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Spring Term Updates

Week Beginning 17.1.22


The TTs have worked so hard this week!  In English we have been writing instructions on how to construct Elastic Band Guitars and, as part of Beat Band Boogie, we have begun to make them so we can investigate how to create changes in pitch.


Maths has been all about subtraction - counting back- for Year 1s, and Fact Families.  Year 2 have begun to master column addition with regrouping and all the children have really persevered well in maths this week.


PE on Wednesday was kicking and dribbling skills and on Friday, we worked on our Sticky Knowledge about musical instruments; where they came from and how to play them.  We used the Website DK Find Out- which I can really recommend to you.


I wonder what next week will have in store for the Tenacious Toads?


Mr Jordan :)

Week Beginning 10.1.22

What  a second week the TTs have had! Our Cornerstones topic this week has been all about The Grand Old Duke of York...

We learned the song to help familiarise us with the Duke's somewhat sad story and that information enabled us to plan and write a newspaper report  about the Grand Old Duke's very confusing orders.  The children discussed how the soldiers must have felt; not knowing whether they were going up, down, or halfway up the hill.  They included features of a newspaper report such as the newspaper's name, a headline, a sub-headline, a caption and some children even tried to include reported speech from the soldiers too!

In maths, we've been taking away in both Year 1 and Year 2 and I've been so impressed by how hard the class has been working.

Art has seen the TTs sketching a soldier from the Grand Old Duke of York era; the late 1700s.  Finally on Friday, we enjoyed a musical wordsearch that led to the TTs doing independent research into instruments that they are personallly interested in.  Research has shown that Sticky Kowledge lessons like this enable children to retain knowledge on a topic long after it has finished. (Fingers crossed!)

I wonder what next week will bring :)

Week Beginning 5.1.22

Thank you for dropping by and reading the Tenacious Toads Class Page!  My name is Mr Jordan and I began teaching the TTs class just this week.  If you have anything you need help with, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me either in the playground or on Class Dojo- I'll do my best to help you in any way possible.

We had a lovely, if condensed, first week back and the children and I got  to know each other a bit through some activities like 'All About Me'.  We also began our exciting Cornerstones Topic - 'Beat Band Boogie' - with a body percussion lesson.  We went on to create drums of our own, so then we used them to have a go at African drumming!

It was a fabulous first few days and the Tenacious Toads are awesome!