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Summer Term Updates

Week Beginning 04.06.18


The summer term is underway! The children are ready for the final stretch of year 4. The temperature is high and so are spirits.


It's constantly chopping and changing in maths, we've already gone through angles and have knocked area and perimeter out of the park! The children can now find the perimeter of rectangles and squares, they're also capable of finding the area using arrays and using formulae! L x W? No Problem!


Our English has become more SPaG based this half term. We have concentrated on the finer skills of year 4 writing; relative clauses, possessive apostrophes and prepositional phrases!


History wise we are investigating the background of British fairground rides! Which is leading us to our summer term trip to Drayton Manor!


Week Beginning 14.05.18


Another week and another positive step for Charlie's Champions. After an incredible few days last week at Hagg Farm the children have come back full of beans with renewed confidence!



In maths we have started working with fractions, looking at the different  types and how to identify the differences between each. Our next step will be using protractors!


We have had a huge reading focus this week, studying texts from our Comprehension Express scheme. One particular text helped us identify the finer details an author might leave behind; using a text about mythical beats to create a hero's checklist for success! Chimeras, Minotaurs and even the mighty Kraken! You name it, we can beat it !


Week Beginning 23.04.18


It’s been a fantastic and fun-packed week in Y4 this week.  The children thoroughly enjoyed our "wet exercise" with Mansfield Town and made me very proud with their enthusiasm despite the rain and with how much they remembered from the earlier sessions in the term.


In English we have continued our study between alligators and crocodiles, focusing on how to use the information we have researched in a report effectively and the skills we will need in order to present them properly.



Fractions are still the word in maths, this week the focus has been improper fractions and mixed numbers (the children can now convert between the two and studied the relationship between different denominators).


We have continued our study of the sunny states and compared countries from around the world. Looking at the geography of North America and how it differs not just geographically, but also economically and demographically!





Week Beginning 16.04.18



The sun has been shining and hopes high in Charlie's Champions this week! The class have been working hard to shake off those holiday blues whilst enjoying the sunny weather.


We've picked up where we left on in maths, beating down devilish fractions with our can do attitudes! Adding and subtracting, simplifying and converting improper fractions just  to name a few!


In English we're looking at Non-Chronological Reports, identifying the features and commenting on their use within examples. Once we've mastered the features we will be writing our own reports about alligators and crocodiles, looking at  the finer details we will need to use to separate the two species.