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Autumn Term Updates

WB  30th November  2020


This week we have been talking about  celebrations and special times. We watched a video about how people celebrate Christmas around the world. We talked about  how we have a Christmas tree, Christmas lights and Christmas presents. We have enjoyed listening to the Nativity Story and in our small world area we have made a stable scene with  Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

In our role play area we have been busy in Santa's Workshop. There are lists to write and cards to make and presents to wrap!!


In our creative area we have made some stable scenes with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. We have also used different materials to decorate our own Christmas trees.


In our number work we have been working with numbers to 5 and then to 10 as we have been finding out one more and one less.

WB 23 November 2020

This week we have enjoyed reading the story of The Three Billy Goats. We talked about how the goats went over the bridge to get to the juicy grass in the meadow on the other side of the river.

We really enjoyed looking  at some pictures of bridges around the world. We then used a selection of different wooden bricks to build our own bridges. In our creative work we have made some wonderful goats.


In our numeracy work we have been exploring the numbers 1-5.  We have made different patterns with toys and objects as we have counted to 5. 

Our sounds this week are qu, x and ng.  We are working hard as we use our letter sounds to read our words.


We have had fun this week with our music activities. We enjoyed the song, Hickory Dickory Dock and played the chime bars for the chimes of the clock. 

WB 16 November


Our story this week is The Three Little Pigs. We have enjoyed listening to the story and joining in with the repeated phrases. In our creative area we have been busy making houses for the pigs. We have also painted some fantastic pictures of pigs. 


This week we have also been investigating shapes and we went on a shape hunt around the classroom. We found circles, squares, rectangles and triangles in our home corner and in the book corner. We sorted all the objects we found by the shapes we could see.

Our letter sounds this week are th, z, ch and qu. We are working really hard in our writing area as we write  our letter sounds.

WB 9 November 2020

This week we have all enjoyed the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In our creative area we have made some wonderful faces for the three bears. We have mixed colours  to paint pictures of the three bears. 

In our water tray we have used different sized bowls to fill with water and we have had different sized containers in the sand for the three bears to mix their porridge!


Our sounds this week are j v y and w.  We have enjoyed drawing pictures of the three bears and writing some of the letter sounds that we know.


We have really enjoyed our dough disco times and dancing and moving to our favourite songs.


WB 2 November 2020

This week we have started our topic called Once Upon a Time.  We have all really enjoyed the story of Cinderella. We have talked about the main characters including Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother and the Prince.

In our writing area we have written some invitations to the Ball. We have also written our letter sounds in some sparkly sand. Our sounds this week are h sh r and j.


In our small world area we have enjoyed playing with a castle and all the characters from the story. In our creative activities we have made some carriages for Cinderella.



WB 5 October 2020

We have all had a wonderful time this half term as we have explored the areas in our classroom. We have enjoyed  learning about our community and the people who help us. We enjoyed playing with our small world toys of fire engines and police cars.  We thought about the things we see on our way to school and drew some amazing maps. We have had a fantastic story called Lost and Found which was about a penguin who wanted a friend. We made some wonderful penguins for our display. We also made a friendship tree as we talked about our friends.


Our activities this week have been about exploring autumn.

We have been on an autumn walk around the school field. We found lots of leaves in different colours and we even found some conkers and a spider's web.

We have enjoyed listening to our stories about autumn. Our favourite story was about  a very busy squirrel. 


In our creative activities we have made some  hedgehogs and also  printed some leaf shapes. We have had a busy time making leaf rubbings using our autumn colours.


In our number work we have enjoyed sorting and matching activities and this week we have been counting.  We have really enjoyed counting with conkers. Next week we will be making patterns.