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Summer Term Updates

WB 10.6.19

It has been another busy week! In English we have been learning about the 'wr' spelling. We have also looked at a picture from the book Super Daisy and we wrote about what we thought would happen in the book.  We explored the suffixes -er and -est and we wrote sentences describing Super Daisy using them e.g. She is faster than a cheetah.  We have also really focused on our handwriting and we are trying our hardest to write as neatly as we can forming our letters correctly.  We have even done some joining!

In Maths we have started thinking about 3D shapes, looking at different 3D shapes, what makes a shape 3D and how to describe 3D shapes using the terms edges, faces and vertices.

In RE we thought about how God is the creator of the world and everything in it and we became creators ourselves, making animals out of play dough. We thought about how God would feel about his creation and how he would want us to look after it.   We have also learnt some new songs in music too!

Finally, on Wednesday we went on our Year 2 Time Travelling trip to Southwell Minster.  We had a lovely time learning about the Monster and exploring it. As always, the children behaved beautifully and were praised on their manners and participation in the discussions and the collective worship. Well done Bold Badgers!   Here are some pictures of our day for you to enjoy.

Southwell Minster Time Travelling

Southwell Minster Time Travelling 1
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 2
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 3
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 4
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 5
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 6
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 7
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 8
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 9
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 10
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 11
Southwell Minster Time Travelling 12

WB 3.6.19

Welcome back after half term! We started the week by discussing what we had all done over the May half term - we had been very busy! We then wrote diary entries for our week. 

We then moved on to thinking about apostrophes for possession e.g. Jake's car and we searched the KS1 building for them! We picked out the ones that we found and put them into new sentences on SeeSaw. We absolutely loved apostrophe hunting so please continue this at home if your Bold Badger wants to!

In Maths we have been looking at position and direction and we learnt different word to explain position and direction.  We then had to mend a patchwork quilt by following directions carefully, turning patterns round by half and quarter turns both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

In RE we painted our prayer stones and then wrote a word on them, thinking about what is important to God, Christians and us e.g. trust, hope, peace, love.  We have also created our own superheroes ready for our English work over the coming weeks.  Finally, in Music we are continuing to learn more notes on the recorder - we can now play B, G and A to accompany our Friendship song.   A lovely, creative first week back!

WB 20.5.19

This week we have been very busy, as always! In Maths, we have been using our reasoning skills to solve a variety of maths problems independently. We also made 3D shapes from nets of shapes - learning the names of different 3D shapes and their properties.  In Topic, we have continued to look at Florence Nightingale and we compared hospitals in her time to modern day hospitals. In Science, we have been learning about garden plants and we designed our own gardens which included a selection of the plants we had learnt about.  In RE we are looking at Christian and Jewish stories.  We started by looking at the Creation story and we looked at the pieces of art created by the artist Caroline Street. We then painted our own art work in pairs to show one of the Creation days.  Finally, in PSHE we spent time relaxing and finding our 'calm place' through class meditation.  We also started thinking about Relationships and in particular our families.  We then created a recipe for a happy home. 

You have all worked hard this half term!  Spend the next week relaxing, playing outside, laughing and having fun! We look forward to seeing you all in a week's time.

Mrs Klapkowski and Mrs Smith

WB 6.5.19

Although this has been a shorter week with the Bank Holiday Monday, we have packed lots of exciting things in! We have enjoyed doing reading comprehensions in English and have spent time in our Maths lessons recapping fractions of shapes.  In Science we went outside to look at the different plants in our school and we have continued to look after the cress we planted at the start of the term, making weekly observations in our Cress Diary.  We have enjoyed the start of our Topic 'Emergency!' and we are learning lots of interesting facts about Florence Nightingale at the moment! Finally, in Music we have continued learning about pulse an we loved learning to play some notes on the recorders! A busy week for the Bold Badgers!

WB 29.4.19

In English we have continued to work in our Phonics and English groups and in my group we have particularly been focusing on reading 'alien' words and longer two syllable word. In Maths we have revisited addition and subtraction word problems, using the column method to help us solve problems. We have learnt about running in PE and how to use our arms and legs to help us run more effectively. In Science we have planted our own cress seeds and we shall be looking after them over the next few weeks, watering them and making sure that they have plenty of sunlight to help them grow.  In Music we thought about pulse and beat and we learnt a song about friendship.  In RE we enjoyed learning about Passover and about the plagues of Egypt and we thought about how the Jews felt at different points on the story. Finally, in Art we have been learning about primary colours and the artist Piet Mondrian. We recreated our own collages in the same style using different shapes and straight lines.