs). 


On Tuesday, we did maths work on the order of operations and 2 digit multiplications. After that, we had Extreme Wheels come in and we did Laser Quest. We had 5 minutes to get the highest score we could! Jay came first, Freya came second and Miss Beeden came third! The laser quest was amazing and really good fun! In the afternoon, we painted our salt-dough planets (these look bumpy, wriggly and like a real planet).


On Wednesday, we carried on with our maths and in English we described our fish using metaphors and similes. We also created beautiful front covers for The Blue Abyss. After school, some of us played cricket but most of us went to the disco! 


Thursday was our magnificent trip to The Deep... first we went on a long journey and saw the Humber Bridge (on the way back we got to go over it). When we got to The Deep we classified different fish and penguins. We now know so much about penguins - some of them are in danger, especially the Yellow Eyed Penguin. The Emperor penguin and the King penguin look very similar and are both Great penguins. We also learnt how to honk like a penguin! It was very loud (Freya was the loudest!). 

After that, we went to explore some of the interesting fish in the tanks. We saw Miss Beeden’s favourite fish (a sting ray). We went up in a glass lift and saw some fat fish, sting rays and a shark! We also saw lots of puffer fish, sea urchins, star fish, penguins, sharks, black-tipped sharks and Zebra sharks. We saw Catfish too! We saw lots of different frogs, lots of them were poisonous - we even saw some as tiny as our fingernails. We saw some Piranhas as well. We lent on an ice wall, it was so cold! We also got to see the penguins being fed!

On Friday, we wrote a story of what happened next after the mad scientist genetically modified our fish, Miss Beeden can’t wait to read them all! Then as our treat for getting 12 balls in our jar we got to watch an episode of Blue Planet II.


Written by Braydan, Freya, Luke and Amy-Jo.


See below for photos of The Deep and our planet art work.

This Week 18.5.18

This week we have worked with the whole of year 5 all week because year 6 were doing their SATs. We made some Monster poems. We got to design our own monster, give him a name and create a narrative poem all about them. These are for a competition to get our poem published! We performed these to all of year 5 on Friday! On Monday afternoon, we started our new topic – The Blue Abyss – and learnt all about different Oceans and the animals that live in them. On Tuesday afternoon, we continued our research of the planet we have made out of salt dough, ready for our poster. Wednesday afternoon we got to open a Habitat box from The Deep! It has lots of exciting things in it, like Gentoo Penguin feathers, Snake Skin and Coral from a Coral Reef. We created a fact file about an animal or a habitat in the Ocean. On Thursday afternoon, we did PE with all of year 5 and 6. We played Scatterball and had a competition with the other classes. Some of us won our competition. We’ve had a fantastic week working with all of year 5 to develop some incredible poems, Miss Beeden is very proud!


Written by Phoebe, Troy and Oliver.

This Week 11.5.18

We came back to school on Tuesday energised after our long weekend! In English this week we learnt how to use ‘was’ and ‘were’ correctly (this means we should start saying the correct one as well as writing it). We also looked at a type of poetry called a Haiku (they have three lines, with a syllable structure of 5, 7, 5) and wrote some of our own about Space! In Maths this week we looked at dividing by 10, 100 and 100 and also making it a bit more complicated with dividing by 30 etc. We’re getting good at it now! We also played Hit the Button to improve our times tables. In Art we got to make Salt Dough models of the planets and research the planet we had chosen. We looked at ancient Maya writing in Topic and created some of our own versions. In PE we continued with our Cricket and got to play a game. We also got to see a baby Hedgehog at lunch on Thursday!


By Lily, Selina and Gabriel.

This Week 4.5.18

On Monday, we started working on direct speech, and in maths, we did more estimating and rounding numbers. In the afternoon, some of us went swimming and the rest of us drew out and made the holes in our constellation models. On Tuesday, we finished our maths work on estimating and in English, we looked at reported speech. In the afternoon, we went with the rest of the year 5 and 6s to Skegby Bottoms, we walked over the fields, climbed trees, walked through the stream and rolled down the huge hill. It was really good fun! Wednesday, we continued working on direct and reported speech, learning how to change one into the other. In maths, we started to look at multiplying numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. With Mrs Clarke we learnt about the Mayan’s and the foods they thought were special, we learnt that, in Mayan times, corn was better than chocolate. Thursday we practised our multiplying in maths and in English did a reading comprehension challenge outside about space. Thursday afternoon we did ICT, using the iPads to make thinglinks of our favourite planets with lots of facts about them. Friday, we finished our maths and English work from the week, we practised our spellings and showed off our constellations by shinning torches in our balloons to see what they look like. We finished the week with our achievement assembly.


See below for photos of our week.


By Harry and Ashden

This Week 27.4.18

We went to assembly on Monday morning, we watched people doing the London marathon and helping strangers and their brother. In English, we did reading comprehension about the Tale of the Shipwreck Cove. After break, we did CLIC, in maths we did joining up numbers. After lunch, we had PE and did Cricket, some of us went swimming. On Tuesday morning, we did another reading comprehension about Carter’s Cove, after play we did maths, we looked at rounding and estimating. We worked on our paper mache balloons, some of us started to paint them, we also researched constellations and drew our own. On Wednesday, we looked at estimating in maths and in English, we planned for our Independent writing, our diary entries for going to the Moon. We did RE with Mrs Clarke in the afternoon, thinking about love and what it means. Thursday we did a reading comprehension treasure hunt, where we had to find the different questions and search for the answer. We did the last bit of our planning ready to write up on Friday. We did our independent writing, and finished with some spelling. In the afternoon, we did maths, rounding numbers to estimate division and multiplication questions. We finished with our achievement assembly.


Written by Jack and Alea.

This Week 20.4.18

On Monday in assembly, we found out who won the Easter egg for best Easter Poem, it was Brilliant Beavers’ very own Gabriel! We began by doing some reading comprehension called Saving Planet Malia. In Maths, we looked at rounding numbers and estimating. In the afternoon we had PE, we started looking at the rules and how to play cricket. On Tuesday, we read more of our reading comprehension and some more maths using the witch’s hat, which really helps us. We did art in the afternoon, using paper mache around balloons ready to make our constellations for science and topic. On Wednesday, we all did our star reader tests and finished our paper mache balloons. Thursday we did English looking at subject and verb agreement using single and plural words, we made our own sundials and went outside to try them out in the sunshine. Friday, we did lots of spelling and in our maths lesson, we did ClIC tests. We got our homework for the weekend and got to spend more time outside for a treat for getting our fab5 100%!


Written by Sam, Darcey and Madison.


See below for photos of our week and our amazing homework!