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Summer Term Updates

W.B 12.7.2019


This week has been a very busy one for Brilliant Beavers. We all tried our best on Sports Day and did our teams proud . We have also been busy practising the songs  for our the performances next week . We are sounding really good !  

In maths we have been learning how to draw a line graph - its not  as easy as it looks . The children all worked really carefully and neatly to make sure they drew accurate graphs . 

We have enjoyed of the Battle of Troy as part of our topic work and we imagined that we were there so we could write a diary entry . We really showed our brilliant imaginations and wrote some very creative diaries .     

W.B 5.7.2019


This week we have been very buy working on our assessments . We have worked very hard and really impressed Mrs Dickinson with our positive attitude . 

This week we have 100% attendance 100% homework and 100% fab five . Amazing . 

W.B 28.06.2019



This week we have continued  to look at Ancient Greek myths and have designed some very creative myths animals . We enjoyed deciding which special powers they have might have and come  up with some very interesting names for them .

On Thursday we sculpted our soap into copies of Geek statues . Some were more successful than others but the classroom smelt lovely .

A big thank you to parents for sending in bars of soap so that we could enjoy this activity .

W.B 10.6.2019

I just wanted to comment on the children's behaviour and experience last Friday when they went to the Archibishop of Southwall's pentecost party and picnic party. They represented St.Andrew's so well and had lots of fun learning all about the Pentecost- they did this through music, drama and craft activities. 

Miss Harrison 


This week has been a little bit different  for us in Brilliant Beavers. On Tuesday , we met Mrs. Dickinson , who will be teaching us until the end of the year and we worked hard on converting kilograms to  grams in Maths with her. We enjoyed meeting Mrs.Dickinson and cannot wait to get learning with her ! We also learned a lot about C.S Lewis and the hard work he carried out when writing The Chronicles of Narnia.

As we have worked hard and completed the Archbishop of York- Young Leaders Award, we had our awards assembly on Thursday where we shared our hard work and experiences that we have had throughout our award. We hope parents who came enjoyed themselves and had the chance to see how they could 'be the change that they want to see'.

Overall, we have had a busy but good week!

W.B 13.5.2019


In Brilliant  Beavers , we've been being as  brilliant as always even though it has been an unusual week for us .We have been joined by Fearless Fauns this week to work on our Archbishop of York Award (Young Leaders Award). We had to carry out a range of challenges this week that started with our ' walk of trust ' where we carried out in in our playground , communicating instructions to our partner using hand gestures . We had to be creative with our thinking as it was a non - verbal task.We then went on a walk in our local community to see how we could 'be the change we want to see .' 


























Whilst on the walk, we highlighted many areas where we could help, our biggest concern was the amount of litter on our streets. 


Throughout the week, we have researched inspirational leaders and what they have done to change the world that we live in and we have also looked at the role of charities and in both the UK and globally. We have worked hard on our leaderships skills and have loved having Fauns working with us- it's been so much fun! Now, we look forward to making changes to our local community with our first task of trying to get permission from our local councillor to plant new flowers and tidy up in the community. 


Miss Harrison says that she's so proud of our attitude and maturity throughout the week and how we have worked well on our leaderships skills! 

W.B 3.5.2019

Year 5's have started their 'Arch Bishop of York ' award this week , where we were introduced to Archie B and he told us about the benefits of the award and we also learned a song about  'Being the Change ' . We are looking forward to completing the challenges and home tasks . Our first challenge was the 'Cup Challenge ' where we had to make a pyramid out of cups but only using an elastic band to move the cups! We weren't allowed to touch the cup or the tables with any body part,  which we found tricky but had to work together, as a team , developing our leadership skills .



We have also completed our topic of 'Natural Disasters' and created a very informative piece of work on volcanoes around the world. We were very interested to find out about Mount Fuji in Japan and also the damage that a volcano can cause- due to the ash cloud and lava!


Our new topic is Ancient Greece so we have been busy researching the history of Greek Theatre masks and designing our own, ready to make them next week. First, we had to choose whether we wanted to make a comedy or tragedy mask. We then had to think carefully about how the detail we added to the faces made our mask designs look more realistic. 

W.B 26 . 4 . 2019

This week we've settled back into school well and continued working hard .

We've learned how to use adverbs of manner , time and frequency in English . Miss Harrison was so impressed with our efforts! In maths , we have carried  on learning all about fractions and have learned how to multiply them by whole numbers . 

On Thursday , we all represented St . Andrew's excellently in church at our Easter Service . We sang , read bible extracts and spoke all about Easter . 

We have carried out our own experiments in Science and had to think about how exercise effects our pulse rate . We had to get physical and exercise for 1 minute and record our pulses to see if our heart rate increased and why.

Overall , a super week back after a well - earned break .