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Autumn Term Updates

Weekly Newsletter 9th December 2019

It has begun to feel a lot like Christmas in the Magnificent Maugrims' Class - this week we have watched the fabulous Foundation Stage 2's Nativity performance, which was amazing, and then we had our annual trip to the panto to see Cinderalla. We all had a brilliant time and our teachers were very proud of how well-behaved we were, the staff at the theatre even commented on it!

We have also worked with the poem 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' in our English lessons, focusing on our presentation of poetry. We have also used this poem as our reading focus for the week. We have also continued to work on our puppets and are really pleased with how they are looking - we can't wait to share the finished work!  

Weekly Newsletter 2nd December 2019

It has been another busy week in the Maugrims' Class, as always! We began the week energetically with Ms Merrick from Quarrydale leading us in another dance session - it is looking amazing already! This prepared us nicely for the week ahead … assessments! We undertook assessments in Reading, SPaG and Maths and tried our best, with some great scores already.

It was the school Christmas Fayre on Thursday so we spent some time preparing for this, both getting products ready to sell and also helping to set up on the day. Some of us even stayed behind after school to help run stalls! It was a fantastic event and we all really enjoyed ourselves.

On Friday, we began making our pirate puppets - something we have been looking forward to for a long time!

Weekly Newsletter 25th November 2019

Another great week in Maugrims class this week working hard on our writing. We have researched and written about a Caribbean Island and then incorporated some persuasive language to make people want to visit our chosen Island. We had to use lots of editing skills to develop our writing and make it more persuasive. It's been a busy week but we've managed to publish our work and it looks and reads fantastic! In other lessons, we have learnt a new piece of music to play on the recorder and sung in small groups. In PE, we made use of the space we had to design pirate dance routines using a clear start and finish and including spins on different levels. At the end of the week, we should our charitable side with some fantastic donations for our Christmas Fair and a brilliant Fab5 result. Keep up the hard work Maugrims. 

Persuasive Tourist Brochures

Weekly Newsletter 18th November 2019

It was great to see so many parents at Parents' Evenings to celebrate all the hard work that we are doing in Maugrim's Class. It has been another busy week, we have researched about our Caribbean Islands and began to write an introduction to our persuasive piece of writing. We have thought about using different persuasive techniques to make it sound exciting and how different words make the work emotive. In maths we have continued to look at fractions and started to discuss equivalent fractions. We have even had a go at the dreaded long division, which wasn't as bad as we expected!

In other lessons, we have developed our dance routines in P.E. using Cannons and Rounds and started to make a larger dance routine for half the class. We have continued to work with the Great Project in PSHE to discuss relationships and how too manage them and we designed posters for the lesson. 

Another great week for Maugrims with a good Fab 5 result, keep up the hard work.  

Weekly Newsletter week commencing 11th November 2019

We had a busy but exciting week! We began by honking about Rememberance Day with an assembly and also observing the national silence to pay our respects. We were honoured to have one of our parents join us to play The Last Post, it was very moving and meant a lot to our children. 

We have been thinking about our ‘Faraway Land’ of The Caribbean and have used atlases to find out more about its location before we began researching more information.

We also had our trip to Chatsworth which was a wonderful day, the house was incredible. We were really excited to see ‘The Great Wave’  represented in the Japanese room as we had produced our own versions of this last year! 

We also enjoyed wearing odd socks for Anti-bullying Week and a non-uniform day for Children in Need, as well as fitting in The Great Project and even some Maths!

Weekly Newsletter W/C 2nd November 

This week we have been looking at travel brochures of the Caribbean in English and identifying the language and features they use to persuade people. In maths we have started to multiply large numbers like 45 x 6500 by breaking them down into smaller multiplication sums and then multiplying by 10, 100 or 1000. We enjoyed this and got the hang of it really quickly, meaning we moved onto trickier worded questions. In PE we have started to look at dance routines and Street Dance and started to put groups of routines together to music. In other subjects we have developed our coding skills in ICT and used our French vocabulary to discuss our favourite lessons.  It's been a really quick but productive week and we're already excited about our visit to Chatsworth House next week. Keep up the hard work Maugrims. 

Weekly Newsletter W/C 14th October

A great final week of this half term. We have worked hard to edit and modify our pirate adventure stories ready for them to be published. The stories included some fantastic character descriptions and exciting plot lines. By the end of the week we had finished adapting them and wrote them neatly to be published. In PE we finished our half term work on Tchukeball with a competition between our class, the standard was high, with children using lots of the skills they had developed over the last 6 weeks. In Re we have looked at Hinduism and studied special places of worship including inside a Mandir. In maths, we continued looking at estimating and rounding and using the skills to work out harder maths questions. Our week culminated in the Rockstar day, where Maugrims dressed in amazing rockstar outfits and competed in times tables competitions. It was a great day and a brilliant way to finish the half term. Have a restful half term holidays and keep reading to get our AR total score as high as possible. 

TimesTables Rockstar Day

TimesTables Rockstar Day 1

Weekly Newsletter w/c 7th October 2019

We had an exciting start to the week with our Penalty Shoot Out with Stags: it was a tense atmosphere in the Hall ... our two goalkeepers (George and Jayden) were determined to keep clean sheets and tried all sorts of moves and distractions to put off the strikers! They pulled off some amazing saves but we also saw some fantastic strikes which resulted in some great scores. We had a full house from our class champion, Cruz, who scored a brilliant 5 out of 5 penalties! We all had a lot of fun and loved working with Mansfield Town FC again.

Back in the classroom, we have continued working on our pirate stories in English and have some great ideas about what is going to happen to our character. We are really excited to put pen to paper and produce our first published piece. In Maths, we have been working on rounding and using number lines to help us as well as continuing to develop our arithmetic skills in CLIC. We have also designed our puppets, coded with Miss Loker and visited church for our Harvest Festival. What another busy week it has been!

Weekly Newsletter W/C 30th September 

A fantastic week in Maugrims this week. We have started to look at other pirate stories as part of our English work and use them as the structure in writing our own pirate stories. We have worked hard to develop our characters and setting, using lots of adjectives and our sense to think what our treasure island would be like. We have had a creative week this week and developed our D and T skills (particularly our sewing!) to make a pirate purse. We needed to design measure and sew our purses together but the end result looks amazing. In PE we enjoyed our training session with Mansfield Town FC and are looking forward to the penalty shoot-out competition next week. A great week for reading, we achieved 100% of our Fab 5 dojos and read the most words in a week! Keep up the good work for next week Maugrims.

Using D and T Skills to make Pirate Purses

Weekly Newsletter W/C 23rd September 2019

Another great week in Maugrim's class. This week we have been studying Treasure Island, looking at the start of the book and the introduction of some sinister characters. We have written a diary extract as if we were a young Jim Hawkins and how scary it would be to see pirates. In Maths we have continued to look at larger numbers getting into millions. We even looked at cars, private planes and houses for a million pounds! In other lessons, we have thought about our hopes and ambitions for the end of Year 6, having been inspired hearing about Tom Daley. In art we produced some detailed drawings of flowers for a display at the local Co-op store. Our favourite part of the week was going to read with our buddy class in nursery, we read a number of stories to the smaller children and talked about books as part of our reading roundabout. 

A fantastic week this week, keep up the hard work Maugrims.

Our Diary Writing inspired by Treasure Island

Reading to our Buddy Class

Weekly Newsletter w/c 16th September 2019

It’s been a very exciting week as it was our Year 6 residential! We have taken part in lots of exhilarating activities including Vertical Challenge, Giant Swing, Raft Buidling and Abseiling to name just a few! We have all pushed out into the deep to take on these challenges and have had an amazing time.


Those of us who stayed in school have also had a wonderful week. We have taken part in Forest Schools where we have climbed trees, built dens (including a working pulley system) and even dug up and tasted some home-grown potatoes cooked for us by Mrs Parkes - they were delicious! We have also looked at constellations and designed some of our own and also helped organise and run our annual Macmillan Coffee Morning.


What a week it has been! 


Weekly Newsletter W/C 9th September

Another fantastic week in Maugrims class. This week we have learnt about the counting system the Maya people used and taken part in some food tasting, trying tortillas and dips and other Maya food. We have used the Mayan knowledge of stars and planets to look at what we know about Space. We have researched about the Planets and even came up with our own way of remembering the order. As part of our science work we have also looked at the movement of the Earth and its rotation; we even conducted an experiment to show how the Earth moved. In PE, Premier sports started to teach us a new sport, Tchukeball, which is very exciting and energetic! A great week for Fab 5, we got 100% in our first week and we learnt about our new responsibilities as year 6 children. We are all really excited about next week our residential trip to PGL next week. keep up the hard work Maugrims.

Weekly Newsletter - W.C. 2nd September 2019

What a great start the year 6s have made in Maugrims class! Much like the role models they are, they have settled down to their work and been responsible and respectful to everyone in school. In lessons we have continued with our Mayans topic that we started before the Summer holidays. Specifically this week,  we have used our map work skills to locate Countries and Continents on a World map and then relate this to where the Mayans lived. We have also looked at Mayan Gods and the different reasons they had them. In our topic books we have created a factfile about the Gods and started to think creating our own Mayan God. On Friday, we had a creative day and used our D and T skills to create a mask in the style of a Mayan Festival mask.

It's been a great first week back, keep up the good work at home and remember to read regularly to achieve our Fab 5s award. 

Mayan Masks