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Spring Term Updates

This Week...(29/03/21 - 1/04/21)

We had a busy week to end this half term and to end our 'Mighty Metals' project. This included:

  • Publishing our Iron Man narrative work
  • Making and playing our magnetic travel games
  • Investigating the North and South poles of magnets
  • Quizzing our sticky knowledge on forces and magnets
  • Watching the Iron Giant!

What a great project it has been. We are now leaving all those mighty metals behind, donning our wetsuits and heading out to...The Blue Abyss! Get more details here.

Congratulations on 75% Fab 5 Readers Foxes!

Have a great Easter and we will all be together again on Monday 19th April!

Mighty Metals

This Week...(22/03/21 - 26/03/21)

What another busy week for the Foxes! 

We finished writing the first part of our Iron man story this week and then started planning and writing the next part...all on our own! We've made a great start and can't wait to finish and publish them next week after we have edited and improved our writing.

Our writing wall also looks amazing!

In other news this week...

  • We looked at Easter symbols in RE. Do you know how Easter eggs are linked to the Easter story?
  • Art & Design gave us the opportunity to use different skills to make impressions on metallic foil to create an image of the Iron Man.
  • We started planning our magnetic travel games - we have some very creative ideas!
  • The Foxes were narrowly beaten by the Fauns in the TT Rockstars Battle, but we did incredibly well.


Well done to the 86% of the Foxes who achieved their Fab 5 Reader this week too! Well done!


In Maths next week...

Y3 will continue work on money, initially working on converting pounds and pence. They will then move onto thinking about adding and subtracting money before using their skills to solve some problem questions all about giving change in real life scenarios. Here is a link to a video which shows you what we will be working on

Y4 will continue their work on fractions. They will do some extra work on equivalent fractions to make sure they are secure in using multiplication and division to find equivalent fractions. After this, they will work on fractions greater than 1 (mixed numbers and improper fractions) and also counting in fractions.

Here are a couple of videos that show you some things we will be working on

This Week...(15/03/21 - 19/03/21)

This week we continued our amazing writing based on 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes.

We are writing our own story opening based on this fantastic novel and some of our work is amazing! This week we also 'explored' the spooky forest that Hogarth visited to try and find the Iron Man. We then used the FANTASTICs to help us write down as many ideas as possible to support us with our writing next week.

Also this week we have also done lots of work in RE, exploring the Easter story. This has included writing our own palm leaf prayers and writing a diary as though we were really there to see the events of Good Friday!

In Science, we started our work on magnets by becoming magnetic detectives around the classroom to find magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

Well done to the 86% of the Foxes who achieved their Fab 5 Reader this week too! Well done!


In Maths next week...

Y4 will continue working on fractions, including completing our work on equivalent fractions (watch a video about this here They will also spend some time on assessments this week to see what we have managed to get 'stuck' in our head so far this year!

Y3 are beginning their new unit of work this week which is on money. They will begin by recapping coins and their values before working on counting money. They will also begin some work on pounds and pence. Here is a video which will support their lessons this week

We are also going to be using Times Table Rockstars in our maths lessons, focusing on using the ‘Soundcheck’ feature. It would be super if you could find some time at home to keep practising these times tables.

This Week...(8/03/21 - 12/03/21)

It was great to see all the Fantastic Foxes back in the classroom together again this week!

This week we had our Book Week and focused on a book called 'It's Your World Now' by Barry Falls.

The book is all about a parent teaching their child 3 lessons. The first thing we had to do is work in groups to try and recreate the front cover from memory. Then we looked at each of the three lessons from the story.

For the first lesson, "The world is full of marvellous things", we wrote some great poems. For the second lesson, "Things can't always go your way", we discussed the importance of resilience. For the final lesson, "I will always love you", we thought about our friends and families and how lucky we are to have them loving and supporting us.

Have a look at some of the work we did in the photo gallery below!

To finish off our Book Week, we discussed what the title “It’s Your World Now” means and we realised that we have an important job to do! We need to look after the world that one day we will be responsible for, so we want to make that change NOW! We made a class promise that throughout the rest of this year, we would do whatever we could do to help prevent some real world problems. The problems we felt most strongly about were pollution and racism. So the first thing we did was create some posters that we can display around school. We know we can’t solve the problems on our own, but we also know that every little helps and we are determined to do what we can to start making the world an even better place 歹.


In Maths next week...

Y3 are going to complete our multiplication and division unit. They will be thinking carefully about dividing two digit numbers by one digit numbers while thinking about finding remainders. They will then move onto looking at solving problems using the knowledge they have learnt throughout the unit.

In Miss Cooper's Maths lessons, Y3 will move on to looking at 'money' once they have completed their multiplication and division work.

Y4 will continue their work on fractions, including work on equivalent fractions. Keep checking that knowledge organiser!


"It's Your World Now" by Barry Falls