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Autumn Term Updates

W/C 11th November 2019

In English this week we have been continuing to look at travel broaches and the persuasive language features that they include. We have conducted our own research into the Caribbean and found out many interesting facts, such as the population and information about the climate. In maths we are coming to the end of  our addition and subtraction unit and have been looking into estimating and rounding, alongside inverse operations. Next week we will be looking at word problems and starting our statistics unit. In computing this week we have been refreshing ourselves with the free code program on purple mash, we enjoyed debugging and coding 'the catching game' to make sure that the game worked properly. We have enjoyed taking part in the GREAT project yet again this week and learning about healthy friendships and relationships. The highlight of our week has been our trip to Chatsworth House. The Beavers enjoyed looking around and taking in the beauty of Chatsworth House and the gardens. The Farmyard and Playground were also amazing and we had a brilliant time burning off some energy.

Have a wonderful weekend.

W/C 4th November 2019

The Beavers have had yet another excellent week, they have settled back into the school routine brilliantly and came back on Monday ready and eager to learn!

Linking to our topic of 'Faraway Lands' our English this week has been based around looking at travel brochures, online travel guides and video tourist guides. We have been working hard to unpick these text types to help us understand how they might persuade us to want to go to a particular island or resort. We have unpicked what persuasion means, how to use language that might tempt people to go somewhere or do something and have also found lots of examples of how travel brochures persuade. We were persuaded so much by some travel guides that the Beavers wanted to ask Mrs Williams if a trip to the Caribbean could be our next school trip! In maths this week we have been working on addition and subtraction using mental methods that can help us to work out these sorts of questions quickly and have also been looking at the formal column method. In RE we have been researching the main beliefs of Hinduism and have been discussing how many different Gods they have. In PSHE this week we have been working on 'The GREAT Project' and enjoyed creating songs, raps and recipes all about healthy relationships. 


All in all a really good week yet again for the Beavers, keep up the good work!

W/C 14th October

What a brilliant final week to this half term the Beavers have had. We have worked so hard all week to finish editing, improving and finalising our very own pirate stories. We have focused on creating interesting and exciting story lines, using 'show not tell' description and using similes and metaphors where possible. On Thursday and Friday we created our first published piece of work by writing up our stories. In maths we have been exploring negative numbers using number lines and have started to look at roman numerals. We had our final  Tchukeball session on Thursday and competed in teams to carry out our own games. The children have really enjoyed the sessions and learning how to play a sport many of them had never heard of before! Throughout the week we have had a focus on TT Rockstars and multiplication in particular. The Beavers have been so excited to play TT Rockstars in school and have loved battling against the Magnificent Maugrims. Thank you for supporting your children in playing TT Rockstars at home, many of them have told me how many point they have earned by playing at home and improving their times table knowledge. On Friday we all dressed up as rock stars, the children looked amazing -  we have some true rock stars in Brilliant Beavers!


I hope that everyone has a wonderful half term and a well deserved break, the children have settled in to Year 5 brilliantly and are making Miss Cooper and Mr Staniland so proud.

W/C 7th October

This week has been yet another busy, fun packed week for the Beavers. 


In maths this week we have been looking at rounding and how to round some very large numbers. We have also been looking into powers of ten, what they are, counting both forwards and backwards in different powers of ten and completing problem solving and reasoning based questions around these areas. 


In English we have been finalising our plans for our pirate stories, working on speech punctuation and on Friday we started to write the first part of our very own pirate story. Miss Cooper is super impressed with what she has read so far, but next week we will be focusing on making what we have got even better by editing and will also be writing the next elements to our stories. 


In D and T we have been continuing with our pirate purses and will soon be moving onto researching and making our very own pirate puppets linked to our faraway lands topic. In Jigsaw this week we have been thinking about the rights and responsibilities we have in school and in French we have been recapping colours and some common phrases. 


Yet again another brilliant week overall, keep up the fantastic attitude Beavers!

W/C 30th September

What another busy week we have had in Brilliant Beavers!

This week in maths we are continuing to look at place value. We have been looking into how we can compare and order some pretty big numbers, working with numbers up to and occasionally beyond 1 million. We have been using place value grids to help us decide which numbers are smaller than others, which are bigger and by the end of the week we have been putting these numbers into order. We have also been looking at number patterns, filling in the gaps in number patterns and trying to identify the rule they follow! This was quite tricky at first, especially as they got harder the more we went on, but the Beavers have got the hang of it now and can work confidently with large numbers. 

Ordering and Comparing

In English this week we have been retelling, acting out and transferring a variety of pirate stories onto story mountains! We are starting to think about how we are going to write out very own pirate story and have also been busy creating and designing our very own pirate character and setting for our story using some adventurous vocabulary. The Beavers are really getting to grips with similes, metaphors and are really challenging themselves to make sure they use these in their writing!


In D and T we have been busy creating our very own pirate purses, in Jigsaw we have been exploring why we like living in our country and in RE we have looked into where and who first founded Hinduism. The Beavers had lots of brilliant questions about Hinduism and were keen to find out more. We have also been back to Reception to read to our Gruffalo buddies, the Beavers are being great role models to our new friends. Keep up the fantastic attitude Beavers!

W/C 23rd September

Yet again, this week has been another fabulous week for the Beavers!

We have continued our topic of faraway lands by starting to read the book 'Treasure Island'. Although this is sometimes a tricky text to understand, the Beavers have been really focused on the book and have enjoyed unpicking the sentences to make sure we understand what is happening. This has taken lots of skill, perseverance and determination! In English, we have been focusing upon making character descriptions for the mysterious Captain and writing a diary entry as if we were Jim Hawkins. We have been practicing our editing and improving skills and helping each other to 'push out into the deep' to improve our diaries, the final pieces are looking wonderful so far!


In maths this week we have focused on place value and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. We have used counters and place value girds to represent numbers up to one million and have also been learning how to write and read these numbers in words. On Friday we had a go at partitioning the numbers so we could clearly see what they were made up of. Although this was tricky at first, the Beavers were up for the challenge and by the end of the lesson we realised that although the numbers we are working with are big, they are not so scary once we know how to work with them. Miss Cooper and Mr Staniland have been impressed by the positive attitude to learning we are showing week in, week out - keep it up Beavers!


In art this week we have produced some wonderful drawings of flowers for the local Co-op to display and have also painted some magnificent star constellations onto our balloons. We enjoyed learning about famous star constellations and star signs, we were all eager to find out which one matched our birth month.


On Friday we enjoyed reading books to our buddy class in reception. The Beavers were all very caring and kind to the little ones. We are excited to meet up with them again next week to share more books with our new friends.


I would also just like to add a big well done to our newly elected Y5 business kids - we are sure that you will do us proud!

W/C 16th September

This week in Brilliant Beavers we have loved being out in the open for the majority of the week in our wonderful Forest Schools area! We have been really busy making dens, collecting crops and cooking in our mud kitchen. On Wednesday, our wonderful school chef cooked the potatoes we collected from our garden and we got to taste them, they tasted delicious. The children loved learning in a different environment, we were really sad when our sessions came to an end!


Towards the end of the week we recapped our learning on the Maya and Space. We discovered that the Maya were particularly interested in our solar system and even built buildings with astronomy in mind! We went on to create our own 3D models of the night sky using balloons and paper mache. On Friday we painted them and will be plotting our very own star constellations on them at some point next week.


We have also been experimenting with oil pastels and chalk to create our very own space art. The children have used the technique of blending to blend the colours together and create a very effective piece of artwork, I am super proud of the effort all the Beavers have put into their work this week, well done Beavers!

W/C 9th September 2019

Wow! What a wonderful week we have had in Brilliant Beavers. This week we have been continuing to learn all about the ancient Maya and have explored both the Maya writing and number system. Although the Maya number system was tricky to understand at first, by the end of the lesson we were all adding and multiplying using the symbols! Miss Cooper and Mr Staniland were really impressed with our perseverance and positive attitude towards these challenging concepts, every single child tried their very best to 'push out into the deep'.

Picture 1
We also finalised and finished our very own Maya masks this week. The Maya used masks for festivals and to mark other occasions, so we had a go at making our very own. I am sure you will agree they look absolutely fabulous, the children have worked really hard on them.

On Wednesday we had a particularly fun day. We made and cooked our very own Maya tortilla wraps and tried some spicy Maya hot chocolate. Some of us liked the spicy hot chocolate that much that we said we were going to have it at home... the perfect mixture of hot chocolate, cinnamon and a pinch of chilli powder - yummy!


We discovered that the Maya were interested in space and astronomy and even built some buildings specifically to look at the stars and space in more detail. From this, we have spent some time researching the planets in our solar system and have discovered some really interesting facts about them! We have also looked at how the Earth orbits the Sun, how we get day and night on Earth and how it rotates on an axis, We will be continuing our learning on this topic next week. 


The children really enjoyed the first  Tchukeball session with Premier Sports! Although this game has quite a few rules to be introduced, the children seemed to love how fast paced the game was and we are excited for our next session on Thursday. 

Have a a lovely weekend and we shall see you all next week.

W/C 2nd September 2019

In Brilliant Beavers we have had a fantastic first week back! It was lovely to see so many smiling faces on Wednesday for the first day back at school. We are so impressed by how well the children have settled back into the school routine. On our first day back we applied for class jobs, agreed our class charter and set our own goals to work towards during our time in Year 5. As part of our topic work, we have also been learning about the ancient Maya and have discovered who they were and how they used to live. On Friday we looked at the different types of masks the Maya designed and wore for different occasions and have recreated our own Maya masks using our creative D and T skills.


Overall, we have had a fantastic first few days back at school. Miss Cooper and Mr Staniland have been impressed by the positive attitude to learning we have brought with us into Brilliant Beavers. Have a brilliant weekend and we will see you all next week.