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Spring Term Updates

This Week...(28/3/22 - 1/4/22)

What a spectacularly wonderful way to end the term! We have finished writing and publishing our independent writing; there were some brilliant imaginative ideas for the kinds of trouble Liam and Florida found themselves in. We also made a database of all the children in our class and thoroughly enjoyed asking questions to filter through the data fields. We finished reading David Walliams' book "Fing" it was exceptionally funny. The highlight of this week was, of course, the trip to Alton Towers, it was lovely seeing everyone with giant smiles on their faces at the end of the day. In the spirit of Easter we were lucky enough to have a special visit to see some baby chicks and spend some time cuddloing and playing with them too!

This Week...(21/3/22 - 25/3/22)

Brilliant Beavers have worked their socks off this week, working exceptionally hard during all of their assessments. They have shown real courage and perseverance even when things seemed tricky, I'm incredibly proud of each and every one of them. This week we have been taking part in sustainability week. We have focused on ways in which we can be more sustainable such as: reducing our use of single-use plastic, reducing the amount of power we use and being more conscious of where our food is grown and sourced from. As a class, we have pledged to have weekly no power hours moving forward and to turn off the board and lights whenever possible. 

This Week...(14/3/22 - 18/3/22)

This week we have been incredibly busy, we finished share writing our adventure narratives where Liam and Florida have stolen a car. I'm excited to see what kind of endings the children write to the story independently next week. We tasted a variety of seasonal soups and used our tasting session to choose a soup to make ourselves on Friday. Potato and leek soup was my personal favourite although the mixed vegetable one seemed very popular with the rest of the class. We also continued looking at still life in Art, we focused in on the overall shape of the things we were drawing and focused on the smaller details too rather than the entire frame. 

This Week...(7/3/22 - 11/3/22)

This week we have begun to fully explore our new Sow, Grow and Farm topic. We started the week by looking at the structure of a flower by dissecting daffodils and labelling the different parts we could see. We were even fortunate enough to be able to look closely at the ovary and see the ovules. This week we also thought about seasonality: we cut up and tasted some raw fruit and vegetables which are seasonal to the UK this month. We also practised our sketching skills by practising light strokes with our pencils. We found this super tricky as the post its kept moving but everyone persevered and did a wonderful job. 

This Week...(28/2/22 - 4/3/22)

This week we have really enjoyed celebrating our love our books and our love of reading! It was great seeing so many smiling parents on Thursday for our world book day parade too! The children enjoyed talking about their favourite books, stories and characters and we all had a wonderful time talking and sharing the joy of reading together. As a school, we focused on a book called "all are welcome" which is all about diversity and accepting everyone exactly as they are! The children were marvellous at this and created some wonderful artwork to showcase their own diversity too. Here are some pictures from World Book Day!

This Week...(21/2/22 - 25/2/22)

It was lovely to see everyone's smiling faces back in the classroom after the half term. This week we have been thinking a lot about what it means to have a healthy body. We talked about the impact of alcohol and smoking on our body as well as the people around us and discussed ways we could improve our health such as exercise and diet. We also really enjoyed starting our new music topic and have been practising singing and performing a song called "ghost parade". 

Ghost Parade

Still image for this video

This Week...(7/2/22 - 11/2/22)

What a fantastic end to the half term! Beavers have all worked incredibly hard all half term and I hope you all have a wonderful break as it is truly deserved! We have had a very busy week, we focused on internet safety this week. We looked at our SMART rules in lots of detail and really thought carefully about what each letter meant to us and how we could use it when online. The theme this year focused on gaming and we had a very meaningful discussion on Tuesday about different scenarios we might encounter during online gaming and the ways we might deal with them. This week we also finished reading Cosmic, Liam is now safely back in Bootle after having a wonderful time in space with Florida, Samson 2 and Hanson. Everyone really enjoyed the book and enjoyed acting out a few scenes as part of our guided reading this week. Finally this week we were impressed not only with our clothing but also our wonderful creative homework. I've shared a few below for you to see as they were all exceptional this half term and everyone should be proud of the work they produced. 

This Week...(31/1/22 - 4/2/22)

We have been focusing on our times tables this week in Brilliant Beavers and enjoyed playing a variety of games to help us practise and consolidate our knowledge. The Top Trump cards proved to be very popular and brought out a real competitive spirit which was great to see. In PSHE we have been thinking about the importance of support. We thought about people in our community who might need support and then in groups brainstormed ways which we thought we could maybe help and or reach out to those groups. On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have Mr Snelling join us for our science lesson. We all worked extremely hard and had a lot of fun investigating how craters are made. We LOVED it when Miss Westby dropped the giant marble into the flour it went everywhere and the crater was ginormous. We are looking forward to next week and finally finding out if Liam gets away with going to space or if his parents find out the truth!

This Week...(24/1/22 - 28/1/22)

This week we continued to read our class reader Cosmic, which we have all been greatly enjoying and can't wait to find out how Liam ends up in space. We have also been enjoying our writing based on the short animation "One Small Step". At the beginning of the week, we struggled to make a 3D space shuttle's so that we could experience failure and create a bank of vocabulary based on how we felt to use in our writing. We also brought in and shared a variety of our own special objects to relate to the emotions Luna felt when she found her treasured memories with her father. This week we learnt about Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong and the space race; the children created gorgeous digital posters to display all of their new knowledge. It's been another fantastic week, I hope you all have a great weekend. 

This Week...(17/1/22 - 21/1/22)

This week in Beavers, we have had another great week filled with fun, new skills and plenty of knowledge. In Maths this week, we have continued to work on our understanding of factors and multiples. We discovered prime numbers, square numbers and cubed numbers. Whilst we found it tricky everyone persevered and I was extremely proud of everyone for their efforts. As part of our new topic, we have been reading 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell - Boyce. We have loved reading about the trouble and mischief Liam gets up to. Our favourite part so far is when Liam's mistaken for a teacher and he leads all of the children out of the school. In PE we had fun testing our knowledge of compass directions, we completed challenges together in groups which were rather challenging but everyone was successful eventually. It's been a fantastic week in school, have a lovely weekend and I'll see everyone on Monday. 

This Week...(10/2/22 - 14/1/22)

I'm so pleased to be back with everyone this week especially since we have had so much fun. This week we have jumped feet first into our new topic as we explored the galaxy we live in. We have researched the eight planets in our solar system, thought about the size and scale of the planets, why we have day and night and discovered the fascinating life of Galileo Galilei. We also began to think about the term "WWJD" in our RE lessons where we had lots of fun building towers on clay or sand which we related to the parable of the wise and foolish builders. 

This Week...(3/2/22 - 7/1/22)

I hope you all have had a fantastically wonderful holiday. Whilst I wish I could've been in school this week I have heard how hard all the children have worked and how much they've all enjoyed starting our new topic Stargazers. In Beavers this week the children have been busy working on their sewing skills to create a 3D stitched version of the moon. As if that wasn't enough they also concentrated on their painting skills in art by creating a beautiful painting showing the different phases of the moon. Finally this week the children thought about their dreams and goals for the future in PSHE and some of the ways they could work towards their goals.