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Autumn Term Updates

Weekly Newsletter W.C. 30th November 

This week in Maugrim's class we have been working hard on our Mayan Topic. We have used drama to act out some Mayan Gods, thinking about how they might look and their personality as well. We created a freeze frame of the God and then performed a catwalk style drama production, giving an insight into how they might speak and behave. The pictures have been uploaded to the individual Seesaw accounts for children to have a look at. 

In art, we have created Mayan patterns by carving them into individual soaps, thinking about the design and the style. In PE, we practised our Mexican Hat dance to music, it was very fast paced and required us to keep in time with the music and change moves often. 

In Maths, we have looked at Prime numbers, squared and cubed numbers and thought about the order of calculations using BODMAS, remembering that we always do the brackets first! Next week we will be doing some assessments in maths to see what we need to learn after Christmas. 

A great week for Fab 5, with 100% achieving their Fab 5 dojos. Keep up the good work Maugrims. 

Weekly Newsletter W.C 23rd November 2020

A great week in Maugrim's class this week. In English we have looked at the 'Legend of the Uxmal Dwarf'' and used a comic strip to plan out the story. We then used ipads to take photos of the scenes and retell the story. As we started to write up the Legend we tried to use reported and direct speech in our writing to make it more exciting for the reader. 

In Maths, we have looked at factors and common multiples and started to recognise the relationship between the two. We have learnt how to write lists of multiples and then see if there are any common multiples between the lists. Next week we are looking at Prime numbers, squares and cubed numbers, have a look at these videos to see what we are doing. and

On Wednesday, we took part in 'No Pens Wednesday' where we were encouraged to find other ways to work without using pens. During the day, we played times tables games, used the Ipads to take pictures and started to build models of Chichen Itza using lolly sticks. 

In PE, we made use of the good weather and went on the muga to practise our tennis skills, it was great fun trying to complete a rally over the nets. In Music, we have looked at the 'Mexican Hat Song' and tried to identify the different musical instruments in the piece. We then tried to create a musical score to show when the instruments came in, it was very tricky!

A good week for reading with 96% achieving Fab 5, keep up the good work Maugrims.

PE and building Chichen Itza

Weekly Newsletter. W.C. 16th November

Another busy week in Maugrim's class this week. We have continued looking at our book 'Holes' and used the text to write some character descriptions about Stanley Yelnats and then thought about writing a diary excerpt in the style of Stanley. It wasn't easy! We had to remember that the events had already happened and we didn't need to tell the story. The finished results are great though, we have spent lots of time editing it and proof reading it to make sure it reads well. 

In maths, we have been thinking about short division and using our times tables to work out the answers. We are getting more confident at setting the sums out correctly and remembering when to carry numbers across and what to do with remainders.  Have a look at the website to remind you how to do short division.  We also attempted our first arithmetic test in Y6 and did better than we expected! 

In other lessons, we have played Mayaball in PE, a game the Mayans played where you could only hit the ball with your right knee, hip or elbow. It was really tricky, but at least we didn't have to make a sacrifice to the Gods if we lost, like the Mayans had to. In ICT we talked a little about e-safety and discussed digital footprints and what they meant. 

I good week for Fab 5, with 100% being awarded their Fab 5 dojos.

Keep up the good work Maugrims. 

Weekly Newsletter W.C. 9th November

Another great week in Maugrim's Class this week. We have really enjoyed our English Text, 'Holes' where poor Stanley Yelnats has been sent to a detention camp, which he thought would be like a Summer camp. We have started to plan a postcard home to his Mum, but tried to embellish how the 'camp' is, so that she won't worry. We have used adjectives, similes and metaphors to make it sound fun!  

In maths, we have looked at multiplying 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers, using our times tables skills to help work out the answer, but making sure we set out the sum correctly.

In other lessons, we braved the cold to do some PE outside and practised our throwing and catching skills and enjoyed using the velcro sticky pads to catch the ball! In art we have continued with our 'Day of the Dead' masks and started to put some decoration on. 

A good week for reading as well, with 96% achieving their Fab 5 Dojos. Keep up the good work Maugrims.  

Weekly Newsletter W.C. 2nd November 2020

A great first week back after half term for Maugrim’s Class. We have embraced our new topic, Hola Mexico and really got into the culture and traditions of the Country. We started by tasting food from Mexico, including salsa, tacos and chilli, some of us even tried spicy jalapenos! We then did some cooking, we made our own tortilla wraps or chilli with different ingredients and cooked it on the small hobs.  Whilst we were cooking, we listened to traditional Mexican music and watched some Mexican dancing.

As part of our art work, we have started to create our ‘Dia de los Muertos skulls.’ After cutting out our template, we had to build up the eyes, nose and mouth using newspaper to make it 3d.  We then covered it with white paper ready to paint and decorate in bright colours to commemorate the traditional ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations from Mexico.

In other lessons, we created poppies as part of our Remembrance decorations for St Andrew’s Church and in RE we designed different images to show the Kingdom of God.

A great first week back with Fab 5 reading, with 100% achieving their Fab 5 dojos.

Keep up the good work Maugrims.

Hola Mexico Topic Work

Weekly Newsletter W.C. 12th October 2020

Another brilliant week in Maugrim's class this week. We have worked hard on making our own adverts to stop people from smoking. We started by looking at different adverts and the kind of techniques they used to persuade people and then began to develop our own slogans and logos. After we designed our slogan we created a very short movie clip using pictures, thinking about the music and language we could use.

You can have a look at the videos on your Seesaw account. 

In maths, we have continued looking at more formal methods of calculations and used column multiplication to work out some tricky sums. We have also used some of the multiplication methods to solve problems. 

In other lessons we have started to design our own computer games using coding, we had to think about the background settings and characters we could use and how we could score points. The games looked fantastic. In PE, we completed our Netball topic by playing some small sided games, getting used to the positions and where we could and couldn't go!

Another great week for Fab 5, we scored 100%. Keep up the good work Maugrims. 

Weekly Newsletter - W.C. 5th October 2020

Another great week in Maugrims' Class. In maths this week, we have been looking at 2 step problems and working out which calculations to use. We have used the information to work and the answer and then decide if that answer is logical! In English we have worked hard to present our fact files and shape poems ready to be displayed on the wall. 

We really enjoyed PE this week, we had a great swimming lesson on Monday, which was really well organised and most of Maugrims swam the required distance. Then on Thursday we started to play competitive netball games against each other, after we realised how tall the netball nets were! 

In other lessons we carried on with coding in computer and moved up to the trickier level to help design our game. In Science, we made our own blood as part of our Blood Heart topic. We use syrup, oil and milk to show the different components that our blood has. 

Not too bad in Fab 5s this week with 92% but we can do better next week. Keep up the good work Maugrims. 

Weekly Newsletter - W.C. 28th September 2020

An exciting week in Maugrims class this week, we have really embraced our topic about the Heart and had a go at dissecting one in our science lesson! Once we put on all the protective equipment we needed, we set about feeling the heart and finding the different arteries and veins connected to it.  We injected a dye into the heart to see how it flowed and then dissected it to see the different chambers. It was a real wow experience and something we will always remember. 

In English this week, we have been creating a shape poem using the heart as our stimulus, we created descriptive sentences and rhyming words to make it flow. We then used our creative side to show the shape of the heart using just the words, they looked fantastic.

In Maths,  we have finished off our work on negative numbers and started to look at column addition and using the inverse to work out missing numbers.  In other lessons, we have continued our work in PE to play small sided netball games, getting use to not being able to move our feet! We also celebrated our Harvest Festival and all the fabulous food brought in with our new vicar over a virtual assembly. 

Another great result in Fab 5 this week as well, where we achieved 100%, well done everyone. Keep up the good work Maugrims. 

Our Science Lesson - dissecting a heart!

Weekly Newsletter - W.C. 21st September 2020.

A fantastic week for Maugrims again this week. In Maths we have been looking at negative numbers and working out how to read them using a number line. We also worked hard on adding and subtracting negative numbers and making sure we went the right way on the number line! In English we have continued working on our Fact file about our heart, finding out and presenting some fantastic facts about the Heart. 

In other lessons, we have continued learning new skills in netball, concentrating on the bounce pass and in computing we have continued our work on coding. This week we had to make animals appear when the word appeared on screen. We were so good at it, we started to design our own backgrounds and modify the characters. 

A great week for reading this week, scoring 95% on our Fab 5 readers. Keep up the good work Maugrims.

Weekly Newsletter - W.C. 14th September.

Another great week in Maugrim's class this week. We continued working hard on our book 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse,' where we have started to write a fact file about one of the characters. After planning our work, we have edited our writing and started to produce a poster about the animal of our choice. 

As part of our maths work, we have looked at place value and thought about numbers that are bigger than 10,000 and 100,000, even starting to look at numbers upto 1,000,000. As part of our work we also got to look at some houses and cars that cost more the £1,000,000!

In other lessons, we have started to create a clay model of our character from the story, using different techniques to define its appearance. In Pe, we have started to do some work on netball skills and working in teams to keep the ball in the air!

A good start to our Fab 5 readers and AR reading this week with a class total of 95%. 

Keep up the good work Maugrims. 

Our creative clay models

Weekly Newsletter - W.C. 7th September 2020

A great start to the new school year for Maugrim's Class. We have taken the changes in the school routine in our stride and are enjoying the way our class is set out. It's been fantastic to see our friends again and play out on the field. 

In lessons, we have done lots of work on our new book; 'The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.' We looked at the different sayings in the book and thought about what it means to us. We have thought about things that make us feel happy and a safe place we can think of to make us feel grounded. In Jigsaw lessons, we have thought about coming back to school and what it means to be with friends again.

In art, we have completed self portraits and used pastels to show the definition and different shades in colour on our faces. We have also been outside to look for things of beauty and sketched them in class. Once completed we have used Pointalism techniques to paint them.

Now that we have our new AR reading books we are looking forward to quizzing next week to get our word count up and compete for the Fab 5 trophy.  

Keep up the good work Maugrims. 

Concentrating hard on our art work!