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Autumn Term Updates

W/C 9th September 2019

Wow! What a wonderful week we have had in Brilliant Beavers. This week we have been continuing to learn all about the ancient Maya and have explored both the Maya writing and number system. Although the Maya number system was tricky to understand at first, by the end of the lesson we were all adding and multiplying using the symbols! Miss Cooper and Mr Staniland were really impressed with our perseverance and positive attitude towards these challenging concepts, every single child tried their very best to 'push out into the deep'.

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We also finalised and finished our very own Maya masks this week. The Maya used masks for festivals and to mark other occasions, so we had a go at making our very own. I am sure you will agree they look absolutely fabulous, the children have worked really hard on them.

On Wednesday we had a particularly fun day. We made and cooked our very own Maya tortilla wraps and tried some spicy Maya hot chocolate. Some of us liked the spicy hot chocolate that much that we said we were going to have it at home... the perfect mixture of hot chocolate, cinnamon and a pinch of chilli powder - yummy!


We discovered that the Maya were interested in space and astronomy and even built some buildings specifically to look at the stars and space in more detail. From this, we have spent some time researching the planets in our solar system and have discovered some really interesting facts about them! We have also looked at how the Earth orbits the Sun, how we get day and night on Earth and how it rotates on an axis, We will be continuing our learning on this topic next week. 


The children really enjoyed the first  Tchukeball session with Premier Sports! Although this game has quite a few rules to be introduced, the children seemed to love how fast paced the game was and we are excited for our next session on Thursday. 

Have a a lovely weekend and we shall see you all next week.

W/C 2nd September 2019

In Brilliant Beavers we have had a fantastic first week back! It was lovely to see so many smiling faces on Wednesday for the first day back at school. We are so impressed by how well the children have settled back into the school routine. On our first day back we applied for class jobs, agreed our class charter and set our own goals to work towards during our time in Year 5. As part of our topic work, we have also been learning about the ancient Maya and have discovered who they were and how they used to live. On Friday we looked at the different types of masks the Maya designed and wore for different occasions and have recreated our own Maya masks using our creative D and T skills.


Overall, we have had a fantastic first few days back at school. Miss Cooper and Mr Staniland have been impressed by the positive attitude to learning we have brought with us into Brilliant Beavers. Have a brilliant weekend and we will see you all next week.