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Spring Term Updates

Class 5 Weekly Update 19th April 2021


What an amazing week back! The children have all been amazing, their attitude and effort have made my first full week back so easy and enjoyable! Let me tell you a little about what we got up to this last week:


Maths - We've continued our work on fractions (and will be for a while yet). However, this week we have learned about improper fractions, mixed numbers and learned how to count in fractions using both of these. It hasn't been easy but the children have done an amazing job with it.


English - Our new writing unit for this half term is called "The Creature", this will have us focusing on Newspaper reports! We have put on our reporter hats and looked into the amazing (and heartbreaking) story of the mysterious creature that washed up on a Cornish beach. To help us think like a newspaper reporter we have taken apart a newspaper article and put it back together, assessing each part.


PE -  Our PE focus for this half term is cricket. We had a superb introductory lesson from Miss Middleton from Premier Sports on the MUGA. I know for a fact the children impressed her with their incredible attitudes!


Science - This week we have looked at grouping and classifying a wide variety of aquatic life. 


Computing - This week we used the LOGO program to look at making our turtle move and turn. This involved us knowing our degrees amount for turns as well as learning some of the back language to instruct it!


See you!

Class 5 Update Week Beginning 23rd March 2021


What an amazing week ! The children have all been their very best versions, attitude and effort alike have made this week back so easy and enjoyable! Everyone came in happy and full of energy on Monday and it continued right  through the week!




I am happy to announce two things! Firstly we achieved the best Fab 5 reading score this week with a respectable 94%. Secondly, we also read the most words in LKS2 this week, we nearly read 80,000! A special shout out has to go out  for a certain young man who managed to accrue 40,000 of those all by himself!


Our lessons:

English - We continued our work on the Iron Man, this week we looked at using figurative language to enhance our descriptions and started to plan our published writing.

Maths - More work on fractions! We stepped up our maths game this week and looked at equivalent fractions some more, but this time week looked at how to compare 2 fractions.

French -  We continued our shopping theme looking at different clothes and recapping colours.

PE - Our magnet dance unit continued with the children starting to put together their mini routines to different robotic tracks.

Computing - Spreadsheets were the order this week! We looked at how to use cells to calculate percentages and format  them for different decimal places.

Science - More work on forces! This week the children looked at the difficulties of making a fair test by trying to compare cars and friction by running them on different surfaces.



Have a great weekend!

Class 5 Update Week Beginning 15th March 2021


Just another typical week in Charlie's Champions... Amazing attitudes, bags of energy and maximum perseverance! We have sped through the last few weeks and have our eyes firmly locked on the approaching Easter break, we still have so much to do but I know we can pull it off!

In maths - We have continued our work on fractions. This is one of the largest units of learning of the entire year and even though the children missed this part of their curriculum due to the last first lockdown I have to say I have been so impressed with how they have applied themselves... Fractions are tough!

In English - We are well and truly in the thick of "The Iron Man", using out sentence stacking skills from "The Write Stuff" we have covered many skills this week including noun phrases, speech, figurative language (personification and metaphors) as well as onomatopoeia! The children have never written to much!

In Science - We have continued our work with "Mighty Metals" and our forces and magnets lessons have brought us to understanding and experimenting with friction. This week we looked at how different materials might affect a moving car.

In PE - Our PE lessons this half term are focused on dance, but with a twist! We are dancing whilst thinking about magnets! So far we have looked into how we might move and we have depending on what magnetic pole we would be.


I know we'll have more amazing things to share next week!

Class 5 Update Week Beginning 8th March 2021


"As for you my bouncing ball, well you can truly have it all. Yes, you can set the world alight, my child-so-small, your future's bright."


This week we have had our "Book Week" and looked at Barry Falls' "It's Your World Now". This book is a beautiful, lyrical and funny celebration of the world and the potential of every individual within it. This is the perfect book to read to children to help them appreciate the wonderful things that exist in the world, and the wonderful things that they can do, as well as allowing them to understand some of the setbacks that may happen. And in the end, whatever happens, the child is reassured that their parents will always love them.



Lesson 1 - The world is full of marvelous things!

Lesson 2 - Things won't always go you way...

Lesson 3 - I love you so!


We've done lots of different activities around the book this week! We have copied the structure of the rhyming inside to create our own poems based on Lesson 1. We thought about how to improve the world and it's issues using lesson 2. To demonstrate our understanding of the lessons we created some pictorial representations of the rules! (Picture to follow!)