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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my child be working and for how long?

The most important thing is establishing a routine for the children. We would recommend breaking the day up and throughout the day, the children do 2 or 3 short activities. Remember, they will be getting work done much quicker without the same lesson format they usually have in school.


What do I do if my child needs help and I don’t understand it?

Please don’t worry, there are a lot of concepts that our children are taught, which are new to parents! If you are unsure, or would like to check something, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher via the class



What do I do if my child completes everything?

Hopefully this won’t happen! There will be ongoing work set on line, in particular, through Purple MashTimes Table Rock Stars, Seesaw and Read, Write Inc (EYFS/KS1) etc. These are reviewed regularly by staff and new tasks set.


What can I do if my child is anxious and struggling with not being in school?

This is completely normal and understandable, as this is quite a unique situation and very different from their normal routine. Wherever possible, we suggest keeping an element of routine to the day and letting the children know what they will be doing. We are creating a section on the website called ‘Keeping Calm'. On here, there will be a range of activities that can be used to help support your child through this situation.

If your child is struggling to make sense of the current situation, sharing one of these eBooks may help:

Dave the Dog

Coronavirus - a story for children

These stories have both been posted on the School Story on Class Dojo.


What can I do if my child is bored?

While Purple Mash, Times Table Rock Stars, Seesaw and Read, Write Inc (EYFS/KS1) have activities set by the teacher, your child can also complete other activities that they find interesting. We have also provided links to Joe Wicks, David Walliams, BBC Learning and many more on our Home Learning section of the website. However also have a look at the ideas in the ‘What can I do if I do not have access to the Internet?’ section below, as there are so many activities to do with your child that do not need to be screen based.


I am worried they are falling behind, what can I do?

We understand you are worried, but please don’t be. It is a unique situation for everyone and what is important at this moment that people stay healthy and safe. While they are not in school, it is important to maintain some routine and regular short activities are perfect, please do not worry about trying to become your child's 'teacher' overnight. When we return to school, staff will identify where the children are currently at in their learning and then identify the key areas to be taught. Please try not to worry, we are all in the same position.


What can I do if I do not have access to the Internet?

We understand this is difficult for some of our families who do not have access to the Internet. However, there is a range of activities you can still do. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Read to them. Yes – even the older ones! It ignites a love of reading, creates a bond between you and it’s soothing and calming
  • Start a ‘Thankful Journal’, including drawing or doodling and colouring – all activities that support mental health
  • Talk; when you are working on things together, or working side by side, begin conversations. Sitting next to someone, without the requirement to make eye contact, can encourage them to open up! It also helps if you share something first
  • Keep a daily diary
  • Watch documentaries and nature programmes (who doesn’t love a bit of ‘Blue Planet’?!)
  • Cook together and measure out ingredients
  • Create exercise or dance routines together
  • Play board games and card games and have a go at making your own
  • Show them how you manage the household budget and divide up money to cover bills, food and other things

Remember to speak to your child's class teacher if you require a paper pack of work for each week.