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Autumn Term Updates

Wk beg: 6/12/21

It has been a very busy week in F2! We are so proud of all of the children, they did an amazing job in the Nativity, performed on both Tuesday and Wednesday. The singing, the actions, and the story telling was amazing – well done everyone!

Back in the classroom, we have been busy creating Christmas cards using marbles in trays of green paint, it was so much fun! We had to be careful not to loose the marbles out the tray! We have loved using our fingers to create finger print candy canes and on Friday we designed our own Christmas jumpers.

In maths we have been looking at spatial awareness, listening carefully to instructions and placing a teddy on top, next to, behind, in front of and in a box. We were really good at this and showed just how well we could listen to instructions!

Next week we will be continuing to learn more about Christmas and on Friday we will be having our party day! We cannot wait to celebrate the end of term together.


Wk Beg: 29/11/21

Wow! What a start to Christmas in Foundation 2! We have been so busy finding out about the first Christmas and performing our Nativity to the rest of the school – the children did an amazing job and looked fabulous in their costumes, we cannot wait to show you all next week!

We have transformed the role play area into a winter wonderland, complete with a build your own snowman construction area with snow and glitter, letters to Santa and a cookies and hot chocolate station! The children have loved exploring this and helped to decorate the Christmas tree that stands at the entrance.

In maths we have continued to look at shape. On the carpet we laid out a very long piece of paper and trays of paint and the children made repeating patterns using 3D shapes, we learnt that the faces of the 3D shapes printed squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. On the writing table we have been writing our own green word cards, using our fab phonics to spell and read them. In continuous provision we have been exploring shapes in box materials and filling and emptying them using spades and scoops. The children have created some beautiful observational paintings of the characters from the Nativity story and they look brilliant stood in the stable on display in the classroom.

Next week we will continue to learn more about Christmas and we will be sharing the story The Jolly Christmas Postman.

W/B 22/15/2021

We have had a busy week this week learning all about new celebrations. We started the week off by learning all about weddings. We watched videos of weddings from differet cultures, we wrote our own wedding invitations and cards and we designed and made wedding cakes. We then began to learn all about Hanukkah. We listen to the Hanukkah story and learnt all about the Jewish religion and their celebration. We then compared this celebration to Diwali and Christmas, looking at the similarites and differences. At the end of the week we had a special vistor, Reverend Peter, he came in to tell us all about the first christmas story. We loved listening to his story and it was an exciting day for us. 


In Maths this week we were learning all about 2D shapes, we learnt about circles and triangles. We looked at their properties, counted their sides and corners and tried to find the shapes in our classroom. We were very good at looking for shapes. 


Next week we will continue to look at 2D shape in Maths and we will begin our journey all about Christmas. 

W/B 15.11.21

We have made a wonderful start to our Sparkle and Shine topic! The children have loved playing with balloons in the water tray, setting the table for party food in the sand tray and made some very long paper chain decorations on the creative table! On Friday we made birthday biscuits and talked about enjoying delicious food with our friends and family during celebrations.

In writing we have been using our phonics really well to write about the characters in the story of Kippers Birthday. We have looked carefully at the pictures in the book to describe the characters and compared them to our own family and pets.

In maths we have been looking at number bonds to 5. We have been busy making collections of 5 and then looking to see how we can split our collection into 2 groups, knowing that the total of our 2 groups will be 5. We enjoyed looking closely at numicon number 5 and seeing which numicon plates fit perfectly on the top, like a puzzle to make 5.

Next week we will be reading the story of Hanukkah.  

Wk Beg: 8/11/21

It has been another busy and exciting week! We have really enjoyed sharing the story pumpkin soup and on Thursday afternoon we made pumpkin soup! We looked at a recipe to see what we needed and what we needed to do, we followed it carefully and it was delicious! In our curiosity cube we had a pumpkin cut in half, we looked carefully to see what colour it was, how many seeds it had inside and what it felt like. In the sand tray we have been exploring hibernating animals and making homes ready for the winter with real autumn leaves.

In maths we have been continued to look at numbers 1, 2 and 3 and have really got to grips with comparing and contrasting collections of these numbers using mathematical language.

We have worked hard in our phonics groups, using the sounds we already know to write labels for Autumn pictures.  .

Next week we will be starting our new topic, “Sparkle and Shine” and the first story we will be sharing is Kipper’s Birthday Party.

W/B 1/11/2021

Well, what a fabulous first week back. We have started our new topic, 'Explorinng Autumn'. We have loved this topic as we have been on a Autumn walk collecting signs of Autumn, we have made pictures out of leaf rubbings, leaf prints and conker rolling. In our small world area we have explored signs of Autumn, including conkers, pumpkins, leads, pine cones and acorns. We have also looked at the different types of animals who come out in Autumn and those animals who may hibernate. 


As it was Diwali and Bonfire night this week we have also been busy in our continuous provision, looking closely at Henna patterns, Diva lamps, the story of Diwali, fire works and fire safety. 


In Maths this week we have been learning all about representing 1,2 and 3. We have been subitising using spots and counters, we have used 5 frames to explore the composition of the numbers 1,2 and 3 and we have played a quiz to beat the clock on subitising different objects, understanding that we can count anything and everything. 


Next week we will continue to explore autumn and we will be reading the story 'pumpkin soup'. 

W/B:  11.10.85

Well what an end to this half term! We all enjoyed the palaeontologist day; it was great fun becoming palaeontologists and scientists. Outside we used a selection of tools to carefully excavate dinosaur feet, bones, fossils, teeth and claws!

In continuous provision we have been busy exploring the green swap in the water tray and making spiky dinosaurs with pasta and playdough in the fine motor area. Our curiosity cube has been filled with ammonites and the children have produced some wonderful sketches and representations of what they could see on paper and clipboards.

In maths we have been looking at repeating patterns, we really enjoyed using our bodies to make repeating action patterns as well as more complex patterns using objects.

Next half term, we will begin by exploring Autumn, sharing a selection of fiction and non fiction books including Pumpkin Soup!


W/B 4/10/21

Well it has been another great week in the Ladybirds! We have really enjoyed sharing the story Cave Baby and have learnt about prehistoric animals that lived on earth with dinosaurs.

In maths we have been looking at size and capacity and have spent time in the sand and water trays filling and emptying different sized containers. We counted how many cups full of water we could fit inside different sized jugs. We learnt lots of new vocabulary to describe the contents of containers, for example full, empty and half full.  

We have been working hard in phonics and writing, listening and writing the initial sounds of words to describe different types of dinosaurs.

In provision we have enjoyed the creative activities this week, the children have produced some wonderful art work using silhouettes and sponge to create their own cave paintings.

Next week we are excited about our special dinosaur and palaeontologist day on Wednesday and we will be sharing the story” Dinosaurs love underpants”.  

Week Beginning 20/09/21

What a fantastic start to our dangerous dinosaur topic! The children absolutely loved travelling back in time and becoming palaeontologists, they learnt about the tools needed to search for bones and fossils and enjoyed experimenting with them to discover lots of dinosaur eggs and fossils.

In the creative area we have been busy printing with dinosaur feet and looking closely at dinosaurs to make some wonderful observational paintings. The sand has been full of dinosaur moulds and in the investigation area we have used magnifying glasses to look closely at fossils and draw our favourite.

In maths we have been focusing on sorting, looking carefully at different collections of objects and sorting them by a given criteria including size and colour. In phonics we have been working hard learning more sounds, we now know m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p.

The school council have asked each class to spend five minutes everyday doing something that makes us happy. This week we have enjoyed laughter yoga! We have had lots of fun and laughed a lot! It certainly made us all feel very happy.

Next week we will be sharing the story, “Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs”

Week Begining 13/09/2021

Well, what another fabulously busy week have had. We have loved the story, 'How you filled your bucket today?' and had lots of discussions on how we can fill each others buckets by making our friends happy. We had a circle time talking about how can we be good friends and we made a poster all about being a good friend. 


In our continuous provision this week we have loved playing in the home corner acting out families and friendships. We have been practising playing in teams and sharing on our writing table by playing Phonics/sounds games and jigsaws. We have been painting pictures of our families and friends and on the investigation station we have been busy sorting the friendship pictures into what a good friend does and what a not so good friend does. 


In Phonics this week we have learnt the sounds m,a,s,d, If you would like some help with Phonics and how we correctly pronounce the sounds please follow the link below:


In Maths this week we have been really busy matching, sorting and grouping. We have matched objects by what they looked like, bears by their colour and size and children by their hair colour and eye colour. 


Next week we are starting a new topic 'Dangerous Dinosaurs'

Wow! What a brilliant first week in the Ladybirds! We have all settled so well into school life and have had so much fun exploring our classroom and making friends. We have sat and listened to the story of the ‘Colour Monster’ beautifully on the carpet and are doing a great of of remembering our carpet rules.  We have enjoyed using brightly coloured feathers to create our own colour monster in the creative area. On the writing table we have been drawing and writing about our families. In maths we have enjoyed circle games with a dice, counting the spots and beginning to subitise.

Next week we are sharing the story ‘Have you filled your bucket?’ by Carol McCloud.