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Spring Term Updates

Spring 1 - Home Learning (Through the Ages)

W/C 21st March


This week has been a fantastic week for the Matildas!

We have worked hard on publishing our very own set of instructions all about how to grow a strong mind in English this week, Miss Cooper and Mrs Robinson are so proud of the hard work and effort that we have put in to our work. In Maths, we have continued to work on money and have revisited the different coins and notes we have and the values of each of them. On Thursday we focused on adding different amounts of money together.


In our wider curriculum work this week we have had a blast! We continued to develop our skills in PE, explored reflection in science, have been learning how to peel, chop and cut vegetables in DT and we have even had a go at creating our very own spray paint art work. We really loved working in small groups to use spray paint on a canvas to create some beautiful art! Please see the pictures below, I'm sure that you will agree they look incredible! 


This week has also been sustainability week. We have been thinking about pur carbon footprint and why it is so important to take steps in our everyday lives to try and reduce our carbon footprint. We had some fantastic ideas such as walking instead of driving where possible, turning the water off when brushing your teeth and even growing our own vegetables. This is something the children were really passionate about. We created our very own class pledge towards the end of the week. We have agreed to turn the lights off in the classroom when it is not in use and we have also decided that we are going to take more care when recycling both at home and at school to ensure that we recycle everything we possibly can.


Another great week Matildas, see you all again next week!

W/C 14th March


Another great week for the Matildas this week!


This week in English we have been exploring recipes and the features of these to help us prepare for writing our own set of instructions. We have also been very busy making our own 'Strong Mind' potions to help us write our very own set of instructions. We thought carefully about the sorts of ingredients we wanted to add eg) determination, positivity and we had a fantastic time making these! We then started to plan and write our very own set of instructions towards the end of the week and we are excitied to continue wiht these next week.


In maths we have continued working on short division. This was particularly tricky, especially as we started to exchange tens and move on to remainders. We used some practical resources to support us in using this method.


We have really enjoyed exploring how shadows are formed in Science this week. We have investigated different materials and have had a go at sorting them into transparent, translucent and opaque materials. We also enjoyed learning about safety when using email and emailed some of our top tips to eachother. We also enjoyed replying to emails by adding further tips! We have also enjoyed playing the glockenspiels in music and practising for our Easter Service this week.

W/C 7th March


This week we have had another very busy week!


In English we have continued to write our instructions on 'How to Grow a Strong Mind'. We have thought carefully about the language we can use to encourage our reader to keep going and not give up, even when they might find things tricky!


In maths we have continued our work on multiplication and division. We have been exploreing short multiplication and division this week. 


In our wider curriculum this week we have been on a walk around our local area as part of our geography work! Before we left school we used our maps to try and plan the best route to take in order to see all of the facilities that we wanted to see. Whilst we were out, we used a compass to help us think about the directions we were walking in and we also made a quick tally of how many people we saw using the facilities that we passed. When we got back to school, we thought about what we had seen and how we could display the data that we had collected on our walk of the local area. Please see our photos below!


We have also been exploring family and friends in French, how to use email in computing and discussing the impoarance of a balanaced diet in Jigsaw.

W/C 28th February

What a week we have had in Marvellous Matildas!


This week we have started to write our own set of instructions on how to build a strong mind in English, been introduced to short multiplication in maths and we have completed some amazing lessons linked to our Book Week book, 'All are Welcome'.


This week we have loved reading our book week book. This powerful book made us think deeply about diversity, the importance of being your srue self and the fact that always being yourself is what makes you so amazing!  When exploring diversity throughout the week we have made a poster to show the importance of the  differences between us and why these should be celebrated. We have also created a diversity tree, adding leaves that list different elements that make us all who we are! We also had a go at creating a paper version of ourselves. We thought about what is special to us and drew this item in the middle of our chests. We then mixed our skin tone using paints until we had got it correct and completed our work with paint, accessories and we even wool for the hair!


This week we have also had a go at writing our very own personal poems based on the theme 'This is me!'. The children have thought about the qualities that they love about themselves and that other people love about them. The children then used comments to write about their personality traits, hobbies and interests in their very own poem that is all about them.


Please take a look below at some of the amazing photos taken throughout Book Week. Thank you so much for your amazing effort with the costumes. The children all looked brilliant on world book day. Please see our class photos below!

W/C 21st February


We have had another great week!


This week we have been starting to think about instructions in our English lessons. We have read a great set of instructions about how to make a paper rocking boat. We then deconstructed our model text to think about the shapes of our instructions and even had a go at following the instructions. We are really looking forward to learning how to write our own set of instructions about how to make our mind strong next week. 


In maths we have continued working on mutliplication and division. We have focused on multiplying and dividing by 8 this week - please keep working on this at home using TTRS!


We have also been thinking about our new topic this week. We have thought carefully about what we already know about light and cities and will continue working on this throughout our Urban Pioneers topic.


We have been exploring maps and atlases as part of our geography work this week! We have used the world map to locate the seven continents, oceans and some other countries. Later in the week, we focused more on the UK and used an atlas to locate different cities in the United Kingdom. We also used Digimaps to explore St Andrew's! We thought carefully about which buildings of our school were which and used our knowledge about the shapes of the playground and school field to help us with this. We then zoomed further out and zoomed back in to Nottingham city centre. 


In RE this week we thought about the big story of the bible and where salvation fits into this, in Jigsaw we set ourselves a personal fitness challenge and in computing we thought about the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of communication. 


What a busy week!

We are looking forward to seeing you all again next week. Have a lovely weekend!

W/C 7th February 

What a great end to half term we have had. We have been working on counter balances in our gymnastics lessons and have been using clay to make Bell Beaker pots in art. Here are some pictures to show you what we have been up to.

W/C 31st January


This week the children in Marvelloud Matildas have been incredible as always!


In English this week we have finished out Stone Age Stories, began to edit and improve our writing and towards the end of the week we started to publish our own work! We are all very proud of our writing and the Matildas have all worked really hard on this.


In Maths this week we have all continued our work on muliplication and division. We have been exploring the 3 times-table this week and were fantastic at 'letting our numbers roll'. We have also explored how we can use our knowledge of the three times table to support us with dividing by three. We have consolidated using sharing and/or grouping to help us with this where needed.


We have also enjoyed pronouncing different colours in French and have worked on how to describe these colours as 'light' and 'dark'. In music we have enjoyed using the glockenspiels, in history we have been learning more about every day in the Bronze Age and in Computing we have continued to develop our touch typing skills!


We have also had some incredible topic based homework sent in this week. The children have all worked so hard on this and we are really excitied to share our hard work with eachother next week. Well done Matildas!

W/C 24th January


We have had another busy week in  Marvellous Matildas!


This week we have been working incredibly hard in English writing our very own Stone Age story. We have thought carefully about the skills we have been taught in our English lessons and have worked on applying some of these skills in our own stories. We can't wait to continue writing our stories next week. We will then move on to editing and imporving our stories and start to publish our fantastic writing! Please take a look at our AMAZING writing wall. The children are all really proud of their fantastic ideas!


In maths we have continued with our Multiplication and Division unit of work. We have been exploring division this week and the different methods we can use to help us solve division problems. We have looked at both sharing and grouping this week. Although this was tricky at first, we are starting to get the hang of this and will continue working on division next week. We also enjoyed working on TTRS, Numbots and 1 Minute Maths this week to continue working on our key number facts. We know just how important it is to have these facts at our fingertips. Please continue working on these key facts at home if you can, just five minutes a day really does make a huge difference! 


We have enjoyed learning about different foods in French and reading the French version of ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. We also loved practising different techniques working with clay in art this week to prepare us for making our very own Bell Beaker style pots soon.

See you all again next week!

W/C 17th January 

Another great week in Marvellous Matildas!


We have been working hard on our new unit of learning in maths (multiplication and divsion) and we will continue working on this throughout the next few weeks. We have been exploring equal groups and using arrays to suppoty us with our multiplication work alongside recapping the 2 times-tables. Rememebr to please keep using Numbots and TTRS at home to support the children with having these facts at their fingertips! We also continued writing out own version on 'Stone Age Boy' in our English lessons and are almost ready to use and apply the skills we have gained in these lessons to our own independent piece of writing next week!


We have also been incredibly lucky this week to have Sunita from the Indian Experience in school to work with us on Thursday. We had a fantastic introduction to Hinduism throughout the day and really enjoyed learning with Sunita. Please take a look below to see some incredible photos of the Y3 Indian Experience. 

W/C 10th January

The highlight of our week with week was out very own virtual learning session with Cresswell Crags! It was great to find out more about the Stone Age in this vurtual workshop and we also got to see some amazing artefacts up close! We asked some fantastic questions at the end of the session and we all agreed that it was fantastic to see how Creswell Crags had changes throughout the Stone Age periods.


Earlier this week, we got the chance to visit our Forest Schools area and light some fires just like the Stone Age people did! We discussed how important fire would have been int eh Stone Age for warmth and to cook food. We also discussed how it would have been used to scrae away unwanted animals and guide people back to their caves/shelters. This oppourtunity really it did make us realise just how important fire would have been to people living in the Stone Age. Please see our pictures below!

W/C 5th January


We have had a fantastic first few days back in the classroom after Christmas! The Marvellous Matildas have settled back in to school routines and have all really enjoyed kick starting our new topic 'Through the Ages'.


This week we have thought about what we already know about this topic and also some of the questions that we would like to find out! We have had some great questions such as 'How did they keep their teeth clean in the Stone Age?' and 'How did they make clothes in the Stone Age?'. On Thyursday, we used artefacts to try and answer some questions based on our thoughts. We studies pictures of cave paintings and tried to interpret what materials these poictures may have been created with. We also looked at the bones of an elk and were told that people in the Stone Age used every part of the elk! We tried to think about what the different parts of the elk could have been used for. We also thought about the importance of fire in the Stone Age and how this was really important to cook on, keep people warm and also guide people back to shelter. We are all really excited to learn more about our topic and find out the answers to some of these questions as we go!


We have been working on the Stone Age this week and discovered that because this was such a long period of time, it was split up into three smaller time periods (Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic). We have been learning that as time went on, tools, weapons and houses became more developed. We are really excited to continue with our topic work next week!