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Spring Term Updates

10th January 2020

We have all had a fantastic first week back at school. We have read the story, We're Going on a Bear Hunt.  One of our classroom teddy bears went missing so we had to go on our own bear hunt to find him. We found  him at the school office.  He is now back in our classroom helping us with our story. 

In our creative activities we have used lots of different materials to create the story. We mixed colours to make green for the grass and some different shades of blue for the river.  We have even made a fantastic cave for the bear. We have all painted  pictures of our own bears and described what they look like.


In our writing activities we have written instructions  to help find the bear. We have also worked with our letter sounds th, ch, sh, ng and nk.


In our number work we have been counting bears and have found different ways to make 5 and 6 and 10.

17th January 2020

Our story this week has been Kipper's Toybox.  Kipper had to count his toys very carefully.  We have been collecting toys for our toybox and have counted them carefully too.

In our number work we have been finding different ways to make our numbers. We had 6 cubes in a tower and made two groups. We then tried it with 8 cubes.


In our writing we have written about our own toys. We also looked at some different toys and really liked the string puppet and the yoyo.

24th January 2020


Our story this week has been Dogger. Dogger was Dave's favourite toy. In our writing activities we have drawn our favourite toys and written about them.  We have continued to enjoy our toy shop and have been learning about the coins that we use. We have played a game where we had to count the right number of pennies for the  toys in a shop.


We have been busy in our construction area and have drawn some pictures for the models that we have built.  We really enjoy making models with Lego and cubes.  In our creative area we have painted pictures of our toys and have put these up in our toy shop.


We have continued to enjoy singing our action songs and have played chime bars as we sing.

31st  January 2020

We have had fun this week mixing colours in our creative activities. We have used toy cars and have made tracks in the paint.  We mixed orange with red and yellow and then we mixed green with blue and yellow.  The tyre tracks made different patterns in the paint.  We have also cut out lots of different sized circles to make our own teddy bears.


In our number work we have played games where we have had to take away some toys. We rolled a dice to see how many we had to take away. 

Our story this week was about an old bear, some toys and an owl. It was called Hoot.  In our writing we used our letter sounds to write about our teddy bears.

7th February 2020


We have read a wonderful book this week called, "Where's My Teddy."  A little boy had lost his teddy and a big bear had lost his too.  They found the right teddies at the end of the story.  For our writing activity we wrote some questions about where the teddy could be.


In our number work we have been measuring. We looked at how tall we are. We made models with bricks to see if we could make them taller than us. 


In our creative play we have cut out some teddy bear shapes and made some holes in them so that we could thread different coloured wool around our teddy. We also mixed colours as we made patterns by printing shapes.

14th February  2020


This week we have read the story called, "This is the Bear and the Picnic Lunch."  In our writing activities we have written invitations to invite our friends to the  picnic with our teddy bears.


We all enjoyed making our own sandwiches with cheese and ham.  We had fun bringing our teddies to school and taking them to the picnic.

28th February 2020

This week we have enjoyed reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  In our creative activities we have printed some leaf shapes by mixing different shades of green. These have made a fantastic beanstalk for our display.

We have also painted our own pictures of Jack, beanstalks and castles.


In our writing activities we have written some descriptions of what the giant looked like.


We are busy making a castle in our role play area.

6th March 2020


This week we have enjoyed the story called Manfish.  We looked closely at the pictures and found lots of interesting creatures living in the oceans. In our creative area we have used different materials to make fish, turtles and even an octopus. 

We thought about the bubbles that the Manfish made as he swam in the sea. We had lots of ideas for words to describe bubbles and used these to write our own descriptions. We even put the words together and made a poem. 


We all enjoyed our dressing up day and had some really interesting costumes. We looked fantastic as we went on our parade.



13th March 2020


This week we have read the story of The Three Little Pigs. In our reading area we have enjoyed telling each other the story using puppets and pictures.  In our creative activities we have made pigs using paper plates and have also used different materials to make the straw house, the stick house and the house made from bricks.


In our writing area we have been writing some exciting words from the story. We have enjoyed building houses in our construction area.


We are really excited about  the beans that we have planted. They have all started to grow roots and some have even grown some tiny leaves. We are watching them carefully and giving them some water.