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Spring Term Updates

21st January 

This week we have really enjoyed writing our persuasive speeches on single-use plastic pollution. We've used some incredible language to develop imagery and metaphors to describe the problem. We really hope our work will encourage people to think carefully about their actions. 


Maths has been challenging this week. The Year 6s have been using their skills to add and subtract fractions, and the Year 5s have been using their times tables to develop their long multiplication knowledge. 


In computing, we've really enjoyed using spreadsheet formulas to carry our calculations for us. In RE, we've tried to answer really challenging questions about science and religion and if they can be complementary ideas. 

14th January 

This week we have become fully immersed in our new English unit all about plastic pollution in the oceans. We watched a number of documentaries that highlighted the problem and the effects that it is having on the natural world. We really enjoyed listening to David Attenborough and the Surfers Against Sewage, but we were all really horrified to hear the statistics and just how vast the problem is. 

Everyone was really passionate about the need for change and how we can be the generation to solve the problem. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be using our ideas to write a persuasive speech to encourage people to think more carefully about their use of single-use plastics.


We've been working really hard in maths this week. The Year 6s have been developing their understanding of fractions by finding equivalent fractions with common denominators. The Year 5s have been developing their understanding of primes, factors and multiple. 


7th January 


We have had a brilliant first week back after the holidays. We've all really enjoyed starting our new project 'Frozen Kingdoms' and learning more about the Arctic and Antarctic regions. 


In art, we looked at different types of traditional Inuit art and the traditional techniques that they use. We researched some famous artists before having a go at sketching Arctic animals in their style. 

To finish the week, we created our own carvings using soap as our version of serpentine stone.