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Summer Term Updates

This Week... (17/06/19 - 21/06/19)

It was time for 'The Big Deforestation Debate' this week and it was fantastic to see so many of the Fantastic Foxes get into their roles! We had some great persuasive arguments from everyone and it was great to see everyone think more carefully about the issue, seeing it from both points of view. What is your opinion on deforestation? Good thing or bad thing?

We have continued to care for our herb gardens and they are coming along really well (see the photos below for the proof!) and we hope to see even more growth next week.

Our work on fractions so far has been tricky but we are getting there! This week we spent some time comparing fractions and then worked on finding unit and non-unit fractions of quantities.

We can't wait for sports day next week (well...depending on the weather...)!

Herb Garden Update (21/06/19)

The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19)

The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 1
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 2
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 3
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 4
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 5
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 6
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 7
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 8
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 9
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 10
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 11
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 12
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 13
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 14
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 15
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 16
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 17
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 18
The Big Deforestation Debate (18/06/19) 19

This Week...(10/06/19 - 14/06/19)

Lots of work on rainforests this week! We studied world maps to discover where areas of rainforest can be found, we studied photographs of insects in detail so we could sketch them carefully and we also started looking at the issue of deforestation. We had some very strong opinions on this issue and got to talk about our own personal opinions before 'getting into the role' and looking at deforestation from a specific point of view. Next week we will stay in role to prepare some arguments ready for The Big Deforestation Debate!

In D&T we tasted some fresh herbs (some tastes were quite unpopular with some children!) before using the information we had gained from the taste testing to design and create our very own herb gardens. Let’s hope the herbs grow well so we can gather a few herbs to use at home!

We also spent this week making our Father's Day cards and we want to wish all the Fantastic Fox dads a very happy Father's Day on Sunday. We hope you like your cards!

See below for some photos from this week.

This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19)

This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 1
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 2
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 3
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 4
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 5
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 6
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 7
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 8
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 9
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 10
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 11
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 12
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 13
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 14
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 15
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 16
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 17
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 18
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 19
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 20
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 21
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 22
This Week...(17/06/19 - 21/06/19) 23

This Week...(3/06/19 - 7/06/19)

Another interesting week in the Fantastic Foxes, including using our great writing skills to write a description of an adult Mernimbler, decorating some beautiful prayer stones, developing our use of ambitious vocabulary by drawing and annotating a picture of a rainforest, ordering the main events of the Battle of Britain and starting to develop our understanding of fractions!

Some questions to think about form the work we have done this week are...

  • Do you know what a numerator is? What about a denominator?
  • When did the Battle of Britain take place?
  • Can you give 5 examples of ambitious adjectives?
  • What are equivalent fractions? Can you write any?
  • What word did you write on your prayer stone and why?
  • What does the prefix 'super-' mean?

Next week we start to look at rainforests in more detail, including the effects of deforestation. We are even planning on having a debate about the issue soon too. What are your opinions...?

Words of the Week (3/06/19 - 7/06/19)

Words of the Week (3/06/19 - 7/06/19) 1

This Week...(20/05/19 - 24/05/19)

This week we continued our work on WWII, by finding out about the armed forces and all the equipment they would be expected to carry around with them. We also started to learn about the Battle of Britain and we got to sketch and paint some of the planes involved in the battle. 

In English we finished our work on 'The Piano' by writing an informal letter from the old man to his late wife. We wrote some beautiful, thoughtful letters and worked hard to use paragraphs and the correct features in them too.

Maths was all about 2D shape names this week. We struggled at first, but hopefully we all now know more shape names than at the start of the week! How many can you name? Can you draw them? (Remember those tricky quadrilaterals like trapezium, parallelogram and rhombus!)

After a busy week, we all deserve a well-earned luckily it's half term! Have a fantastic half term and we will all the Fantastic Foxes back on Monday 3rd June. 

WW2 Plane Painting

WW2 Plane Painting 1
WW2 Plane Painting 2
WW2 Plane Painting 3
WW2 Plane Painting 4

This Week...(13/05/19 - 17/05/19)

After an amazing time at Hagg Farm last week, the Fantastic Foxes were reunited this week! We worked on using expanded noun phrases in English to improve our writing and in Maths we continued our work on time. Many of us don't find this easy, so any extra practice at home would be much appreciated!

Also this week, we got a chance to do some extra PE with Miss Durant and Mr Cook, Mrs Cobb worked with us to discuss relationships and make appreciation streamers in Jigsaw and Mr Stone taught us more about WWII, focusing on the home front and the war effort. We even designed our own propaganda posters!

After such a busy week, it was great to enjoy some 'Star in the Jar Reward Time' on Friday afternoon.

This Week...(29/04/19 - 3/05/19)

This week we started to think about the outbreak of World War II as part of our history work. We discussed when and why the war started and then ordered some key events of World War II on a timeline. We even got to listen to the original radio broadcast of Neville Chamberlain announcing that Britain were at war with Germany. We discussed how we would have felt if we had been there to listen to it all those years ago...

In English we have been working with a short film called 'The Piano'. We explored the short film and decided what we thought was happening. We had some AMAZING thoughts and ideas and came up with some really thoughtful responses. We also used this short film to help us write some direct speech, using the idea of a 'speech sandwich' to help us. Can your child tell you what the bread, filling, sauce and napkin represents?

Maths has been all about time this week and some of us have found it very tricky! Extra practice at home would really help us. Just telling the time or playing on some interactive games would be great. This is an an example of a website where you can find some ideas and games to help

Also this week, we have looked at the Creation story and created our own comic strip to retell it, we started looking at the art work of Banksy, we looked at the prefixes ir- and anti- in spelling, we practised some more joining in handwriting, the Y3s started swimming while the Y4s got athletic and started coding in Computing and if that wasn't enough in Jigsaw we looked at gender stereotypes when it comes to jobs for work and at home. Now THAT is what you call a busy week!

The Fantastic Foxes have certainly earned their long weekend!

This Week...(22/04/19 - 26/02/19)

In our first week back, we decided to have an 'Easter' focus. We explored the Easter story, discussing the symbolism of the Easter Egg to represent the idea of 'new life. We also drew an emotions graph to show how the emotions of the Easter story varied during the different events. Hope, sadness and joy were the words we used to sum up the Easter story and we then produced some art work to represent these three ideas, thinking about both the Easter story and our own lives. All our work culminated in our KS2 Easter Service at St Andrew's Church, where some of us read out our thank you letters to God.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend!