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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 20th January 2020


This week in Charlie's Champions we have been lucky enough to have another adult! Miss Blackwell from NTU will be working with myself to help teach the children for the next 7/8 weeks! SO far she has managed to wow them with her knowledge of music from the 70's in our history lesson and even brought in a record player for the children to listen to some of the greatest hits by The Beatles!


Swimming finally got off to a wonderful start this week too, the children have been put into their groups (some of them are unlucky enough to be in my group). From what I've heard the swimming instructors are very impressed with how far the children have come from last year.


YOUNG VOICES - JUST WOW. I know not all the children came but I couldn't help but be impressed with how amazing every single child was on the night. I'm surprised they didn't all lose their voices! They really did represent the school with their incredible maturity and manners throughout the entire night.


We even had a dabble at Abstract Expressionism in art this week, being a major artist movement in the decade we looked at how colour choice and line movement could be interpreted into different moods and feelings. We even created a abstract expressionist version of a diary, talking about what might happen in the day and how the emotions would overlap one another. (When they're finished I'll put some up to see.)


See you next week!



Week Beginning 6th January 2020


Well that is out first week back finished already! I have to say I was not expecting the children to come back so energetic and enthusiastic, but this isn't the first time the class has impressed me. We've made a start on our new curriculum focus this week, moving on from "Faraway Lands" to "Has technology changed the way we are entertained?", this week we looked at the 1950's and how phones and television have changed over the last 70 years.

In maths, we have started our new unit on multiplication. So far we have worked with arrays and column method for 2d x 1 d numbers, soon we hope to be looking at x numbers by 10, 100 & 1000!

We also started our swimming lessons this week, however it didn't quite go to plan but the children did get the chance to learn some important life saving techniques as well as CPR! We can't wait until next time when we will actually be able to get in the pool!


See You Next Week!