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Spring Term Updates

This Week...(10/02/20 - 14/02/20)

This half term has gone so quickly and it was great to end it with our History Dress Up Day! Take a look at some of the great photos of the day.

Have a great half term!

This Week...(3/02/20 - 7/02/20)

We continued our stories this week and they are coming along really well! We discussed using different conjunctions (coordinating and subordinating) and using FANBOYS and I SAW A WABUB to help us remember them. We also looked at trying to add suspense into our dilemmas by using short sentences.

In Maths, we started working on division, including using the 'bus stop' method! Science involved us investigating switches and we even got to make our own switches. We also got to look at some famous monuments from cities in the UK and then use our sketching skills to draw them. In Jigsaw, we discussed how we can work in teams to achieve our goals and we entered the 'Funniest Potato Person' competition!

This Week...(27/01/20 - 31/01/20)

We started writing our stories this week and we can't wait to carry on working on them when we get  back next week. The dilemmas are going to be really exciting!

In Maths, we used our multiplication skills to help us solve some multi-step word problems. We had to think about the key words used in the problems to help us identify which operation to use.

Also this week, in RE we wrote instructions on how to make a potion to make someone inspirational, in Art we created some 1970s land art and in Science we investigated insulators and conductors. 

This Week...(20/01/20 - 24/01/20)

A big focus on the written method of multiplication in maths this week! We worked hard with Miss Winsor to use our times tables knowledge to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers. It was tricky for some of us, but we persevered and got there in the end! We will be using these skills next week to help us answer some multi-step word problems!

Also this week, we started planning our stories set in an imaginary world...

We can't wait to finish planning and then start writing them! This will be our focus this half term in English as we want to get them edited and improved before publishing!

This week we also got to learn some fantastic dance moves with a specialist dance teacher from Quarrydale, dancing to the 80s hit of 'Another One Bites the Dust' by Queen. We got to look at some famous films from the 1970s all the way up to the modern day and we had to place them on a timeline accurately.  Then in Science we worked on looking at complete and incomplete circuits.

Another busy week!

This Week...(13/01/20 - 17/01/20)

This week the Fantastic Fixes went back to the 1960s! We found out about some famous musicians from the 60s, including The Beatles, and also where in the UK they were from. We then used atlases to find the cities then mark them on our own maps of the UK. We also looked at the work of Andy Warhol and did our own printing inspired by his pop art. 

In English, we spent time writing setting descriptions of imaginary worlds and will use some feedback from Miss Winsor to improve them next week. Maths was more about time tables and the Year 4s had to use their times tables knowledge to multiply 3 numbers together and also find factor pairs of numbers.

We started our Science work on electricity this week too, by sorting electrical appliances into different groups and discussing which 5 electrical appliances we couldn't live without! If you could only keep 5 electrical appliances in your home, which 5 would you choose and why?

This Week...(6/01/20 - 10/01/20)

Out first week back was a busy one! We have been developing our setting descriptions with Miss Winsor, working on our times tables with Mr Stone and making New Year's Resolutions with Mrs Halfpenny!

We also made our own piece of abstract expressionism art work to tell the story of our day, using different lines and colours to represent the different feelings. This art movement was popular in the 1950s, which was the first decade we looked at in our History work, exploring some of the technology of the day. This work helped us to start to answer this term's BIG question...

Has technology changed the way we are entertained?