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Summer Term Updates

Week Beginning 13th May 2019


This week has been a scorcher... Not only outside but in the classroom too! With no sign of fatigue from our residential to Hagg Farm last week the children have really pushed on.


In maths we have continued our relentless assault on fractions, so far we have successfully conquered equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. Our next mission is to defeat adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators!


In English we have continued to look at flashbacks using the piano as our inspiration, we've move onto using our own memories to design believable flashbacks so we can put our newly mastered tense skills to the test! Once we completed this we moved onto studying effective informal letters, assessing the features of these letters is next! Then the real fun begins!


See you next week!



Week Beginning 29th April 2019


The children have been absolutely fabulous this week! Our English lessons have been focused on "The Piano", a Literacy Shed video in which an old pianist flashbacks to different memories of his life. We have studied the video all week looking at  different  tenses as well as using out comprehension skills to figure out key clues to events and identities!




We have begun our journey in fractions! The children are starting to realise they aren't something to be feared! In fact we have already identified shaded fractions, shaded in given amounts in different shapes and ended the week finding missing values in equivalent fractions!



The children are super excited about next week... Hagg Farm beckons! See you next week!


Week Beginning 22nd April 2019


You'd never have guessed it was the first week back after Easter... The children have been fantastic (as usual) and morale is at an all time high!


Our main focus for the week has been Easter poetry, the children have chosen their own focus (Easter themed) and prepared a poem that some of them even read out in the Key Stage 1 Easter Service.


We also explored the timeline and meaning of the Easter Story (from Palm Sunday to Easter Monday), looking at the implications and consequences of the participants' actions. The children made some fabulous comic strips of the event.


We continued our fantastic maths work during last  term's NFER tests by reviewing some of the questions, looking at some mistakes that we made as a class and how to better attempt questions in the future. Next  time we will do even better!


See you next week!