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Spring Term Updates



What a fantastic half term and return to school Brilliant Beavers have had. I am incredibly proud of all of you and the hard work and effort you have all put into your schoolwork since returning. 

We have spent time this week, peeling, chopping and cutting to get ready to cook our delicious soups. It was great fun. We enjoyed being hands-on and practical and cooking in class, the soups looked fantastic and tasted delicious. Whilst we were waiting to cook we designed the packing for our new soup coming up with catchy slogans and packet designs. We also planted our sunflower seeds in a newspaper plant pot, which we've taken home to grow to see which is the tallest (Remember to send pictures on dojo of your plants growing). In Maths, we have continued with our fractions work using practical resources to help us consolidate some mathematical fractions language such as Numerator and Denominator. In other lessons, we have worked hard on our RE work, producing a picture to symbolise the different Christian Values we have in school. The picture will become part of a large display in school. 


Congratulations on a fantastic half term Beavers, enjoy a very well deserved break :) 

WC. 22/3/21


We have had another great week in Brilliant Beavers and have been working extremely hard writing our balanced debates in English. We have researched, planned and drafted our debates which we started to edit today. We also launched our TT Rockstars challenge on Wednesday,  as we have been focusing on our timetables a lot this week and I'm really excited to see who's going to receive the first awards on Monday. There has been lots of excitement in the classroom each day as last week we planted lettuce and cress seeds in our mini allotments and we've been enjoying watching our seeds grow. Congratulations on another brilliant week Beavers :)

WC 15.3.21


This week in Brilliant Beavers we have been extremely busy doing activities based on our Sow, Grow and Farm topic. On Monday we headed up to the field to create mini allotments, we then planted cress and lettuce seeds which have started germinating already. In English, we have been looking at balanced debates and on Tuesday we had a huge class debate where the children were super engaged and opinionated around the subject question "Should we become Vegan?". We have also been thinking about where our food comes from and today we used our orienteering skills to help us research where our food originates from and how many miles it travels to be in our supermarkets. This week in Maths we have been continuing with our fractions module and playing our new exciting Maths game called Strikeout! Finally today we have celebrated Red Nose Day with lots of laughter and enjoyment.


Well done Beavers for an amazing week. smiley

W.C 8th March 2021


Brilliant Beavers have had a fantastic first week back at school after lockdown. They are working very hard to impress their new teacher Miss. Westby and have completed lots of beautiful work throughout our Book Week. This week, they have been using 'It's Your World Now' to inspire artwork and discuss the main themes of the story whilst relating these to their own experiences. The effort and detail that they included in their story maps were excellent!

The story starts with lesson 1 which talks about marvellous things in our world, Beavers then used this to create their own picture based on the marvellous things in our world. I know that Miss. Westby and Mrs. Webb were very pleased with the results of this task.

Most importantly, the book talks about when things don't go our way and discussed how to deal with this, through building resilience and being ourselves.

To end the week, Beavers have taken part in many team building activities and created a great final piece of work which required lots of discussion and teamwork skills.


Overall, this has been a brilliant, positive week back and all children have enjoyed being back working together and playing with friends outside.