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Autumn Term Updates

This Week...(12/12/21 - 17/12/21)

Wow, what a fantastic way to finish the year! We have been incredibly busy this week in Beavers focusing on EVERYTHING Christmas, especially the significance of Christmas to Christians. We were lucky enough to have Rev Peter come into our class to answer some of our big questions about Christianity this week too. We were particularly interested in asking Rev Peter questions about science and religion and whether the two conflict or complement one another. We loved our trip to the pantomime on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed watching the prince battle the bad fairy to save Princess Bria-Rose and fall in love. We had an amazing end to the week celebrating all our hard work together as a class and as a key stage. I hope you all have an incredible holiday, with lots of rest, time together, laughter and memories. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

This Week...(6/12/21 - 11/12/21)

Christmas is getting closer and we're all beginning to get a little excited in Brilliant Beavers, but it's not quite time yet and we've had an incredibly busy week learning about Ancient China. This week we have looked at Oracle bones and had a go thinking of our own questions and inscribing them into plaster bones. We also learnt about the significance of bronze, how it was made and what it was used for. We imitated the process using chocolate to represent the different metal ore's and used playdough as our clay mould. Finally, we looked into the secret of silk and the role it played in Ancient China's rise in power, we were shocked to discover tiny worms create silk! Everyone has worked immensely hard once again and I'm sure they'll work hard again next week as we have one final push towards half term. 

This Week...(29/11/21 - 3/12/21)

It has been a very busy and tiring week in Brilliant Beavers as we had our assessments this week, however, all of the children showed extreme maturity and gave 100% all week long; just proving once again how incredible they truly are. Don't worry though as despite our assessments we still managed to have a fun-filled week of learning. This week we completed our biographies about the incredible fearless leader - Fu Hao and designed, made and evaluated our own Christmas tree decorations which we made from salt dough. On Friday we were lucky enough to go and see a sneak preview of the KS1 nativity performance which we thoroughly enjoyed. We can't wait to see what exciting things we might learn next week. 

This Week...(22/11/21 - 26/11/21)

This has been a thoroughly enjoyable week, and I loved getting to meet everyone at parents evening this week. In school, we have continued working hard. In maths, we started looking and co-ordinates and translations which we found a little tricky at first but we all showed excellent GRIT and have become rather proficient with translating shapes in the first quadrant. In English, we have continued writing our biography of Fu Hao and were excited to be completing these next week. This week we took part in no pens day and the children learnt and performed a poem to the rest of the class. ( I was very impressed). We have had another brilliant week in Beavers and I can't wait to see what adventures next week brings.

This Week...(15/11/21 - 19/11/21)

WOAH! Suddenly things are starting to get a little busy in Brilliant Beavers. We have had a jam packed week full of excitement. On Tuesday we travlled to Nottingham Castle where we explored the secret of the caves, heard the mystery of Robin Hood and tried our hand at being outlaws in the forest. We even managed to steal Miss Westby's gold! This week it has been our Word of the Week, as a class we chose the word ominous and had great fun filming our introduction video for the rest of the school. At the end of the week we helped celebrate and raise money for Children in Need, We have had a great week and can't for next week. 

This Week...(8/11/21 - 12/11/21)

Wow what a fantastic memory our Brilliant Beavers have shown this week. We have learnt and memorised facts about the Ancient Chinese warrior Lady Fu Hao in preparation for writing a biography about her. We also started to explore our curiousity cube more this week and started to predict what the object inside might be and where it might have come from. We've taken a photo and uploaded it below to see if you can guess what this curious object is too. 

This Week...(1/11/21 - 5/11/21)

We have had a busy week back at school, it was great to see everyones smiling faces and to hear about all the adventures everyone had over the holidays. This week we started our new topic Dynamic dynasties and we spent a lot of time getting to know more about the six main dynasties and how they came to power. We especially enjoyed leanring that the first dynasties leader was a simple engineer who found a way to stop the yellow river from overflowing. We can't wait to learn more about this interesting topic over the next few weeks. 

This Week...(11/10/21 - 15/10/21)

We had an amazing last week in school this half term; we celebrated our creative homework efforts, discovered lots of fantastic facts during our history day and finished our quest across Alchemy Island. We also finished reading the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe which is was our class reader on Friday and then reviewed the book together as a class. We enjoyed the all of the story, but we especially enjoyed where Lucy met  Mr Tumnus, where the children met Aslan and when the children were crowned the Kings and Queens of Narnia. We rated the book 4.5 stars!

This Week...(04/10/21 - 08/10/21)

We have been extremely busy in Brilliant Beavers yet again this week, we had a wonderful time learning about rhythm in our music lesson and used our bodies to create the percussion for a song called "the drum". In PE we have continued to look at tennis and how our control of the ball enables us to be successful when playing against a partner. We also thought a lot about mental health this week especially during our mellow yellow day! We discussed the different ways we can look after our mental health, such as: exercise, meditation, colouring, telling jokes and talking with a friend. We have done all this and much more!


This Week...(20/10/21 - 01/10/21)

We have had an incredibly busy week in Brilliant Beavers, we have continued exploring Alchemy Island and helping the Alchemist solve the troubles which plague his island. We looked closely at reversible at reversible and irreversible changes as well as soluble and insoluble solutes. We all loved getting to melt the chocolate and bake our own cakes in the classroom. This week we also focused on our word of the week "Tenacious" which we endeavoured not only to use in our writing but to also be in our attitude to our work. We had aother Brilliant week here in Beavers!

This Week...(20/09/21 - 24/09/21)

We have continued to travel across Alchemy Island this week in Brilliant Beavers and have encountered multiple wondrous challenges. On Monday we worked on designing a circuit we could use to help us light our way across the terrain. On Wednesday we were ready to plot our journey, so we used the co-ordinates left from the Alchemist and worked hard to decide our route across Alchemy Island. Om Friday we had an exciting time trekking across Alchemy Island where we found Gold Rush Mountain. We LOVED getting the mountain to explode for us and enjoyed testing out our own reaction experiments.

This Week...(13/09/21 - 17/09/21)

We have had an incredibly exciting week in Brilliant Beavers. On Monday we had a surprise visit from an Alchemist who had travelled from Alchemy Island to our school to urge us to help him save Alchemy Island. He left us with a box of samples and a riddle to help us begin our quest. We have all thoroughly enjoyed solving the Alchemists riddles and challenges and can't wait to see what fun adventures we will have next week as we continue to travel across Alchemy Island. 

This Week...(6/09/21 - 10/09/21)

It was great to see all of Brilliant Beavers in our classroom with smiles on their faces ready to learn this week! We have really enjoyed being back at school and starting our new topic Alchemy Island. We have done lots of getting to know you activities across all subject areas and have really focused on our school RESPECT rules. We are already super excited for next week and all the fun we know lies ahead of us this half term.