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Summer Term Updates

Week Beginning 13.5.19

In English this week we have been reading two different stories. We have read Super Daisy and Eliot The Midnight Superhero. We looked at the front cover and did a 'See, Think, Wonder'. We used our inference and background knowledge of what we already know and made some great predictions of what we thought was going to happen. We added a suffix to a root word using comparatives and superlatives (e.g. strong - stronger - strongest). 


In Maths we have been cracking codes just like Eliot The Midnight Superhero. We were given a set of numbers which we could only use to create our own number sentences, we flipped these number sentences as well. To challenge ourselves we used two digit numbers and multiplication. 


In PE this week we linked it to our Maths. We learnt about positional language (clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turn, half turn) and guided our partners from one hoop to the next. 


To continue our Topic of Emergency, Miss Hart has turned our Home Corner into 'Mighty Moles Doctors Surgery'. Here we have written perscriptions, put bandages on wounds, looked at x-rays, listened to heartbeats and much more, we have really enjoyed being in this area during choosing our own learning. 


A great week in Mighty Moles, one more to go. Well done everyone.  

Week Beginning 6.5.19

Another busy week in Mighty Moles this week. In Maths we continued to learn about money. We have matched coins to the pictorial representation of it, we made the amount with our own coins and played lots of different shop style games. Next week we will be looking at how much change we need. 


We have continued to work really hard in read, Write, Inc, learning lots of new sounds and putting them into sentences. We have done LOTS of reading with our partners and worked hard on our spelling of the new sounds. 


In Topic we have continued to work hard learning about all the different people that help us. In RE, we learnt about stories in the old and the new testament. In Art we learnt how to mix different colours. In PE we played lots of different invasion games. In Music we listened to different songs thinking about the beat and pulse. We clapped out our own beats too. 


As you can see, a very busy week! Well done Mighty Moles, you are all working really hard. 

Week Beginning 29.4.19

In English this week, we have been learning about exclamation marks. What they look like, when we use them, what they do to a sentence and even spotted some in our books that we read. We made our own sentences and used them correctly. In Maths we have been looking at matching tens and ones in picture form to the number to consolodate our understanding from the week before. We have been learning all about 'money'. We looked at the different coins we have, how we write using 'p' or '£' and we also started looking at how to make the same amount but using different coins. A very tricky concept but we are really getting the hang of it. We have continued with our Emergency Topic writing a Fact File all about Florence Nightingale. During our Jigsaw lesson we listened to each other about what/who makes us happy. It was a beautiful lesson with our very thoughful and loving children. 

We had a great hymn practice, enjoyed a reading carousel and had a full afternoon choosing our own learning. 

A great week Mighty Moles, well done. 

Week Beginning 22.4.19

Welcome back! A nice 4 day week to get us back in the swing of things. This week we have introduced our new Topic 'Emergency' thinking about lots of different people who help us in lots of different ways. On Wednesday we were very lucky to have a Fire Engine and some Fire Fighters join us. They showed us lots of different equipment that they use, what they do on a daily basis and talked to us about fire safety. We asked lots of questions and had a great morning. 


In Maths we recapped place value and have been continuing with CLIC ready to move on next week. 


On Thursday we enjoyed going to Church for our Easter Serivce, everyone was really well behaved and sang beautifully. 


Just a reminder about Fab 5 Readers, children don't just have to read their school book at home. They can read a magazine, the paper, a book of their own choice - they all count towards their score if written in their reading records. Thank you to those who continually get their Fab 5, it really does help.