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Autumn Term Updates

Week Beginning 2.12.19

Well we are all ready to go for our performance. We have worked really hard this week making sure that it is the best it can be and are really looking forward to showing you next week. 


In English this week, we have been writing lots of sentence thinking about noun and adjectives and how to make our sentences exciting. We then created our own special shoes and wrote a piece of writing to try and sell our shoes, some of them even had a magic power.


In RE this week, we have watched the Christmas Story and sequenced some picutres into the right order. We then talked in groups about what was happening in each of the pictures relating it back to our Christmas Nativity and why we sing certain songs.  

Week Beginning 25.11.19

We have had a really busy week in Mighty Moles this week! In English we have finished our work on noun by writing a sentence making sure that there is a noun in each. We then moved onto learning about adjectives and what they do a noun (help describe them). We all chose a different shoe picture that we think the elves may have made and then wrote all different nouns around it that we could use to help describe it. We then chose an adjective and wrote a sentence using the adjective before the noun. We then wrote another sentence (the same sentence) but changed the adjective. 


In Maths, we have been working really hard on place value. We have broken 2 digit numbers into tens and ones, then broke that down into the wholeness of the number (e.g. 23 is 2 tens, 3 ones, 2 is 20. 20 + 3 = 23). 


On Tuesday we had our Gong Bath, we all had a very relaxing time and let our bodies be still. 


We have designed our fruit salad and wrote a list of equipment. that we will need. Rehearsals have been going really well for our nativity performance, we can't wait for you to see it. 


Week Beginning 18.11.19

This week in English we have been adding to our nouns by learning about adjectives. We then started to look at writing sentences with adjectives in, we will be continuing this next week. 


In Maths, we are still working on subtraction sentences and using the family of numbers to help us write these. We have used lots of things to help us such as numicon, number lines and cubes. 


In D&T we did some very excting fruit tasting in preparation to us designing our very own Fruit Kebab. We looked at the differences in look, texture, smell and taste. 


In Geography we have learnt about the 7 continenents of the world and where they are situated on the map,


We have been practising for our nativity songs as well throughout the week. I have sent home the lyrics if children would like to practise at home. 


A huge thank you again this week as we got 100% for our Fab 5 readers, you'll see we are at the top of the leaderboard on the school website in KS1. 

Week Beginning 11.11.19

This week in English we have been learning avout nouns. We know that a noun is a person, place or thing. Using this we looked at the front cover of The Elves and The Shoemaker book and wrote all the nouns that we could see. We talked about adjectives helping us to describe things and make our sentences more exciting. Later in the week we made a prediction about what we thought was going to happen in the story using the clues from what we could see and the title of the book. We acted out the story in small groups and then finally we wrote our predictions and tried to explain our thoughts. 


In Maths this week we have been writing subtraction sentences from our part-part-whole method. We have even flipped these number sentences and talked about these being number families. Not an easy thing to do, but we stuck at it. 


During our Learning Log work we have done Jigsaw, RE, Science and Geography. We have been very busy during these lessons and are looking forward to sharing the work with you during Parents Evening. 


Thank you for all your support with Odd Socks Day and Children in Need, we really do appreciate it. 

Week Beginning 4.11.19

Well that was a busy first week back after half term. On Tuesday we went on our Autumn walk. We all were dressed in our autumn clothes ready to find all things autumn! From our walk in our English skills lessons we labelled the clothes that we wore, we wrote captions about our walk and made a list using exciting adjectives to help describe what we saw. 


In Maths this week, we have been learning about the part-part-whole method, we started the week using number bonds to 10 (10 being our whole number and then 2 different 'parts' to make 10 e.g. 8 and 2). From this method we then turned it into a number sentence and we even looked at flipping the number sentence. (8+2=10 means 2+8=10) some of us even got on to flipping the sentence again using our whole number first. (10=8+2) and so on. This was quite tricky to get the hang of but everyone worked really hard and by the end of the week we had cracked it. 


In Science we have finished our observation booklets of the beans that we planted before half term. We looked a the different beans that we placed in different places. (some with water, some without, some in a dark place, some outside). We looked at the differences and talked about what the bean/plants need to live and grow healthily and recorded our findings in our booklet. 


In Phonics we have continued to learn new sounds (special friends) and apply them to spellings. We have been reading different texts with the new sounds in and editing sentences looking to correct the punctuation where needed. 






Week Beginning 7.10.19


This week in our English skills lessons we have been working on editing more sentences using an alphabet strip to correct any letters that were the wrong way around. We then transferred these skills and re visited our re tell of Where the wild things are. We re-read our work and corrected any mistakes that we had made with our new editing skills.


In Maths we have been learning about positional language and about half and whole turns. In CLIC we counted in 2s, added 1 more and counted on from 24.


On Monday we had our penalty shoot-out with Mansfield Town Football Club. Everyone took their 5 penalties to see how many they could score. On Wednesday afternoon Mr Otton taught us how to do ‘The spike’ and ‘The Serve’ in volleyball.


In Design and Technology we looked at lots of different fruits and vegetables from faraway lands, we talked about the different textures, tastes and how they look. We know what those fruits needs to grow which countries that are grown in. We then asked our friends in the class what their favourite fruit is and entered the information onto a pictogram.


In Science we have all planted a bean and put them in 4 different conditions, some in a dark place, some in without water and so on. We talked about predicting what will happen to each group and recorded them in our books.


Next week we are going to be focusing on our times tables. Each child has got a log in slip in their reading record. This gives each child access to their online account where they can practise their times tables.  

Week Beginning 23.9.19

In English we started our week by writing a re-tell of Where The Wild Things Are. We have done lots of skills lessons building up to our big write. We have also been learning how to 'edit a sentence'. We had some sentences from Where The Wild Things Are that had missing punctuation (capital letters and full stops). We read the sentences and made the right corrections using our purple pens. We certainly have some teachers in the making. 


In Maths this week we have been looking at comparing two sets  of objects and then two numbers. We always talk in full sentences in Maths and have been using the new terminology of '2 is smaller than 6' and '10 is more than 5'. We compared setsof objects and spoke about 'fewer than'. 


In Jigsaw we spoke all about being friends to one another, saying positive things and helping everyone around us. In PE, we continued with our sitting volleyball learning 'the dig' this week. We have started putting these skills into game situations. In ICT we went in the ICT suite, learnt how to log on to the computers and created our own Wild Thing monster on Purple Mash. In Topic we  thought about Faraway Lands and wrote our questions of what we would like to find out about. 


I would just like to thank everyone for helping your children achieve their Fab 5 Reader score. It really does help and shows in their work. Thank you!

Another busy week in Mighty Moles, well done everyone. 

Week Beginning 16.9.19

This week in English we have been re-looking at Where The Wild Things Are. We read the story and talked about the different characters. We had lots of different pictures that we had to put back into the correct order so that we could tell the story again. From this we made  our own puppets which we used to re-tell the story. We have some very good story tellers in Mighty Moles :-).  We also made story maps. 


In Maths this week we have been looking at the whole-ness of numbers. As you can see from the pictures we have been looking at different ways of making the number. 


We are continuing with volleyball in our PE lessons which we all really enjoyed. In continuous provision we have been being artists, constructors, designers and writers. We have some very creative minds. 


For our Topic we have made mind maps with everything that we already know about Faraway Lands ready for our questions. 


Thank you to everyone who helped get their child their Fab 5 Reader, it really does help and transfers into their work. 


A fantastic week, well done everyone. 

Week Beginning 9.9.19

We have made it! We have completed our first full week. 


This week we had our 'Big reveal' of what story we are going to be looking at. Tuesday morning was very exciting. We had lots of activites set up, all to give us some clues about our book. One activity was in our Forest School Area that had been transformed into a Far away land. There were monsters hanging from trees, princesses stuck in their castles, jewels hidden and lots more. Children explored the area making their own stories up of what they think happened. There were some fantastic imaginations and well acted out stories. From the Forest School area children made their way to another island... 'Monster Island'! They were under attack and had to make their own monster from natural materials to scare off their competition. It wasn't over there, children then had to make their way to 'Treasure Island' where they had to read maps, direct each other to find the treasure without being caught. It was a fantastic morning where everyone got really involved. 


Following on from Tuesday morning we read the story of 'Where The Wild Things Are' talking about the author and illustrator Maurice Sendak and what these words meant. Throughout the rest of the week in English, we made a prediction of what we thought might happen by looking at the front cover. We talked about charachters in the book and who was the main character. We wrote sentences making sure we had capital letters and full stops in the right place describing some characters and we also looked at the setting from the story. We labelled what we could see. 


In Maths this week, we have been look at number formation and have been getting to know how our CLIC lessons works. (C - Counting, L - Learn Its, I - It's nothing new, C - Calculation). I was very impressed with how well everyone worked in CLIC and how independent Mighty Moles are. 


During our afternoons, we were very lucky to have Premier Sport in to deliver our volleyball lesson. We practised our throwing and catching skills, we worked in groups to communicate to our team mates and lots more. 


We learned how to use our Continuous Provision areas and what each area meant. We have some very creative children in Mighty Moles. 


A very busy but very enjoyable week. Well done everyone. 

Week Beginning 2.9.19

Well we have completed our first week (3 days) in Mighty Moles and Miss Hart and I could not be anymore proud. Everyone has settled straight in and already used to our routine. 


We have been writing sentences thinking about using capital letters and full stops. We have written sentences about our summer and our favourite place. In Maths we have been looking at different number sentences and number formation.


Our Topic for this term is Far Away Lands which we will be introuducing fully next week. We have got lots of  exciting things planned and I am very much looking forward to getting started. 


I hope that everyone has enjoyed our first week, have a great weekend.