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Support for Families

Good afternoon


We are now 9 solid months into a pandemic. No one could have predicted that would be into our second lockdown of the year. 


We know and understand that this time has a profound effect on so many of you - especially financially. Job losses, furlough, hours cut and self-isolating are leaving families in situations some never dreamed they would be in. No food on the table, empty stomachs and cold houses. On top of this, Christmas is only a few weeks away.


We can help! We want to help!


Please don’t be afraid, or embarrassed, to reach out. Let us help, let us take a small weight off of your shoulders. We are in a position to be able to offer food and some clothing, initially for December, to families who may need an extra hand during these tough times. 


Send a dojo message to the School Office telling them that you would be interested in our help.


We will reply and do our very best for you. No one else will know, and you may just have a problem solved.


Thank you, St Andrew’s Staff