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Summer Term Updates

This Week...(14/05/18 - 18/05/18)

While Mr Stone was busy supporting the Year 6s with their SATs this week, we did lots of work all about the Royal Wedding! We found out all about Prince Harry and his beautiful bride Meghan, as well as more about the Royal Family.

We used fractions to design different wedding cakes, we used our knowledge of healthy eating to plan the Royal Wedding Breakfast and we even used our SPaG skills to work out who had stolen Prince Harry's speech!

The Fantastic Foxes wish Harry and Meghan all the best on their big day! 

This Week... (23/04/18 - 27/04/18)

We loved finding out all about crocodiles and alligators this week as we used the iPads to gather research and then use this research to start writing our non-chronological reports. We aim to finish these next week and then work on editing and improving them.

We had the iPads out again later in the week as we started our computing work on coding. We were able to code a couple of simple games including popping bubbles and making snakes eat eggs! Future game developers in the making!

In RE we focused on diversity and discussed the importance of respecting this diversity in the local community and further afield.

See what else we got up to by looking through our photos of the week below...

This Week... (23/04/18 - 27/04/18)

This Week...(16/04/18 - 20/04/18)

What a busy (and very sunny!) first week back!

In English we have started our unit on non-chronological reports. We started by creating posters to show the features of a non-chronological report and then we focused on the importance of using effective sub-headings. Later in the week we 'back planned' a non-chronological report on butterflies to practise using a spidergram to plan a report. This will help us next week when we begin to plan our own reports on crocodiles and alligators. The reason we are doing this is because we have heard that someone thinks the crocodile in Peter Pan is actually... an alligator! We are determined to prove them wrong!

In Maths, Year 3 continued work on using short division (bus stop method!) and also work on odd and even numbers...

  • Can you work out 437 divided by 3? What about 525 divided by 5?
  • Can you tell an adult 5 odd numbers? Can you tell them what all even numbers end in?

Year 4 carried on their work on fractions, focusing in particular on mixed numbers and equivalent fractions...

  • Can you tell an adult 3 different mixed numbers? 
  • Can you find 3 equivalent fractions to one one quarter? How many equivalent fractions can you find that are equivalent to a half?

Also this week we started our Geography work on looking at the state of Florida. We looked at the difference between continents, countries, states/counties and cities. In Music we started learning some famous Disney songs, in Art we sketched some Disney characters in their sketchbooks, we had Mansfield Town come in and work with us on our football skills and swimming was fantastic too (many of us were nervous for no reason!).

Look out for the curriculum map that was sent home tonight so you can read about some of the things we will get up to this term. You can also find a copy on the website in our Curriculum section.

Thank you!

Non-Chronological Report Posters

Non-Chronological Report Posters 1
Non-Chronological Report Posters 2
Non-Chronological Report Posters 3
Non-Chronological Report Posters 4