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Spring Term Updates

Week beginning 03/02/20

This week the Matildas have continued to write their stories set in faraway lands, tackled tricky 1 digit by 2 digit multiplication calculations all whilst working through comprehension on European countries and learning the prefixes "in" and "dis".


In Science, the Matildas have been looking at the use of a switch in an electronic circuit and testing different circuits they have created to see if their switches will work or not? Our theories were proven both correct and incorrect meaning that we will able to discover how to use a switch correctly in a circuit!


In RE we have been looking at what makes an inspirational person? After making a potion that could be used to create an inspirational person, the Matildas have begun to research inspirational people that are well known. Next week the Matildas will present their findings on Nelson Mandela, J.K. Rowling, Gandhi and Mother Theresa.

Week beginning 27/01/20

This week the Matildas have continued to write their stories set in imaginary worlds and experimented with their numbers in the 4 and 8 times tables! Whilst doing this we have also been busy with conductors and insulators in Science seeing which materials allow electricity to flow through them and which do not (also using some of our classroom equipment in experiments of our own)


Following on from our big question "How has technology changed the way we are entertained?" the Matildas have emersed themselves in the art of the 1970s and the natural objects that artists would use.  From this, they have created amazing symmetrical floral art in their sketchbooks.


In Jigsaw the Matildas have been budgeting for a garden that could be created for people that face challenges every day. The ideas that they have created and the people that the gardens are for are simply wonderful. and I can not wait to see what they look like at the end!

1970s natural art

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Week beginning 20.01.20

This week the Matilda's have begun to write their adventure stories based in their imaginary worlds tackled multiplying and dividing in their 3 and 4 times tables all whilst taking on a variety of tasks this week!


In Science, the Matildas have been testing incomplete and complete circuits to try and turn a light on. After some trial and error, everyone in the class managed to light up their bulb.

RE - One body many parts

RE - One body many parts 1
RE - One body many parts 2
RE - One body many parts 3
RE - One body many parts 4

Matilda's Dance Masterclass

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Week beginning  12.01.20


This week the Matildas have tackled numbers in the 3 and 4 times table, written a descriptive opener about a faraway land (and drawn each other too!) and completed artwork to show the story of the Pentecost and in the style of Anthony Warhol for our 60s topic this week!


The Matildas have started to also look at their dreams and goals in Jigsaw this week which opened up some very interesting discussion and meant that we created brilliant dream flowers to see how our dreams would grow. We used our JIgsaw lesson this week to discuss what different type of goals we might have (it seems quite a few of the boys wanted expensive sports cars) ranging from life and career goals all the way to goals we might try to reach in all of our lessons in one week.

Welcome back!

This week the Matildas have sprung back into action with maths lessons covering our 3 times tables and tackling tricky division sums. In English we have been looking at far away land descriptions and using prepositions to people where things are in a setting!


It has also been the beginning of our new termly topic "Has technology changed the way we are entertained?" and we have been looking at different pieces of technology that were invented in the 1950s including the Kodak camera, the first black and white TV's and Telephones that were connected by operators! This blast from the past has already begun to show us how advanced modern-day technology really is.


All this and more has taken place whilst receiving a hip hop dance lesson in which we have had the opportunity to learn some breakdance moves and use some of our own moves to dance along to music by Queen.