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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 22/03/2021

This week in English we have been learning how to write a poem, starting with "What am I?" or "Who am I?" We had to think about clues to write as our sentences to guess what the thing was. Everyone did so well with this, we are going to continue this next week. 


In Maths this week, we have been working hard on our arithmatic. We have been on Numbots earning lots of coins. This has been really good for quick number recognition. 


During our afternoons we have been looking at Countries that are close to the equator. We talked about why they are hot and where they are on the globe. 


In Jigsaw, we talked about how to work together. We shared our goals and what we can do to achieve them. 


We had a brilliant PE lesson learning about different ways to send and receive bean bags and different sized and shaped balls. 


Some of us went over to our ICT suite this week and learnt how to log in on the computers, don't worry if that wasn't you this week, your turn will come. We will continue this next week too. 


Another great week Mighty Moles, well done. 

Week Beginning 08/03/2021


WOW! What a week. This week we have really enjoyed our Book Week. The book we used is, 'It's Your World Now' by Barry Falls. 


We have been very busy throughout the week, we have looked at the fantastic pictures in the book and what they represent. We have learnt about different sentence types such as question sentences and exclamation sentences - we even wrote our own describing all the marvellous things in the world. 


We have also learnt about using conjunctions in our writing (and, when and because) and how they join two setnences together. 


We talked a lot about what we want to be when we are older and a big lesson in life that things don't always go our way. We thought about what we love and who we love. 


Finally we looked at more rhyming words and thought about how we can put them into sentences. 


Everyone has produced some excellent work this week, and has made a beautiful display in our classroom. I have been really impressed. 



Book Week