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Summer Term Updates

Week beginning 2.7.18

We have had a very busy sunny week in the Bold Badgers class! But what fun it has been! In Maths we have been learning about picture graphs and focusing on how to read and interpret them. We have continued to work in our Topic groups focusing on the questions that we wanted to find out about the seaside and we also had a fabulous day on Thursday when we visited Sutton-on-Sea for the day. We even had an extra adventure when one of our buses broke down on the way! However, it didn't stop our fun and we enjoyed making sandcastles, digging holes on the beach, paddling in the sea, eating chips and enjoying our ice-creams. We even saw a jelly fish that Mrs Williams caught in a bucket!  Photos will follow shortly.  In English we wrote some wonderful recounts of our trip and really enjoyed reliving the day through our writing.

Finally, we had a very enjoyable day in our new classes as it was Transition/ Bump Up Day on Wednesday. We are very excited about becoming year 3s next academic year but we are looking forward to spending our last few weeks together as Bold Badgers too!

Week beginning 11.6.18

Another great week in the Bold Badgers classroom! In English we have started the book The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and we have predicted what we think will happen next. We have also created our own ideas as to what Mrs Grinling packed in the lunch basket using expanded noun phrases to help us describe all the food. In Maths we have been learning about money, recognising different coins and notes, counting amounts of money and learning how to write an amount of money. We have started to look at our topic Beach Combers and we have focused on some questions we would like to explore, in particular thinking about how we stay safe at the seaside. We would love to see any research if the children want to do some at home as I know they are very excited about our new topic! In music we have looked at pulse and rhythm and learnt a new song in parts and in PE we have continued to work with Brandon learning team leader skills whilst playing football. Finally, all the year 2s were lucky enough to go to Southwell Minster on Wednesday for our Time Travelling day. It was a wonderful experience as part of our RE curriculum learning about the Christian faith and exploring Southwell Minster. The Bold Badgers were lucky enough to enjoy a choral session at the Minster too which we enjoyed! There are some photos of our day below. 


Week beginning 21.5.18

We have had a lovely last week before half term. We have done some reasoning in Maths and learnt lots of interesting facts on our Bolsover Castle trip. In English we have practised our handwriting and played Phonics games. We have also loved acting out our own castle stories using puppets we created, planned our stories and then written them. We also spent a wonderfully active afternoon at Quarrydale Academy taking part in a multi-skills event with other schools.  There are lots of photos below for you to enjoy! Have a fabulous half term and a well earned rest, Bold Badgers! Please read though and get your Fab 5 reading for when  we get back!

Castle stories and Phonics

Bolsover Castle Trip

Multi-skills at Quarrydale

Week beginning 14.5.18

This week in English, we have looked at the four sentence types and practised writing different sentence types on whiteboards. We have also thought about adjectives and expanded noun phrases and used these to help us describe a castle picture.

In Maths, we have finished off looking at lines of symmetry of shapes and we have spent some time working through word problems using all four operations.

We have started to think about our Topic for next term - the seaside - and we have thought about what we know about the seaside already and what we want to find out about it, ready for our enquiry-based learning next half term.

Finally, we enjoyed thinking about the Royal Wedding during our continuous provision time in the afternoons. We dressed up, acted out the ceremony, thought about what food they could have and about how they would travel to the church. We have had a lovely week and the Bold Badgers made my birthday very special by creating birthday cards for me during continuous provision time too! 

Week beginning 7.5.18


This week we have been reading, reading and reading in English! We have reading different texts and answering different styles of comprehension questions.  We especially enjoyed learning about the Victorians and how they started going on holidays to the seaside.  In Spellings, we have continued to learn about the suffix -ed and how to add this to words that end in a 'y'.

In Maths, we have been thinking about 2D and 3D shapes and we have started looking at lines of symmetry, learning practically by folding different shapes.

We have enjoyed our PE sessions and have been concentrating on movement and balance this week as well as working in teams and counting how many burpees we could do ... exhausting!

In Art we have done some pencil sketches of a teddy bear, focusing on creating areas of shading to create a 3D effect and finally, in RE we have learnt about and labelled the main parts of a Synagogue.  A busy week in the Bold Badger classroom!


Week beginning 16.4.18


We have had a good first week back and have thrown ourselves into our learning!

In Maths we have been finding fractions of different shapes using paper, bread and biscuits to help us. We will be moving on to finding fractions of numbers next week.  We have also continued to practise our arithmetic skills, including using column addition and subtraction to help us solve different sums.

In English we have been learning about singular and plural nouns.  We have also looked at different types of words and identified nouns, verbs, adjectives and some of us have identified adverbs as well!  We have been practising our spelling and we have looked at the spelling rule of adding -ed.

In PE we have started to look at ball control and we practised our skills at tackling obstacle courses to help improve our agility.  We have also been lucky to have visitors in school who are delivering 12 sessions on Everyone Active. We are all looking forward to the second session next week.

In RE we are starting to look at weddings (very topical with the Royal Wedding approaching!) and we have looked at how Christians celebrate marriage and the roles of different people in a Christian wedding.

Finally, we enjoyed our Friday afternoon in the sunshine exploring our Forest Schools area,  What a great week and the sunshine has smiled on us too!