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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 9th March 2020


It's been yet another incredible week in our class! The main event has to be Y4's trip to Southwell Minster on Tuesday, this purpose of our trip was to experience a pilgrimage like in the days of old.

We were lucky enough to be broken up into 4 different groups with year which meant we were able to experience many different activities and learn lots of new things! These included:

- The significance of glass-stained windows.

- Water-aid.

- The Red Cross.

- Hymn singing.

- The meaning of prayer.

- The symbolism behind the last supper.

- Finding out how organs work and play music.

Not only did the children behave incredibly well but so many different volunteers asked for the name of our school as they were "the best group they had all day" on more than one occasion. They really were a testiment to our school and did themselves proud! (You can see a number of photos and a video of the singing below.)


We have started play scripts in English which we will be basing on the well known Julia Donaldson book "The Gruffalo" and in maths we have started looking at area and perimeter. Miss Blackwell's placement with us has come to end so the children will be stuck purely with me for the remainder of the year.


See you next week!

Southwell Singing

Still image for this video
The children joined a choir! They had a fantastic time with James and Paul, all of this as learned in 15 minutes!

Sadly the finished video was too large to upload, but I will ask Mr Stone if there is a way around this!

Southwell Pictures

Week Beginning 2nd March 2020


Book week!

This week has been book week and we have enjoyed many lessons that link to our book for the week; Manfish, a story about the French underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau.

In English we wrote a non-chorological fact file about an underwater creature of our choice. We used iPads to research our chosen creature and enjoyed finding out facts about their habitats, diets, size and much more. Did you know a Killer Whale is actually a dolphin!

On Wednesday we enjoyed investigating water, for activity one we predicted which container had the most water then used our maths skills to measure the actual capacity of each containers. For activity two we needed to sort materials based upon if we thought they were waterproof or not. We tested our predictions. If we chose a waterproof material then Miss Blackwell’s teddy survived, if not the poor teddy got wet.

In our art sessions we created wonderful jellyfish. First, we used different size paintbrushes and different colours to create a wavy sea background. Once that was dry, we used tissue paper to make our jellyfish and chalk to draw on their tentacles, the finished pieces look really effective.

We have also looked at places the Jacque Cousteau had been. By practicing our sketching skills, we were able to make pretend photographs of placed we would like to explore. Places like Brazil, Hawaii, Texas, New Zealand, even The Moon.

On Thursday we all came dressed up as a word, Wow! The thought that went into the outfits was amazing. We enjoyed seeing what words the rest of the school had come dressed up as during our morning parade.

For our PHSE lesson we discussed the importance of recycling our rubbish. After learning of the devastating effects that plastic and other rubbish can have on the wildlife in the sea, we then designed posters to promote recycling, reusing and reducing. We want to help keep our seas and oceans clean.

This week we have also finished publishing our imaginary world stories, we took our time to ensure our work was very neat and as a result our finished work looks fantastic and the stories have shown our brilliant writing skills and the depth of our imaginations.

We look forward to you reading them soon.

Week Beginning 10th February 2020


This week in maths we have looked at more division using the bus stop method. We have now covered remainders and carry, finish off with word problems! When we return after the half term, we will be able to use our division knowledge when we look at fractions!

In English we have been continuing planning and writing our story. We have planned the problem in our story now which includes all the excitement and action using onomatopoeia (boom!) We have also started to plan the solution and thing about how we can end our story. I cannot wait to read the final pieces.

In Science the children took control n creating their own question to investigate…How many bulbs can run off of one battery? How many wires can we use until the circuit stops working? and many more. Watching the children plan and carry out their investigation was amazing. They then thought about how they can record their results and explain what they had found out. We seem to have some budding scientists in Charlie’s champions.

We combined history and geography to look at how shops have changed over the decades. Did you know that the Woolworth’s that used to be on Westgate was the 100th Woolworths store to open? We used google maps to virtually walk through Mansfield town located various shops.

History fancy dress day…Wow! What a transformation! The outfits were all fantastic. To celebrate our topic of ‘How technology changed the way we are entertained?’ we reviewed cartoon from the 1980’s who can remember Poddington Peas, Super-Ted, The Shoe People and Bananaman? In our next session we looked at how food prices have changed since the 1970’s. We were all shocked to find that a pint of milk used to cost just five pence!

Finally, the homework we all produced was fantastic. We had great fun playing them all and reading the stories.

Week Beginning 27th January 2020


Yet another incredible week completed! 


In maths - we have continued our work with division, Miss Blackwell has shown the children how to divide using the bus stop method. So far we have covered how to carrying unused values and even moved onto remainders! Next up is using 2 digit divisors as well as more reasoning and problem solving.


In English -  our stories are really starting to take shape! After brain-storming our ideas for our setting and main characters we put pen to paper and I have to say some of the results are INCREDIBLE. It was great to se so many different writing skills put into a single piece of work. Next up... The problem!


In science - our work in electricity is letting our inner scientists out. We had set out looking at insulators and conductors, but as the nature of science... Our problem solving skills were needed to figure out which electrical components were broken and I think we could already have some budding engineers on the way.


In geography -  we looked at our local area, specifically Skegby and Sutton. At first we were looking at OS survey keys and trying to figure out what was in the area. Once we found our feet it was time ti find ourselves on the map and plan our very own visit to a fictitious event at The Lammas! I think the children finally got a taste of true 1970's life when wondering... "Should we ask for directions?"


In RE - the children looked at the incredible life of Jesus Christ and the people he helped. We decided to see what it might be like for the disadvantaged and made some bread and butter sandwiches. However... What would it be like to do this blind? What if we were missing an arm? I have to say the children were so mature, I think they might have been incredibly well earned sandwiches!


See you next week!

Week Beginning 20th January 2020


We've had a big push in our English this half term so far with us using what we learned in Autumn 2 to help us write a story set in an imaginary world. We opened our stories with a setting description, it was clear from our first attempts that the children really took on board what was covered last week. I saw superb examples of comma lists, adverbials and WABUBs (subordinate conjunctions).

Here are some of the best sentences from the week:


The crystal clear water was shining up into the sky when the sun was at its highest point. - Charlie


Before the cascading rain started, the shining river flowed over a giant waterfall beside the trees... - Darcie


In the mountains towering over the land, hot springs bubbled as the wind crossed the snowy tips of the peaks knocking the icicles hanging from the edge. - William


In maths this week Miss Blackwell showed the children the relationship between factors and multiples, it was like they were possessed! Everyone that came into the room this week during maths complimented just how amazing they were all getting on with their work (especially the wonder learners on table 2).


We started our science unit on electricity too, the children learned how to read and build circuits and even predicted whether or not they would be 'complete'. They were so good some children could even identify faulty equipment be swapping out parts of their circuits with parts they already knew worked!


See you next week!

Week Beginning 13th January 2020


This week in Charlie's Champions we have been lucky enough to have another adult! Miss Blackwell from NTU will be working with myself to help teach the children for the next 7/8 weeks! SO far she has managed to wow them with her knowledge of music from the 70's in our history lesson and even brought in a record player for the children to listen to some of the greatest hits by The Beatles!


Swimming finally got off to a wonderful start this week too, the children have been put into their groups (some of them are unlucky enough to be in my group). From what I've heard the swimming instructors are very impressed with how far the children have come from last year.


YOUNG VOICES - JUST WOW. I know not all the children came but I couldn't help but be impressed with how amazing every single child was on the night. I'm surprised they didn't all lose their voices! They really did represent the school with their incredible maturity and manners throughout the entire night.


We even had a dabble at Abstract Expressionism in art this week, being a major artist movement in the decade we looked at how colour choice and line movement could be interpreted into different moods and feelings. We even created a abstract expressionist version of a diary, talking about what might happen in the day and how the emotions would overlap one another. (When they're finished I'll put some up to see.)


See you next week!



Week Beginning 6th January 2020


Well that is out first week back finished already! I have to say I was not expecting the children to come back so energetic and enthusiastic, but this isn't the first time the class has impressed me. We've made a start on our new curriculum focus this week, moving on from "Faraway Lands" to "Has technology changed the way we are entertained?", this week we looked at the 1950's and how phones and television have changed over the last 70 years.

In maths, we have started our new unit on multiplication. So far we have worked with arrays and column method for 2d x 1 d numbers, soon we hope to be looking at x numbers by 10, 100 & 1000!

We also started our swimming lessons this week, however it didn't quite go to plan but the children did get the chance to learn some important life saving techniques as well as CPR! We can't wait until next time when we will actually be able to get in the pool!


See You Next Week!