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Autumn Term Updates

WB 11.11.19

This week we have looked at different word classes in our English lessons. We have also made predictions about the book Elves and the Shoemaker and then acted the story out using puppets.  We have also focused on our reading skills looking at some texts as a whole class and learning ways to help us find information in different texts.   In our RWI spelling sessions we have been looking at adding the suffix -ly to the end of words to create adverbs.  In Maths, we have done a lot of work on position and direction this week.  We have looked at how to follow directions, learning terms like left, right, forwards, backwards, clockwise, anticlockwise, whole turn, half turn, quarter turn and three quarter turn.   We have also used the Bee-Bot App to create directions for our Bee-Bot to follow.

In RE, we have thought about the questions 'Why does Christmas matter to Christians ?' and 'How do we show we care for others?'  We shall revisit these questions at the end of the half term to see what we have learnt.  In Geography, we have continued to explore atlases and we have been hunting for different countries in them.  We also learnt about the four countries in the United Kingdom and about their capital cities.  Some of us have enjoyed exploring our Forest Schools area and we have also started rehearsing for our Nativity performance which we are very excited about!   All in all, a very busy week for us in the Bold Badger classroom!

WB 4.11.19

Welcome back Bold Badgers! After resting over half term we have come back to our learning with lots of enthusiasm! On Monday we learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees in Science and we loved identifying these whilst we were out and about for our Autumn walk on Tuesday.  We also had a fantastic time jumping in puddles and mud and collecting lots of different leaves and objects which we used to create a natural science display in the afternoon.  In Topic, we continued with our Faraway Lands topic by looking at the seven continents of the world, finding them in an atlas and then labelling them carefully. 

In Maths this week we have compared numbers using greater than/smaller than symbols.  We have also started working out additions using the column addition method which we are really enjoying. In English, we have looked at nouns, adjectives and expanded noun phrases. We wrote some sentences about our Autumn walk, trying hard to include expanded noun phrases in our work,  To revisit our English work from just before half term, we also had a picture of ourselves in our Autumn walk clothes which we labelled and wrote a caption for,  We also made a list of the things we saw and heard on the walk. 

On Friday afternoon, some of us got very muddy (and had a lot of fun in the process!) learning outside in our Forest Schools area.  Finally, we are very excited as we have auditioned for our year 2 nativity performance which we will be starting to practice over the next few weeks.   A fantastic first week back, well done Bold Badgers!

WB 7.10.19

This week we have learnt about root words and suffixes and in particular the suffix '-y' in our RWI spelling sessions.  We looked at when we double the consonant before adding 'y' e.g. run becomes runny, fog becomes foggy.  In English we have finished writing up our edited Where the Wild Things Are retells and we have enjoyed looking at and talking about different books in more detail during our guided reading sessions.   In our shorter Maths CLIC sessions we have continued to practise our 2, 5 and 10 times tables as well as our mental addition and subtraction skills.   In our whole Maths sessions we have started to look at column addition which we are really starting to enjoy!  

In RE we looked at the features of churches and we created pic collages of the different things we might find in a C of E church.  We were then lucky enough to visit St Andrew's church for our Harvest Festival service on Thursday morning where we could physically see the features we had researched in our RE lesson.  Thank you to all our parents for supporting our Harvest Festival and for all your kind donations.  The children loved going to church and they also sang the Harvest songs we have been practising beautifully!   In PE we have continued our volleyball sessions with Premier Sports and on Friday half the class got very muddy exploring our Forest Schools area whilst the other half learned about direction and programmed Beebots.  Well done Bold Badgers for another great week of learning!

WB 30.9.19

We have been very lucky to get outside this week! We have practised our football skills on the MUGA with Mansfield Town in readiness for our school's penalty shoot out competition and some of us got very muddy (and had lots of fun in the process!) exploring our Forest Schools area.  We have continued with our volleyball lessons in PE with Premier Sports and we have predicted what plants need to grow and planted our own runner beans in Science. We have put the beans in different growing conditions and will be monitoring this over the coming weeks to see what makes plants grow.  In English we have learnt editing skills - checking sentences for capital letters, full stops and letter reversals. We have then edited our own work with the support of our teachers.  We have started to learn about coding in Computing and we have also looked at labelling and adding captions to photos of our work on the SeeSaw app. In Maths we have continued with our place value work looking at numbers to 1000 this week and we are now ready to start addition next week.  Finally, in Jigsaw we have looked at how rules and responsibilities help us in our daily lives.   What a busy but enjoyable week we have had!


WB 23.9.19

This week we have been very busy writing our retells of Where The Wild Things Are in English. We are looking forward to learning how to edit and improve our work next week! We have also learnt our first spelling rule as Year 2s - the or sound spelt a before l and ll (ball, stalk, also) - and we have been working hard on letter formation.  In Maths we have continued with our place value work. We have focused on making 2-digit numbers using apparatus and we have then looked at how we can partition those numbers in different ways, for example 34=30+4, 34=20+14 and 34=10+24. This is quite tricky but we are getting there!

In Art we have painted our own flower pictures and in Topic we have been thinking about what we want to find out about Faraway Lands.  Finally, we have enjoyed learning hymns for Harvest during our Music and worship time.  Another great week, Bold Badgers. Well done! 


WB 16.9.19

This week we have focused on retelling the story Where the Wild Things Are in English. We have acted the story out using stick puppets and we have created our own fantastic story maps to help us retell the story.  In Maths we have continued to learn about the place value of numbers to 100 (tens and ones) and we shall be moving on to looking at numbers to 1000 next week (hundreds, tens and ones).  In Science we have started thinking about how things grow and what plants need to grow. We have thought about what we already know about plants to help us focus our learning over this half term.  In Topic, we have also thought about what we already know about Faraway Lands and what we want to finds out and in RE we have been looking at synagogues and why they are important to Jewish people.  Finally, we have loved having Premier Sport in to teach us how to play volleyball and we are already looking forward to our next session with them! Another great week, Bold Badgers, well done!

WB 9.9.19

This week we have really settled in to our Bold Badger classroom and new routines! We introduced our Faraway Lands Topic with a fabulous, creative day outside on Tuesday. We created stories in our Forest Schools area, made monster art work from natural resources and we became explorers and discovered a Faraway land using a map to help us. We discovered a witches house, a dark forest, a broken bridge and many more places!  In English, we are focusing our writing for the next few weeks on the book Where The Wild Things Are. We predicted what we thought would happen in the story before reading it and we have looked at the different characters in the book. In Maths we are looking at numbers to 100 and focusing on place value, creating different numbers using tens and ones apparatus.   In Computing, following on from our Topic book, we have focused on our mouse skills by creating our own 'wild thing' design.  Finally we were very lucky to have the Bishop of Durham visit our school on Friday afternoon to celebrate our first full week back in whole school worship. What a lovely end to a great first full week. Well done Bold Badgers!

WB 2.9.19

What a fantastic first week we have had in the Bold Badger classroom!  We have settled in really well and have enjoyed exploring our new classroom.  This week we have learnt about our school Christian Values in a special whole school assembly given by Reverend Kellett.  We have written our first piece of independent writing about our favourite places and we have recapped our numbers to 10, 20 and 100.  We have played Snakes and Ladders to help us recall counting in ones too.  We have also had a very interesting and impromptu discussion about The Titanic after a Bold Badger brought in a wonderful Titanic model from home!

Well done to every single Bold Badger who has tried their hardest this week and settled in so well.  We are very proud of you and we are looking forward to learning with you all over the next year!