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Autumn Term Updates

Week Beginning 12.10.2020


Wow, we’ve made it! Well done for all your hard work this term Mighty Moles. I am very proud of you all. 

This week in English we have been drafting, editing and writing up neat our first ‘Published Piece’ for our Portfolios. Everyone worked so hard on this. 

In Maths we have consolidated our greater than and less than and started our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

In art this week we have been looking at different artists and their styles of portraits...we put this to the test and had a go at our own (please see the pictures attached).


Have an amazing and well earned break - you deserve it. 

Week Beginning 5.10.2020

In English this week, we have started learning about non-chronological reports. We know that they have to have facts in, that they have titles, sub-headings, texts and pictures all about a certain subject. 


In Maths this week, we have been ordering numbers. We have also learnt about the terms 'greater than' and 'less than'. We have put then into full senteces and compared two different numbers using the symbols < and > to represent greater than and less than. 


During PE this week, we have continued to work on throwing and catching focusing on the three main points: 

Knees bent, hands ready and eyes set. We used different targets when working with our partners. We also talked about changing direction and different ways to travel...until rain stopped play! 


During our Topic, we have continued to learn about the 1950s and what the children played with back then and how shops are different. We used the information from William's autobiography to look at his Family Tree. We then created our own Family Tree adding our parents and our siblings. Some of us even managed to branch out (no pun itended) to our grandparents. 

Week Beginning 28.9.2020


This week in English we have been looking at 'Autobiographies' and what these are. We read one about a boy called William who lived in the 1950s which links to our Topic work. By the end of the week we wrote our own mini autobiography. 


In Maths this week, we have been learning about 'One more and One less' than a given number. We have been putting numbers into a tens frame and counting them altogether. We made number sentences from these. 


In Topic this week we have been looking at the different stages of life and what we need/are able to do at each stage. We linked this into our English work when we were writing about 'yesterday' vs 'A long time ago'. 



Week Beginning 21.9.2020

This week in English we have been using the book, 'The Colour Monster' for our learning. We have talked about all kinds of different feelings and how that would look in colours and words (Yellow - Happy Monster - Smiling Face). We have written sentences about how the Monster would feel, what they are thinking and what makes  them think about those feelings for example, listening to music makes us feel calm. We concentrated on capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in our writing. 


We have been working hard in Phonics and on our handwriting all week. We have been looking at different special friends and how to form those letters. We even put them into spelling some tricky words using our Fred Fingers. 


In Maths this week we have been learning about counting objects, representing objects in different ways when putting them into a tens frame and adding two different groups together! 


For PE this week, we had great fun on the field talking about what happens to our body when we exercise, how the blood gets to our muscles and why we needs to stretch at the start of the lesson. We then looked at the technique for throwing and catching and started working on our accuracy when aiming for a target. 


In Art we created a self portrait using pastels and different materials. We thought carefully about how our eyes, nose and mouth look and what colour they are. 


In Jigsaw (P.S.H.E) we worked on what makes us feel clam, we listened to our friends discuss what helps them feel calm. 

WB 21.9.2020

Week Beginning 14.09.2020


This week in English we have been looking at the book, 'While We Can't Hug'. We looked at the front cover and made predictions about what we thought was going to happen in the book. We also thought about how we could communicate without hugging. We drew our best friends a picture with all the things they love on, we then turned this into a letter to tell them how we miss them. We have been learning about 'adjectives' and about how they help us to describe things. We then thought about all the different adjectives to help describe the tortoise in the book. Everyone has worked so hard in this and have produced some fantastic work. 


In Maths this week we have been learning about sorting objects and turning them into number sentences. We have been learning about 1 more than a given number and been filling in the missing numbers on a number line. 


In ICT we have been learning how to log into Seesaw and using our own folders to upload work. We talked a lot about how to keep passwords safe and not telling people our information. 


We have continued to work through the Jigsaw Recovery Pack all about caring for others, about who we love which ties nicely in with our Christian Value this term. 


A fantastic week, well done everyone.