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Spring Term Updates

W/C 29th March


We have had another wonderful week that has been packed full of fun. On the last week before the end of term, we have been working just as hard as ever. This week was the final week of our Mighty Metals topic, we have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about magnets, forces and exploring magnetic materials.


In English this week, we worked on editing and publishing our amazing writing. We have worked so hard on writing our very own explanation text explaining how a robot dog works. Mrs Robinson and Miss Cooper were also really impressed with our handwriting, lots of us are really making a conscious effort to use what we are learning in our handwriting lessons in our writing.


In Maths this week, we have worked on converting between pounds and pence, adding and subtracting different amount of money. We have also recapped counting money and making sure that we recognise different coins and notes. To help with this at home, perhaps you could give the children any change you have and ask them to count the money for you or if they can recognise the coins or notes.


We have also enjoyed designing and making some fantastic magnetic travel games this week! We had lots of brilliant and very creative ideas for our games. After making a design criteria, we decided that our travel games needed to be suitable for the 5-11 age range,  being a simple game and to have a small number of pieces. 


Later in the week, we created some amazing artwork by embossing foil. We used different techniques and different pencils to create patterns using our sample foil. We the had a go at drawing our robot dogs onto the foil using different pencils. We had to be really careful not to put too much pressure on our pencils so that the foil did not rip. We loved feeling our embossed foils once we had finished, our artwork will make a beautiful display in our classroom!


Well done for another week of hard work Matildas, have a fantastic Easter break.

W/C 22nd March

We have had yet another fantastic week in the Marvellous Matildas classroom!


In our English lessons we have continued writing our explanation text all about how a robot dog works. We have worked through each paragraph one step at a time and this week, it was our turn to have a go at independently writing some of our own! It has been fantastic to see children using their own ideas to write their very own disclaimers. We have had some fantastic warnings about what the robot dog may do if we do not play with it or feed it enough. As I am sure you can imagine, lots of creativity ideas were shared.


In our Science work this week, we have been learning all about magnets and how they work. On Tuesday, we had a lot of fun going on our very own magnet hunt. We now know that not all metals are magnetic, only metals that contain iron, nickel or cobalt. We thought carefully about the properties of different magnetic materials. On Thursday, we conducted our own experiment to test which magnets were the strongest. We made our own prediction, carried out our experiment and even drew a bar chart to record our results. On Friday we had the chance to explore magnets again. This time, we focused on how magnets work by exploring bar magnets and wand magnets. We explored how magnets have two poles. the south pole and the north pole. We discovered that like poles repel each other and that unlike poles attract.


In maths next week, both groups will be continuing their work on money. We will be focusing on coin and note recognition, counting in pounds and pence along with converting between pounds and pence. Here is a video which will support our lessons this week  -

It would be fantastic if you could do some work with your children at home based around money, perhaps asking them to count the coins and notes in your pocket or asking them to give you a particular amount. We know that we need to be really careful when counting money as different coins have different values.


Please make sure that you are using Times Table Rockstars or any other method to recap your times tables at home. Knowledge of these times tables is vital to every area of maths, if you could just spend 5 minutes per day going over your times tables this would really help.


Remember to pop back next week to see what else we have been up to!


WB 15th March 


We have had another super week in Marvellous Matildas. Here are a couple of snippets of what we have been up to this week. 


In our English lessons we have continued to work on writing an explanation text all about a robot dog. We have thought very carefully about the vocabulary that we have been using and identified words such as adverbs and imperative verbs in our writing. We have also been using some cause and effect language and have used words in our writing like 'consequently' and 'as a result'. Our writing has been super this week! Well done Matildas. 


In our design and technology lesson this week we made parachutes our of bin bags and string. We made different sizes of parachutes and measured these using a ruler. Once we had made our parachutes we used them to investigate air resistance. We used a stopwatch to time how long the parachutes took to fall from a certain height and found out that the bigger the parachute the more air resistance there is.  It was lots of fun! 


In our maths lessons next week Mrs Robinson's group are going to begin the money unit of work.  

We will begin by recapping coins and their values before working on counting money. We will also begin some work on pounds and pence. In Miss Cooper's group we will be continuing with our work on money also. Here is a video which will support our lessons this week.


We are also going to be using Times Table Rockstars in our maths lessons, focussing on using the ‘Soundcheck’ feature. It would be super if you could find some time at home to keep practising these times tables.


Don't forget to check back next week to see what else we have been up to!  

W/C 8th March


What a fantastic first week back at school we have had!

We have had a lovely week in the Marvellous Matildas classroom, we have loved seeing all of our friends again and have really enjoyed catching up with each other. Our classroom has been full of chatter and it has been so lovely to have everyone back together again. This week we have celebrated Book Week using the story ‘It’s Your World Now’. This is a beautiful story about three very inspirational life lessons. We have really enjoyed reading our book and have explored this story in different ways throughout the week.


Before reading the story, we focused on the spectacular front cover. The front cover is packed with lots of ‘marvellous things’ and beautiful illustrations. We worked in teams to come up to the front, take a look at the cover and try to remember as much as we could. We then went back to our team to draw what we could remember on our own version of the front cover. There were quite a few tiny details that the children remembered such as the dog, the panda and the balloons! The children really enjoyed working together as a team on this activity.


Later in the week, we thought carefully about what ‘It’s Your World Now’ actually means to us. We had a discussion as a class and came to the conclusion that it really is OUR world now, the children are the next generation and it is their responsibility to take care of and look after our marvellous world. We discussed some things about the world that we didn’t particularly like very much such as littering, thieves, and animal cruelty. Our most popular answer was that we didn’t like pollution and we made a class promise to try and stop pollution. We discussed the different ways we could try to fix this problem including walking rather than driving where possible, recycling, not setting fires etc. We promised that we would all do our part to stop pollution and the children wanted to share this message with you so that you can help as well! 

We have also had a go at drawing what the three lessons in the book mean to us. As a class, we thought that the most important lesson in the book was lesson number 3, ‘I love you so’ as that is the most important thing to remember throughout your life. 

On Thursday, we were very lucky to have Fay Evans join us for a virtual KS2 assembly. She shared one of her books with us and we even got to ask her some questions about what it is like to be an author. We really enjoyed joining in with the actions to her story. 

Overall, we have had a fantastic week with our friends back at school and we have worked really hard. Well done Matildas, we can’t wait to see you all again next week!