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Summer Term Updates

Week Beginning 25.6.18

What a busy but fantastic week. First of all, well done to everyone for an amazing effort at Sports Day. It was a super hot day and everyone was well behaved and gave it their all. 

We were also out all Thursday morning completing our Sponsored Walk. Again, all Mighty Moles were very well behaved and made me very proud as usual. 


We have been continuing to work hard in English looking at writing instructions. We used last weeks experience of making a disgusting sandwich to help us. 


A very exciting week coming up. On Wednesday we have Bump Up Day where children will be visiting their new class. On Thursday we are off to the Beach. A letter will be coming home regarding the finer details for this. 


Thank you

Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart

Week Beginning 18.6.18

What a fantastic week. This week has been a little different as we had our Aspirations Week. We were very busy with lots of visitors to our class talking about their job role and inspiring us. We asked lots of questions and took part in lots of different activities. We had visits from an Optician, a Nurse, Natwest Bank, a hairdresser and many more. On Wednesday afternoon Footprints Theatre came in to retell a couple of bible stores. 


On Friday everyone dressed up in outfits of 'What they want to be when they're older'. Everyone looked fantastic! In the morning we had a fantastic time with our Biddy Class who had made some games for us to play. Friday afternoon our Parents came in to have a look at our work and joined us in a fun afternoon on our MUGA where the Year 2 children had made games for us where we had to 'pay to play'. This linked to our Maths for the week as we have been learning about money and how to make certain amounts with different coins. 


Thank you for your continued support in everything we do, it really does make a difference. 

Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart

Week Beginning 11.6.18

A whistle stop tour of this week in Mighty Moles - we can barely believe how fast these weeks are going. 


In English we have started looking at the book, 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch'. We have looked at the first page and made some predictions of what we think might happen. We have written sentences using some fantastic adjectives about what we can see in the picture. We have thought about what the Lighthouse Keeper might have for his lunch which we will be looking more at next week. 


In Maths we have continued to look at measuring the mass of things. We have used scales to measure against non-standardised units like marbles, apples, rubers and pencils. 


In PE we have started our Athletics Topic and had a great lesson learning about Standing Long Jump and how to improve our technique - I think we may have found some naturals. 


Our Topic of Beach combers is in full swing and some children have got creative and made a fish tank for our classroom. Others have been in our outside provision acting out being Pirates. 


Looking forward to next week, we have 'Aspirations Week' which we have got lots planned for. 

Have a great weekend.


Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart

Week Beginning 4.6.18

A great first week back Mighty Moles, you have come back even more grown up and have taken on the challenges we have set. 


In Phonics we have been working on 'Soft C' and 'Hard C' sounds, for example C for car as opposed to C for city - this c making the s sound. 


In Maths we have been looking at Mass and how much things weigh. We have been using the terms 'lighter', 'heavier', we estimated how much things weigh and compared things against others. We checked our answers on balance scales. 


Let's keep up this momentum into the following weeks and I am sure we can achieve great things. 



Week Beginning 21.5.18

Well Mighty Moles, that's another half term done and dusted. This year is going far too fast and I can't believe we are here already. 


We have had a really busy final week with the highlight of going to Bolsover Castle. Everyone had a fantastic day, I have attached some photographs for everyone to look at. 


I would just like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you for your continued support in everything that we do. We couldn't do it without you. 


Miss Hart and I are very lucky to have all our Mighty Moles who continue to blow us away with their hard work and commitment to learning. They are a breath of fresh air. 


Thank you again, have a super half term.


Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart

Week Beginning 14.5.18


In English this week we have been learning about the prefix -un and adding it to root words e.g happy - unhappy lock - unlock. We then wrote our own sentences using the prefix correctly. We have also been recapping different sentence types and what punctuation goes at the end of these. 


In Maths we continue to work really hard on division using a visual representation to help us. We have then transferred this into bar modelling. We have also been pushing ourselves dividing/sharing by bigger numbers. Everyone has worked really hard on this and it is showing in their books. 


We had a fantastic time in Forest Schools this week, it looks so different in Spring as last time we went in it was snowing. We also enjoyed being on the iPads making Pic Collages of different materials in Science and in celebration of the Royal Wedding and our Topic we had Kings, Queens, Castles etc. 


In Phonics we have been digraph/split vowel digraph and trigraph spotting whilst reading real and alien words. 


A great big thank you for everyone's hard work getting another amazing Fab 5 score...I can feel a treat coming on. It really is showing in their fluency of reading during lessons. 


A great week Mighty Moles.


Mrs Hornsby & Miss Hart


Week Beginning 7.5.18

I really can't believe how fast these weeks are going. We have been continuing to work really hard especially as we only had 4 days at school this week.


In Science we have been looking at different materials and what would be a good material for making our very own shield to link in with our Topic. We also looked at what materials wouldn't be very good and why. We have some great scientific vocabulary used and reasoning as to why we would use certain materials to protect us in battle. 


In Maths we have finished off our hard work on multiplication using 'lots of' and 'groups of'. We are going to start looking at division using bar modelling and sharing. 


We had a great afternoon back in Forest School today too. I have attached some pictures of us having great fun. 


Well done to those who are still getting their Fab 5 Readers each week, it really is showing how hard you are working on it. 


Have a great weekend. 

Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart 

Week Beginning 30.4.18

This week in English we have been looking at different sentence types and how we punctuate them correctly. We have looked at statements and questions and when to use a full stop or question mark. We have written our own sentences and made sure that we used the correct punctuation at the end. 


In Maths we have continued to work really hard on multiplication and making 'lots of' and 'groups of' we looked at how to put this into our bar model which was a little tricky to draw but we will keep practising this. Miss Loker even came over to our classroom to see how hard we have been working - she was very impressed. 


In my Phonics group we have been making our own alien words up and looking at  some tricky split vowel digraphs picking out the sound first. Again, very tricky but we will not let it beat us. 


We spent Thursday morning in the hall with Miss Gale, we learnt about The Battle of Hastings and saw some "great" acting from Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart on the big screen...Watch out Hollywood! 


Super week Mighty Moles, you are working very hard.

Keep it up.


Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart



Week Beginning 23.4.18

This week we have been working really hard on multiplication. We started off by looking at what the operation looks like and reading some number sentences. We then looked at what else it could be called to help us. We found out that is also means the same as 'lots of' and 'groups of'. Using this information Mrs Hornsby gave us a challenge, she wrote a multiplication number sentence on the board and we had to use anything in the classroom to 'make it'. We came up with some great ideas and there were lots of groups of numbers which then helped us solve the problem. From this we used this to use pictorial representations in our books. For example, when Mrs Hornsby said 2 x 5 = we knew we had to draw 2 groups of 5 things, we then counted them to find the answer. Everyone worked so hard on this and our presentation in our books is also looking fantastic getting one number in one square. 


In English we have been adding suffixes to root words and then writing our own sentences using the suffix word correctly in our books. Again, everyone worked really hard and I was very impressed. 


During our Choose Your Own Learning Mighty Moles have been fully engaged in our Topic work. We made our own Coats of Armour thinking about what colour we wanted to represent us, we also cut and stuck pictures onto it depending on what we enjoy. 


A great week all in all. Well Done Mighty Moles.

Mrs Hornsby and Miss Hart 



Week Beginning 16.4.18

A great first week back and start to our Summer Term. We have been straight back English and Maths. In English we have been learning about singular and plural nouns and putting them into sentences correctly. In Maths we have started learning about multiplication that we will be looking out over a couple of weeks so that it is embedded. 


We have all been very excited about our new Topic of Towers, Tunnels and Turrets and we have completed some great work already about what we already know. 


On Thursday we had some visitors in to deliver our first of 12 sessions from Everyone Active, this was very exciting and the children can't wait until next week.


Can I just take a moment to celebrate and thank everyone for their Fab 5 Reading - we have only gone and got the highest score since September! A HUUUUUGGGGEEEE 90%! Well done everyone, keep up the good work. I can't wait for our treat next week :-). 


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Hornsby & Miss Hart