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Spring Term Updates

W/C 9th March 2020

We have had another busy week in Beavers this week. Our maths lessons have involved us trying to get our heads around some tricky multiplication. Now we are in Year 5 we are multiplying 2 by 2 digit numbers and even further beyond. This week we have been trying really hard to remember the methods and also remember that pesky place holder that so many of us used to forget! We are now getting the hand of this multiplication and next week will be moving onto 2 by 4 digit multiplication, then some division. Our English lessons have consisted of looking at the features of flashback stories, how they are written and what makes a good flashback story. We have watched flashbacks from the film Hugo and will use this to have a go at writing our own flashback in preparation for our story next week. We have worked so hard in Boxing this week and have nearly finished our games in Computing. On Friday we all looked super sporty when we dressed up for Sport Relief and worked up a sweat when we did laps of the playground, squats and star jumps.


Wow! What a fantastic week we have had. This week we have been exploring the book 'MANFISH'. Please do ask the children to tell you what it was about. In the book we read about the impact of plastic pollution and how it is killing our marine life. The children were very passionate about this issue and we decided that we need to take action and make a change. We have done some persuasive writing this week to explain the dangers of plastic pollution and have tried to use our language techniques to persuade people to help. We came up with ideas such as using reusable bags when you go shopping, using a reusable coffee cup or water bottle to avoid single use plastic and you can even help just by starting a conversation with someone to tell them about the impact that plastic pollution is having on our marine life.  The Beavers have also made fish, jellyfish, turtles and sharks out of plastic bottles and other recycling waste. We have done this to stop single use plastic whilst also showing the damage that plastic pollution is having on our marine life. The materials we have used may have otherwise ended up in our oceans. We have also been researching Jacques Cousteau and have watched a few of his documentaries. We used this idea to research different sea creatures and worked in groups to have a go at creating our very own documentary. With help from Miss Loker and Mr Staniland, we each recorded our piece of information about the creature we had been researching. Miss Loker then kindly put our class video together and we were amazed when we watched it! We even listened to our voices whilst we were doing our work which was very relaxing. Have a brilliant weekend.

Plastic sea creatures

Plastic sea creatures 1
Plastic sea creatures 2
Plastic sea creatures 3
Plastic sea creatures 4
Plastic sea creatures 5
Plastic sea creatures 6
Plastic sea creatures 7
Plastic sea creatures 8
Plastic sea creatures 9
Plastic sea creatures 10
Plastic sea creatures 11
Plastic sea creatures 12
Plastic sea creatures 13
Plastic sea creatures 14

W/C 24th February 

Wow! What a brilliant first week back at school it has been for our brilliant Beavers! In maths this week we have been working our socks off to get our heads around multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Although we struggled with this at first, we used the place value grids and some counters to help us understand how many places the numbers need to move in a place value grid based on the question being asked. By the end of the week we were answering some really tough reasoning questions about multiplying and dividing, we also used our new knowledge to help us multiply and divide by different multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. In our reading lessons this week we enjoyed reading 'The Tale of the Shipwreck Cove' and predicting what we think might happen based on just the title of the text. We worked hard on our expert reading skill of summarising and had a go at summarising out text by picking out the main parts of the story. In jigsaw our new focus is 'Healthy Me' and this week we have been learning all about the health risk of smoking. In out Young Leaders award we have researched some inspirational leaders. In PE this half term we are focusing on boxing which the children really enjoyed. Next week is Book Week and we have some very exciting things in store...

Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000

W/C 10th February

In Beavers class, we have had a very busy last week of term. This week we have been looking at multiples. factors and prime numbers in maths. We also challenged ourselves to look at the common factors of three numbers. Although this was tricky to understand at first, we applied what we had been learning about in our CLIC sessions to help us. In English we have finished writing up our biographies and have also been looking at the difference between phrases and clauses. Miss Cooper and Mr Staniland were so impressed by the quality of our writing in our biographies. In our wider curriculum we have been looking at how TV and film have changed throughout the twentieth century and have been comparing it to how readily available TV and film are now on streaming devices etc. In our Young Leaders award we have been looking into different inspirational leaders and the qualities they have to make them such an inspirational leader. On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to have Mr Hayes (youth worker) from St Andrews Church come in to work with us and help to answer the big questions we had about God and Christianity. We really enjoyed our session with him and learnt a lot, more big questions developed as the session went on which was great to see! After all out hard work, we are now ready for a well deserved half term. Another wonderful term Beavers, keep up the good work!

W/C 3rd February 2020

This week has been a busy one for the Beavers. We have moved onto our multiplication and division unit in maths where we have been looking at the multiples, factors and common factors of some numbers. In English we have been writing up our published biographies, they are looking brilliant so far! We conducted our very own investigation this week in Science. We made predictions about whether the wire length of the wires in our circuit would affect how any components within a circuit work. We worked like scientists to explore the question and discussed our results with the class. In French this week we have been learning about actions and how to tell someone what we are doing in French. In Jigsaw we looked again at our dream jobs/careers and researched the steps that we would need to take in order to get the career that we want to. We had a go at lots of jumping skills in gymnastics this week and were jumping onto set spots, over benches and even over taller tables. In Art we have continued to look at Lowry and have had a go at drawing our very own portrait in the style of Lowry. We are excited to use our selected media to add some colour to them next week. In computing we have continued to design our games. This week, we added treasure that we need to collect and baddies that we need to avoid. We have loved choosing the appropriate treasure and baddies depending on the theme of our game. We have had a wide variety of treasure including presents, keys and diamonds and a wide variety of baddies that include elves, mummies and snowmen!

W/C 27th January 2020

This week we have been working hard to finalise, edit and complete our biographies. We have worked so hard on these over this half term and Miss Cooper has been really impressed with our efforts. Next week we will continue our writing and will be turning these into published pieces. We have worked on some pretty tricky maths this week but the Beavers have been up for the challenge. We started the week looking at some tricky perimeter problems, moved on to learning how we can find the area of squares and rectangles and by the end of the week we were finding the area of compound and irregular shapes! Some children even had a go at drawing around their hand to see if they could find what the area of it was. In Jigsaw we have considered different jobs and careers and have looked into how much people in those careers earn. We found out that professional footballers get paid the most and began to consider who should earn the most based on what they contribute to society. Popular suggestions included a doctor, nurse or vet because they save lives on a daily basis. In gymnastics we began to learn how to complete a backwards roll and in music we continued learning how to play the recorders. We have had some good fun in science this week learning all about electricity. We made predictions about the effect that different voltages would have on a buzzer, motor and bulb and then tested this out for ourselves. Some of the results we got were not quite what we were expecting!

W/C 20th January 2020

This week the Beavers have had a fun filled week! We have started to write our biographies in English and will continue to write, edit and improve these next week. In maths we have been learning all about perimeter. Today we even had a go at writing our names in bubble writing using the squares in our maths books and worked out  the perimeter of each letter, then the perimeter as a whole! Some of us found it quite tricky remembering that we have to count every single length at first but we soon got the hang of it, In Jigsaw this week we have created a verse to a song based around what we want to do when we grow up. We performed a nice little 'roll routine' in gymnastics this week that looked wonderful when mastered. We have started to design and create our very own game in computing this week which we are thoroughly enjoying. In the Arch Bishop of York Young Leaders award we looked again at the qualities of good and bad leaders and worked in groups to act out the qualities of a good or a bad leader to help us understand what these looked like first hand. Have a lovely weekend and we shall see you next week.

W/C 13th January 2020

This week has been another busy week for the Beavers! In English we have continued to deconstruct biographies to ensure we understand all the different text and language features they may include. We have then selected a twentieth century inventor to research in preparation for writing our very own biography all about them next week. In maths this week we have continued looking at tables and moved onto some tricky work involving bus timetables. Next week we are moving onto area and perimeter. In our gymnastics lesson this week we have been looking at leaps and steps, aiming to put them into a sequence and have also worked hard on developing our cartwheels. On Tuesday, whilst half the class were at Young Voices the rest of the Beavers started looking at the artist Lowry and began to compare and contrast two different pieces of his artwork. In Science we have continued looking at electricity and have been learning the scientific symbols for the different elements that may be included in an electrical circuit. We then had a go at drawing some of our very own circuits! Next week we will be using what we now know to create our very own electrical circuits. This week the whole year group began the Arch Bishop of York Young Leaders course. We began to consider the question 'If I could change the world, what would I change?' Suggestions included stopping homelessness, stopping plastic pollution along with having world peace and harmony. We had a go at the cup challenge where we worked in teams to make a tower of cups. However, we were not allowed to touch any of the cups or the table! We had to work in teams using our elastic band tool to move the cups. After this, we then began  to consider what good leadership looks like and the characteristics and qualities that a good leader needs. We then attempted the challenge again with these qualities in mind and most of us had some very successful attempts.

Have a lovely weekend, see you next week.

Young Leaders Award

W/C 6th January 2020

Wow! What a fantastic first week back at school the Beavers have had. I have been so impressed by the level of maturity they have all showed this week, they have all settled straight back into the school routine and been ready to learn! This week in English we began looking at the differences and similarities between biographies and autobiographies along with looking more in depth at the text features that are used within biographies in particular. We have looked at some WAGOLLS and had a go at highlighting and picking out different text features which will help us when we come to write our own biographies in a few weeks. In maths this week we have been looking at tables and how different sets of data can be represented. We took our very own survey of how each child in our class travels to school and used this data to create our very own table. We then had a go at making up some challenging questions about our tables for each other to answer. In RE we are beginning to explore 'What makes God loving and Holy?' and in PE we had our very first gymnastics lesson where we looked at different ways of stepping/leaping and began to make a routine out of the moves we looked at. In science we have started our electricity unit and the Beavers have enjoyed learning about electrical and non-electrical appliances and exploring the history of electricity. Ask your children to tell you all about Thomas Edison and see what they can remember! The Beavers have been really enthusiastic about our new topic 'Typewriter to Tablet' where we have been looking into communication methods from past to present and Alexander Graham Bell who created the first telephone. Overall, we have had a fantastic week back and I am very impressed with all of the amazing attitude towards learning this week. Well done Beavers and keep up the good work!