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Autumn Term Updates

This Week...(9/09/19 - 13/09/19)

In our first full week in the Fantastic Foxes we got up to a wide variety of things, including...

  • Developing our geography skills by using atlases and Google Earth to label maps of the world and then maps of South America
  • Learning how and when to use 'a' and 'an' correctly. Can our child tell you the rule and give you some examples?
  • Making sure we can read and write numbers up to at least 10,000 in numbers and words, which will lead on to our future work on place value
  • Writing about what we imagine a 'God' to be like in RE
  • Starting our 'Tropical Collages' with Mrs Webb, based on the work of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes (look at for photos soon)
  • Working on creating a new classmate for Matilda as part of Roald Dahl day and we even started creating our own Roald Dahl bookmarks too

All in all another very busy week! 

This Week...(2/09/19 - 6/09/19)

Our first few days in The Fantastic Foxes have been busy ones! Mr Stone and Mr Wilkinson got us working hard straight away, including drawing and writing about our very own imaginative faraway lands, becoming time detectives and trying to spot mistakes in a Mayan scene, making our very own 'dot' artwork and playing friendship bingo to start our Jigsaw (PSHE) work.

We also chose our brand new school councillors and they are...Layla and Finley! We know you will do a great job of representing the Fantastic Foxes at all the school council meetings. Well done!

A huge well done to all the Foxes for settling in so well this week. You should be very proud!