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Spring Term Updates

W/B 29/3/2021

Woo woo! We made it to Easter!!! This week we have been so busy learning all about the Easter Story and Jesus. We have been learning about New Life and why we have Easter Eggs. In our continuous provision this week, we have been busy printing patterns onto eggs, cracking open eggs with different scissor patterns, playing with the small world farm animals, learning about mothers and their young. On the writing table we have been writing all about what we would see in spring and we have loved making our friends and family Easter Cards. 


After Easter we will be sharing the story of ‘Errol's Garden'. Here is a list of interesting words for you to explore over Easter: 
roof garden


Have a lovely Easter. See you in two weeks! 

WB  22/03/2021

Well done to the Ladybirds.  We have had another busy and exciting week.  We have continued to enjoy our Dinosaur Museum in our role play area. Our story this week has been, "Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs." We found out that Harry liked taking his dinosaurs to lots of different places. For our writing activity we thought about  the different  places that  we could go to with our toy dinosaurs.  We wrote about going to the park, the beach and even the farm!  We thought carefully about all the letter sounds we know as we wrote simple sentences.

In our number work we have explored subtraction. We had some leaves and a very hungry dinosaur who took some of the leaves away. We counted how many leaves he had left for us.  

In our creative area we have used white art straws to make some pictures of the skeletons of the different dinosaurs..

We have also looked at pictures of a volcano and  had an  exciting time in our outdoor area making a volcano!


Next week  we will  be reading a wonderful story called, "Dora's Chicks, " as we think about Easter time.

We have made a list of some interesting words for you to explore.












W/B 15.03.21

Another busy week in the Ladybird’s, well done everyone for working so hard! We have really enjoyed starting our new topic ‘dangerous dinosaurs’ and exploring the dinosaur museum where we have been digging for fossils and identifying different types of dinosaurs. In phonics we have settled well into our new groups and are getting to grips with our special friends, Fred fingers and new books! In maths we have been busy partitioning groups of up to 10 dinosaurs and combining two groups of dinosaurs to find the total.

Next week we will be continuing our topic ‘dangerous dinosaurs’ and sharing the story, ‘Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs.’ I have picked out some interesting vocabulary for you to share with your child beforehand.

Story Words:

  • Attic
  • Dust
  • Unbent
  • Junk
  • Library
  • Property
  • DVD
  • Fussing
  • Train station
  • Neighbour



WB 8th March 

Well done to all the Ladybirds. We have had a wonderful first week back in our classroom, exploring all our areas of learning and playing with our friends. 

We have been busy this week with our Book week. Our story has been, "It's Your World Now."  This book had some wonderful illustrations of the world around us. The story told us all about our exciting world and all the things that we can do. 

In our writing activities we wrote about how special we are and about some of the things that we can do. In our Maths work we have looked at 3D shapes and have explored how we can build with cubes, cylinders and cuboids. We have also made some wonderful repeating patterns with shells and sticks.

In our phonics we have worked with the special friends ch, sh, th, ng and nk. 


Next week we will start our new topic all about Dinosaurs. Our story will be, "Dinosaur Roar." There will be some interesting vocabulary for us to read as we enjoy this story.  We have made a list here for you to explore.