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Autumn Term Updates

6th September 2019

We have had a good week in the Ladybirds and have been busy exploring our new classroom.

We have sung songs together and listened to stories. Our favourite story this week has been, What the Ladybird Heard.  We have started to make our own ladybirds for our classroom door.

We have enjoyed playing in our outdoor area especially in the mud kitchen!

13th September 2019

We have had a fantastic week in the Ladybirds. We have enjoyed singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and have had fun missing some of the words out as we sing. From this we have painted wonderful pictures of ourselves with our knees and toes for a display in the classroom.  We have enjoyed the story of the Ladybird and have painted our own pictures of ladybirds. We counted the spots as we painted them on the ladybirds.

20th September 2019

Our story this week has been The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We have painted some pictures of tigers and have made them really stripy. We have also used different materials in orange and black to make some tigers for our display.

In our number work we collected together lots of things for the tiger to eat. We counted out different amounts using our numbers to 10.


We really enjoy singing and have especially enjoyed 12345 Once I caught a fish alive.

27th September 2019


This week we have read the story of the Gruffalo. In our creative area we have had fun making a Gruffalo with purple prickles down his back.  We have acted out the story using our toys. We had the owl, a snake, a mouse and even a Gruffalo costume. We have also used different textures to make some snakes.

In our number work we have been counting shells, sticks and pebbles and  have matched different amounts with our numbers to 10.

We have had lots of fun learning our letter sounds and have played sound games together.

4th October 2019

We have read two stories about the Ladybird this week. We have read What the Ladybird Heard Next and we have read What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday. We have drawn some pictures of the animals on the farm and used our letter sounds to write their names. In our number work we have put the farm animals into pens and counted them. We then took away an  animal to work out 1 less. We have also counted spots on the ladybirds.

11th October 2019


This week we have read a story about a  giraffe who couldn't dance. It was a wonderful story about  Gerald the giraffe who found  out that he could dance and was then really happy with his animal friends.   We  had a really big map of the world on the carpet and looked at where giraffes might live. We also saw where penguins and polar bears live.


We have been exploring shapes this week and went on a treasure hunt around our classroom and found circles, squares, triangles and rectangles.  In our creative work we used some shaped boxes to print  shapes and make pictures.


We have continued to sing our songs and have enjoyed playing our musical instruments and exploring sounds.

18th October 2019


This  week we have been learning about shapes and have had fun searching for different shapes in the classroom.  In  our large construction area we have built rockets,  towers,  houses and garages. We have enjoyed using boxes and tubes and have found lots of cylinders and cuboids.


We have worked really hard learning our letter sounds this half term.  This week we have looked at the letter sounds u b f and e. We have enjoyed writing these letters as we play. 


Our singing is fantastic and we enjoy doing actions for our songs and joining in with clapping games.


We looked amazing in our Rock Star costumes today.

8th November 2019

This week we have read a story called Pumpkin Soup. In our writing activities we wrote some instructions together, telling people how to make the soup. Our letter sounds this week have been l, h, sh and r and we have had fun writing them in our own play activities.


We had a wonderful Autumn walk around the school and found lots of leaves in all the autumn colours.


In our number work we have been counting leaves and shells and matching the amounts to the correct numeral using numbers to 10.

15th November 2019


We have had a very busy week in the Ladybirds.  We have read the story of the Gruffalo's Child and enjoyed joining in with the repeating phrases and the rhyming words. The Gruffalo's child saw tracks in the snow so in our creative activities we printed different footprints with our toys.


We have talked about the things that a baby needs and have enjoyed looking at  the  photographs of ourselves as babies.  In our writing activities  we have  written  a list of things that a baby needs.


Our letter sounds this week have been j and v and y and we have been very busy writing them in our play activities.   We have continued to enjoy singing our favourite songs and have played percussion instruments as we sing.


22nd November 2019


This week we have had a wonderful story about a penguin called Pip. Pip had to be really brave as he went swimming in the ocean.  We really enjoyed this story and  have made some fantastic penguins for our display.

In our numeracy work we have been measuring and have found out who is taller and shorter than us. We have also measured some penguin footprints to see which one was the longest.


In our phonics we have explored the letter sounds y and w and z.  We have been busy using our letter sounds in our writing as we wrote about Pip.

29th November 2019


We have enjoyed a wonderful story this week called Lost and Found. It was about a little boy and a penguin. We used our large map to found out about the South Pole and Antarctica. In our writing activities we wrote a list of things we would take with us to the South Pole. Our letter sounds this week have been th, ck and ch.


We have also been very busy painting pictures for our stable scene in Bethlehem and have a wonderful display on our wall.


In our number work we have been taking away and have enjoyed songs including 5 little speckled frogs and 5 little ducks.

6th December 2019


We have continued to enjoy listening to our favourite stories and this week we have had the story of Cuddly Dudley. Dudley was a penguin who had lots of brothers and sisters to play with.


We have a Christmas tree in the classroom and have been busy making decorations. We have made stars for our tree and they are very shiny.

In our number work we have counted penguins and have also looked at some shapes. We have used circles, squares, rectangles and triangles to make pictures of Santa.