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Summer Term Updates

Week Beginning 22nd April 2019

Nee Nah, Nee Nah! It's an EMERGENCY!

This week we started our new topic with some very special visitors. The Fire Service came to talk to us about  what the Fire Service do, what is on the Fire Engine and how we can stay safe. Mr Slack then showed us the uniform that Firefighters wear to protect themselves. We absolutely loved our morning!

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Week Beginning 29th April 2019

This week we haven been learning about how to find fractions of numbers, using a bar model. Here is how we did it.


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We also learned about the different coins and we have started to think about what each coin is worth, Year 2 have been adding prices together to find a total.

In our afternoons, Mrs Cobb set up a shop for us to practise what we had learned, she kept putting items on sale though, so we had to change the prices quickly.

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Week Beginning 3rd June 2019

This week we have been very busy, as usual. Miss Guest's new English group have been learning how to use apostrophes for possession. It was very tricky but we think we might have cracked it.

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In Maths Year 2 have been practising number bonds to 100. You can speed up with these on Hit the Button.

Year 1, were learning about mass. We had to decide which items were lighter or heavier and what we thought their mass was.

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Over our final half term, we will be making finger puppets, so this week, with Mrs McClaren we investigated puppets. We also started to practise some of the sewing skills we are going to need when we make our own Superhero Puppets.
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