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Autumn Term Updates

WB 29.11.21

This week can be summed up in one word - nativity!  We have done lots of dressing up, singing and practising ready for our performances to our adults next week. We are very excited about our nativity and we hope that you will enjoy watching it next week if you are able to come!

In English, we are continuing to edit our retelling of the story 'The Steadfast Tin Soldier' and we are copying it up neatly for our portfolio of work.  In Maths we have been adding and subtracting tens and finding ten more and ten less of a given number.  We have finished our science experiment on how music can be created using a bottle orchestra and have explored pitch by working out whether more or less water makes a higher or lower sound.  We also were very lucky to have watched our Foundation Stage's nativity dress rehearsal which was amazing! Finally, in our 'sticky knowledge' lesson this week we looked at our knowledge organisers for our topic Beat Band Boogie and decided to learn about the orchestra. We watched an orchestra play and learnt the names of some of the different instruments you find in an orchestra. We also learnt that an orchestra has four families of instruments within it - woodwind, brass, strings and percussion. See if any of the Bold Badgers can remember this over the weekend!  

WB 22.11.21

We have been very busy again this week!  In English we have done some wonderful writing retelling the story of The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson which we shall be editng next week. In Maths, we have been focusing on adding and subtracting ones, bonds to 100 and related facts, for example if we know that 2+3=5 we also know that 20+30=50. 

We really enjoyed No Pens Wednesday when we did lots of work on our topic Beat Band Boogie. We watched 'Stomp Live' to see how we can use our bodies to make music - they are worth a look online if you want to watch them at home. We then recreated a rainstorm using body percussion as a class and composed our own pieces of music in groups using just our bodies to make sound.

In my Phonics group we have been looking at word classes this week and have been learning about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  In our Jigsaw (PSHE) lesson we thought about bullying and the STOP acronym - Several Times On Purpose, We looked at what we should do in different situations.

Finally, we are very excited as we have been practising our Nativity ready to perform to our grown ups soon! 

WB 8.11.21

This week we have been very busy! At the start of the week in English, we planned and wrote some bonfire night poems, using our five senses. In Maths, we have done lots of work on comparing numbers and number sentences using the symbols <, > and =. We have also drawn part-whole models and started to write different number sentences for them which we shall continue with next week. 

In PE we have continued with our team games and practised our team work skills and in RE we have re-enacted the birth of Jesus.

This week we have also predicted what we think will happen if we create a bottle orchestra - predicting how different amounts of water will affect the sound produced. We have also started to think about different materials and their properties.  We have been thinking about how we can make a paper bridge and what we could do to make our bridges stronger. We are looking forward to conducting our experiments next week!   Finally, we are very excited because we have received our parts for the Nativity play and we have started practising them this week. We can't wait for the performance!


WB 1.11.21

We have had a lovely first week back after half term.

We have started our new topic Beat Band Boogie by following instructions to create our own drums which we then labelled in English. We have also sequenced some mixed up instructions and we continued this theme by looking at algorithms in Computing. Unfortunately, these were also incorrect and so we had to learn about debugging to make them work correctly!

In Maths we have ordered and sequenced numbers and recapped counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Ready for our Christmas celebrations, in RE we have thought about what we know abut the birth of Jesus.  In PE we have worked on our throwing and catching skills and in Music we have consolidated our knowledge on pulse. Finally, in our PSHE Jigsaw lesson this week we thought about girls and boys and what we have in common.

It has been a wonderfully busy start to the half term and we are looking forward to all the exciting things that we shall be doing and learning about in the coming weeks!

WB 20.9.21

This week we have been writing our Rosa Parks biographies in English. We have been trying to include features of biographies in our writing (for example titles and subtitles) as well as using specific vocabulary to help tell the story of her life. In our phonics sessions we have recapped some of the special friends and used them in different spellings. Some of us also started to join our letters in our handwriting focus too!

In Maths we have continued our place value work, looking at how two digit numbers are made up of tens and ones and how we can make and draw different numbers.

In RE we have started to think about the creation story and how God made the world. We looked at the art of Caroline Street and we created our own painting of Day 6 of the creation story.

In our History lessons, we have continued to think about significant people and have sorted them under different headings, like explorer, scientist, activist.  In Music, we have continued to find the pulse (heartbeat) of a piece of music and have started to look at how the rhythm is different to the pulse. In PE we had Premier Sports in and we learnt some skills to help us keep control of a football.

Finally, in Science we conducted an experiment to see how germs spread, using glitter to help show us. We wrote our results down and though about whether our predictions of the precious lesson ere correct.

WB 13.9.21

We have had another busy week for our Bold Badgers!

In English we have been learning about more Rosa Parks in readiness for writing biographies about her next week. We have been learning what a biography is and what features we can find in a biography.  In Maths, we are continuing our place value work looking at tens and ones in numbers to 50 as well as grouping objects into tens to help us count more easily.

In our Topic lessons we have been using Dawson’s model in groups to help decide whether different people are historically significant.   In Science we have been thinking about how germs spread and shall be doing an experiment next week to find out. We made our predictions this week based upon what we already know about germs.  In RE we have thought about what we know of the creation story and what we want to find out. We have enjoyed our first PE lesson with Premier Sports and in Music we have talked about pulse in music and have kept the pulse when listening to different music.

Finally, in Computing we have started our Coding topic and have started to learn about algorithms and we created our own algorithms.

WB 6.9.21

We have had a lovely first week back to school after our summer holidays! The Bold Badgers have settled in beautifully to their new classroom and our Year 2 routines.

This week we have spent some time getting to know each other and exploring the areas of our classroom. We have enjoyed creating some art work in the style of Kandinsky and we used colour to represent different emotions after reading The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas.  In our Jigsaw lesson this week we read The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside and we talked about any worries that we had about starting in Year 2 and what to do if we have worries and who we can talk to. 

In English we wrote about where we would go if we found a magic pot of bubbles that could take us anywhere and in Maths we recapped counting forwards and backward to 20 ready to start our place value work next week. 

We also started our new topic for this half term - Movers and Shakers. We are learning all about different significant people in history and today we were historians and learnt about Dawson's Model which is a set of five statements that historians use to decide if someone is historically significant. We started to learn about Rosa Parks and we used Dawson's Model to decide if she was a historically significant person - we agreed as a class that she was!   

Well done to all the Bold Badgers this week.  We are very proud of how you have settled in and we are looking forward tp learning with you this year!