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Spring Term Updates

This Week...(10/01/22 - 14/01/22)

This week we got to have a virtual learning session with Cresswell Crags. As we couldn't go to Cresswell Crags (they were fully booked for school trips this half term) we decided to bring Cresswell Crags to us!

It was great to find out more about the Stone Age and how Cresswell Crags changed throughout the different Stone Age periods. We also got to see some incredible artefacts!


Also this week we finally got to go outside into our Forest Schools area and light some fires (see below for photos), just like the Stone Age people did. Well...not JUST like them, as luckily we had some more modern equipment to help us. However, it did make us realise just how important fire would have been to them. As well as this, we did some more timeline work and some work on comparing everyday life in the three different Stone Age periods. So much sticky knowledge!

As well as all this project work...

  • Y3s played a great multiplication grid game to practise their 8 times table
  • The Foxes started working on writing their own version of the Stone Age adventure story 'Stone Age Boy', ready to use all these skills to write a 'sequel' in a few weeks time
  • Understand more about pilgrimages, focusing on places of pilgrimage for Christians
  • Thought about what our dreams and goals might be for the future when we grow up
  • Worked with 2Logo to develop our coding skills
  • Practised making repeating patterns in clay using different tools, ready for creating our own Bell Beaker Pottery


Plus, we got 84% Fab 5 Readers. Great week Foxes!

Fantastic Foxes and Fire! 🔥

This Week (3/01/21 - 7/01/21)

This week was all about our new project 'Through the Ages', which will see us focusing on the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The Stone Age was our main focus this week. Did you know that the Stone Age was split into three different parts? The Palaeolithic era, Mesolithic era and Neolithic era. The difference between them is really important and that's what we started to find out more about this week.

Activities this week included...

  • Creating our own prehistoric timelines
  • Using photos of artefacts to become archaeologists and historians and learn about the past
  • Studied and sketched Bell Beaker pottery from the beginning of the Bronze Age
  • Using our comprehension skills to answer questions about  Stone Age Life
  • Tried to 'Spot the Mistake' in a Stone Age scene
  • Drawing our own Stone Age scenes

We have LOVED the start of our new project and we can't wait to find out lots more about Prehistoric Britain!