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Summer Term Updates

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 7th May 

A bonus to have a 4 day week but it just meant we had to cram 5 days of work into 4 days! Maugrims have worked as hard as they possibly can on their SATs preparation, we are really proud of everything they have achieved and know they are going to do amazingly well next week. During the week we looked at art work by Vincent Van Gogh and produced our own masterpieces based on some of his famous pictures. We achieved 100% in Fab 5 and continued with our tricky maths work in Clic, 

Another good week for Maugrims make sure you get lots of rest this weekend, next week is going to be a big one! 

Weekly Newsletter - Week commencing 30th April

A great week for Maugrims this week, we continued our preparation for SATs by looking at a few of different types of questions we might see and practised even more of our spellings! On Tuesday we had a fantastic afternoon where, as part of our Science work, we took a nature walk along the Teversal Trail looking for different habitats. We had chance to walk in the stream and roll down the hill as well - it was a great afternoon.

We have continued to work hard on our maths in Clic where we can now confidently find any % of a number and have started to look at long division, which is a bit confusing!

All in all a good week, keep up the hard work Maugrims.

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 23rd April 2018

Another busy week for the Maugrims, this week we have worked hard preparing for our SATs in a couple of weeks time. We have looked at homophones in English and learnt the difference between their, there and they're and increased our vocabulary but looking at homophones like bizarre and bazaar! In maths we have continued our work on fractions, looking at multiplying and dividing fractions.

Elsewhere we have discussed inspirational people and decided what makes an inspirational person, we have also drawn pictures of some inspirational people we know. We have continued our work on the Blue Abyss in topic, thinking about things we know about the sea and seasides we've been to.

Well done to those girls who played netball and football this week, you represented the school fantastically. Keep up the hard work Maugrims. 

Weekly Newsletter - Week Commencing 16th April 2018

Welcome back Maugrims, a great start to the new summer term. We have spent a lot of time on Maths and English this week getting familiar with the type of questions we might get in SATs. More than anything it has shown how confident we are becoming and how far we have come in a year. We have also started our new topic, the Blue Abyss and created some amazing front covers for it which show different undersea creatures. We have begun to look at Vincent Van Gogh as well and discovered some of his works of art. More importantly, now the sun is out, we've been out to play on the field and enjoyed time with our friends. A great week for Fab 5s as well with Maugrims achieving 100% and enjoying chocolate biscuits. Keep up the good work Maugrims.