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Spring Term Updates

W/B 28/03/22

This week we have been learning all about the Easter Story and the true meaning behind hot cross buns and Easter eggs. We also enjoyed sharing the story We’re going on an egg hunt and did a great job of finding and counting all of the eggs! We have also been spring spotters in our outside area, busy looking for all of the signs of spring. We did have to come back inside a little bit earlier than planned because of the snow! We were all very excited to see the chicks that had hatched in the Gruffalo’s classroom and enjoyed writing about them in our writing groups.

In maths we have been looking at pattern, and have spent time exploring and creating patterns using different collections. We also explored the musical instruments and created patterns and rhythms using different percussion instruments, we also discovered we could use different body parts to make different patterns of sound.

After the Easter holiday we will be starting our new topic, Sunshine and Sunflowers and Did you know sheets will be found in children’s book bags as well as being attached to Dojo, please spend some time looking at these at home.


W/B 21/03/22

We have been so busy with sustainability week this week, the classroom has been very busy! We have written a class pledge and have decided to help look after our planet we are going to make sure we always recycle paper, we now have a much better understanding of how it can be reused and made into new things. On Tuesday we discussed reusable energy and talked about how the wind can provide us with power, we looked at clips of wind turbines, they were huge! And we shared our experiences of seeing them when we have been out and about. Unfortunately it was not that windy on Tuesday, but we did try to go outside and see how the wind turned and powered windmills in our outdoor area.

We have shared the story of Jack and the beanstalk and have really enjoyed the creative activities based around this story, we have painted some very tall beanstalks and used our knowledge of 2D shapes to produce some amazing castles at the top. The curiosity cube has been filled with magic beans and we are hoping the beans we have planted are going to grow as tall as Jack’s did!

In maths we have looked at 3D shape and have been brilliant at finding, sorting and matching shapes in the environment. We also looked carefully at the properties and faces of 3D shapes and matched them to 2D shapes, the cuboid was very interesting as we could see squares and rectangles within it!


Next week we will be sharing the story of Easter and also learning about the season of Spring.


W/B 14/03/22

It has been another great week in the Ladybirds, we have been busy sharing the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have also really enjoyed sharing an alternative version of the story, The Three Wolves and the Big Bad Pig! We made some great comparison between the two stories and the characters, we did notice, like in all traditional tales they started with the same sentence, Once Upon a Time and finished with the same sentence They all lived happily ever after! On the creative table we have enjoyed printing with bricks and mark making with sticks.

In our writing groups we have been working so hard to write character descriptions, we used our phonic knowledge and Fred fingers to help us spell lots of words to describe what the wolf and the pigs looked like. We trying to remember our finger spaces and full stops too.

In maths we have continued to look at the number 10.  We have really enjoyed using the numicon to help us learn our number bonds to 10. We have been finding two pieces of numicon that fit perfectly together on top of piece number 10, we called these 10 towers! We knew that if piece 10 was completely covered then those two numbers must make a total of 10. The numicon also helped us to finding the missing numbers in our number sentences this week.

Next week is sustainability week in school and we will be sharing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

W/B 7/03/22

Another busy and fun filled week in the Ladybird’s we have continued with our topic Once Upon a Time and have shared the story of Cinderella. The children have all been really engaged with the activities set up within continuous provision. The most popular activity was in the fine motor area where the children have loved threading with beads and pipe cleaners to create the Fairy Godmothers magic wand! They have also enjoyed washing pots in the water tray, building the  castle in the sand tray, creating crowns on the creative table and writing party invitations on the writing table. We have been very busy playing!

In maths our focus has been on one more and one less. We played a game using the letters of our names, we wrote them on white boards and counted how many letters we had, we then had to find a partner who had one more or one less letter or the same number of letters as we did. We also compared the names of fairytale characters.

Next week we will be sharing the story of The Three Little Pigs, please take some time to look over the story words attached on the class story post to help your child build upon their word knowledge and vocabulary.

W/B 28/02/2022

We have had the best book week this week. We have loved reading the story, ‘All are welcome’. We have had lots of discussion all about how we are all different and what makes us special. Talking about what are strengths are, what we are good at and what we like to do. In our continuous provision we are been learning and writing ‘hello’ in different languages, drawing our friends and looking closely are our finger prints to see how we are all unique. We loved dressing up for world book and our costumes were amazing! We designed our own book front covers to fit our outfits and we made our own book marks.

In Literacy this week we have been writing poems all about us. We wrote about what we like and what we can do. In Math’s this week we have been looking closer at the numbers 9 & 10. We have had fun creating collections and comparing the collections, looking at one more and one less.

Next week we will be reading the story Cinderella. Please take a look on Dojo at next weeks story words.

Wk Beginning: 21/02/22

We have had a wonderful first week back and have really enjoyed starting our new topic, Once Upon a Time. We have shared the story Goldilocks and the three bears and on Thursday afternoon we loved making and tasting porridge, just like Goldilocks! We decided it tasted like baby bears porridge as it was just right!

In continuous provision we have made character puppets on the creative table and did a fabulous job of re telling the story. In the sand and water tray we have been busy filling and emptying different sized bowls, spoons and containers, we decided which size was the best fit for daddy mummy bear and baby bear.

In maths we have worked hard looking at numbers 9 and 10. We have used 10 frames, a part, part whole and double sided counters to find different ways of making 9 and 10. In small groups we played skittles with 10 bottles. We made number sentences by counting how many we knocked down and how many were still standing, knowing the total would be 10.

Next week is book week and we are sharing the story “All are welcome.”

Wk Beginning: 7/2/22

What a fabulous end to a very busy half term, we have absolutely loved our topic Starry Night and have learnt so much, me included!

Our focus at the end of this week has been around Children’s mental health week and I have loved seeing the children in their dress to express outfits today. We spent time talking about what we had chosen to wear and why. We came to the conclusion that everybody looked different and we are all unique. None of us looked the same but everyone was equally special and valued in whatever they had chosen to wear.

In maths we have worked so hard this week, looking at number 6. We have got so good at fining different ways of making a total of 6. We loved using the double sided counters and dropping them to find out how many were red and how many were yellow, knowing the total would always be 6.

Our writing has been amazing this week, the children loved the challenge of writing lots and lots of sentences around our story On the way back home. I was so impressed with how independent the children have all become. We looked closely at how to use a full stop this week, as well as finger spaces.  

Next half term we will be starting our new topic, Once Upon a Time and the first story we will be sharing is Goldilocks and the three bears.  

Wk Beginning: 31/1/22

It has been an amazing week in the Ladybirds. I have been blown away by the children’s enthusiasm and knowledge of space! We started by learning about the first astronauts to land on the moon, we looked at some footage and photos of the first moon landings and then held a class discussion, we learnt a lot from what we could see in the pictures and one another. We were fascinated by the hubble space telescope and produced some wonderful galaxy space pictures inspired by images taken by the telescope. We answered a question we set ourselves on our starry night topic board - why is it dark at night?. We learnt that the earth spins and turns away from the sun at night time, meaning there is no light, so it must be bed time! We used a globe and torch to replicate the sun and the earth, this helped us to really understand why it is dark at night time.


In maths we have been working really hard looking at odd and even numbers, we learnt that groups of even numbers always have a partner and groups of odd numbers always have one left over. We looked carefully at the pattern created by odd and even numbers and used the numicon to help us see this more clearly.


Next week we will be sharing the story, on the way back home.

WK Beg: 24/1/22

It has been another great week in the Ladybirds! We have continued to enjoy our starry night topic and this week we have started learning about space. We discussed what we would need to travel to space, a rocket of course! We watched a rocket launch and them on the creative table we have made rockets with 2D shapes and junk materials.

We have shared the story Whatever Next and just like Baby Bear went on our own journey to the moon. Before we set off we made a list of all the things that we might need for the journey, we thought really carefully about this and our lists were long, some had 10 items! When we landed (with a bump!) we had the challenge of programming our very own moon buggy and navigating our way around the big craters to find the astronauts!

In maths we have been exploring the numbers 6, 7 and 8. We have really enjoyed using our 10s frames to represent these numbers and to explore the different compositions of the numbers 6, 7 and 8.  


Next week we are sharing the story How to Catch a Star.

W/B 17/1/2022

We have had a flamboyant week this week in the Ladybirds! We have loved reading the story 'Can't you sleep little bear' and we are really enjoying learning our topic 'Starry Night'. We know all about nocturnal animals, how they see in the dark and what they do at night time.  We have looked closely at bears and where they live. We have loved junk box modelling, making bear caves out of different sized boxes. We are now really good at drawing nocturnal animals, looking closely at their eyes, fur and their legs/wings. We have really enjoyed Maths this week as we have been learning all about weight and capacity. We have been having lots of fun using our hands as weighing scales, using balance scales and playing in the water using different sized jugs. We can now use different language to describe capacity, stating whether a jug is full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty or empty!


Next week we are going to be reading the story, 'Whatever Next' taking our learning into space! 

Week Beginning: 10/1/22

What a fantastic start to the spring term, our topic starry night is off to a flying start and the children all seem to be really enjoying it! We have learnt the word nocturnal this week and found out about lots of different nocturnal animals. We went on a nocturnal animal hunt using spotter sheets to try and find where they were hiding in the classroom!  We have created a wonderful display in the classroom using the children’s starry night artwork from the creative table, they worked hard using black paper and white paint to create a night time scene.

In maths we have been looking at the composition of numbers 4 and 5. We have used a ‘part, part, whole’ model to look at different ways of making 4 and 5. We have enjoyed using the double sided counters, seeing how many different ways we can drop them to find different combinations to make 4 and 5.

We have started our new phonics groups and the children have settled really well. We have done lots of reading, writing and spelling this week! In our literacy groups the children have been writing sentences about their bedtime routine and have really enjoyed talking about what happens before bed in their house. 

Next week we will sharing the story, Cant you sleep little bear.