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Summer Term Updates

This Week...(3/07/17 - 7/07/17)

This week saw The Fantastic Foxes explore the world of Mr Men and Little Miss and we loved it! We read some of the stories, watched some of the original cartoons, drew versions of the characters and even wrote about a day in the life of one of the characters. We are carrying on this work next week, when we will be able to design and write about our very own Mr Men and Little Miss character. What would your Mr Men or Little Miss Character be called?

We also got to go and see the dress rehearsal of the Year 5/6 production of 'How to Train a Dragon'. It was amazing and you are in for a real treat if you have tickets to go and see it next week!

This Week...(26/06/17 - 30/06/17)

This week the Fantastic Foxes went into the woods and discovered a house made entirely of sweets! We even got to try some of them to help us with our senses description. There was some fantastic writing produced and we had some great creative ideas. Continuing our work on Fairy Tales, we also wrote a very detailed description of the Troll from 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. He was disgusting, hideous, monstrous and disrespectful (just some of the of the adjectives we came up with!).

Also this week,

  • Mr Stone's Maths Group used fidget spinners to practise mental arithmetic
  • We started looking at the story of Joseph in RE
  • We discussed some of our memories of being part of the Fantastic Foxes
  • Year 2s began learning some songs for the Moving On Service at St Andrew's Church on Thursday 20th July (PM)

We would also like to thank everyone who managed to make it to our Summer Fair! We hope you had an amazing time (despite the weather) and we hope that some of you managed to throw some sponges at Mr Stone too cheeky.

This Week...(12/06/17 - 16/06/17)

Another busy week for the Fantastic Foxes saw them doing lots of different writing, including writing about flying away on their own magic bubble and also using a machine to generate a completely random story idea!

Try it out here:

We also read the story of 'Daniel in the Lions' Den', drew repeating patterns in Art and discovered how seasons affect the number of hours of daylight.  We also made our Father's Day Cards and we hope all the Fantastic Fox dads, grandads and other special people have a fantastic day on Sunday. Have a look at some of the photos below to find out why we love our dads so much!

This Week...(15/05/17 - 19/05/17)

This week was a big week for our Year 2 children...SATs Week! Tests in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, Reading and Maths gave us a chance to show off just how fantastic we were...and we did! All the KS1 staff are so proud of how hard the Year 2s worked and they really 'pushed out into the deep' to give their very best. A massive, massive well done to you all. It ended with a SATs Celebration event which included a disco, a visit from a magician, a film and sweets!

Our Year 1s were also really busy working with Mrs Williams, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Kinsey and Mrs Smith, being explorers! They did lots of great work, including working in our new Forest Schools area. Despite the weather, they all had a great time out there!

SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring!

SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 1
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 2
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 3
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 4
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 5
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 6
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 7
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 8
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 9
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 10
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 11
SATs Celebrations and Forest School Exploring! 12

This Week... (8/05/17 - 12/05/17)

While Mr Stone was busy supporting the Year 6 children with their SATs, the Fantastic Foxes were working hard with Miss Hart in English writing a wonderful setting description of a newly discovered planet, Pandora. We used lots of expanded noun phrases and tried hard to use a variety of conjunctions too.

When Mr Stone came back in the afternoons, we enjoyed working on the seasons in Science, learning how to use the Spark Video app in Computing and working with the Year 5s, who set up some amazing sports games for us to play on the field.

On Friday afternoon we also had a debate (see photos below). What are your opinions about the latest trend 'Fidget Spinners'? Most of us thought they were great and decided that they should be allowed in school, but not every one agreed. What do you think?

Next week the Year 2 children will be working on their SATs. We know how hard they have worked this year. All we ask is that they try their best and no matter what, we could not be more proud of them.

Good luck to our wonderful Year 2s!

Should Fidget Spinners be allowed in school?

This Week...(1/05/17 - 5/05/17)

We enjoyed reading about Bob this week. He is the man on the moon and spends his days cleaning up the moon and entertaining all the space tourists. Some of us even had a go at being Bob and guiding some space tourists around the moon. We then wrote postcards home from the moon to tell people about what we had been up to.

This week also saw us tasting a wide selection of fruit. We got to taste apples, melon, blueberries, kiwi, cherries, raspberries and many more. Some of us got to taste fruits that we had never tasted before and we really enjoyed it. We are going to use this work to design and then make our very own fruit kebabs.

Just a brief notice to say that Miss Hart will be working with the Fantastic Foxes most mornings next week, as Mr Stone is helping the year 6 children with their SATs. 

This Week...(24/04/17 - 28/04/17)

This week we left St Andrew's and zoomed off to Space Station Orion for our English work. We kept a diary of everything that happened, including a meteor strike and an alien invasion! We tried hard to write in the past tense, use subordinating conjunctions (when, if, that, because) and also tried to use different sentence types in our writing too.

We looked at the seasons in Science and discussed the types of weather we get in each season. This helped us decide what clothes we should wear for each season too, giving reasons for our choices.

In History we looked at our first famous explorer, Ibn Battuta. Did you know that  he spent nearly 30 years travelling! It is estimated that he travelled over 73,000 miles visiting the equivalent of 44 modern countries in his lifetime. Wow! We read some stories about his travels and then worked in groups to act out one of these stories. We loved becoming the different characters!

We managed to achieve second place in Fab 5 Readers this week with a total of 82%. Everyone keep reading so we can keep working towards that magic total of 100%!

This Week...(17/04/17 - 21/04/17)

Our first week back at school was great and we started as we mean to go being very busy!

We did some great work on 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne, writing our our stories just by looking at the front cover. We then read it on Friday and did some comprehension work on it. We loved the story!

On Wednesday we went to St Andrew's Church for our F2 and KS1 Easter Service. A huge thank you to everyone who was able to make it. We hope you enjoyed our wonderful singing!

We also started our brand new topic 'Explore and Discover'. The first thing we did was imagine where we would like ti explore and what we would like to discover while we were there. We had lots of ideas. Some of us wanted to explore space, some would like to explore different countries around the world and someone in the class would like to spend some time exploring Heaven. As part of this topic we will be looking at some significant explorers of the past. So we started our topic work by discussing what it means to be a significant person. Mr Stone then introduced us to some significant people of the past and present (we hardly knew who any of them were though!) and we had to decide who we thought were the most significant and least significant and why. See some of our answers in the photo album below. Do you agree with our decisions?

What we got up to this week...(17/04/17 - 21/04/17)