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Spring Term Updates

Class Update - Week Beginning 17th January 2022


Hello again! I'm so glad you could make it! Here's what we have been up to this week...


English - We are still working through our Write Stuff unit "Flood" (and will be for a few weeks yet). The storm has really started to take hold, Jack and Sophie have had to abandon their home! The children made this so dramatic using amazing skills such as conplex sentences, similes and personification!

Maths - This week we have worked on units of measure... Specifically length! We recapped how to convert between cm & m and then onto cm & mm. We've ordered different lengths, converted them into the same measure and even started measuring in our classroom!

Geography - We continued our work on rivers this week, we looked at famous rivers from around the world: From the Mississippi to the Volga! We went all over the world before looking at the main uses of rivers on God's green Earth. We mainly focused on farming, settlement, habitats, energy, leisure and transportation.

PE - More gymnastics! The main objective was dynamic balancing with a partner. The children uses multiple holds including singular stance variations. I was VERY impressed, check out some of our gymnasts of the future!




Music - Our music this half term is all about the classic Mamma Mia! This week the children listened to the song, spoke about the different instruments used and the era of music. We also had a class singalong on Friday afternoon (I'm sure the other classes secretly joined in).

French - Going Shopping! This week we learned the different names of fruits in French!

PSHE - Dreams and Goals. Alongside our half term's PSHE focus of thankfulness we have looked at our futures this week. We shared our dreams and goals and the children spoke about why their current dream job is achieveable (because they are amazing of course).


See you next week!

Class Update - Week Beginning 10th January 2022


We have had a fantastic first full week back! Charlie's  Champions have settled back in to school routines and have all really enjoyed continuing with our new curriculum project 'Misty Mountain, Winding River'.


Maths - This week we have looked at multiplying and dividing by 1 & 0. The children were amazing as usual and I can tell they listened well because they found so many links between all of the different lessons!


English - We have started our new "Write Stuff" unit called Flood, the book is about when a flood threatens to destroy a family's home, they must leave. What will they return to once the waters recede? This intense, beautiful look at a flood's effect on a family carries a simple message of hope and recovery. The children are already hooked! They have managed to apply so many different skills already: Complex sentences, inner thought, dialogue and personification just to name a few!


RE - What kind of world did Jesus want? This is the question we will be exploring for the first part of the half term... So far we have looked at the parable "The Good Samaritan", a story Jesus shared with a law expert when he wants to know how he lives forever. The children disected that story superbly and asked some amazing questions of their own!


Computing - Coding! We have taken on the mammoth task of learning to code this half term. This week the children learned how to program basic commands to control a car! They were able to make it start and stop using a button they created and some even managed to get it to turn different directions and speed up on command!


PE - Our focus this half term is Gymastics. The children started by looking at different poses including front and back support, dish and arch!


Art - We completed our "Vista" art project this week, the children but everything they had into their own masterpieces! I could talk about them for paragraphs so how about you just have a look and be amazed yourself!






Are these amazing?


See you next week!



Class Update - Week Beginning 3rd January 2022


A new year and a new start for Charlie's Champions! We have an opportunity to be even better than we were last half term and I don't see a single one of the children disappointing us there!


With our first week back being shorter than usual we have purely focused on our new project, "Misty Mountain, Winding River" (you can correctly assume we are learning all about mountains and rivers). So far we have looked at how rivers are formed, the major terminology used in describing rivers as well as completing a case study (albeit virtually) on the river Trent!


We also spend some time looking at "atmospheric perspective" in art, which is when you draw things that are in the foreground darker and with more detail that objects in the middle or background. We looked at a range of different shading techniques including hatching, cross-hatching, stippling and inkwash,


Check these out!



See you next week!