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Spring Term Updates

Weekly Newsletter W.C. 8th March

A fantastic first week back after Lockdown for the Fauns, we have really enjoyed completing our Book Week work. This week, we have been using the book 'It's Your World Now' to create art work and discuss the main themes of the story. 

The story starts with lesson 1 which talks about marvellous things in the world, we used this to create our own picture based on the marvellous things in our world. We used different media and layers of pictures to create our own detailed picture with fantastic results.

The book also talks about the future and we used this to discuss jobs and careers for our own futures, thinking about different skills each job has and whether we'd like to do it! After identifying our own skills we created oan individual C.V. thinking about the skills and experiences we already have. 

Most importantly, the book talks about when things don't always go our way. We can't win the raffle every time or be first in every race and we discussed how to deal with this, through building resilience and being ourselves. 

It's been a great week, we have really enjoyed the work we have done in class, but the best bit has been seeing all our friends again and playing outside together.

Good work Fauns, well done. 


Book Week Pictures, in the style of 'It's Your World Now'