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Autumn Term Updates

Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginning 12th December 2022


'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'


I think it is safe to say we didn't use our learning as a weapon this week but we certainly used it as a tool for success. The children have been amazing as we finished many of our learning projects for the half term.




As you can see here we had our homelearning gallery! We had so many different projects, from Anglo-Saxon houses to non-chronological reports and Christmas poems to poems about pets! They were all incredible though and it was lovely to see the children so interested in each others' efforts.



English - We have started planning and writing our own setting descriptions this week, using the skills we have learned in English to create some wonderful writing focused on Santa's workshop. 

Science - To finish off our unit about 'animals & their habitats' we looked at the leading reasons that habitats are being lost today, both natural and human caused.

PSHE - We learned all about visible and invisible disabilities on Wednesday, we spoke about what it means to have a disability and how it might affect your life, but also how important it is to focus on what you CAN do too!

RE - We completed our assessment piece about the trinity, the children had to think of their very own way in which they would interpret the trinity themselves and create a piece of work from scratch!


See you next week!

Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginning 5th December 2022


'The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain'


It hasn't been the easiest of week for the incredible Charlie's Champions, we have persevered through assessment week! The children brought the most amazing attitudes and knocked it out of the park, which I think fits our quote of the week most fittingly. Even though assessments did take up a good proportion of our week we did managed to get some good old-fashioned learning in too:


RE - We looked at what Jesus means to us in terms of God, we looked at various statements and decided which meant the most to us and why. Afterwards, we drew a representation of this in our books.

Computing - We took the main objectives learned from this half term and planned our very own coded sequence of events that included creating a functional button and an actioned collision (the children will be completing this next week).

History - We learned all about the history of religion in Anglo-Saxon times and how Christianity managed to survive many obsticles to become a huge part of Britain going forward.


See you next week!



Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginning 28th November 2022


A Little Progress Each Day Adds Up To Huge Results!


You know we have had yet another incredible week in Class 5, we always do! But like the heading above says I am really starting to see how far the children have come during Autumn term (I cannot believe it is coming to an end soon).


Here are some of our highlights of the week:


Computing - Let me tell you something... Coding is HARD. In our computing lessons this week we were looking at variables and how certain things might affect a code. The children were tasked with finding errors in premade codes and why certain variables weren't occuring. Once they found the problem they had to try and recreate a certain variable so the code would work properly! As you can see we have a number of successful coders!



Christmas Celebration - We also had a lovely Christmas Celebration on the playground, thank you to our wonderful Young Voices Choir for their beautiful singing and all the parents and carers for their support.



Pantomime - We had a terrific time at the Mansfield Palace Theatre this week - Hook's Revenge was a superb sequel to the classic Peter Pan. The children were incredible (all 270 of them), but I have to credit Class 5 with a special mention as they were phenomenal from the moment we left school, to the moment we returned. WELL DONE EVERYONE!


See you next week!



Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginning 21st November 2022


Opportunities don't happen, you create them!


We've had yet another amazing week in Charlie's Champions, I have to say that every single child has worked their socks off (even if they were paired this week).


PE - Counter Balancing


This week we looked at more gymnastics, we learned all about our centre of gravity and how working together in gymnastics can help us overcome obsticles. We continued to work on our technique of certain positions such as arabesque, front and back support and single point balances.



In history, this week we went on a scavenger hunt in a search for the truth! We looked at a wide range of Anglo-Saxon artefacts (sadly just pictures) and used our inner detective to try and figure out what we could about their use and components.


In computing, we looked at how to use the 'repeat' command. We used what we already knew about shapes and 2logo (from last year) to break down the steps of creating a square and simplified them to be repeated. In no time at all we had squares everywhere!


See you next week.

Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginning 14th November 2022


We began this week with 'Odd Sock Day' to start our thinking about Anti Bullying Week. We wore odd socks to show our individuality; it is ok to be different! 


In our English lessons we have continued to write our poem about Autumn, and in our Maths lessons we have been working on subtracting using the written method with exchanges. It has been a little tricky but the children have shown wonderful perseverance!  Well done!  


We have also finished this week by celebrating Children in Need. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to this cause. 

Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginnning 7th November 2022


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are!


The amazing children of Class 5 really have lived up to this week's motivation quote, it would appear they didn't need me looking over them to produce amazing work and learn some fascinating new things. The wonderful Mrs Mills taught Charlie's Champions this week and she was so impressed with tne attitudes and maturity of 'a class to be proud of'.

Let me tell you what I know from this incredible demonstration of 'pushing out into the deep':


English - continued writing their Autumnal poems.

Maths - completed their work on subtraction.

Reading - learned all about  Tutankhamun and the process of mummification.

Science - researched the different categories of vertebrates.


See you next week!

Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginning 31st October 2022


Autumn 2, yet another opportunity to shine!


What an amazing week we have had in Charlie's Champions!


We started our week off this week by looking at our new English work on poetry, looking at the 'shapes' of the poem Summer is Here. We looked at the poem in great depth and learned all about the personification of the season and many different ways to describe it!


We've also been exploring the history of Britain between 410AD & 1066AD (the invasions of the Picts & Scots, Vikings, Anglo Saxons & Normans. We spoke about the countries of origin for each and the amount of time they occupied Britain. 


In Science this week, we started looking at grouping living things, we started with ourselves and moved onto using Venn and Carroll diagrams to group amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and fish!

Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginning 3rd October 2022


Don't Stop Until You're Proud


Another week complete? CHECK. More amazing learning? CHECK. A very impressed teacher? CHECK! I'm sure you aren't surprised to hear this but the children of class 5 have been at it again, incredible attitudes and learning on show once more!


Here are some of our highlights:


Gymnastics - The children have been taking their traversing and shape creation to another level this week... Off the ground. All manner of shapes were being pulled this week including archs, straddles and pikes! But this week we worked on linking the poses together using low, medium and high movements. Next week we are putting all together so make sure you check in then! Until then, have a look at our amazing gymnasts at work!



Science - We learned all about our incredible teeth this week. From the different types to each of their important roles in the human digestive system! Thanks to our new teeth models we got a really good look for the shape of the teeth and were able to compare them!



Home Learning Gallery - Just wow. I cannot believe how many children handed in an amazing project over this half term... The classroom was filled to the brim! So many questions were asked and it was so nice to hear the owners speak about their work in such detail. Check it out!



See you next week!

Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginning 26th September 2022


Winners are simply ordinary people with extraordinary determination!


Yet another amazing week for the children of Charlie's Champions this week! We've been up to so much so let me share the highlights with you!


Mansfield Town Penalty Shootout - After their training session last week the children had their chances to impress with their penalty shootout. Even in the wet windy conditions the children put in their all, but the children showed tremendous enthusiasm and determination.



Digestive System Modelling - This week we decided to take a good look at the route the food takes through the digestive tract by recreating the process of digestion ourselves. Using simple household items we managed to recreate the processes of peristalsis in the intestines and contraction of the stomach to turn beans on toast into... You guessed it! Poo (or faeces for you budding scientists). 



See you next week!


Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginning 19th September 2022


Designed with an unstoppable spirit!


What a week we have had in class 5! You would never have guessed that we have only been in school for 4 days with the amount of learning that we've got through!


This week we've spent some time thinking about our school topic 'Celebrating Our Community' as well as our Big Heart  'I appreciate the people that support me in the wider community' . The children were amazing as we shared some really good opinions about why community is important.


Mansfield Town came in to school to deliver a training session in preparation for the sponsored penalty shootout next week. The children put in an amazing effort and certainly looked the real deal in the photos, check them out!



In other lessons we learned about the counties of the UK in Geography , the works of LS Lowry in Art and the story of the first people (Adam and Eve) in RE.


See you next week!

Charlie's Champions Weekly Update - Week Beginning 12th September 2022


No Stopping Us Now!


What a great second week we have had in Class 5! The children have continued to settle in brilliantly and we're already getting up to speed (so many of the children look they've been in Year 3 & 4 for some time).


This week, we continued looking at the digestive system in Science (mainly looking at the functions that each organ completes) and found out about the rivers and seas that we find in and around the UK in Geography.


In PE this week we continued our work in gymnastics! We focused on performing sequences with low, medium level shapes, contrasting shapes, matching, mirroring and linking. Check out some of our incredible gymnasts!



See you next week!

Charlie's Champions Website Update - Week Beginning 5th September 2022


The Perfect Start...


The only word I can use to sum up the first week of the new Charlie's Champions is flabbergasted. I cannot believe the amazing attitudes that have been on display...


Look at how amazing they are! It's as if they are a returning class! Let me tell you about some of the things we got up to this week...


Science - We started our Animals Including Humans project which focused on the human digestive system. This week we looked at all the different organs that make up our digestive system and the order in which the food travelled through (if it did).


Geography - Starting close to home this half term... The UK! We pulled out  the atlases and looked at the countries that make up the United Kingdom, their capital cities and other major cities of note.


PSHE - This week was a perfect opportunity for the children to focus on resilience, a new classroom with a new teacher, sat in a new space with new children (not to mention the harder work). The children were amazing at showing me their GRIT. The children had their resilience tested during a number of different team building activities too!


With Her Majesty's sad passing, we also spent some time to celebrate that amazing things our late queen did for us over her 70 year reign. We all came together on Friday morning to talk about the news and thought about how we could show our gratitude. We decided that we would draw her majesty in a form that is familiar to everyone... On a stamp!


See you next week!