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Summer Term Updates

Weekly Newsletter 8th July 2019


It’s been a very busy week again for the Maugrims! We have been rehearsing hard for our end of year performance and are really looking forward to showing our parents what we can do next week!

We were also honoured to have a visit from Nicola from The National Holocaust Centre on Monday afternoon and really enjoyed testing a new app for her; we also learnt a lot! 

It was Sports Day on Tuesday and we all got really involved! Our Sports House Captains were incredibly busy and ensured the races went smoothly, we all loved suppporting our Key Stage 1 teams in the morning and then we gave our all in every race in the afternoon. 

We also represented the school on Thursday with our trip to Southwell Minster, another great day that will help us with our transition to our new schools.

Weekly Newsletter - 24th June and 1st July 2019

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Maugrims’ Class, we have been continuing with rehearsals for our end of year performance and have also had our transition visits to secondary school! We really enjoyed these and feel much more comfortable about moving up now.

When we have been in the classroom, we have begun our SRE work and have continued our work on our Ancient Greek soap sculptures - check out the pictures below, we think they look amazing and the classroom smelt lovely!


Weekly Newsletter week commencing 17th June 2019

Our rehearsals have continued in earnest this week: we are getting more confident with our lines and our dancing is looking fantastic!

As well as rehearsing, some of our class had a visit to Quarrydale to gather some inside information before we all go next week - they had a great time and told us lots of things that will help us settle in. They especially enjoyed the lunches! 

We have continued our art work and have begun sculpting our statues: they look amazing already and the classroom smelt lovely! 

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 10th June 2019

We have continued our work with ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ this week and have spent some time looking at images of Narnia. We used these to develop our descriptive language and came up with similes, metaphors and even some personification to describe the scenes. We also enjoyed watching clips from the film version before re-telling them: we have produced some lovely writing!

We also continued with our rehearsals for our performance and began practising the songs as well, we are so excited to perform! 

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 3rd June 2019

After a lovely half term holiday, we are back and down to work! We have continued to think about our writing in the mornings and have been learning about  C.S. Lewis - the author who wrote the book which inspired our class name! We enjoyed finding out about his life, including his childhood, education, working life, family life and the novels he produced. We even found out that he fought in World War 1! We used all the information we had discovered to write a biography about him: we are really pleased with them!

We have also begun rehearsals for our end of year performance, including learning some of the songs, we are really excited about this. Some of us even have our costumes ready! We have also enjoyed some PE this week and have continued to develop our striking and fielding skills playing scatterball.  

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 20th May 2019

We have just about recovered from SATs week and have continued working hard! We have been thinking about our writing this week and enjoyed thinking about  the advantages and disadvantages of electronic devices - we found a lot of positives! We used these ideas to write a balanced argument and used evidence from our research to back up our ideas.

In the afternoons, we enjoyed some PE with a trip to Quarrydale for a gymnastics event . Some of our girls also represented the school in football and netball matches and a Netball tournament where we were crowned Ashfield District Champions! What an amazing achievement!

We finished our Ancient Greek theatre masks and the results look fantastic! Mrs Wright couldn't recognise who was behind them! We have also auditioned for our Year 6 production and can't wait to get started on this …

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 13th May 2019

We had made it - SATs week was here! We began our days early with our 'Brain Booster Breakfasts' - we had a tasty bacon or sausage cob whilst preparing for the day ahead. We completed some warm up tasks before we listened to some motivational songs, Mrs Wright insisted on Take That being played of course!

We worked incredibly hard all week and our teachers were so proud of us, especially our effort and attitude towards the papers.

Our afternoons were kept relaxed as we enjoyed a community walk on Monday as part of the Year 5s Archbishop of York work, we looked around our local community to identify areas of need so that we could make suggestions for the Year 5s projects. We also enjoyed more sunshine as we had PE twice!

As a reward for all of our hard work, we had our SATs Reward Day on Friday. We began with 'St Andrew's' Got Talent ' where lots of us showed what we could do: the 'judges' were treated to dancing, singing, gymnastics and comedy. It was fabulous and it must be said, there were a few tears! We then went off to Superbowl for a game of bowling (Well done to Braydan for scoring 126!) followed by lunch and then a visit to Water Meadows. We even managed to squeeze in a play on the park before returning to school. It was a fantastic day and again our teachers were very proud, this time for our exemplary behaviour representing the school. We were all ready to get home for a rest!  

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 6th May 2019

It has been a short but busy week this week! With the Bank Holiday on Monday, we had to work extra hard for the rest of the week: we had chosen some areas that we wanted to look at again before our SATs so focused on the active and passive voice and the subjunctive mood in English. In Maths, we looked at shape and ratio.

Luckily, all the hard work in the morning meant that in the afternoon we could think about other things - we enjoyed the sunshine on Tuesday and did some PE, we then continued our Ancient Greek masks on Wednesday - they are really taking shape now! We also managed to squeeze in some Science and Topic before the weekend!

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 29th April 2019

We have been very busy again this week, we are getting closer to our SATs and so have spent our morning sessions looking at some tricky stuff! This has included the past progressive and present progressive tense and the active and passive voice in English and area and perimeter in Maths. We have also continued to work on our arithmetic skills and our spellings, We have Times Table Rock Stars now and are looking forward to using this even more to improve our skills!

We have begun to write our replies to our pen pals in France and have thought really hard about how to structure our writing and make it interesting for them to read. We are looking to sending them off and are even more excited to get a reply!

We have also begun making our Ancient Greek theatre masks and they are already looking amazing,  We are really excited about our new Topic and in addition to our lessons, we have been learning some facts and information about Greece as well as enjoying some of the Ancient Greek myths in our Guided Reading sessions.  

We have used photos of our parents in our Science lessons to look at our own genetic make up as we begin our new Science unit of Evolution and Inheritance, we certainly enjoyed looking at the photos!  

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 22th April 2019

It was great to be back after the Easter holidays! We has all had a lovely time and were ready to get back to work. In both Maths and English, we have begun to think about areas that we still find a bit tricky and are going to focus on these over the next few weeks as well as our continued practice on our arithmetic skills. In our Guided Reading we have started to work with some texts about Ancient Greece and are really excited to get stuck in to this new topic.

Our afternoons have also been busy: we thought about the connections that we have with each other in our Jigsaw lesson and made a very complicated web before we went to look for 'special' things around school. On Wednesday, we researched Ancient Greek theatre masks and began to design our own - we can't wait to make them!

We held our Easter Service at church on Thursday afternoon and shared some of the fabulous stories about Holy Week that we had written before the holidays as well as singing some beautiful songs. We hope that everyone who made the service enjoyed it as much as we did.