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Autumn Term Updates

Week Beginning 16th September 2019


So after one full week in school the children are really starting to show what they can do!


As geographers, we have started working on our traveller's  guides, we have used a number of different resources to study world georgraphy - we have been able to identify and label many different continents, countries and seas!

As mathematicians, we explored what digits mean in numbers up to and including 10,000, discussing in different ways how place value is used in the maths we already know as well as new patterns we had never acknowledged.

As writers, we have started with  a huge push on our English skills, we have looked at the correct use or a or an as well as using dictionaries and thesauri to improve ideas we have already written.

As artists, we mimicked the work of Beatriz Milhazes, using simple shapes such as squares and overlapping them to create a stunning backgrounds. Next week, we will be building stencils to finish off the work just like her!


I can't wait to see how amazing the Champions will be when we finish all this fantastic work.

See you next week!

Week Beginning 9th September 2019


Well, I can safely say that I am thoroughly impressed by what I have seen by the new Charlie's Champions! Our first 3 days together have been superb, everyone has come back with a fantastic learning attitude and jumped straight into every challenge laid out before them.

So far we have created and described our very own imaginary worlds to go with our first learning focus of Faraway Lands, we have looked into the past at the Mayans and detecting historical errors, created our own artwork based on the book "The Dot" and have started our maths work for the term on Place Value.

Next week we shall have our Class Councillor chosen to go with all the new monitor jobs we came up with in PSHE/Jigsaw.


WOW... What a start!  

See you next week.