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Autumn Term Updates

W.C 12th October 2020

This week in Brilliant Beavers, we have been working hard to finish our topic of 'Alchemy Island' and we visited the 'Gem Well' where we were able to handle precious gemstones. We really enjoyed looking at, and handling, the precious stones. We had to think carefully about interesting vocabulary to describe these and then use them to create our very own cinquains. We came up with brilliant adjectives such as 'glimmering, dazzling, flawless' and many more.  We also researched many legendary diamonds such as the Koh-i-Noor Diamond and the Hope Diamond and found out lots of interesting facts. 

In Maths, we have been working hard on Roman Numerals and have started looking at column addition with missing numbers, we have worked very hard!

We have looked at planning our journeys back to the portals on Alchemy Island and started to think about our own 6 figure co-ordinates. 
















W.C 5th October 2020

Beavers have been working extremely hard this week and they have blown me away! We have been working on numbers to a million in Maths, ordering and comparing the value of each digit in the numbers. At first, we were a little unsure but our confidence soon increased and by the end of the week we were working with negative numbers and working out the difference between temperatures!

We have also been working hard on our neat draft of our non chronological reports on 'gold' and then moved on to reading a soliloquy which had very tricky language in it.

As part of our study on reversible and irreversible change, we observed what happened to Aqua Beads once they were placed into water, we were very excited to see what had happened. They had increased in mass and size quite dramatically! Now, we are trying to see if the change is revisable and our next job is to try and 'get the water out' of them. 

Overall, we have had a brilliant week and are continuing to impress Miss. Harrison and Mrs. Webb!


W.C 28th September

This week, our 'Quest for gold' continued as we have been planning our journey through Alchemy Island, trying to find where the gold is located. We needed to use both our Maths and Geography skills when we plotted our routes through the island, using  6 digit co-ordinates! Miss Harrison and Mrs Webb were so impressed with how we tackled the task!

We have also been researching gold and finding out all about the uses of gold, why it is valuable and lots of other interesting facts to create a non-chronological report in our English lessons. We have enjoyed learning all about gold and finding out lots of unusual, interesting facts such as- In the past, flakes of gold have been sprinkled on rich people's food. 

In our science lessons, we have been thinking about what chemical reactions are reversible and irreversible and we came up with our own ideas of these changes. We carried on impressing Miss Harrison with our Maths work as we have been working with numbers up to 100,000 and even using bar modelling to partition such big numbers. 

We also achieved our first  100% Fab Five this week! Keep up the hard work Beavers. 


W.C 22nd September 2020

This week we started our new topic for this half term 'Alchemy Island' which was started with a visit from the alchemist's apprentice who read a riddle to us which we had to solve to work out the starting point on our 'quest for gold'. We worked very hard on this and eventually worked out where our important mission started.  It was very exciting and all of our work will link to this topic throughout this half term. 

We have been working hard on our Computing skills, finding possible portals to Alchemy Island around school and editing them to create a sci- fi effect. We then created soundtracks in Music to add to our portal, using Garage Band, which we really enjoyed too! This week was ended with a Science experiment where we had to 'clean' water that we found on Alchemy Island, different samples were contaminated with oil, rice and salt which we had to try and separate. This all got a bit messy!

Overall, a great week in Beavers and it has been brilliant seeing everyone happy and really excited to learn about our new topic, keep up the hard work! 

W.C 15th September 2020

We have had another brilliant week here in Beavers and have continued to work hard on all that we do. We have continued our work on The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse- creating sketches of our favourite animal to then later create a clay model of this. We have to concentrate hard on our moulding skills to ensure our animals started to take shape, we are ready to paint these next week!

We have continued working hard on our PHSE and have looked at many different elements, particularly what it means to be grateful and who and what we are grateful for. We created lovely, thoughtful prayers from this that Miss. Harrison and Mrs. Webb were very impressed by.

We also started Maths this week and were working with numbers up to 10,000 which we found tricky at first but by showing perseverance, this became easier. 

We are also very happy to announce our new School Council member for our class- Charlie H and our class ambassador- Noah- Jay G

 W.C. 7th September 2020

A great start to the new school year for Beaver's Class. We have taken the changes in the school routine in our stride and are enjoying the way our class is set out. It's been fantastic to see our friends again and play out on the field. 

In lessons, we have done lots of work on our new book; 'The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.' We looked at the different sayings in the book and thought about what it means to us. We have thought about things that make us feel happy and a safe place we can think of to make us feel grounded. In Jigsaw lessons, we have thought about coming back to school and what it means to be with friends again. As part of this work, we have written some brilliant Haikus about our friends and their attributes. 

We have enjoyed our art this week, where we have sketched self-portraits and used pastels to show the different shades of colours in our face. We have also been outside to find things of beauty and then sketched them.  We are currently using Pointalism techniques to paint them and will finish them off next week. 

Our AR reading starts next week, we can't wait to start quizzing to get our word score up reading for the Fab 5 challenges. 

Keep up the good work Beavers. 

Concentrating on our art work!