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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 21.3.2022

This week in English we have completed our stacking sentences lessons and began to plan our Independent Wrting. We have changed the characters in Little Red Riding Hood but we are following the same story line. For example, we might change the Big Bad Wolf to the Terrifying Tiger. I am looking forward to reading their finished stories next week. 


This week in school it has been 'Sustainability Week'. During the week we have written our own class pledge, planted our own lettuce, looked at different things to recycle and had a 'Power hour' where we turned the lights and plug sockets off to save energy. 


We have learnt about transparent and opaque. We also looked at shadows, we know that in order to make a shadow, something opaque has to be blocking the light from the sun. We used our bodies and different objects to create shadows and we drew around them on the playground. 


In PE this week, we have continued with our gymnastics. We have been doing races practising our bridge and crabs position. 


Another fantastic week, I can't believe we only have one week to go for this half term. 

Week Beginning 7.3.2022

This week we have been really busy with our Splendid Skies Topic. 


We have been looking at the different seasons and how they change. We looked in depth at the colours of each season and used lots of different mediums to demonstrate each one. 


We learnt about how to measure rainfall and we have designed our very rain gauges in preparation to make them to measure and record how much rain falls throughout a week. 


In English this week, we continued with our Little Red Riding Hood book. Throughout the week, the Little Red Riding met the Big Bad Wolf in the woods! We researched wolves, how they look, how they sound and how they move. We turned our adjectives into noun phrases - a very impressive lesson! 


During Maths we have been learning about fact families. We know that these numbers stay the same and don't change. We put the numbers into the part-part whole model and then wrote both the addition AND subtraction number sentences for these. 


Week Beginning 1.3.2022

This week was Book Week - The book that we used across the whole school was 'All Welcome Here'. This book explored the key messages around diversity. We also read the story, 'My shadow is pink' this uplifting story is about daring to be different and having the courage to be true to yourself. I was overwhlemed with how ALL Mighty Moles responded to these books, sharing some of their own differences and how we are all friends. We talked a lot about how it would feel if we really liked something and one of our friends saying something mean about it. We all agreed that it wouldn't feel very nice and that we weren't going to be one of those people. 


Throughout the week we did some poetry about, "This is me". We thought about the things we liked to do, our favourite things and how we could get this message out. We wrote amazing acrostic poems about ourselves and we drew our inner and outer selves. 


It was World Book Day on Thursday and we dressed as our favourite book characters. We drew the person we came as and wrote a short story with them as the main character. 


During the rest of the week, we made kites to fly as part of our Splendid Skies topic, we talked more about how to keep healthy, in RE we talked about the good news that Jesus brought around Easter. In PE we continued with our gymnastics! 


A very busy but fun packed week. 

Week Beginning 21.2.2022

This week we have got straight into our new Topic, 'Splendid Skies'. We have introduced it thinking about what we already know and what we would like to find out over the half term. Children have written some fantastic questions using their imagination with what they would like to find out. 


In English this week, we have started our new story, 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We have got to the part where Little Red Riding Hood makes the journey to Grandmas house. We ventured into the Forest School area to gather some exciting vocabulary of what Little Red Riding Hood might have heard on her journey. Children recorded these ideas on iPads and then turned them into sentences. 


In Maths this week, we have been learning lots of different ways to 'subtract'. We have talked about different ways to say it AND to do it. We looked more in detail at using a number line to count backwards. We found the largest number first and then jumped back the second number. We then put the answer in the box. Next week we will be doing this with numbers crossing 10. 


In Music this week, we learnt about finding the rhythm and pitch in songs. In Jigsaw we talked lots about what makes us healthy and what is unhealthy. We spoke about different things that help us be healthy and created a poster with the two differences. 


This week in PE, we have started our gymnastics. As always, the children were fantastic and really giving their all. They looked at different balances and even some forward rolls. 


In Science this afternoon we have looked at the different parts of a leaf. We had our own leaf and labelled the parts of one identifying the stem, vein, blade and tip. 

In ICT this week, we have been learning about programming and knowing that a computer will only do what we tell it do.

Week Beginning 7.2.2022

...and there ends another half term! 


The children have really enjoyed Bright Lights, Big City. This week in English we have compiled our first draft, editted and published our story on The Queen's Hat! I was blown away by some of the writing priduced! Lots of children have even been using some objectives from the Year 2 curriculum! Miss Cooper, our English lead in school, was very impressed! 


To finish our Topic, we have been learning more about our Capital City and the tourist attractions there. We looked at aerial photographs at what we could see. We labelled these pictures and uploaded them to Seesaw. 

We have been learning about The Great Fire of London, where the children have drawn story maps and turned it into a retell of the events. They were very excited to hear about the events that happened and some even went into role play of Samuel Pepys and wrote their own diary. 


We had our final PE lesson this week where we put all our skills into a game situation and had a little tournament. It was lovely to see how energetic the children were and how they were helping each other in the games. 


I can't wait to get stuck in to our new Topic, 'Splendid Skies' when we get back. 


Have a fantastic half term. 

Week Beginning 31.1.2022

We have finally finished the sotry of The Queen's Hat and what a journey her hat had! It went to London Zoo, on the underground, up and over Big Ben, the London Eye and Tower Bridge. It finally floated down and landed on a baby in a pram. We have used alliteration, simile's, adverbs to write our version of the story in preparation for next week when we write our own story for The Queen's Hat. 


In Maths this week, we have been learning about coutning on from 10 using a tens frame and how to use this information to make it easier when turning it into a number sentence or crossing over bigger numbers. We have been ordering numbers and groups and recapping number bonds to 10 to help us. 


In Design and Technology, we finally got into making our vehicles. We re looked at our designs that we made and turned them into reality. We talked about attaching our wheels to our axles and then decorating our main body. The children worked really hard and produced some amazing end results. 


In Art we looked at work from Stephen Wilshire and what is was like to draw from memory. We practised different line work in our sketch books before drawing wither the London Eye or Big Ben from memory - we have some budding artists in the making in Mighty Moles. 


We had another technical football session where we are starting to put everything we have learnt so far into an actual game. I was very impressed! 


We talked a lot about our Dreams and Goals and some obstacles that might be in our way. However, we won't let these define us and next week we will be talking about how we overcome these and the feeling of success. 


Super week Mighty Moles, one more to go. 

Week Beginning 21.1.2022

This week we have continued to find out about what has happened to The Queen's Hat. We couldn't believe that it went to London Zoo! We looked a tlots of different animals, thinking about the noises they made and how they moved and created sentence to fit our story learning about verbs and even what a simile is!


In Maths, we got through a lot this week! We have completed our work on tens and ones using a 10s frame to help us. We looked at comparing different groups of objects and ordered them from smallest to biggest using the vocabulary, 'least amount' and 'greatest'. 


For our Topic during our afternoons this week, we have done a lot of work on London tourist attractions.

- We googled different ones to see how tall they were, we then ordered them in our Maths lesson.

- We used google earth to see them in 2D and 3D.

- We matched the pictures of different ones to the correct name using google search to help us if we didn't know. 

- On Purple Mash we created our own drawing and labelling of The London Eye. 

- We took a virtual tour of the London Eye, to see if we could spot any other tourist attractions. 


In Jigsaw this week, we talking about setting to the steps we need to take to reach our desired goals. We spoke about not giving up if things get tricky during the process. 


A great week Mighty Moles, well done! 



Week beginning 17.1.2022

This week we have continued to with the book, The Queen's Hat. We have been writing sentences with exclamation mark and what it means when we see one in a book. We have also learnt about reptition and question sentences when writing. We are really excited to find out what happens next. 


In Maths this week, we have had lots of equipment out and learning about the value of tens and ones in a number. We represented lots of different numbers and matched the correct numeral to the base 10 that we made. 


In D&T this week, we have started a very exciting project, 'Taxi'. We have talked about wheel, axles and chassis on vehicle and how they work together to make a vehicle move. We designed our own cars in preparation for next week when we begin the building process. Watch this space! 


For our football session this week, we learnt how to dribble the ball keeping it under control and close to our feet. We learnt different ways to pass the ball using different parts of our feet. 


In ICT today, we learnt and made our own pictograms asking our friends how they traveeled to school. We saved our pictograms on Purple Mash. 


Another great week - Well done Mighty Moles. 

Week Beginning 10.1.2022

This week in English we have been using the book The Queen’s Hat. We have looked at the front cover and read the first page. From this we gathered lots of different adjectives to best describe Buckingham Palace. We chose our favourite and put it into a sentence. Throughout the week we have been using exclamation marks, used onomatopoeic and the prefix ‘un’ (for example, if the root word is happy and we add the prefix ‘un’ it turns the word into unhappy and what that does to the sentence). I have been very impressed with how everyone has worked in English this week, we have really taken it up a notch. 

In Maths, we have finished our work on 2D and 3D shapes and repeated pattern. The children really enjoyed our hands on lessons this week and produced some great work for our display. 

We had our first football session this week and everyone really enjoyed it. We played lots of different games with the ball at our feet learning how to keep it under control. 

In Geography we learnt about physical features of the United Kingdom describing them ensuring we used the correct vocabulary such as, hill, mountain, river, lake, forest and so on. We talked lots about them being naturally created features of Earth. 

Our Music lesson really showed that we have some “movers” in Mighty Moles. Our lesson involved finding the beat  and acting it out by clapping or stomping and singing. 

A very busy but good week. Well done Mighty Moles. 


Week Beginning 5.1.2022

Although it has been a short week this week, we seem to be full steam ahead and got through so much already! 


We have started our new Topic, 'Bright Lights, Big City' and have mind mapped what we already know and have also written questions about what we want to know by the end of the Topic. 


We have started looking at some tourist attractions in London. We watched a video of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace which led nicely on to The Queen, who she is, what she does, where she lives, how she got there and much more. Children spent an afternoon arranging a special tea party like the one the Queen holds in her gardens. They made crowns, bunting, menus and even cups of tea. It was invite only though! 


Our new Christian Value this half term is Thankfulness. We spent some time thinking about what we are thankful for and different ways of how we can show this. 


In Maths today, we recapped some 2D shapes, sorting them and talking about their properties in preparation for 3D shapes next week. 


A short but jam packed 'half a week'.