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Autumn Term Updates

Week Beginning 16th December 


We have had a very busy end to the Autumn Term in Tenacious Toads.  Our Christmas performances were fantastic, well done to everybody! We had a great time going to the pantomime and have had a great Christmas party! Happy Christmas and we will see you all in the new year.

Week Beginning 14th October


Another brilliant week in Tenacious Toads! This week we have been learning all about times tables because it is Times Table Rockstar's week! We have all got a new login and have been working really hard on learning our tables. We have been battling each other in mini competitions and have even been competing against other classes to see who can improve the most!

Week Beginning 7th October


We have had a very busy week in Tenacious Toads! It has been our Harvest Festival. We spent lots of time learning our words and making sure we knew the words to our Harvest songs. We had a great time at St Andrew's Church and thought we did a pretty good job! 

Week Beginning 30th September

This week we have started our science investigation. With Mrs Robinson, we have come up with an experiment to find out what plants need to grow. We have 5 'testing' groups. One group is not watering their plants, one group's is outside in the cold, one group have their plants in cupboard, one group have theirs on the radiator and the final group have theirs growing on the window sill. We have made some good predictions about that we think will happen.

In our Wonder Box this week, we had a fruit (we knew it was a fruit because it had seeds in it). We looked very carefully at it and wrote what we saw, what we thought about it and what it made us wonder. At the end of the week Miss Guest told us that it was a passion fruit. We now have the challenge of finding out where it comes from!

Week Beginning 23rd September

This week we asked lots of questions about Faraway Lands. We want find out where lots of different places are like Peru, Uruguay, Africa and America. Tobin wants to know how you get to Wales. Evie would like to know how pilots and captains know how to get to their destinations and Georgina wants to know how you survive on a desert island. We have got lots of investigating to do... we had better get busy!


Year 2 started Read, Write Inc, we have learned that 'a' can make the 'or' sound if it is before l or ll. Year 1s have been learning 'oo', 'oo', 'ow' and 'ar' in their Read, Write Inc sessions.

Week Beginning 16th September

This week, we have been so busy retelling the story of Where the Wild Things Are. We have drawn some amazing story maps and used stick puppets to tell the stories. It all finished off with us writing the story in our Learning Journals, Mrs Williams joined us and was really impressed. Next week, we will be editing our retells.


Miss Guest has been really impressed when we Choose Our Learning too. Two boys made their own Friendship Bracelet Station, making and selling bracelets, they gave change as well.

We are being authors and illustrators, writing and drawing our own story books.

In Tenacious Toads, we are really creative. We love the Creative Area and Stick It Station, Miss Guest is always refilling it.

Week Beginning 9th September

We have had such an exciting week. The highlight was our 'Faraway Lands' morning on Tuesday, We travelled to three different islands. On Monster Island, with Miss Guest, we had to create a monster to scare the monsters away. On our own Faraway Land, with Mrs Hornsby, we made up adventures in a Faraway Land that we imagined. On Adventure  Island, with Mrs Robinson and Mrs Klapkowski, we explored the island using a map.

This was a great introduction to our story... Where the Wild Things Are.  We love this story and really enjoy joining in, roaring our terrible roars, gnashing our terrible teeth, rolling our terrible eyes and showing our terrible claws.
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Week Beginning 4th September 2019

What a super first week we have had! We have been very busy thinking and writing our favourite place. We love the beach, the swimming pool, our houses and Legoland! We have also written a prayer that we will read in our Star of the Week assembly, this year.

A fantastic first week... well done Tenacious Toads!