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Summer Term Updates

This Week...(26/06/17 - 30/06/17)

This week the children have really enjoyed our seaside themed role play area, we have had fish, chips and ice cream served and made sand castles using the buckets and spades. The creative table has been busy with children printing fish and crabs using sponges and hands! Thank you to everyone who braved the wet weather on Friday and joined us for the summer fair, it was lovely to see so many of the Tiddlers enjoying the fun and games.

Next week we are diving into the sea to find out who lives under the water and discovering what special equipment we need to be a deep sea diver!  

Our Sponsored Walk (23/06/17)

Our Sponsored Walk (23/06/17) 1
Our Sponsored Walk (23/06/17) 2
Our Sponsored Walk (23/06/17) 3
Our Sponsored Walk (23/06/17) 4
Our Sponsored Walk (23/06/17) 5
Our Sponsored Walk (23/06/17) 6

This Week,,, (12/06/17 - 16/06/17)

It has been yet again another busy week for the Tiddlers. We continued to learn about the farm and on Friday we visited Chatsworth Farm! We had a great time and we even got to meet a baby donkey, who was just one day old! He was very soft and cuddly and so cute! We spotted lots of farm animals on our spotter sheet, some children even spotted the cat in the gift shop!

Next week we are off on a train ride, sharing the story by June Crebbin. On Thursday we have our sports day – let’s hope the weather stays fine!

Our Visit to Chatsworth Farm (16/06/17)

This Week...(5/06/17 - 9/06/17)

Welcome back to the last half term of the year! This term is always a busy one and this week we have started by looking at the topic of the Farm. We will continue to look at this next week, as on Friday 16th June we will be visiting Chatsworth Farm. The children have really enjoyed exploring eggs and egg boxes in the sand tray and washing carrots in the water tray! In maths the children helped the farmer count how many sheep he had in his field. In our key worker groups we talked and sequenced picture cards of the journey milk takes a cow on the farm to our cereal bowls!

This Week...(15/05/17 - 19/05/17)

It has been a great week for the Tiddlers, despite the wet weather we have been woodland animal spotting! We looked high and low, under and over searching for clues that animals lived in our woods. We found a slug and the children named him Charlie! In maths we size ordered pictures of trees and leaves and sorted leaves into colour groups. On the creative table we sewed around leaves and painted with sticks and twigs. The children also enjoyed making bird feeders using pipe cleaners and cheerio hoops!

Next week, will be our last week of investigating! Our themes will be animal life and minibeasts.

This Week...(8/05/17 - 12/05/17)

It has been another fun filled week for the Tiddlers! Not to mention messy! The children loved investigating what happened when they mixed water and flour in the tray at the beginning of the week. On Thursday and Friday the children investigated fruit and vegetables, at group time we smelt and tasted a selection of real fruits and vegetables and sorted them into groups. In the role play area we set up a fruit and vegetable shop and the children enjoyed helping each other to go shopping!

Next week, we are still investigating and our themes are mud, stones and rocks and underground.

This Week (1/05/17 - 5/05/17)

It has been another busy week for the Tiddlers! We have enjoyed investigating texture, paper and card at the beginning of the week. Outside we flew paper aeroplanes and explored cardboard boxes. On the creative table we folded and decorated paper fans. At the end of the week we investigated colour through the story of the Rainbow Fish. In maths we sorted objects by colour and counted out the Rainbow fish’s shinny scales. We played I spy using colours and went on a colour hunt around the outdoor area.

Next week, we are continuing to investigate and our themes are melting and mixing and fruit and vegetables!

This Week,,,(24/04/17 - 28/04/17)

Our Topic for this half term is...Let's Investigate!

We have had another busy week in Foundation One! At the beginning of the week the children investigated rolling, twisting, bending and turning. We found out which bits of our bodies bent and had a go at stretching and balancing. We looked at a selection of objects and discovered what happened when we stretched, twisted, bent and squashed them. Outside we rolled balls and hoops down the hill and had fun playing in our new garage role play area. On Thursday and Friday we investigated joining and lifting. On the creative table we experimented with glue and tape to join boxes together to make models and in the tuff spot we used diggers to lift heavy stones!

Next week we will be continuing our topic of Lets Investigate and the children will be exploring different textures, paper and cardboard and colour and glue.