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Autumn Term Updates

W/C 30th November


We have had another great week in Marvellous Matildas! This week, we have started to plan and write our first draft of a newspaper report based on the earthquake that happened in Amatrice. We have worked hard to include as much information as we could including who it involved, what actually happened, where and when it happened along with why it happened. The children have also worked really hard to include some quotes from a range of different people including residents, earthquake survivors and rescue workers. We had to use what we have been learning about inverted commas to ensure that these quotes were punctuated correctly.


In maths this week, we have been continuing our learning based on our addition and subtraction unit. With both Mrs Robinson and Miss Cooper, the children have been working on column method when looking at both addition and subtraction problems. We have used a little rhyme to help us with column subtraction that involves making an exchange - when there is more on the floor, go next door! It is very challenging remembering to make those exchanges and how to do them but the children have showed great perseverance with this. If you would like to practise anything at home, ensuring we have confidence with using column method would be a great area to focus on.


Why not have a go at using column method to try these questions? Here are a few video links to show you what we have been learning in class:


45 + 47 =           53 _ 35 =            634 _ 342 =         345 + 217 = 


As part of our 'Rumbles, Rocks and Relics' topic we have been exploring earthquakes and volcanoes. On Tuesday, we used iPads to research some very famous volcanoes and worked in groups to create a fact file about them! On Thursday, we explored lines of longitude and latitude and used our knowledge to try and pinpoint some of the volcanoes that we researched on Tuesday. This was really tricky at first, but the Matildas worked together in small groups to help each other with this. We used stickers to pinpoint the location of volcanoes on a large world map and then checked our answers with another group and Miss Cooper.


On Friday, we looked more in depth at earthquakes, how they are caused and the consequences of them. We now know that the pressure that is released radiates out in seismic waves and that it is this that causes the Earth to shake. We also now know that the place underground where the tectonic plates stick is called the focus and the nearest point to the focus on the surface of the Earth is called the epicentre.


Another great week Matildas, keep up the hard work!

See you all again next week.

W/C 23rd November


This week we have been learning about an earthquake in central Italy as part of our Geography lessons. We looked at pictures of the town of Amatrice, a town that suffered lots of damage as a result of the earthquake. We worked in groups to discuss what we could see and used post it notes to write down our ideas about the similarities and differences between the pictures of the town before and after the earthquake. On Tuesday, we began to record what we could remember from our learning yesterday. We thought about both the long and short term effects that the earthquake had on the town and used quotes from survivors and rescue workers to think about how they may have felt about the damage this earthquake caused. We have also started to look at the features of newspaper reports this week. We enjoyed reading some newspaper articles to try and collect as many features as we could. We now know that newspaper reports need to include the 5Ws - who, what, when, where and why. We have also started to look at quotations within newspaper reports this week with a focus on how they are punctuated so that we can apply this into our own writing next week. 


In maths this week, we have been continuing to work on addition and subtraction. Our work this week has been focused on exchanging. This has been a pretty tricky concept to grasp, particularly when adding 3-digit numbers! This week the children have focused on using Base 10 to help them understand this concept, We have talked about ten ones being equal to one ten, and ten tens being equal to 100. This knowledge has helped us when exchanging. Why not give some of these questions a go at home using column method or by drawing some Base 10 to help you?


36 + 64 =        75 - 37 =         243 +  200 =         326 + 498 = 


If you are really up for a challenge, why not give this one a go?


Always, Sometimes, Never.

I am thinking of a two-digit number. If I add ones to it, I will only need to change the ones digit. 

Why not talk this question through with someone at home? Remember  to explain your reasoning!


Here are a few video links based on what we have been learning this week -  


In our art lessons this week, we have designed some ammonite printing tiles based on our drawings from last week. We worked hard on drawing these to scale and trying to include detail on our tiles. We then used a pencil to trace over our motif design and transfer it onto our tile. On Wednesday afternoon, we used our tiles to print! After we had printed our tile using a couple of different colours into our sketchbook, we then paired up with a partner to create a patterned tile strip. These will look fantastic on our classroom wall when they are dry! 


Another fantastic week Matildas.

See you all again next week!

W/C 16th November


What another fantastic week we have had in Marvellous Matildas!


This week, we have published our non-chronological reports all about the layers of the Earth. The class have worked really hard on these reports and are really proud of the pieces of writing they have published. We have also been learning how to use a dictionary to help us look for the meaning of words and also check our spellings. At first, we found this quite tricky but as the lesson went on we got quicker at finding particular words and looking at the meaning of them. If you have a dictionary at home, it would be fantastic if we could keep working on this skill.


In maths, we have been working on our addition and subtraction skills. We have been recapping adding and subtracting ones, tens and finding ten more and ten less. We have also been focusing on crossing 10 and 100 when adding and subtracting. We have been using a number line and hundreds square to support us when adding ones this week, next week we will continue to challenge ourselves by counting on and begin to look at column addition and subtraction. Here are a few links based on what we have been learning this week:



In PE this week we have been exploring striking and how to accurately strike a ball using both our hands and feet. We enjoyed working in partners to strike and return the ball to each other.


As part of Jigsaw and our PSHE learning this week, we have been focussing on Anti-Bullying week and how we are all special and unique. We really enjoyed wearing odd socks on Friday to show this.


As part of our Rocks, Relics and Rumbles topic we have also been learning about tectonic plates, volcanoes and the different types of eruptions along with the Ring of Fire!


Another great week in Marvellous Matildas overall, keep up the great work! 



W/C 9th November 2020

We have had another very busy week in Marvellous Matildas this week!


We started the week off by making our very own fossils on Monday morning! It was a very messy job but we really enjoyed measuring and mixing together the ingredients. We did a great job, they look fantastic!


We have also been exploring the work of Mary Anning, a palaeontologist who made many amazing discoveries. Throughout her life, Mary was an enthusiastic fossil collector, who found many important fossils of prehistoric animals. Her fossil finds were some of the most significant geological discoveries in history. They helped scientists begin to understand what life was like in prehistoric times.


During our English lessons this week, we have been starting to write the first draft of our non-chronological report based on the different layers of the Earth and different types of rock. We are trying really hard to include some of the topic related vocabulary that we have been learning about in lessons in our reports. We have also moved on to editing and finalising our non-chronological reports ready for them to be published next week,


In our computing lesson this week, we focused on internet safety and have thought about where information on the internet comes from. We thought about who writes this information and questioned if we can trust it. Miss Cooper showed us how easy it was for people to post on the internet by writing onto our class page! She explained that what we had wrote as a class was now on the internet for people to see. We also looked at a website about Christopher Columbus which at first appeared to look real. After further investigation, we realised that all of the facts on the website were not true! We have discussed that it is important to understand that not everything we read on websites may be true and have also spoke about reputable websites. We then enjoyed creating our own webpage on Purple Mash about a fake event and tried to make them really believable. We even had some websites all about sharks living in Skegby bottoms!


In Jigsaw this week we have been exploring the 'Solve it Together' technique to help us solve problems and misunderstandings that we may have with others.


Another great week Matildas! 

See you all again next week.

W/C 02/11/20 


Hello and welcome back to everyone in Marvellous Matildas! Here is a snippet of what we have been getting up to this week.


We have started our new topic called 'Rocks, Relics and Rumbles'. On Monday we began our new project by looking at the different rock types. We had to investigate which rock fell into which category looking closely at its appearance, using a nail to see if the rock was soft or hard, and finally using a pipette to see if the rock was permeable or impermeable. We then used this to classify the rock as igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic. 


In our Maths lessons we have been finishing off our place value lessons. We have recapped how to find 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a number and have also worked hard on counting in 50's. We also 'rolled' our numbers to learn our 3 times tables off by heart.  Keep practising this at home please! 


There is also a copy of our Home Learning for this half term attached below.


Another great week, keep up the great work!

Mrs Robinson and Mrs Cooper

W/C 12th October

We have had another very busy week in Marvellous Matildas! This week we have been...

  • exploring land use in Geography and comparing how land is used differently in urban areas when compared with rural areas
  • working really hard on our punctuation in English
  • using conjunctions in sentences 
  • learning about the benefits and dangers of the Sun
  • make responsible choices and work cooperatively as part of a group in Jigsaw
  • working hard on our times tables using TTRS
  • developing our understanding of place value
  • discussing how we are feeling in French
  • working on our invasion skills in PE

We have also been working really hard on our RWI Spelling this week, looking at suffixes, -er and -est. Make you practise those spellings ready for the Speed Spell after half term.


A huge well done on a fantastic first half term as KS2 Matildas! You have all been fantastic and have worked really hard. Miss Cooper, Mrs Robinson and Mr Staniland are really proud of you all.


Have a fantastic half term and a well deserved break! 

See you all soon.

W/C 5th October

We have been working really hard again this week! Here is a snapshot of just some of the things we have been up to!

In English we have been writing our own poems based on the poem 'Last Night I Saw The City Breathing'. This links to our 'Urban Pioneers' topic and we have really enjoyed thinking of some super adjectives to describe a busy city. 


In our Maths lessons we have been recapping our knowedge of number lines to 100 and have also moved onto looking at number bonds to 1000! We had to use our division knowledge to help us work out the missing numbers. 


We have also been looking at History this week where our focus was on how a local industry has changed over time and the impact that has had on the locality. We looked at  the closure of coal mines and found out lots of exciting things.


Keep up the great work Matildas. 

W/C 28th September 

We have had another super week in Marvellous Matildas.

In English we have been working on writing up our leaflets for different attractions to visit in Nottingham.  These are nearly complete and we can't wait to show you all our finished pieces of writing.  We have been working really hard on them.


In Maths we have been continuing to look at place value. We have also been working hard on our CLIC lessons which helps us with our mental arithmatic.  


This week in Science lessons we have been looking at shadows. On Tuesday we went outside and made shadows in the playground. We thought about how opaque objects make the best shadows. Back in the classroom we planned a science experiment to see if we could change shadows depending on the distance a light source was from an object. We found out that if we move the light source further away from the object, the shadow gets smaller. 


We have also been busy learning French this week. We have been practising greetings to say to other people including bonjour, salut and bon soir. 


Super work this week Matildas! Keep it up!

W/C 21st September

This week we started this half term's topic...Urban Pioneers!

We began the week by researching Nottingham and some of the attractions that would appeal to young children in Nottingham City. After exploring our city (virtually, using street view on Google Maps) we began to research some of the attractions on offer in Nottingham. We researched Nottingham Castle, the Ice Centre, City of Caves and Lost City Adventure Golf! We then began to look at the features of leaflets so we could ensure that our leaflets included them. After making notes on the information that we wanted to include in our leaflet, we organised them under different subheadings and then started writing some sentences on Purple Mash. Next week we will continue our writing to finalise our leaflets, we are trying really hard to make them persuasive!


In maths we continued work on Place Value, looking at 3-digit numbers. Working with numbers up to 1,000 is quite tricky but by using Base 10, we are beginning to understand how to partition 3-digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones.


In Art this week, we focused on the work of Banksy and Keith Haring who are both famous Urban artists. We enjoyed looking at the different pieces of art they had created and also had a discussion about what made the artwork unique. We then looked at the similarities and differences between the work of both artists. From the pieces that we looked at, we came to the conclusion that both artists focused their work on people, but they were portrayed in very different ways. 


In RE we explored what we mean when we say Jesus was a 'fisher of people' and in Geography we started to look at maps and how to read four digit grid references. 


Well done on another great week Matildas.

W/C 14th September

We have had another fantastic week in Marvellous Matildas!

This week, we have been focusing on the book 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse' by Charlie Macksey. We have loved reading this book and have thought carefully about the beautiful messages within the story. The children have been thinking about how we can apply the advice that the different characters in the book give each other into our own every day lives. We have had a go at writing some sentences about what we thought  the characters were doing in different pictures throughout the book, answered some of questions with meaningful answers and we have even had a go at replying to the questions as another character. We loved making up our own inspirational answers.


On Friday, we spent the morning studying how to use a similar technique to Charlie Mackesy when sketching the characters from the story. We have worked really hard to produce some beautiful pieces of work and have wrote our own meaningful messages along side them.


Keep up the great work Matildas!

Have a fantastic weekend and a well deserved break.

W/C 7th September 2020

Wow! What a fantastic first week in KS2 we have had. Our Marvellous Matildas have settled back into school really well and have made a great start to the year. We are so proud of you all!


This week we have really enjoyed looking at the story 'The Colour Monster'. The children have produced some fantastic writing and have had also had a go at drawing what they would put in their own feelings jars. We loved designing our own colour monsters and thinking about how they would need to look to represent different feelings. 


We have also spent some time this week thinking about what we love and what love means to us. We enjoyed reading 'The Invisible String' and had a go at drawing who our very own invisible string connects us to.


We have loved reading 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse at the end of the day. This book has some wonderful messages along with fantastic illustrations that we enjoy admiring these each time we pick up the book. 


Overall we have had a fantastic first week in Year 3! Well done for all of your hard work this week Matilads and settling in so well to KS2, you have all been fantastic. Well done Matildas, keep up the brilliant work!