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Spring Term Updates

W/C 5th January


We have had a fantastic first few days back in the classroom after Christmas! The Marvellous Matildas have settled back in to school routines and have all really enjoyed kick starting our new topic 'Through the Ages'.


This week we have thought about what we already know about this topic and also some of the questions that we would like to find out! We have had some great questions such as 'How did they keep their teeth clean in the Stone Age?' and 'How did they make clothes in the Stone Age?'. On Thyursday, we used artefacts to try and answer some questions based on our thoughts. We studies pictures of cave paintings and tried to interpret what materials these poictures may have been created with. We also looked at the bones of an elk and were told that people in the Stone Age used every part of the elk! We tried to think about what the different parts of the elk could have been used for. We also thought about the importance of fire in the Stone Age and how this was really important to cook on, keep people warm and also guide people back to shelter. We are all really excited to learn more about our topic and find out the answers to some of these questions as we go!


We have been working on the Stone Age this week and discovered that because this was such a long period of time, it was split up into three smaller time periods (Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic). We have been learning that as time went on, tools, weapons and houses became more developed. We are really excited to continue with our topic work next week!