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Autumn Term Updates

W/C 6th December


Another great week in Marvellous Matildas! 

This week in English, we have been working on writing our very own poems all about metals. We have explored nouns, verbs and adjectives that could be useful for us to use in our poetry and on Wednesday we had a go at writing our very own. We discussed rhymes words such as trains and planes, bikes and trikes and tins and pins and tried to include some rhymes in the verses of our poem! They turned out really well and we enjoyed performing them to eachother.


We have continued to learn about clothes in French and wrote some sentences in French about the different clothes we wear. We also enjoyed conducting a fair test in science using the carts that we made in DT  a few weeks ago. We thought carefully about what we would need to keep the same and what we would need to change. We have also explored more about magnets this week and have been learning about how opposite poles attract and like poles repel. We then explored the strength of different magnets by seeing how many paperclips were attracted to them and created a bar chart to display our results. In Computing, we have continued working on spreadsheets. We have used the <, >. = amd spin tools this week to create our own numberlines and working times table machines!


Finally, we were all feeling very festive as we enjoyed Christmas Jumper Day on Friday. Thank you for all of your kind contriubtions for Save the Children.


Have a lovely weekend and we shall see you all again next week!

W/C 29th November


Christmas has arrived in the Marvellous Matildas classroom this week! We have had a wonderful week full of learning.


This week we have been working on using the column method for both addition and subtraction in maths. We have been working on crossing tens and hundreds and setting up these problems in our maths books. We know how important it is to line up our place value columns when setting up these questions!


In English this week, we have finalised, edited and started publishing our very own explanation text! The children have worked SO hard on their writing this half term and we are really proud of them all. 


In Science we have explored magnets and went on our very own magnetic objects hunt around school! We explored why the objects that we found were magnetic and the properties ofd these objects. In French this week we have explored how to pronounce different items of clothing, in Music we have worked on body precussion and in RE we designed our very own gift to give to someone who is being baptised. We thought about what would help them remember their baptism alongside the symbolism of the candles and water during a baptism. In Computing we have explored spreadsheets! We collected data based about favourite colours and how the Matildas get to school and created our own spreadsheets based on this data. We also had a go at creating different charts based on this data and gave the charts an appropriate title, x-axis label and y-axis label.


Another great week Matildas. See you next week!

W/C 22nd November

We have had another brilliant week in Marvellous Matildas! This week we started to plan and write our very own explanation text all about how to care for a robot dinosaur. We have got off to a brilliant start and are excited to finish our writing necxt week before editing and publishing our writing. We have really challenged ourselves to include a variety of conjunctions. cause and effect lanugage and a variety of different punctuation in our writing! We can't wait to continue with this next week.

Also this week it was No Pens Day and we used this time to develop our communication and practical skills, including investigating how levers work (which we loved!) and creating our very own cars made from a range of recycled materials. Our teachers were SO impressed with the effort we put in to these and some of us even went to share our amazing work with Mrs Wright, Mrs Lynk and Year 6! We were all really proud of ourselves. Have a look at some of the photos of our amazing work below!

This week we were also incredibly lucky to have Reverend Peter in school who talked to us about baptism. In RE we have explored the story of John the Baptist and we enoyed preparing some questions about baptism that we asked Reverend Peter to answer for us. We asked some great questions and now understand more about baptism and why it is important to Christians.

In other news this week, we continued with our orienteering skills in PE, continued to work on our addition and subtraction skills in maths and worked on pronouncing colours in French! We played a game where the children needed to name the colour of the object that was held up by Miss Cooper in class. They were brilliant at this! 


Another great week for Fab 5 reading, keep it up Matildas. Have a wonderful weekend and we shall see you back at school next week!

W/C 15th November


What another incredible week in Marvellous Matildas!

This week we have been working hard on addition and subtraction in maths. We have used Base 10 to practcially explore how to add and subtract 3-digit numbers and tens when crossing hundreds. This was a tricky concept at first, but by the end of the week we really grasped this and are really improving our skills when working on column addition and subtraction. We also had a fanatstic lesson on Tuesday recapping and exploring our key times tables.


We have also completed stacking the sentences of our explanation text all about how an iRobot Dog works! Next week we will begin to start planning our very own explanation text ready to start drafting this later in the week.


Alongside all of this we have had a great week full of spelling, writing, internet safety, orienteering, learning about different parts of the body in French, creating freeze frames from the story of Jesus' baptism and creating spinners and testing how well they worked on a range of different materials. On Friday it was time to play a Pudsey Bear game run and organised by School Council for Children in Need. We really enjoyed this game and supported eachother whilst playing, we can't wait to find out who the winners were on Monday!

What a fun filled week! A huge well done and thank you to everyone who worked on TTRS, worked on their weekly spellings and achieved Fab 5 this week. We were really happy that we achieved 92% this week. Keep up the fantastic work Matildas! We are so proud of you!

W/C 9th November


What another fantastic week we have had in Year 3.


In English this week we have continued working on our explanation text all about how to care for a robot dag! Mrs Robinson was were really impressed the cause and effect language that many of us used in our writing. Some of us also really challenged ourselves and included the word of the week 'cacophony' in our writing when explaing about how much noise our robot dog would make! On Thursday, we had the chance to create our an advert for our very own brand of dog food! We worked in groups to design, create and pitch our new dog food to the rest of the class. We really enjoyed presenting our work to the rest of the class and Miss Cooper was really impressed with our confidence.


In maths, we have been working on adding and subtracting ones to 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. We are working hard to count on and back mentally. We aree going to continue working on this at school and more practise that you can do with counting on and back from 2-digit and 3-digit numbers at home would also be fantastic! 


We have also continued with our orienteering work in PE, explored the Holy Trinity in RE, worked on how we can resolve problems in Jigsaw and worked on using different parts of our body eg) stomps, claps to create music. In Computing this week, we explored the reliability of information on the internet. We discussed how anyone can add things to the internet and have been thinking about how we can make sure information is reliable. We even explored how easy it was to add things to the internet by adding to our class page during the lesson (see below).


The highlight of our week this week was visiting a local park to explore forces in action. Miss Cooper was really impressed with our attitude and efforts, some of the conversations that we had were amazing and this visit really helped us see different examples of forces in action. Once we returned to school, we annotated different pictures of playground equipment with the forces they are used to make them work! On Friday, we then used our knowledge about the force 'friction' to conduct an experiment. We made our own prediction about which surface we thought would create the most and least friction, recorded our results and then tried to explain why we got the results we did based on our knowledge so far.


Overall, another fantastic week Matildas! Well done and we will see you again next week.

Friday 12th November

The Marvellous Matildas are learning about how easy it is for people to change or add things to the internet. 

W/C 4th November


What a great first week back at school we have had! The children have come back to school with such positive attitudes towards their learning which has been great to see. 


This week we have started our new topic... Mighty Metals! We have thought about what we already know about metals and we have also thought about some questions that we would like to find out about related to this topic. Our questions were fantastic and we have many different things that we want to learn. Here are some examples of our questions:

What is the strongest metal?

Why are metals different colours?

Where do metals come from or how are they made?

Why are metals important to us?

How many different metals are there?


In our Science lesson this week we have been learning all about different forces. We discussed and acted out different pulling and pushing forces with a partner and thought about if these forces started or stopped movement. We also explored friction and why this is so important in our every day lives. We looked at some different scenarios and explained whether friction was an advantage or a disadvantage in each.


We have been exploring adding and subtracting ones from 2 and 3-digit numbers this week and have ennoyed applying our knowledge to some tricky problems.


In English, we have started our new unit of work based around explanation texts. We are writing our very own explanation text all about how a robot dog works. We have worked on finding the shapes of our non-fiction text this week and are becoming increasingly confident with this! We also explored some cause and effect language and how this can be used in explanation texts and even had a go at writing our own cause and effect sentences. We finished the week off by starting to write our own explanation text and we can't wait to carry on with this next week.


We have also enjoyed sharing our word of the week EXUBERANT with the rest of the school during assembly this week. Lots of the Matildas have tried really hard to include our school word of the week in their writing this week. We have also enjoyed orienteering in PE, working on our Rememberance Day activity and thinking about celebrating differences in families during our Jigsaw lessons.


Overall, a fantastic first week back, well done Matildas!


W/C 27th September

We have had another fantastic week this week!

This week has included some tricky number line work in maths, building some fantastic food chains including birds of prey in Science and we have even finished writing our own version of 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs' in English! We are really excited to start writing our own fairy tale with a twist next week. 

As part of our well being work, we have been exploring 'Hello Happy' and what we can do to make ourselves feel happy this week. We have explored dancing in class, pretending to walk like different animals during our morning laps on the playground and imagining that we are visiting our 'happy place' by picturing it in our minds. We are continuing to focus on this next week and will explore mindfulness colouring alongside telling some jokes to make each other laugh!

The highlight of our week was our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Thursday. We were so lucky to get so close to so many different predators and prey. We also really enjoyed learning even more about each animal that we visited and enjoyed sharing our new facts with our friends and teachers. 

Thank you for another wonderful week Matildas!

W/C 20th September

What another busy week we have had in the Marvellous Matildas classroom! As always, the children have been amazing.

As part of our Predator project, we have explored the process of fossilisation and have been learning about how fossils are formed. Although this was a tricky concept, the more we talked about the process with our class mates, the more we started to understand it. If you wish, you may want to use this website to help you explain the process to someone at home!

We have also had the chance to learn all about 'Carnivorous Plants' in our science lesson this week. We discovered why some plants are carnivores, how they attract prey and also how they catch prey. Different plants do this in different ways and the children really enjoyed exploring different types of carnivorous plants and looking at our very own Venus Flytrap in the classroom! We really enjoyed trying to spot the trigger hairs that we had been learning about in our lesson on our very own plant.

Our English lessons gave us the chance to continue writing our very own version of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and this week we have been exploring adverbs, fronted adverbials and even how to punctuate speech!

We have been working on using a place value chart to create and partition 3-digit numbers this week in our maths lessons. We are starting to really get the hang of this and we all enjoy using Base 10 and our place value charts to support us in our lessons. Some of us have also started to look at number lines to 100 and 1000 this week! On Thursday, we worked on some mental arithmetic skills by adding 1-digit numbers to 2 and 3-digit numbers. This was particularly tricky when crossing the tens or hundreds boundary, but the Matildas did not give up! 

In PE this week we have developed our orienteering skills with Mrs Robinson, pronounced some new greetings in French and in RE we enjoyed discussing what we can do to help make the world a better place, just like Noah did. In our Jigsaw lesson with Mr Green this week, we thought carefully about the responsible choices we could make in response to some different scenarios and created some fabulous art work for our display!

A huge well done on another great week Matildas!

W/C 13th September

We have had yet another fantastic week in the Marvellous Matildas classroom this week. The children have yet again been working so hard and they are all putting so much effort into their learning!

This week we have all really enjoyed our first basketball lesson with Premier Sports alongside our first French lesson with Mrs Robinson! We explored how to say a range of different greetings in French and really enjoyed practising our pronunciation of these words together. Perhaps you could ask the children how to say hello, hi or good evening in French at home.

In our wider curriculum lessons this week, we have explored the story of Noah. We discussed that this story shows that people have responsibilities given by God and that part of being the 'People of God' is trying to live by God's commands. In our Science lessons this week, we have explored the terms 'carnivore', 'herbivore' and omnivore' and the differences between these. We researched different animals and the diet they eat and then grouped these animals according to their diet. We have also explored a wide range of different food chains this week and attempted labelling our food chains with as much information as possible. In our computing lesson this week, we explored coding as this is our first unit of learning in Computing this year. We explored how to read and interpret flowcharts along with using a given flowchart to create a computer program. This was quite tricky at first. but the Matildas did not give up and enjoyed helping each other throughout our lesson.

In maths this week, we have all started our first unit of learning based on Place Value. We have recapped partitioning numbers along with exploring hundreds. We enjoyed counting forward and backwards in steps of 100 to 1000 and used our knowledge to answer some challenging questions.

We have been working on 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs' in our English unit this week. Last week, we wrote a class letter to the Big Bad Wolf asking him some questions that we wanted to know the answers to! Luckily, he wrote back and gave us some of the answers we were looking for. We have then started to write our own versions of different parts of the story. We really enjoyed discussing our ideas with our friends and using some of the ideas in our own writing! We even started to look at how to punctuate direct speech using inverted commas and included some speech in our writing! We are really looking forward to continuing with this next week.

Keep up the super reading at home and keep working on those times tables. Have a lovely weekend, we will see you all again next week!

W/C 6th September


Wow! What a fantastic first week back at school we have all had. Our new Marvellous Matildas have all made such a wonderful start to Year 3 and have had a fun filled first week back at school.


This week we have really enjoyed getting to know each other. On Monday we created some 'all about me' bunting that is now displayed in our classroom and finished our silhouettes filled with the things that we love. Our classroom is looking fantastic and we are really enjoying making it our own. We have also thought carefully about our goals for this year and how we would achieve them. There were some very thoughtful goals in our class with lots of children wanting to learn how to speak French. In our Jigsaw lesson this week, we considered our achievements so far in life and expressed to the class why we are proud of ourselves.


We are really enjoying our new topic 'Predator!' and have explored some new scientific vocabulary in our lessons this week. After exploring our new vocabulary, we worked in teams to construct a variety of different food chains and discussed which plants/animals were producers, consumers and apex predators. 


To kick start our English focus this week, we loved reading 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs'. The children enjoyed comparing this version of the story to the traditional tale and discussed which version they thought was real after hearing both sides of the same story. After reading this, we had a number of questions that we wanted to ask the wolf! The children put on their detective hats and used the 5 W's to support them in thinking of some thought provoking questions that they thought the wolf may struggle to answer! We are looking forward to reading our response letter from Mr. Wolf himself.


Overall, an amazing first week in KS2, We are really proud of what a fantastic week you have had Matildas and we can't wait to do it all over again next week!


Have a wonderful weekend!