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Parking Outside of School!

Parking Outside of School!


Dear Parents and Carers

I happened to return to school at 3.40 pm on Thursday and witnessed for myself several major near misses as parents and carers attempted to pick their children up on Whitehead Lane. The road was blocked, with cars parked illegally on either side. I witnessed people attempting three point turns involving cars mounting the kerb, narrowly missing children!

I am very conscious I am just talking about a few people and know that most people park sensibly or walk to meet their children, however I cannot ignore the actions of a few as they are endangering children’s lives! I do not want to have any child at St Andrew’s hurt by careless driving.

We have around 370 children leaving the site at the same time and this will always mean that outside the school gates will be busy. I would just like parents and carers to park safely and think about the safety of our children, even if that means parking a little farther away and walking. I would rather you arrived at school five minutes later, than on time and hurting a child in the process. The school operates a system where Key Stage 2 children come to the school office if their parent or carer is running late. Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 hand children directly to whoever is picking up. No child will be let out alone!

I have shared my concerns with the School Governors and the local police. I also am contacting the Nottinghamshire Highways. In the meantime I hope that together, with a little common sense and thought, we can ensure that our children are safe and surely they are our priority.

Yours sincerely


Mrs A Williams

Head Teacher