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Autumn Term Updates

Week beginning 2/12/19

This week the Matilda's have continued to write their far away lands stories, added and subtracted numbers where we had to cross 100s and even 1000s all whilst enjoying a Mayan filled afternoon of clay, quizzes and Mayan drinking chocolate! 

Mayan clay jewellery

Week beginning 25/11/19

This week the Matilda's have began to write their Far Away Lands story using speech and description, add and subtracted 2 and 3 digit numbers whilst beginning to learn the techniques we will need to begin to sow our Christmas stockings!


We also had a very special visitor in the form of East Midlands only Gong Master! She helped us to try and focus on being still and taking time to be bored. Some of use struggled with this more than others and it was fascinating to watch the Matilda's take time to switch off and for once in their busy lives just be bored!

Gong Master session!

Week beginning 11/11/19

This week the Matildas held 2 minutes silence for remembrance day whilst creating poppy's and writing about the different poppy's that can be worn and the reason as to why we have a remembrance day.

It was also Anti-bullying week in which the Matildas debated, wrote about and discussed what bullying was and how we could better friends to each other. We also wore odd socks to embrace our differences and show that being different makes us unique and individual!

The Matildas also took part in 'No Pens Wednesday' in which all of our lessons could not use pens or pencils. We narrated and discussed David Attenborough 7 worlds 1 planet and took to our school field to complete a number of maths tasks in groups.

Anti-bullying week

Week beginning 04/11/19

This week the Matildas have tackled column addition and subtraction, non-chronological reports and learnt the history of the Mayans!

Matildas have used different forms of technology to improve their work this week including:

iPads: The Matildas have used iPads to correct their spellings in their non-chronological reports, score the highest score they can in their TT rockstars quizzes (which the boys won this week) and at the end of the week used the iPads to research about the day to day lives of the Mayan people and the roles the people had!

Computers: The Matildas have used computers this week to improve their typing skills by using the correct fingers for specific keys on the keyboard. As a class Matildas transformed the way the typed and found a use for all their fingers when typing and not just 1!



Week beginning 14/10/19

A wonderful end to our first half term included penalty shootouts, science experiments and Times Table Rockstars day! 

Although Matildas were unable to win the specific battle we tried incredibly hard and managed to score a fantastic 4,500 points!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week beginning 07/10/19

This week the Matildas have continued their topic of "Faraway lands" by searching for information about animals of the South American Rainforest. This information is then going to be used to create amazing non-chronological reports to help others learn about the many features and facts of rainforest animals

The search for animal facts!

Continuing our topic of 'Faraway Lands' Matilda's have begun a science experiment looking at  "How does water travel through plants?". As a class, we have added different coloured dye to water in the hope of seeing how water travels through both vegetables and plants. More results to follow...

Week beginning  01/10/19

This week the Matildas have dissected plants in the hope of finding out how they grow and reproduce. We were able to find the key parts of a plant and separate them to understand how they work and why they are so important! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

White Post Farm introduces us to some amazing animals!

Matildas met a variety of South American animals and had the opportunity to hold, stroke and interact with the animals themselves. Some of the amazing animals included: Guinea pigs, Chicks, Tortoises, Tarantulas, Snakes and allowed the matildas to understand where they live , what they eat and how friendly they all are.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week beginning 23.09.19

Another brilliant week for Matildas.


This week we have researched 4 of South Americas many countries using iPads, Atlas's and fact files working in teams to find out the capital cities, currency, population and much much more.


We have also made South American cakes this week called Brigadeiro. We used the features of instructions we have learnt together to create the Brigadeiro and write the instructions for anyone else who would like to try the delicious treat.


In maths, we are still focusing on place value and deconstruction numbers in the 1000's in as many different ways as possible!


Researching South America!

Researching South America! 1

Week beginning the 16.09.19

What a wonderful week!


This week the Matildas have learnt the key skills they need for a good set of instructions. They have displayed this in the creation of their own bread and butter sandwiches!


By assembling the correct tools and ingredients year 3 were able to (in true bake-off style) use 20 minutes in pair to create the ultimate bread and butter sandwiches culminating in points for presentation, teamwork and tastiest looking sandwich.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
In Maths this week we have been tackling numbers lines and the order of numbers. By using our time's table knowledge we were able to figure out the tricky rules to numbers with difficult gaps. Year 3 have persevered when attempting number lines that sometimes count in hundreds or almost reach the 1000s! This attitude will really help them as they attempt more tricky number problems!