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Autumn Term Updates

Week Beginning 23rd November 2020


What a week! As usual, Charlie's Champions have been amazing (with some extra awesome on top). Let me tell you about what we've been up to...




As part of the day the children put down their pens and worked without writing a single word all day (but that doesn't mean they didn't work their socks off).


In the afternoon we did some orienteering, the children used a birds-eye-view of the school grounds to find certain locations. The children then had to take a picture of themselves in the correct spot (they were amazing at using what they could see to navigate the map).


In science this week the children looked at how sound vibrations travelled through the ear. To explore this further we made cup and string telephones and tested them to see how we could make them work best! We then even tried combining our phone lines to create a network!



See you next week!

Week Beginning 16th November 2020


Just another typical week in Charlie's Champions... Amazing attitudes, bags of energy and maximum perseverance! I honestly cannot fault the incredible day to day effort that I see from this group of children, WOW. But here's what we have got up to this week:


In maths - We have continued our work on rounding, the children are now experts in rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 & 1,000. On top of this fantastic work Charlie's managed to score over 30,000 points in their latest rock battle.


In English - We are in the final stages of our poetry writing, the children's work is exemplary and I will be posted some examples once they are published!


In PE - Our orienteering is coming along nicely, this week we built compasses using magnets and created our own 5 x 5 maps to practise our bearings on.


In Music - We have looked at the different types of musical instrument and what makes them unique to their group (percussion, woodwind, brass & string). We also had a little look at pitch and whether we could determine a high or low pitch sound from sound clips (which is technically science but as it is sound goes hand in hand with our music).


I know we'll have more amazing things to share next week!

Week Beginning 9th November 2020


It's been another fabulous week in Charlie's Champions. The weather might be taking a turn for the worst but out spirits certainly aren't! The children have all been working their socks off in all of our subjects, our Playlist topic is really starting to take form!


In maths, we have been rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, we will be moving onto rounding to the nearest 1000 next week. After how well the class have started I'm really looking forward to it!

In English, we have continued our work on the "The Sound Collector". The children have worked on creating their own poems based on the rhyming patterns from TSC. We even started our descriptive poem opening verses!

In PE, we started our work on orienteering and map reading. Even though the weather wasn't amazing the children really were, they looked at how to create a 5 x 5 coordinates grid and mapping a route around each section.

In Science, we have been learning about the human ear, each of the major parts and what their roles are in the process of hearing sound. See if they can remember the 5 majors parts! (Pinna, Ear Canal, Ear Drum, Ossicles & Cochlea).


Have a great week! We'll keep you posted!

Week Beginning 2nd November 2020


Our first week back saw us begin our new topic "Playlist", the children sounded very enthusiastic when I first told them about it. Our first focuses being the science unit of sound and our English work focusing on poetry, specifically writing a poem in the style of "The Sound Collector".


(The children hard at work.)

In maths, we have continued our efforts in place value, through the week we have been looking at comparing numbers in different ways including reusing "<, > & =" from Year 3.


In art, we have created artwork based on the theme of "The Gospel", concentrating on the life of Jesus. We started by painting a water-colour background and painted silhouettes of major events.


We also started our new Jigsaw unit "Celebrating Differences", this week we looked at stereotypes of various groups such as boys and girls or young and elderly.


See you next week!

Week Beginning 28th September 2020


What an amazing week back! The children have all been amazing, their attitude and effort have made my first full week back so easy and enjoyable! Let me tell you a little about what we got up to this last week:


Maths - We've started recapping some lessons that will help us with out Y4 Place Value unit. This week we managed to recall what different digits represent in numbers up to 1000, the value of digits and being able to compare the same digits in different place value columns.


English - Work has begun on our Learning Focus "Burbs, Bottoms and Bile", we are looking at the digestive system and have started looking at teeth. SO far we have looked at the different types of teeth we have and what their roles are in digestion. 


PE -  Our PE focus for this half term is Hockey (dribbling and teamwork).


There will be pictures to follow next week!


See you!