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Autumn Term Updates

Week Beginning 13th September

This week we have worked really hard on learning our list poem - Ten Things Found in Wizard's Pocket. We were so good, we performed to all of Key Stage One and Foundation Stage Two.


In Geography, we took our maps of school on a tour. We explored school and drew our own maps. 

We have had a super week - let's hope next week is just as great.

Week Beginning 27th September

This week, we have really enjoyed learning lots more about the Victorians. We learned all about their inventions, how they lived and started to think about how it might feel to live in the Victorian Era.

We were really lucky to have explored some actual, Victorian artefacts. Sam and his dad have a collection of Victorian bottles. We saw a perfume bottle, a lemonade bottle for granules and even an ink well - that one fitted in perfectly with our work on Victorian schools.

We had a very special job  too. We were the first class... ever, to introduce the Word of the Week (WOW). We chose the word TENACIOUS. We know it means unshakeable and not giving up, we even used it in our conversations too.

Week Beginning 4th October

What a week we have had! We went time travelling all the back to 1878! We landed in a school, a little bit like ours but VERY different. We had our hands checked, chanted our times tables and wrote sums on a slate. Victorian Miss Guest didn't think we had worked hard enough so we were punished. We had to write 100 lines (or as many as we could in 10 minutes). Most of us were glad to get in our Time Travelling Cabinets and get back to 2021.

Week Beginning 1st November

The aliens have landed!

This week, we have started our new topic Moon Zoom. We were so lucky, to have a planetarium visit us. We learned all about day and night and the Moon Landings. We absolutely loved being in there!


In Maths, Year 1 have moved onto addition and subtraction. Year 2, have been learning about  Fact Families/

Week Beginning 8th November

This week we have been so busy, creating our own space vehicles. We have used lots of different materials to create our vehicles. In Science, we explored the feel of many different everyday materials, including noodles.


In English we have started to retell our story Man on the Moon. Our story maps are fantastic, we can't wait to finish them off next.