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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 7th January

Happy New Year.

This week we have been asking lots of questions about our new topic. We have come up with some really interesting ones.

Oliver wants to know -

What are cars made of?

Milly wants to know - 

What car is the most popular?

Isaac wants to find out -

How do aeroplanes fly in the air?

Zachary is interested to know -

Where does diesel come from?

And Amelia is puzzling over-

Why do tractor wheels have patterns?

And many more...

We are going to try and find out the answers to some of our questions this term while we are studying our new topic - Wacky Races.

We have already made a start. We have been investigating 'On which surface does the car travel the furthest?' Together we have come up with an experiment to test different surfaces. We are experts at putting or findings in charts too.

We will let you know what we find out.

Week Beginning 14th January

Brrrrr... The winter cold has hit us in Tenacious Toads. However, the Year Ones were still excited to be working with Mrs Kinsey out in the Forest School Area, the cold and forecast snow only made it more exciting.

In story time this week we read a poem by Roger McGough called the Sound Collector - it is one of Miss Guest's favourites. It made us think about all of the sounds that we can hear in winter. So, after looking at photos of own houses in winter, we thought about the sounds we could hear. We even learned a new word - ONOMATOPOEIA! This is sounds that are written as they sound, like sssshhh, whoosh, bang.

We wrote some astounding poems with adjectives, adverbs AND onomatopoeia. Here are a few of our finished ones.


Week Beginning 21st January

This week we have had another busy week. We really enjoyed looked at old and new vehicles with Mrs Robsinson. Year Twos have been working on division and multiplication, using equipment to help us share and find groups of.

Week Beginning 28th January

This week we have been learning all about Amelia Earhart. She was the first  lady to fly a plane over a long distance. We learned lots of facts about her and answered some questions on areoplanes. Miss Guest has put them up in the window, for all to see. In a week or so, we will be writing all about her.

We had a super time watching Mater, from Cars, drive backwards. We had to write all about him. We are getting really good at using a thesaurus, we found words like light-hearted and jolly. Miss Guest banned 'happy', she's a meanie! We have been using conjunctions to join our sentences.


Picture 1
Finally, Miss Guest was so proud of Eadie this week. During 'Choose Your Own Learning' she played schools in the School Area, and look what she taught everyone...
Picture 1

Week Beginning 25th February

Welcome back to yet another busy half term. This week we have been learning more about Amelia Earhart. We went on one of adventures, in The Canary. We flew over oceans, deserts and rainforests making sure we stopped for rests along the way.

When we we stopped, we wrote a letter to Amelia's sister Grace to tell her all about our adventures.

Mansfield Town started their sessions, we have loved playing football and can't wait to continue working with them.




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Week Beginning 4th March - BOOK WEEK

This week we have read the story Grandad's Secret Giant and we have loved it! We predicted what we thought the story was going to be about, we had some great ideas but not one of us guessed it correctly. Over the week, we have measured giant footprints, designed symmetrical patchwork patterns, written letter and made a KS1 mural.


World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019 1
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World Book Day 2019 6
World Book Day 2019 7
World Book Day 2019 8

Week Beginning 11th March

This week has been all about TIME. We have learned how to use an analogue clock, made our own clocks, converted times and played What Time Is It Mr Wolf?

On Tuesday, we all went to Book Week Assembly where we shared our work from Book Week. We loved listening to what the rest of the school had done.

Week Beginning 25th March

We have loved learning about floating and sinking. We decided it depended if something was heavy or light, but then we thought about boats. How do boats float? They can be really heavy! So we took to the water try to find out.

We found that a ball of plasticine sunk. but using a bit of trial and error and what we know about boats, we all managed to create a floating boat.

This lead us to our next challenge. Stay posted for THE TITANIC CHALLENGE!